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100% Bloodlords: Journey Through The Bloodlands / Chapter 1: Prolouge: The Subject

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Bloodlords: Journey Through The Bloodlands original

Bloodlords: Journey Through The Bloodlands

Author: MaoShad

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Chapter 1: Prolouge: The Subject

------Earth year 1944-----

------21st Gold Era--------

Dr. Sapphiran was an intellect of the highest order. With a seat on the central cortex, he was a man of great importance. He had achieved many things in his life, and thus was given the leadership position of a secret project known only by those on the blue blood council and the golden king himself

Not only did his level of importance excite him, but the very project did as well.

--The search for other worlds.

That was his project, and it thrilled him. The possibilities, the information, the wealth of the discovery.

...But as of yet, they had found nothing.

"Dr. Sapphiran" A nervous voice spoke, interrupting the thoughts of the prestigious scientist.

"Ah, yes. Come in, come in" The doctor sighs, irritated by the interruption of his thoughts beckoning in the young scientist.

After a brief pause, the young scientist clears their throat and begins to speak, "Sir, there has been a breakthrough in the experiment."

"What happened? What came through?" Dr. Sapphiran asked abruptly, immediately springing up in excitement.

The young scientist backs away hesitantly, "A single subject has emerged. It appears to be a male in some form of a military suit. He has no clue where he is and is quite afraid, we currently have him contained." The scientist clears his throat, "He appeared with some strange form of a propulsion weapon; we used readers to decipher any information of his homeland."

"And what did you find?! Where is the subject from?!" Dr. Sapphiran pressed, practically bouncing with excitement

"Sir, it would be simpler if you would follow me to the subject's containment." The young scientist replied, trying to stay calm.

Dr. Sapphiran clears his throat, composing himself, "Very well then, lead the way."

The two scientist wind down the great labyrinth of the cortex until they soon finally come upon a large futuristic metal door.

"In here sir." The young scientist states, walking through the door.

The two men enter a large laboratory with a large holding cell.

Inside the cell was a middle-aged man with black hair and gray eyes, with a rough height of 6'3'' He was dressed in a dark green uniform, a helmet sitting at his side.

The man's eyes looked cold, looking as if he hadn't slept for days.

"Sir, his equipment is over here." Looking away from the man, the doctor turned around and approached the strange technology.

On the table lay a few objects: a small sphere with a pin, a large metal object around two to three feet in length, and the last object was a large collection of small metal cylinders.

"What are these?" The doctor asks, picking up a few of the objects and observing them closely.

"According to the mind of the subject, these small spheres are called 'Grenades'. You pull the pin and throw it, soon producing a decent explosion." The scientist states, picking up one of the spheres, "The large object is an 'M16 rifle', a type of propulsion weapon that uses gunpowder to fire these 'bullets' at high velocity, allowing them to puncture the skin, resulting in a decent amount of damage to those incapable of body enhancement or some form of protection." The scientist again states holding up the cylinders along with the large metallic object.

"Intriguing though they are, they seem a bit…" The doctor pauses for a moment before continuing "...primitive, the technology seems functional and is unlike anything we use, but it seems worse, these small cylinders produce a much simpler and rougher effect than a basic blood attack or an energy blast" The doctor puts the objects he was studying down and re-approaches the glass containment cell.

Looking in, he begins to pity the man that sat in the cell and shakes his head. The doctor turns around and addresses the young scientist "What color is he?" he asks

The young scientist looks down at the notes he's holding, flipping through them before stopping on a page and reading it "That's another thing, sir, the subject's blood is red, but the subject possesses no abilities, furthermore the subject's blood also seems impure…" the scientist looks up after reading this

"What do you mean, impure?" the doctor asks, intrigued

The scientist looks back down at his notes "There are traces of an unknown substance in the subject's blood, this could be from his transport here or just a biological anomaly, but we won't know until further testing is done."

The doctor begins to walk out of the lab before stopping "Keep me posted on any and all developments, I have work to do." With that, the doctor leaves the room and returns to his office with a large smile on his face from the progress that has been made.

-----7 Months Later-----

-Sirens blare as a man is running with a look of fear and wrath on his face

Doctor Sapphiran is running down the hallways to the containment room holding subject 'black' as he was now called for his hair and the substance in his blood.

As the doctor walked into the now destroyed laboratory that used to hold the subject, the floor is covered in bodies, some of which barely alive, and shattered glass. he approaches the head scientist of the lab, the same scientist that led him here all those months ago and helps the man up.

"What. Happened." the doctor asks through gritted teeth

After the scientist finishes coughing up blood he looks up "W-we were doing the normal tests when all of a sudden the subject's eyes turned black and a black liquid appeared in his hands, next thing I know, there is a hole in the wall, the subject is gone, and I'm bleeding on the floor" The scientist states in exasperation.

"He developed…" The doctor steps away from the young man and walks towards a huge hole in the wall and scrapes off a black substance.

The guards finally arrive and address the doctor. "Sir, we've found the subject, should we pursue?"

"Don't bother." the doctor slips the substance into a container and walks past the guard. "If this is any sign, we are not ready to deal with whatever this subject is." with that, the doctor walks away before stopping a few rooms away and facepalms "What am I going to tell the council"

He pulls out the substance he gathered and stares at it with a bit of hope and awe.

"We have unleashed something we are not ready for..."

The doctor continues to walk away after slipping the substance back in his pocket.

MaoShad MaoShad

Sorry this took so long, hope y'all like it :)

p.s. Make sure to check out my friend Yui!

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