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Chapter 55: Escape

Turmoil was brewing in the city of the Raxin, screeching noises of people calling for help were often heard. Celina were worried as they made their way into the alleyway, she had no idea what was going on, but she got a gist of what was happening. Pelvin was right behind her covering her back, then a voice directed at them were emmited from the streets.

"I found them." Hollored one guard.

They then sprinted away as fast they could without turning back. Iron patters were then heard on the other side of the alley where they were facing, then three guards emerged. They drew their blades and waited for them to come. Behind them there were also guards coming into their spot. They were sandwhiched on both sides.

Celina felt she was trapped, but she had no choice but to go through the men in front of them. She took a deepbreath, while there was some distance she still had some time gather her mental strength.

When she got close with a flinch of her arm, she swung it swiftly slicing their blades like butter. The guards agaped their jaws, she then bump into them and made her way. Pelvin swooped in and punched one blocking his path, the one who got hit fell on the ground. When the guards recovered on their senses, they cursed and pursued the two.

Celina and Pelvin then dove back into another alley, when the guards reached where they turned, they halted. They noticed they were completely gone, it was a dead end path, only crates were found on the alley and no trace of any presence. They quickly went away and tried seeking for them in a different location.

Then one of the crates moved, enough for Celina and Pelvin to move through. They then stick their bodies out, and crawled to the alleywall, they slinked and peeked on the streets. Currently, the guards were crisscrossing to and fro, there was no other path for them but to wait when the guards were cleared out.

"Oh mister, why are you hiding?" A voice came from their behind.

Pelvin got startled, he was taken aback and noticed it was just the boy from before. He then sighed and went close to the boy, he placed his arm on his shoulder. "Just some merchant stuffs." He said.

The boy chuckled, he casted a snarky grin. "Don't tell me you did something illegal, didn't ya?"

"Yeah, yeah. So do you have any idea how to move across city without being seen?" Pelvin's voice was languid.

The boy grunted confidently. "Of course, you can count on me."

They followed the boy, and after moving through the hole on the wall, they then made their way inside the dilipadated room. The boy introduced them to a disk shaped iron stuck on the floor. He braced his legs and then pulled it open, revealing a hole that gave a path into sewers.

The pungent air polluted their nose, Celina plugged her nose as she winced. "You're telling me we should go here?" She said.

Pelvin sighed. He leaped down first and landed on the pavement, he avoided landing on the water canal as much as possible. He motioned for them to come down, "Miss Mage, your turn."

Celina gulped, her legs became hesitant as she eyed the sewer hole, it was a eight feet drop, inside, it looked dark and eerie. The height slightly caused her legs to tremble. "Pelvin I don't think I can do it."

"You have to do it, otherwise we might waste some time and there would be countless victims if we do nothing here." He said.

Celina gave a weak nod. "Here goes." She bent her back low then tettered her arms, readying herself. Then she halted when a voice reached her from behind.

"Hey, there's a hole here, they must have gone through here." Said a voice from the outside.

The boy sneered, he became restless. "Hurry! I'll plug the hole before they can notice."

Celina took a deep breath, without a regard to herself she plunged in that split second and she gasped when she fell. When she landed on the pavement, she rebounded and staggered backwards, Pelvin pulled her body in until she managed to balance herself on the pavement.

The boy from above gave them a nod, he sealed the hole quickly.

As they tread on the pavement, the path in front of them was enveloped by darkness, it was slowly withdrawing as their eyes adjusted. A rat scampered around Celina's foot, she squealed and moved away but was held by Pelvin. "Calm down." He said.

Celina nodded, Pelvin sighed as though tired of her, he continued on moving but he ceased his steps. "Anyway, do you know where we are going?"

Celina nodded as she took the lead. "We're going to the mage council." Right now, she was worried on what might happen to the folks on the council as they could be targetted first. Judging from the voices heard on the city, Lord Helrick must have no plans on sparing the mages in his city. Right now, she was deeply worried about Skylar's situation and most of all Blue, if only he was here.

Currently, she had no idea where she was going, so she thought of finding an exit first then find their way into the council. When she stared above she saw a circular iron affixed on the sewer ceiling. She tried to reach it but it was beyond her grasp, she sighed. "What should we do?"

Pelvin went infront of her, he crossed his arms, thinking deep. Then when a thought comes into his mind he smiled. "I have an idea."

Pelvin crouched and Celina pressed her knees on his back, when she was above him, he held her waist, then he lifted his body up slowly, slightly shaking but yet he firmed himself to avoid completely falling over. As she was ascending she reached out her arm to its full, when Pelvin stood up to his maximum, she pushed the iron seal of the sewer, then it got lifted open. She found herself on the streets, currently there were no guards. The absence of any people around felt ghostly odd, she pushed the iron disk away and climbed to the street surface.

When she looked below, she noticed Pelvin was left alone. She grabbed the rim, leaned forward and extended her hand. "Pelvin grab hold."

Pelvin took her arm, but when he pulled himself up, she got carried and were about to fall. He then released her allowing her to return on the surface, she gave him an eyes of concern. "Pelvin, I'm sorry."

Pelvin forced a smile. "It's fine, I'll find a way."

Celina bit her lip as she nod, then when she heard some noises coming, she sealed it tight and hid behind a stacks of crate. When her eyes peeked on the corners, there were men in chains lining up across the road on the distance. The man who organized them was no other than Zemur, seeing him, her eyes boiled in rage, she sneered. Then a group of guards emerged from the alley, when they noticed the chained civilians, they returned to the alley as though they were hiding from them.

Celina gasped quietly, she knew that the guards were just allowing Zemur and his men to do as they pleased. She find it odd to swallow, the guards then turned back to where they came. Somehow Celina was yet unseen, she then made her way through the corners heading to the magic council.

When she arrived, she went close to the wall, it was beyond her reach, she looked around her, then when she found some crates she arranged it against the wall. She used it as a foot hold, climbed up and looking over, she saw Sethan conversing with some old man, then beside him was his assistant, Luis. Right now, Celina was staring at Sethan's back, so it was unlikely she could be seen, and Luis however his eyes were wandering. Celina waved her arm and then it took Luis' attention. Luis' beamed a smile, his eyes brightened.

Celina placed her finger on her lip. Shushing him up.

Luis nodded and clamped his mouth.

Celina motioned for him to come close, which he complied, then Sethan turned around checked what he was doing. "Luis, where are you going?"

Celina pulled herself down and just barely hid.

"I think I forgot my something on my room." It was Luis' voice.

"Be sure to hurry back."

"Yes sir."

Then pattering noises were heard going away, as she waited for a while Luis came into view who went close towards her. He had a bright eyes as he spoke. "Celina, what did you call me for? Could it be, you want to go out with me?"

Celina shook her head, her face was dead serious. "I have something more important to tell you."

Luis narrowed his eyes as he listened, after she told her story, he sat on the crate as he thought about it deeply. He was in disbelief, he shook his head and turned to her. "I don't believe Lord Helrick and Sethan can do it."

Celina sighed. "I know I felt the same, but take a look on the city square, every mage there is currently being taken away. Right now--"

Luis gasped in surprise he stood back up. "If what you're saying is true then this is bad."

"What do you mean?"

Luis swallowed his saliva. "Sir Sethan is calling for a meeting inside the gym, I need to hurry and warn the others." He then trailed off as fast as he could.

"Luis." She called out for him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Luis halted on his pace.

"Don't be conspicous." She said.

Luis gave a nod with a serious face, then disappeared from her view. Celina was worried however, if Zemur is in this city, then where are Samantha and the crusaders heading to.


Being led by Samantha, the crusaders marched across the dirt terrain that spanned a few kilometers to their destination, they were found just on the base of a tall mountain with few trees here and there. There was a faint fog filling the air, the army on the rear wasn't visible so a slight worry clung on her chest.

But they pierced through the fog anyway. Their iron plated boots gave a loud noise on their environment, the crusader's numbers stretched out that she couldn't see where it ended. Only few soldiers rode a horse while the rest were using their foot. The fog slowly thickened thus it gave her a feeling of uneasiness.

Then a crashing noise were heard from behind them as though something just smacked on the ground, she quickly turned around. And stared what that was, the crusaders became uneasy and halted on their tracks. Then several groans were heard followed with a screech from excruciating pain, coming behind the blanket of fog.

"What is happening?" Samantha said.

However there was no response, then the bodies of her soldiers emerged from the fog and started flying towards her. She dodged it, she then sprinted to wherever the noises came from.

Drawing close she saw a tall figure contoured behind the fog whose presence evoked authority and dread, he used a spear and trashed the crusaders moving into his spot with one sweep. They got flown away, blood came raining across the land, Samantha's eyes widened she didn't know what to do, thus she grabbed her hilt and lifted her blade up.

Currently, the warriors didn't stand a chabce and they were trampled like they were ants. Fear filled her eyes, her legs trembled since this demon was different than the ordinary ones.

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Updates may slow down since I just thought of a new story, Anyway I have no plan to monetize this for now since this is just my hobby and unfortunately this could get dropped any second since I have real life stuff to worry about.

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