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18.18% Book is dropped mate / Chapter 2: A Betrayal for a Beginning 2

A Betrayal for a Beginning 2 - Book is dropped mate - Chapter 2 by CrossArk full book limited free

Chapter 2: A Betrayal for a Beginning 2

Lance let out a frustrated growl. "Shield bearers, step forwards and protect us with two priests by your side. The remaining priest come her and heal the mages."

There was a bloodcurdling screech as one of the shield bearers held up their shields just as a sword scrapped over it. The archers drew their bows to counter attack, but Atticus appeared on the other side of the formation and attacked the other shield bearer. This continued on all four sides as a flurry of blades struck at the formation.

"Help us already!" Screamed one of the tanks. "We won't last long if we only defend!"

One of the archers screamed in frustration. "We can't home in on him, he is moving too fast!"

Lance suddenly lunged forward, past the formation, causing a hiss to come from the blur that was attacking them. With almost equal speed, Lance chased after Atticus with the spare sword he had on his hip. The two of them entered a flurry of sword flashes as they exchanged several blows.

"You've gotten slower Lance, or is it that I've gotten faster?"

"You could never beat me in swordsmanship. Give it up now. I can still guarantee you a painless death."

Atticus impaled his hand against Lance's sword and grabbed the hilt preventing the sword from moving. As they we stuck in a standstill, he leaned forward and whispered into Lance's ear. "Death is always painful. It's something I learned over the years. Something you also learned very well. Remember the village?"

Lance let out a furious scream and swung upwards, slicing Atticus's arm cleanly off. But before Lance could cause fatal damage, Atticus had teleported away behind two archers and attacked.

Expecting this, the archers quickly backed off as three warriors quickly stabbed Atticus through his back.

Atticus groaned but did not hesitate to twist his remaining arm backwards and grabbed the warrior by the throat and immediately crushed it. He immediately threw away the warrior and a sword magically appeared in his hand.

In a split hundredth of a second, a deep gash appeared on the two other warriors causing them to collapse into the floor.

"Is that nine? Eleven more to go," he said before disappearing.

Lance growled at the remainder of his team. "Shield bearers and priests, focus on defending and healing the mages. Archers, spread out and focus on dodging. Pierce, support me."

"Yes sir."

In an instance the entire group split up. The archers dashed into the trees while the remaining people stayed where they were. After a long moment, one of the tankers frowned. "Do you believe that the archers can escape him? Give him ten minutes and all of them will be dead."

Lance answered back coldly. "I know that they won't make it. I'm using them as bait. We need to heal the Mages. Without them, it will be hard to capture him alive."

"Why do we need to capture him alive? Do they want to kill us?"

"They want to execute him. At the capital. To raise moral for the troops." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Crazy Motherfuckers."

There was a sudden scream as an Archer ran out of the trees, his expression filled with extreme terror. Lance let go of his sword and was reached out his arm to help the archer when a jet black dagger pierced the archer from the back.

The archer widened his eyes and tried to convey something to Lance when the dagger in his back promptly exploded. Lance watched the Archer crumple to the floor with his hand still outstretched.

"Pft, you shoulda seen your expression Lance. Completely priceless." Atticus jumped off of a tree and landed on the floor with a grin. His missing arm stood out like a sore thumb. He took out three arrows with different colored fletchings. "Thanks for the treat by the way. Those archers were absolutely entertaining."

Atticus giggled and started to play with the three arrows in his hand, making them revolve in hypnotic circles. "The one with the blue feathers, he was the silent tough type. Stayed quiet up till the point where I snapped his arms. Hilarious really. It was funny to see him attempt to act tough while tears came out of his eyes. All until his last moments." The blue feathered arrow snapped.

"Now the second one, the chick with the red arrows, now she was a begger. Damn, I had her crying on her knees as she stared pitifully up at me, begging me to spare her." Atticus sighed as he isolated a red arrow. "I almost let her go when I realized, I was a cruel, heartless, despicable demon and that she would never accept a demon's mercy. So I ended her misery."


All pretense of laughter left Atticus's face left as he stared at Lance with a frigid glare. A single lone white arrow rested in between his fingers. "The last one, she was the fiercest. She spat in my face and snarled at me as I broke her bones one by one. Now that I think about it, wasn't she your lover? I remember you were all snug with her yesterday night by the fire. What was her name again?"


An inhuman scream erupted from Lance's as he charged at Atticus, his sword gleaming gold. Atticus summoned a black blade into his hand and blocked the blow with a frown. He could barely match up to Lance with two arms, yet now he had one. "Don't you think this is a bit unfair? Two arms against one?"

"You are absolutely right," growled Lance with blood red eyes, "Pierce, get your ass over here. We'll kill this thing together."

Pierce nodded as he drew his sword as well and attacked Atticus alongside Lance. Atticus immediately broke contact with Lance and avoided the side sweep of Pierce.

"Wow Lance, your emotions are finally showing. You and that girl must've been really tight. Was she going to be your wife in the future? You should've told me. I would've broken a couple more bones-"

Atticus dodged a thrust from Pierce that was quickly followed up by a slash from Lance. After Atticus blocked Lance's slash, Pierce's sword came down on to Atticus's remaining Arm, slicing it clean off. Not missing a chance, Lance took his sword and stabbed it into Atticus's chest.

Atticus stumbled backward, armless with a sword stuck in his chest for the second time that day. "Fuck," Atticus said wincing from the pain. "My chest must have an affinity for blades."

Before Atticus could escape, Pierce appeared from behind and severed the tendons in his legs. Strength sapped from his legs as Atticus fell to the floor face first. Lance walked towards Atticus before picking him up by the hair and dragged him across the floor.

"Where is she," he said with a glare.

Atticus replied with a cheeky smile. "Where is who? You need to give me more to work with pal-"

Lance punched Atticus in the face with all his strength, cracking the armor that covered his head. "Where is she."

Atticus felt a warm liquid drip down from his nose yet felt no pain. In fact, he was still grinning. "You'll have to search the entire forest if you want to find her. You might find her arm in one of the lakes-"


Lance started a relentless assault on Atticus as he smashed his fist repeatedly into his nose. He then threw down Atticus's body to the floor and kicked it with all his might, causing him to skid all the way to a tree. Atticus sat against the tree his head down, chuckles still coming out from his mouth.

"Oh god! I guess you are human after all! You do have a heart that knows how to love! What a joke!"

Pierce frowned before sheathing his sword. "We are done now Lance. Let's take this fucker to the capital already."

Lance did not say a word but nodded while breathing heavily.

Pierce sighed as he walked over to where Atticus sat while still giggling. Pierce grabbed Atticus by the throat and slowly picked him up.

"Is this how you treat your teacher?" Said Atticus with a grin. "Seems like I taught you well. You do understand how painful it is to lose two arms and have your legs sliced?"

Atticus paused and looked down to the hole on his chest.

"And a hole in your chest. Almost forgot about that one. Do your former master a favor and just pick me up by the waist won't you?"

Pierce hesitated and loosened his grip on Atticus by the slightest amount. Atticus took this chance to grab onto Pierce with his long since regenerated legs. Before he recovered from the shock, Atticus slammed his head onto Pierce's.

Pierce let out a yell and dropped Atticus.

Lance, who just noticed this, let out a shout. "No! Don't let him go!"

But it was too late. Atticus teleported right in front of the shield bearers and the priests. One of his arms had regenerated and was wielding a sinister sword.

One of the tankers attempted to block Atticus's path but was easily cut down with the sinister sword.

"Six people left."

The other tanker raised his shield and braced himself for the impact as Atticus also swung the sword towards him. Horrifying sounds of metal deforming screamed into the air as the

tank was sent crashing through several trees.

The two priests immediately placed a barrier between them however Atticus ignored it and swung again. There was a deafening roar as the barriers served no protection against the sinister blade and exploded into smithereens.

The remaining priest started to shudder uncontrollably however remained focused her task.

"Hello Marissa, did you happen to miss me?" Atticus snickered. "I'm really heartbroken you know. I really thought that we could be friends."

Marissa bit her lips but ignored him.

"Out of everyone here, I thought that you would be the last person to betray me. It's funny really. How similar humans and demons are. We both sacrifice others to obtain what we want. But I really thought you were different."

Atticus let out a dry chuckle. "I guess I was wrong. In the end, everyone only cares for themselves-"


Marissa stopped healing the mages and got up. She stomped towards Atticus and screamed, her face covered in tears. "DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO SPEAK WITH YOU? MY PARENTS WERE KILLED BY DEMONS! AND HERE I WAS TALKING TO ONE LIKE IT WAS MY FRIEND!"

Atticus gave her a cold look. "What's so bad about being a demon? It's not like I was the one who killed you parents."


Atticus narrowed his eyes. "Do you know why I am fighting with humans? Why I seek to kill my own race? Why I fight with narrow minded bitches like you? Demons kill other demons as well. Just like you humans."

Atticus grabbed Marissa's head and pulled her in close. "I am the last survivor of my House and I thirst for demon blood. So don't you think for a second that you are the only one with a sob story. We all do."

Atticus threw Marissa to the floor with an emotionless face.

"Only two left," Atticus said as he stared at Pierce and Lance with dead eyes. "If you are going to kill me, then finish it now. I'm tired of this false sense of righteousness you humans hold."

The black floor began to pulse as shadowy blades began to rise up from the ground. "Die you mother fuckers."

Instantly all of the blades flew towards Lance and Pierce, creating miniature sonic booms all around them..

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