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72.72% Book is dropped mate / Chapter 8: The Banquet 4

The Banquet 4 - Book is dropped mate - Chapter 8 by CrossArk full book limited free

Chapter 8: The Banquet 4

Alex collapsed onto his bed and groaned.

"I'm so fucking gonna die god damn piece of shit Lord First. I bet you are Lord First because you always finish first. Fuck."

Due to the First Lord deciding that Alex was a good candidate for the spy mission, Alex was forced to take the place of his brother. The person who would've originally taken his place to die, that is, if his prophetic visions really did tell the future.

Besides, even if his prophecies of execution never came true, it still meant that he would have to do actual work and write reports of the status of the humans. The only positive outcome from this he could think of was that his father no longer had any right to reprimand him for associating with humans.

There was a knock on his door as Claude called out to him from the other side.

"Sir, I have prepared the stuff you had requested."

Without lifting his head from the bed, Alex replied. "Go ahead and enter then."

"Yes sir."

Claude came into the room and bowed before noticing the state of Alex. "You seem to be very concerned, Sir. Is anything wrong?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"My days of wasting my life away is gone Claude. What will I do to relieve my stress?"

"First of all, I believe that sir does not have a particularly high level of stress as all sir has done was relax all day."


"Secondly, I find this mission to be a wonderful opportunity to prove sir's value to the family. Master would be proud if sir managed to execute the plan flawlessly."

"Hah, he wouldn't give a damn."

"Well, that maybe so, however, young master was very overjoyed when he got home the other day."

Alex raised his head and gave Claude a suspicious look. "Why would my brother be happy? Didn't I steal his glory?"

"He was proud that his younger brother was finally stepping up and accepting his responsibilities. He even boasted about how a lack of talent can be overcome with willpower and that his younger brother finally has a will."


"It seems that Young Master previously had some pent up worries about sir."

".... tell him to go to a spa or hot springs. He doesn't need to worry about such stupid things and should spend his time on more important matters."

"I shall tel him that sir."

Alex glanced at the box in Claude's hand before taking them. He then walked over to mirror and opened the box. Inside was a bottle and two colored contact lenses.

As Alex placed the colored contact lenses on his eye, Claude watched on with a frown. "Why is Sir using these contact lenses to cover up your royal eyes? This is blasphemy and a disgrace."

Alex rolled his eyes. "Claude, Royal demons are known for their red eyes and most humans do not posses them. So since this is a secretive mission, I need to say bye bye to the red eyes."

Alex blinked his eyes thrice before looking into the mirror. His once red eyes were now a shocking neon blue and seemed to sparkle with hidden energy every time he moved.

Alex frowned before letting out a sigh. He no longer had red eyes, yet it was replaced by something equally eye catching. "God dammit! I'm too handsome. I'm sure to catch eyes if I go around looking like this. This won't do."

For some strange reason, Claude took a strange pride in the statement.

"Of course Sir is handsome. You are of royal descent, and undeniable proof and assurance of your talent and figures. No mere human could ever compare."

"Yeah, yeah. You brought the correct bottle right?"

Claude nodded.

"Indeed I have, sir."

"Good then. This should solve the problem of my eye catching appearance."

Alex grabbed the bottle in the box, opened the cap before drinking the entire thing. He gave out a shudder as a weird sensation flew throughout his entire body. Or maybe it was just how terrible the potion tasted.

When the weird sensation stopped spreading, Alex glanced at the mirror with a satisfied expression. Although he looked exactly the same, something about him made it seem as though the person in the mirror was plain. It was as if his existence was made to be a easily overlooked.

"How do I look Claude?"

".... you look extraordinarily ordinary, sir."

"Great, that's exactly what I was going for. Let's head off then Claude."

Claude nodded in response and the two of them made their way outside the house. As they neared the front door, a certain someone blocked their way causing Alex to stop and grin.

"What are you doing Cale? Eager to send your brother off into enemy territory?"

Cale let out a hearty laugh. "I suppose I am. I just wanted to see you off. Nice look by the way. I'm liking the blue eyes and the diminished presence, the effects of a potion I'm guessing? Makes you seem plain."

"I thought that a little change here and there would heighten the chances of survival."

Cale gave Alex a clap on the back before bringing him into a hug. "I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you. I knew that one day you would cheer up and overcome your despair over your lack of talent."

Alex raised an eyebrow. "Ouch, that hurt my feelings a bit."

"Hahaha. Good luck Alex. Everyone will be proud if you manage to succeed and make it out alive."

Alex sighed. "At least one person came out to send me off. I bet father and mother are too busy?"

Cale shrugged. "Our father is just disappointed in you. It would've helped if you at least tried to practice swordsmanship."

"Ha! As if I'd ever do that."

"Mom would've seen you out but she drank a little too much last night. I guess she was excited."

"Ah. The price of drinking too much alcohol. I can relate."

"As for your sisters-"

"No need to tell me. I already know that they would prefer it if I got my head sliced off by the humans."

Cale sighed. "As much as I want to tell you that you are wrong, I can't."

Alex shrugged and opened the door and waved back. "See you Cale."

"See you Alex. Don't get yourself into trouble. I don't wanna have to exterminate a couple hundred humans to come save you."

"I won't. Take care of yourself Claude."

"Yes sir, I shall."

Alex gave a smirk. "Remember what I told you earlier. Learn to enjoy yourself a bit. Some drugs, alcohol, women. Get a wife and have some kids."


"Make me their god father."

At the cold look that Claude gave him, Alex couldn't help but smirk. He made his way down the road until he reached a certain cafe on the side of the street. The bell rang with a lovely little chime as a charming voice called out to him.

"Welcome, how may I help you?"

Alex smiled. "Hey, it's me Atticus. I just had a slight question.. Where can I go to apply for school?"

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