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Boom Boom original

Boom Boom

Author: DannyPhantom

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Chapter 1: Prologue

On the outskirts of Restaka Kingdom lay a small village with a population of roughly 200 people. This village was out of the way for most people and despite its poverty and its rather run down appearance, it was actually quite peaceful. It is here that we find a young boy of 15 years in the middle of an intense training session, wielding together ice magic and close quaters combat to beat the hell out of a large tree.

"Take this," Jack yelled as he swung his leg around, slamming his foot into the base of the tree trunk. The spot that his torn up sandal made contact with immediately froze over as ice spread along the point of impact.

Jack had been training for around 3 hours now, repeatedly assaulting the tree with different forms of attack as he mixed both magic and martial arts into an intricate dance. The tree was taking a harsh beating over and over again and it was a miracle that it was even still standing as most of the tree's base was frozen solid and half of the wood was completely shattered.

Jack was too into his attacks to notice the dark shadow approaching him from behind. The only thing that alerted him to the presence of another was the sudden change in the wind that blew a certain strawberry scent right into his nostrils. The scent caused him to slowly stop his punches and kicks and take a deep breath, turning around, a smile on his rather white face.

"Hey sis," Jack said as he fixed his light blue eyes over his sisters darker blue one. "Is dinner ready? I'm totally starving."

Emily Frost shook her head, her long waist length white hair shaking along with her. "I can't imagine why you'd be hungry big brother. Its not like you've been out here without food or drink for 3 to 4 hours using magic that you know is supposed to be kept a secret." She threw him a small towel before walking back towards the small hut they called home.

"Well technically we promised to keep it hidden from nobility and other people who'd try to exploit us," Jack replied as he followed after his sister, wiping his face and snow white hair with the towel. "No one in this village is gonna tell about our powers. We grew up here and everyone adores you so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't rat you out."

"Its not me I'm worried about Jack," Emily said as she opened the door. "With mom and dad gone, there isn't anyone whose gonna protect you if you happen to get kidnapped because of your magic. Ice magic as strong as ours is rare and we gotta be careful."

"Yeah yeah." Jack followed in after her, shutting the door behind him. "However, I need to keep improving my magic and my

combat skills. There might come a day that I need to use them to protect you. Isn't that what I got them for to begin with?"

Emily ignored this question as she began pouring freshly made chicken soup into a hot bowl. "You were born with them and so was I.....however whether this magic is a gift or a curse has yet to be decided."

Emily walked over and placed the bowl in front of Jack before walking back and preparing a bowl for herself. "We haven't been able to leave this village thanks to the noble that owns the land this village rests on. That bastard has everyone coming and going into his land scanned for traces of magic. If they're commoners then he captures them and forces them into slavery with the slave mark. Thanks to that we can't even step a foot outside this damned village."

Jack said nothing as his sister spoke, choosing instead to eat his chicken soup which tasted pretty damned good.

Everything his sister said was true and just remembering the details always pissed him off to no end. Slavery was legal everywhere you looked and it was even encouraged in some places. Demihumans and other races such as elves and dwarves were especially valuable but even they couldn't come close to a human who possessed enormous magical abilities.

It was already pretty uncommon for a human to possess magic in general, only about 1 in every 100 humans were blessed with it. Humans with tremendous magical abilities were even rarer, averaging about 1 in every 10000 people. Those who had amazing amount of magic were either enslaved or raped against their will in order to procure more humans of magical abilities. This was how nobles and royals were born with high magical powers, via **** and slavery.

For this noble to blockade all the exits in order to search for magic users, Jack and Emily were forced to stay where they were. While they could fight their way through the soldiers, it would only cause them trouble and make their fellow villagers suffer. They knew that the guards serving the nobles wouldn't think twice about torturing information out of the people living here. Almost everyone who worked for a noble was corrupt in some way or another, only seeking to satisfy their selfish desires or to save their own hides.

"Its fine sis," Jack finally said after nearly finishing his bowl. "All we need is each other right? We don't need to go outside just yet. Your only 14 so you still got a good couple years before your fully mature. Just enjoy your youth and then maybe by the time your 18, the noble will have already left."

"Oh?" Emily replied with a smirk, wrapping her arms underneath her rather developed chest. "What do you mean by fully mature? Are you saying that I'm not good looking enough to go out yet? Is my body not mature enough for you?"

"I didn't say-" Jack scooped a spoonful of chicken into his mouth, shutting his mouth before he finished his sentence. He could already feel a lost argument coming up so he did himself a favor and closed his mouth.

"How could you say that I'm not fully mature?" Emily asked as she began running her hands over he body, her eyes closed and her cheeks becoming flushed. "Just last night you were saying how good my skin felt and how amazing my body was. You said you loved the way I felt underneath you."

Jack literally spit his chicken back into his bowl, coughing on the soup that had gotten stuck in his throat. He wasn't completely surprised that she had said this but it still didn't make it any less easier to deal with. He sometimes forgot that this little sister of his was a bit of a bro-con.

"While its true I said you have great skin, those other words never left my mouth." Jack wiped his mouth with the sleeve of the blue hoodie he currently had on. "Don't put words in my mouth little Emmy."

"Well your the one who started talkong about my looks," Emily said as she started eating again. "You'll just have to take responsibility later when we go to bed. Be a man for once and put your one decent quality to good use."

"I can assure you that that is most definitely not gonna happen," Jack responded as he stood up, a small smile on his face. "Take care of yourself tonight. Also, I have many good qualities, not just the ones you deem great."

"Tch, your no fun," Emily said as she watched her brother walked away. "One of these days you'll give in to your desires and I shall be there to take it deep." She smiled as she watched him walk into the bathroom and close the door behind him. "Not sure whatcha gonna do in there as I haven't filled in the bath with water yet."

As they were in a rather poor village, the living situation wasn't exactly a great one. The bathroom that the two of them shared was situated far out back, in a makeshift outhouse

near the edge of the woods. On the days where the wind was rather strong, you could smell the stench as it rolled along with the wind. It was only when Jack deicded to just freeze everything every once in a while that things got better.

The situation with the water was just as bad as the bathroom situation but of course it was also fixed by the power of ice. Everyone in the village had to draw their water from three separate wells, wells that would only fill up in times of rain. However some people would occasionally become ill because the rain water wasn't always the best.

Emily came over one particularly hot day and saw that most of the water from the three wells was all gone so she came up with a solution. By using her power in extremely short bursts, she crafted her ice into small ice cubes and sent them rapidly one by one into the well. She didn't stop until all three wells were filled to the brim even though she collapsed shortly afterwards and had to have Jack carry her home.

After that, every time the water was running low, Jack or Emily would refill the wells with their ice magic and solve the problem of lack of water once the ice melted. Of course melted ice wasnt that ideal for taking baths so most people would heat huge pots of water over the fires in their homes before pouring it into the bath.

"I haven't filled up the bath yet big bro," Emily shouted with a small smirk as she scooped up some chicken with her spoon. "I don't know what your gonna do in there without the water."

"Shut up," Jack responded from behind the closed door. "I'm enjoying the peace and quiet and that doesn't work if you keep talking."

Emily giggled to herself as she turned her attention back to her food. She finished off the bowl of soup and then stood up from her chair, heading to the sink. It was there that she had a bucket of water ready there to wash the dishes.


A sound rang out that shook the entire house, causing Emily to stumble and for Jack to run out the bathroom, his eyes sanning the room. The vibrations were still coming as another devastating BOOM followed shortly after the first, shaking the house and making Emily look around before crawl into the corner. She had always hated the sound of the thunder more then anything else and this was something even worse than that.

The hairs on the back of Jacks neck stood uo and his instincts began to kick in, sending out signals that he was in mortal sanger if he didnt take action soon.

There was another BOOM that responded out and was even closer then the last time, making Emily cry out in fear as she srhunk herself into a ball and huddled farther into the corner. It was clear how scared she was of this loud unseen noise and it reinforced Jacks desire to take action.

Darting over to his sisters side, Jack pulled her into him with one arm while he raised his other hand above him. A sort of ice prison formed around them, a box of ice so magical and solid that it gave off a soft blue glow. This was something that Jack had been saving in case of emergencies, all of his monumental magical powers focused into an ice cage with four foot thick walls.

"Its okay sis," Jack said as he pulled his sister tightly against him. Another BOOM rang out, this time it was right on top of them, shaking the ice prison to its very core, but it didn't so much as crack. "I promise that I'll protect you!!"

Those were the last words that Jack uttered before he completely passed out due to using up all of his magic in one go.

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