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18.75% Born as Sakura With a System / Chapter 12: BSWS CH-12 Preparing for the Future

BSWS CH-12 Preparing for the Future - Born as Sakura With a System - Chapter 12 by NiksElDrago full book limited free

Chapter 12: BSWS CH-12 Preparing for the Future

After passing Kakashi's test, they officially became Team 7 and started doing missions. However, as Genin, they were only assigned D rank missions at first. The missions usually involved stuff like doing shopping for some wealthy person, taking care of gardens, painting houses, helping move stuff as labour, finding and tracking lost objects or pets, and so forth.

However that was the rule, and such low rank jutsu were the main source of money for a majority of the Genin that were part of the village. Even if the missions were boring, it did fill their stomach.

But Sakura didn't see the simplicity of the missions as a problem. She took this time when they were doing basic missions to really solidify her bases. She would participate in labour missions to get stronger physically, used mission for locating of pets to sharpen her sensory abilities, and delivery type missions to improve her speed.

Under her coaxing, even Sasuke and Naruto started treating these missions as training opportunities. They would put all sorts of restrictions on themselves and challenge the mission under those restrictions to make their skills stronger. They may not have learned anything phenomenal, but the base ability grew at an astonishing pace.

Having promised to help Naruto and Hinata train, Sakura held early morning sessions daily to help with training of Chakra Control, Physical Fitness, Reflexes and Battle Instincts.

As her training with Hinata and Naruto started showing improvement in their ability, more of her classmates joined in her training sessions. Most regularly seen were Sasuke, Ino, Shikamaru, and Kiba.

Ino mostly came to have an excuse to meet Sasuke. Shikamaru was often dragged along by Ino at first, but he did start coming on his own after he saw how Sakura's training helped him use his Shadow release jutsu with lesser chakra and more precision. He would also often spend hours discussing strategies with Sakura as they trained.

Kiba was purely here to compete with Naruto. In the class he always used to lord himself over Naruto, but when Naruto started improving under Sakura, he felt threatened by the progress of his target. Hence he too started attending the training sessions to keep up with Naruto's progress.

After the whole group had advanced in their base abilities, Sakura also shared with them some of the basic techniques they had not yet been taught. This included tricks to transform leaves and random junk into usable weapons whenever needed in a pinch. She also made using the transformation, substitution and basic weapon arts like Shuriken jutsu instinctive for them.

Finally, once she deemed all of them to have sufficient Chakra control, she taught them all the Body Flicker jutsu, which she was sufficiently proficient in by now. For the first week after they managed to learn it successfully, they raced each other childishly all day long until their chakra and stamina lasted.

To everyone's surprise, Naruto seemed to have a natural affinity for this speed based jutsu. He had enormous reserves of chakra and he seemed to always recover from the exhaustion faster than anyone else.

This advantage, combined with his Shadow Clone jutsu, had made it so that he learned Body Flicker to the highest extent within the group, surpassing prodigies like Sasuke and people with great Chakra Control like Sakura and Hinata.

Naruto could often be seen racing with his own Shadow clones around the village. Jonin and Chunin around the village fell victim to his pranks now that he was armed with these two jutsu in his arsenal.


In a certain forest near the Hidden Leaf, a trio of Genin were surrounded a certain target, slowly positioning themselves in the optimal position. When they were ready, they made radio contact to report their position to their leader.

"Alright, begin at the end of the countdown," Radio crackled in their ears as their leader spoke " 3… 2.. 1.. Go!!"

Immediately as they received the signal, Sakura and Sasuke leapt out and made the same hand sign instantly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sensory Paralysis!!" they cast they same Genjutsu together at their target, which immediately stiffened. Naruto took this moment to rush forward and capture their target in a special trick basket, that allowed easy entry but difficult exit.

"Target captured!" Sakura reported their success to Kakashi.

"Confirmed the ribbon on the right ear?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes sir, red silk ribbon confirmed on right ear." Sasuke said.

"Alright then, Capture mission for the Daimyo's pet cat Tora is now complete." Kakashi announced.

As they went back to report their mission, Sakura thought back to events in the original timeline. They should have received the mission for Tora's capture much sooner than this. But maybe due to her presence changing the events, this event had been delayed.

'Will the Land of Waves mission still happen? Or has the timeline been changed irreversibly? Naruto and Sasuke wont be demanding any higher rank mission on their own as my training has already set them on path to rapid progress without higher ranking missions. Will Kakashi sensei or lord third themselves assign us the mission then?' Sakura walked dazedly as all these thoughts ran through her head.

'Anyway, I think I should start preparing with the assumption that the mission will take place. I should gather some powerful Ninjutsu now. I have managed to increase my chakra capacity to around a tenth of Naruto's. This much is comparable to an average Chunin, let alone a Genin. I think I can now dabble with some Ninjutsu.' Sakura solidified her plans.

After reporting the success of the mission, Lord Third dismissed them as he said he had something to discuss with Kakashi. Taking advantage of this, Sakura said farewell to Sasuke and Naruto and made her way to Ninja Library.

She spent a few hours at the Library, going through various Ninjutsu available to them before shortlisting a few for her to learn. After thinking a lot, She picked 5 Ninjutsu from the ones available.

Chakra Strings: One of the most versatile application of the shape transformation aspect of Chakra. These are concentrated form of chakra, hence they are even visible to regular people with good eyes. However, a skilled user can also compress them enough to make them invisible.

Chakra strings could be used for a wide variety of applications based on one's imagination. Strength and durability of the strings depended on amount of chakra supplied and user's chakra control. They act like extension of one's limbs and can be used as such, especially in stuff like Puppetry of manipulating long range weapons.

Chakra Needle: Another application of the shape transformation aspect of Chakra. Instead of string, Chakra in compressed in to dense and strong needles. Unlike the versatility of the Chakra Strings, this is mainly an attack type Ninjutsu.

Chakra String Stitching technique: Combination technique of Chakra Strings and Chakra Needle. This

particular technique makes use of simple first-aid knowledge in combination with the use of highly refined Chakra Threads. This enables an individual to make use of their chakra threads in a similar manner to conventional stitches.

Using one's basic anatomical knowledge, the user can create and stitch threads within a specific area of the body. Whether they conduct the stitching manually or control it through chakra control is up to


However, advanced users of the technique manage to almost completely seal any standard flesh wounds, only taking a small period of time to do so, a clear demonstration as to the usefulness of the technique.

Chakra Soaring Strings: Alternate application of Chakra String Stitching technique. Instead of using it as a first aid tool, chakra strings are attached to chakra needles formed and hidden in the ground.

In the middle of a fight, these are launched upwards at the opponent from below the ground, creating a hidden attack. Depending on the Number and Power of the Chakra Needles and Strings, this technique can have a devastating effect.

Chakra Gun Technique: The Chakra Gun Technique is a technique that allows the user to fire one or multiple small and highly compact spheres from one's fingertips to cause a devastating amount of damage.

Advanced users can also fire projectiles of different shapes, such as a drill or a jagged spike. Depending on the amount of chakra, the nature of the chakra, and chakra control of the user, this technique can be fatal for the target.

These five techniques were the most suitable for her within the ones available here. She didn't know her elemental affinity yet, so she didn't waste her time with elemental Jutsu. She made UTS scan these five Jutsu and transmit them to her mind immediately. Apart from the Ninjutsu, she also used UTS to scan books on the basics of Fuinjutsu.

On her way back home, she stopped at Ninja Supplies store and bought a few storage scrolls, a stack of explosion tags, and Fuinjutsu practice for her studies into Fuinjutsu. Once done with all this, she went home to commence her practice of the new Ninjutsu and training to learn Fuinjutsu.

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