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89.06% Born as Sakura With a System / Chapter 57: BSWS CH-57 The Chunin Exams XXV - Medical Knowledge and Unexpected Windfall

BSWS CH-57 The Chunin Exams XXV - Medical Knowledge and Unexpected Windfall - Born as Sakura With a System - Chapter 57 by NiksElDrago full book limited free

Chapter 57: BSWS CH-57 The Chunin Exams XXV - Medical Knowledge and Unexpected Windfall

From the next day, Sakura started going with Karin to the Konoha Hospital. Karin introduced her to all the professionals there and got her the required permissions to study medical techniques there.

Initially, the doctors were skeptical if a girl from a civilian background will be any good in learning at their level. They wanted her to start from the basics and work her way up to the level they were at.

However, once Sakura revealed that she could use the Mystical Palm Healing Technique, they immediately made her participate in a practical test on some newly dead fishes.

When Sakura performed Mystical Palm perfectly, they immediately changed their tune and regarded her on the same level as Karin. This was the first time after Tsunade herself that someone had performed the technique by learning on their own.

Sakura and Karin were given the highest priority among all the trainees at the hospital. They were invited to all of the major treatments so that they could learn the procedures. Also, they were provided all of Konoha's medical treatment knowledge for free.

While Karin followed the traditional route to learn slowly, Sakura completely took advantage of UTS to absorb all knowledge and expertise like a sponge. While she didn't get much in the way of medical Ninjutsu, she learned an enormous amount of medical knowledge of all aspects.

Best of all, she got detailed anatomical knowledge from the books provided to her, using which she patched the gaps in her knowledge about Chakra pathways and Tenketsu. This gave her insights into the missing parts of Eight Gates and Gentle fist.

While she didn't get much in the way of completed high-level medical Ninjutsu like Tsunade's Creation Rebirth, she browsed the libraries and archives and found research work on a few experimental techniques that were created by Konoha's medical ninja, and other visiting medical experts, but were later abandoned.

Among the experimental techniques, the ones that caught her eye were: Body Revival Technique, Cellular Activation Technique, Self-Regeneration, and Chimera Technique.

Body Revival Technique was created by a Non-Konoha medical expert who was passing through Konoha at the time and spent some time working in Konoha Hospital for his research.

The principle of this technique was to take advantage of the muscles' ability to grow stronger after repairing themselves from damage. Understanding this theory, the Body Revival Technique can repair the user's body and increase its strength by manipulating the "Destruction and Rebirth" cycle of the muscles.

This technique allows the user to survive any otherwise normally fatal damage and instantly heal from the damage. A unique trait of this technique is that it can momentarily give the user the appearance of death, fooling even the most talented medical shinobi.

This technique was considered incomplete as of yet because to successfully perform it to its full capacity, one either needed an enormous source of chakra, or one had to have a tremendous flow of chakra within them to rapidly activate the technique's effects.

Cellular Activation Technique was another interesting technique. The user has to analyze an opponent's facial expression, movements, and the properties of their jutsu to anticipate where and how the attack will take place.

The user then gathers chakra to the area of the body where the attack will strike, preemptively starting medical treatment in order to minimize the damage that will be received. The more extensive the damage, the more chakra it takes to heal.

In addition to needing to correctly read the opponent and react in time, users require great resilience in order to perform the Jutsu. While a difficult technique to perform, if used correctly, one could theoretically battle forever on a battlefield, given one has enough chakra of course.

Self-Regeneration was another experimental technique. It was proposed based on Tsunade's Creation Rebirth Technique. The idea was to create a special core or sealing formula that stored Healing Chakra and would activate with a simple hand sign to automatically heal the body at the very moment of the injury.

If created successfully, it was theorized that the user might become immortal for as long as he had chakra to use. Unfortunately, as Tsunade had declined to share the Creation Rebirth technique, research into this technique had all but stagnated.

Chimera Technique was the technique that interested Sakura the most. It was originally meant to combine separate living bodies of organisms into one combined organism bearing the original characteristics of the organisms, and therefore create a synthetic body.

However, a medical expert, who later became a rogue ninja, devised use of this technique to integrate the bodies of other shinobi with Kekkei Genkai with his own body, allowing him to obtain the kekkei genkai they possess, as well as other special physical traits and absorb their chakra.

The technique can also be used to create formidable summoning creatures which bear the traits of multiple animals and could even use their own version of Ninjutsu.

After going through the explanations and the partial prototypes of the techniques available, Sakura started remembering the future occurrence of three of these four techniques.

Cellular Activation Technique was Kabuto's specialty, which he clearly learned here in Konoha. He had used this technique during his fight with Tsunade.

As this technique was invented after Tsunade left Konoha, it was no wonder that Tsunade had not known about it and had been surprised on seeing Kabuto use such a technique.

Body Revival Technique was a technique created by Shinno, a medical expert who Naruto and Sakura had encountered years later from the current moment, in the original timeline.

He had planned to use this technique in combination with an artificial tailed beast called Zero Tails to essentially become all-powerful and undying. But fortunately, Naruto, with Sasuke's help, had managed to stop the guy.

Chimera Technique was created by a Konoha Medical expert called Hiruko. He had been the one to extensively research this technique illegally to obtain Kekkei Genkai for himself, as he was resentful of the fact that he didn't have any.

Lord Third had declared this as a Kinjutsu as it had the potential to be used against all the Kekkei Genkai clans. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the original timeline, Hiruko had gathered four Kekkei Genkai into himself with this technique. Hiruko was supposed to return to get Kakashi, along with his Sharingan, as his fifth and final Kekkei Genkai target to make himself invulnerable to all damage.

However, as it happens, Naruto had gone along with a team of shinobi, that included Sakura, to rescue Kakashi, and had even succeeded in it.

Sakura didn't believe that any Jutsu or knowledge was inherently wrong. Even Tobirama's Impure World Reincarnation and Uzumaki Clan's Reaper Death Seal had their uses, despite their tremendous cost.

She had ideas regarding these techniques that will help her solve the problem of weak body and low amount of chakra. She used UTS to copy all the information regarding these techniques and placed the original copies back in the archives.

With all these new information swimming in her head, she had now prepared a whole new training plan. By the time this month was over, she was going to shock everyone with her improved prowess.

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