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Chapter 27: Acquiring Knowledge

"May I ask you something, brother?" She asked, breaking the silence that surrounded them for a minute. Christian looked at her, his gaze meeting hers. A gentle smile was plastered on his lips and he opened his mouth to speak, "What is it?" Alexandra swallowed.

"What are my other older brothers like?" She asked, a serious expression on her face. It was for the future, she needs to know what they are, what they like, and what personality they have. Because she can't engage in a battlefield with a sword only without knowing her enemies. She might meet them sooner or later and she needs to be prepared. Unlike the meeting with her father, it was unexpected and she doesn't know what to do at that time.

Christian fell into silence and he just stared at her enchanting eyes which held warmth and hope. He sighed and smiled at her, "They are somehow very alike," He started and Alexandra attentively listened to him. She was very determined to know what they are like, Diana told her what they look like and what they are like their father which somehow helped her but at the same time didn't. "Older brother Calixander is cold just like father. Talking to him was hard and he's very scary, he's a closed book. You can't read him easily but he likes brave and friendly people and when they have the same taste. Since he is the heir or the one who will take the throne, he is busy burying himself with multiple trainings while at the same time, studying. From what I have observed, he doesn't like to open up with others, he prefers to hide his feelings from others. He and Chandler get along really well, they are close with each other," He explained. From this, Alexandra learned that Christian is good at observing people and he easily knows what that person's personality is. A scary yet amazing skill or the ability for a child at his age.

He's just like his father, he also likes people who are brave and friendly. Alexandra kept that info in her mind so that she can write it down later. Isn't Chandler the middle? She asked herself. Alexandra opened her mouth to speak but then decided to close it. She pursed her lips into a smile encouraging Christian to continue. He cleared his throat before he spoke, "Older brother Chandler in the middle, meaning, he's the third oldest or youngest among the siblings. He has a confusing attitude or personality, somehow he is too shy to tell others what he truly feels. He trains together with older brother Calixander and maybe that's how they got along," He stated. Somehow, Alexandra was able to guess what his personality is.

"Is that so?" She said and kept the information inside her mind hoping that she wouldn't forget about it. Christian nodded as an answer, "Lastly, Older brother Gilbert. He's quiet and cold. He doesn't like it when people cling into him or follow him everywhere he goes. He is like Calixander, he doesn't often tell people about their feelings. It's hard to talk to him because he would immediately go away or walk away when he sees people coming," Christian had trouble talking to him too and looking for him was like looking for a lost needle in a stack of hay. All of Alexandra's brothers are described as cold people and similar to the emperor except for Christian who was warm and bright like the sun, he looked gentle and pure yet his abilities or skills were terrifying as well as his knowledge or intelligence.

"Somehow…" Alexandra's voice was a whisper yet Christian heard it and continued what she wanted to say, "They are like father, am I right?" Alexandra nodded at what he said. He was able to say what she had in mind. Alexandra opened her mouth to speak, "Are you close with them?" Alexandra asked.

"Sort of, I'm close with older brother Gilbert because we love to read books. Although we rarely talk with each other," He said, sadness trailing his voice. Something must have happened for him to bear that kind of expression. Alexandra just decided to keep her mouth shut and didn't ask him anymore. He looked at her, sadness was quickly replaced with warmth and joy, he smiled at her, "They g—" As he was speaking, he was cut off by Lysander who was standing still 5 steps or more away from them.

"Young miss," He called out to Alexandra and he successfully grabbed her attention. Her head turned towards his direction and her eyes met his dark orange eyes that looked like an owl's eye color. Christian's head also turned in his direction and Lysander immediately bowed. "May the peace and glory of Queenilia Empire be with you, Prince Christian," He said as he bowed in front of him. "Raise your head, Knight Lysander," Christian responded in a gentle voice as he showed him a smile.

Lysander raised his head and looked at Alexandra. "Pardon me for the intrusion but the young miss needs to go back because her tutor already arrived at the palace," He said and Alexandra immediately got down from her sight, her eyes widening in shock. She completely forgot about her tutor. She went around the desk and bowed in front of Christian, "Then, I shall go. I'll be taking my leave, brother," She said as she bowed gracefully and Christian just nodded. Alexandra was picked up by Lysander, he bowed once again before taking their leave.


She swung the door of the study room open. Ferdinand was sitting on the chair in front of her desk, he was waiting for her to arrive. "I'm sorry for making you wait, Ferdinand," She apologized and bowed. She rushed and somehow ran just to arrive early and not keep her tutor waiting. It has been so long since she rushed and ran fast. Diana and the other maids still haven't come back from the town. Ferdinand just smiled at her,

"It's okay. I understand that you're busy doing some other things," He said still smiling. Alexandra walked towards the chair behind the desk while speaking, "Thank you for understanding." She sat on the chair still panting and the tutor stood up and poured water to a glass and he gave it to Alexandra. Alexandra took the glass from his hand while muttering 'Thank you' and drank it all in one gulp. She placed the glass down and sighed in relief.

"Did you answer the sheet I gave you yesterday?" Ferdinand asked and Alexandra nodded while smiling, her smile was warm and it beamed with joy. Her smile shows that she did it and she was sure that she got all the answers correct, "Yes! I placed it here. Wait, let me just look for it," She said and started to open the drawers until she found the paper. "Found it!" She took it out and gave it to her tutor who took it from her hand and started to read her answers. After a few minutes, the corner of his lips went up and he placed the paper down. "As expected from the young miss, you got it all correct," He said and Alexandra's smile became a wide grin. She was very proud of herself.

"It seems like I don't need to teach you anymore, just kidding," He said and a chuckle came out from his lips. Alexandra just smiled at him. Thus, he began teaching her.


"And that is all, I hope you'll answer the worksheets I have given to you. Don't worry, I will get it from you next 3 days," Ferdinand started to pack all his things inside the case he carried while Alexandra tidies up her things and placed it back inside the drawers of her desks. After a few minutes of tidying up, Ferdinand smoothed out the wrinkles on his clothes. "Then, I'll be taking my leave. May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, young miss," He said and bowed while Alexandra smiled at him. "Thank you for taking the time to tutor me," She replied back and bowed also to show gratitude and respect. She raised her head and as usual, a smile was plastered on his face and he turned around, his back facing against her as he made his way towards the door. His footsteps resonated inside the room and he opened the door before he stepped outside and closed it behind him. Silence conquered the whole room and Alexandra sat back on her seat as she sighed in relief.

Learning was fun yet tiring at the same time, she thought to herself and leaned back her seat. She took out a pen and a notebook from her drawer and decided to write down the things Christian told her about their older siblings.

After she closed the notebook, someone knocked at the door thrice before opening it. Diana emerged out of the door and she smiled at her. It's already time for her dinner that's why she went to fetch Alexandra in the study room. It seems like they are back from the town, Alexandra smiled back at her and she got down her seat as she stretched her arms. She walked towards Diana and she held her hand and they stepped outside. "How are you today? I'm sorry if I didn't go with you because I am really busy," Diana apologized as she closed the door behind her and they started walking the hallway. "I learned many things again today," Alexandra responded as they walked.

"That's good," Diana answered and silence surrounded them. After they walked down the stairs, they head towards the dining room and arrived there after a few minutes. And as usual, she saw her favorite dishes served. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/acquiring-knowledge_41421775220823106">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/acquiring-knowledge_41421775220823106</a> for visiting.


Diana was currently tucking Alexandra in her bed as she laid down and stared at the ceiling as usual. Diana sat down beside her as usual and she stared at her face. "Diana…" Alexandra called out to her and Diana responded with a smile, "Yes, young miss?"

"Tell me a story, please," Alexandra requested and Diana happily accepted the young miss' request. she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear before she cleared her throat and speak. She told Alexandra a story about the flower who will only bloom when a certain person touched it. "This story is just like the Crystal Flower but this was more popular than that. There's a flower called Neverblooming Flower. The name sounds weird but it is true. The flower was believed to have the color of a rainbow and it will only bloom or open when a certain person touched it which means the flower's chosen one will make it bloom when he or she touched it. That flower is found at the Queenilia's Imperial Museum and it was said to live for thousands of years yet it didn't wither," Diana started to explain. I don't know if she's telling me a story or what but I found it interesting, Alexandra thought to herself and waited for Diana to speak.

"Multiple nobles or royalties came to our country just to try to touch that flower to see if it will bloom, however, nobody or no one succeeded in doing so," Diana stopped first to clear her throat. "If a person made that flower bloom when he or she touched it, he or she is the chosen one. That person possesses great and powerful magic, light magic," There are two classifications of magic, light, and dark. Spells that are good and helps other people belong to the light magic while spells that harm others belong to the dark magic. Only some people possess the ability to control dark magic.

Hundreds of years ago, there was actually an organization with people who has the ability to control dark magic but was wiped out. These people are called 'Dark Wizards' and people only have little knowledge about them, what they know is that they are bad people. The 'Powerful Wizard' who lives in an abandoned castle was said or believed to possess the ability to control those two. Right now, in this current period, no one was found who possesses the ability to control dark magic yet. Dark magic uses mana and has spell tiers too.

"That sounds interesting," Alexandra said and she yawned indicating that she was sleepy. Diana gently patted her head, "Sleep now, young miss," She said and Alexandra slowly closed her eyes as she was pulled into a deep slumber.

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