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Chapter 98: After (1)

Alexandra has decided to spend most of her day with Christian and some with her father as they were currently having their afternoon tea party. Since she doesn't have to go around and look for her other brothers for they are temporarily gone, for probably a few months or so which made her breathe out a sigh of relief because she can finally have some inner peace. But at the same time, she felt lonely. Although, they just recently got along (or whatever you call that), if you call being able to withstand each other's presence or personality getting along and being able to smile at them with it not being forced getting along.

Alexandra took a bite from her cake and chewed quietly. Multiple thoughts were running inside her head, she was thinking of what she would answer in case if Christian remembered about the 'gun' thing she mentioned earlier inside the weapon house. Hopefully, he doesn't remember, she thought to herself. I didn't know that guns don't even exist here, not even a pistol gun. That's weird. Well, everything about here is old, almost everything. Just like what she had thought before, there weren't cars nor a sign of advanced technology in this place. People communicate through mails, ride carriages, wear those huge balloon-like dresses, and so many things. Alexandra let out a sigh and decided to shake her thoughts off.

"Did you bid goodbye to your brothers? I heard that you were trying to get along with them despite their attitude especially Calixander, I believe that they haven't done anything that harmed you," Their father called out to her, grabbing her attention as she glanced up and met his cold gaze. He looked serious and cold but he wasn't glaring at her like before when they first met, his gaze became soft slightly, for like an inch or so. Alexandra didn't tremble nor was she afraid of it like before, it was either she was used to it or it wasn't that scary anymore. "Oh. Yes, I did. I also gave them a gift and wished them a good trip. You don't have to worry about anything, papa. They were good to me, like really good," If you exclude the forest encounter, where Prince Calixander threatened me, then they were good to me, she wanted to add but prevented to do so or else it will cause some trouble and she doesn't want that to happen.

She smiled widely at him like always. The expression on her face bright and dazzling, her gaze was warm and gentle, and her voice was soft like usual. "I see. I didn't think that you are able to withstand their personalities," Well, I have encountered many people with almost the same personality or attitude as them in my past life, it's just nothing to me although they are on totally on a different level, she wanted to answer but she just smiled widely at him as she took a bite from her cake once again.

Silence surrounded them as they ate. Christian continued to eat beside her without saying anything, he doesn't know what to say or what he should talk about. Then Alexander opened his mouth and spoke, "What time do you usually finish eating your dinner?" Alexander asked, looking at Alexandra with a cold look on his face. Alexandra stopped eating and she hummed while thinking as she doing a thinking pose, her left hand underneath her chin and it was being propped up by her right hand. Since I would usually eat around 5 and I finish eating for like 20 minutes, I guess it would be around 5:30 or something. It's probably near that time. "5:30, why?" She responded with a curious expression plastered on her face, an imaginary question mark appearing on top of her head.

"I need you to come to my office after you finished eating your dinner, I have something to talk with you about," Alexander said in a monotonous tone of voice, his expression cold as always before he took a sip from his cup of tea. Alexandra gulped hearing what he just said, what does he want to talk with me about? Did I do something wrong? I didn't, right? I'm sure we already have this father-daughter relationship, so he wouldn't decide to throw me away or something, Alexandra being a person who overthinks, those thoughts were running inside her head. "You don't have to be nervous, It's just a simple talk. I wouldn't harm you," He said, reassuring her when he saw that she fell into deep silence, her expression slowly changing into a nervous one.

Relief washed over her face and she grinned widely before she took a sip from the glass of juice placed beside her plate of cake. "Why not now, papa?" She said after taking a sip from her glass of juice. "I am busy during this time and I still have to talk with someone, that person will arrive later," He responded and Alexandra just nodded with a gentle smile plastered on her face. Her expression bright as always.

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Alexandra and Christian are inside the library, they just arrived at their usual spot and Alexandra headed towards her desk with books stacked on top of it. Right, I still haven't finished the books I have borrowed, I wonder if they are worried about it or something, she thought to herself when she stared at the books. She went around her desk and sat on the chair behind it. She dragged it near her desk and she shifted around as she tried to make herself comfortable, so that she would have fun or not be troubled while reading.

She was about to get a book from the stacked ones when Christian spoke and grabbed her attention, "By the way," His voice sounded gentle and loud in this quiet library. Their personal knights were on stand-by not far away from them, near the couches. They were standing near the balcony of the floor. Alexandra turned her head in the direction of her brother who just called out to her recently, "Yes?" She responded.

"I had a search around our library and I didn't say a single book with guns in it," He replied back. When Alexandra left earlier, where they parted at the stairs, he immediately went to the library of their palace. He was curious on what a gun is, he thought that it would be a type of bow or weapon and not food because why would Alexandra look for food when they are inside a house filled with weapons. It's probably a type of sword he hasn't heard about. But based on the gesture of her hand she made when she was talking about it, it's probably a dagger. He doesn't know.

Alexandra gulped, I thought he would forget about it. Christian was always curious about things he just heard about and would ask for details or information about it. He likes it when he gains some knowledge about things, it would feel like he just had a new experience or something like that. Especially when it comes to Alexandra who was interesting and probably had experienced more things than him. "Oh, t-that," She stammered and showed him an awkward smile. "Yes, I am really curious about it, Is it a weapon made by a goddess herself? Is it an ancient one who helped defeat the evil people? Is it a powerful weapon?" Christian started to attack her with questions. His expression slowly turning curious and curious as seconds passed by while he talked. He looked excited and Alexandra couldn't help but smile seeing the expression plastered on his face. "I only read it from a book and I could only remember some small details about it but a gun is a simple yet powerful weapon which could kill you in just a single shot," She explained and faced him as she spoke. It looked like she was telling a story to him and he looked excited to know how the story would end. He was listening attentively and didn't miss a single word she said. "Is it like a staff or something? A powerful one to be exact, how does it work? Does it uses things like arrows or something?" Christian asked and stared at her, his curious gaze bored at her face as he spoke.

"It's sort of a bow but it doesn't have any strings, it has a trigger. It's shaped horizontally and it's usually black, you used some sort of bullets," She said. She decided not to tell him all about it to pretend that she can only remember a few of it. Christian nodded repeatedly as he listened to her. "What is a bullet?" He asked. It honestly felt like she was having a quiz bee or an interview and she was being asked by Christian. "A bullet is some sort of… a round thing. It's actually small. I don't know, I only knew a few about it since I really can't remember. I read it 2 years ago or so," Alexandra said and smiled at him. Christian just nodded as he leaned back on his seat and looked straight ahead. "Do you know what the title of the book is? I want to read a book about that," He asked.

Alexandra sweated nervously and she averted her gaze, "I really can't remember, I have a poor memory. It was really old and I think nobody is selling that book nowadays," She said, hoping that she would ask no further questions. Christian hummed as he nodded repeatedly, "I see, then thank you for answering my questions," He said and Alexandra looked at his direction. A smile crept up her lips before she spoke, "I'm glad that I was able to answer your questions, brother," She responded before she began reading.

A silent and peaceful atmosphere surrounded them as they read silently. That is how they would usually bond or spend some time since they know that doing what they love together is just the best thing. Of course, it's good that they would talk with each other, so after finishing the book they were reading, they would walk about it and tell them some information about it.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

The First Arc/Volume is coming to an end. I'm sorry for not updating for like a few days, I was busy preparing and doing some things.

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