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Chapter 43: Again (1)

This is the day.

Alexandra made her way towards the Diamond's Palace library along with Carlos behind him. She just noticed this but the place is surrounded or decorated with multiple winter decorations like evergreen and such things that can be also found in their palace. They just went out of her father's office to tell him that she came for a visit once again and is now heading towards the library hoping to find Christian there. She was hoping to invite him to her palace to celebrate the first day of the winter star together.

Upon arriving in front of the huge wooden library door, Carlos opened it for her and Alexandra stepped inside. Carlos closed the door behind him and walked alongside Alexandra as they head towards the stairs to the second floor of the library. The sound of their light footsteps resonated inside the place as they walked. Alexandra walked towards the end of the path where she and Christian usually meet or see each other. After a few minutes of walking, they finally arrived at the end and Alexandra heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Christian sitting on the chair behind his desk, reading a thick book. She cleared her throat and she gained his attention, he lifted his gaze and their eyes met.

A smile crept up to Alexandra's face when their eyes met, "Good morning, brother," She said in a slightly cheerful tone of voice as she walked towards his direction. Christian smiled back at her and greeted her also, "Good morning, Alexandra," He said.

"A pleasant morning, your majesty Prince Christian. May the Queenilia's sun bless you," Carlos said his greetings rather extravagantly. It was a really pleasant morning and Alexandra woke up with a smile on her face earlier, was it because tomorrow will be the celebration of the winter star? Aside from her birthday, the celebration of the winter star is one of the events or celebrations that she is excited to happen. "A pleasant morning to you too, Sir Carlos," Christian said in a gentle tone of voice as he looked at Carlos who bowed his head. His gaze returned to Alexandra who was smiling widely at him, her face beaming with joy, "Brother," She called out to him rather excitedly.


"Since the celebration of the winter star is tomorrow, are you free?" Alexandra asked praying that he would answer yes and the gods granted her wish because he responded with a nod. Alexandra's eyes gleamed with joy and she looked rather bright and cheerful, Christian wondered what the reason was as he stared at her face.

"Really? I would like to invite you to my palace and celebrate the first day of the winter star with us! I'm sorry if I just told you now since I can't find the right time to do so, but you don't need to bring any gifts! Chatting or having a conversation with everyone is enough. I'm sure they would be glad to have your presence there," Alexandra explained without stopping. She made multiple hand actions as she spoke, she was nervous at what he would say. Somehow, Christian was in a daze and he just stared at Alexandra not believing what she said.

"Brother?" Alexandra called out to him and pulled him back to reality, cutting the train of thoughts inside his mind. "I would be glad to do so! But it seems rather impolite to not bring any gifts since it is a tradition to do so, maybe I would gift you with one of the books in the library but father might get angry," Christian said while he was deep in thought but Alexandra just giggled. "It's fine, really," Alexandra said after she giggled. It's not like she gave gifts to everyone up until now. Christian fell into silence and thought for a moment before he answered, "I see, I know what to do now. Thank you for inviting me, what time would it be?"

"It would be tomorrow in the evening, 5:00 P.M. don't worry, only a few people are there. Only the maids and Carlos will be there," Alexandra stated. Harrison only visits during the night even at her birthday to give his gift for her. Christian nodded as a response and a wide smile was plastered on his face, it looked gentle but it beamed with joy. It was clear that he was excited about tomorrow. "Then, I'll be going now since I still have many things to do. Thank you for giving me some of your time," Alexandra said and bowed her head slightly. She raised her head after a few seconds and smiled at him, "See you tomorrow," Alexandra said and waved before she turned around and left the room. Carlos bowed first before he turned around and followed Alexandra behind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/again-(1)_41652693600627392">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/again-(1)_41652693600627392</a> for visiting.

Their light footsteps resonated inside the palace as they walked down the stairs and head towards the door to exit the library. Upon reaching in front of it, Carlos opened the door for her and she stepped outside and waited for him as he closed the door before they continued walking. "Off to the garden we go, Carlos," Alexandra said making it sound like they are on an adventure. Carlos couldn't help but chuckle, "Wherever you go, I will follow you, Miss Alexandra," She doesn't know if it was a joke or not but she just giggled as a response as they head towards the garden where Gilbert should be.

The place was surrounded with snow along with some lanterns and decorations which she just noticed because she is too distracted by her thoughts when she is walking along with Carlos. The walk to the garden was long but it was fun, admiring the snowfall as Alexandra felt cold not until Carlos summoned or casted a heating magic or spell around them just like from the tea party she had with her father which happened at the courtyard. They walked towards the garden and as usual, Alexandra let him stay behind and she went ahead to where the giant tree stood hoping to find Gilbert there but upon reaching the place, she found no one.

That's weird, she thought to herself and decided to look around more. After minutes of walking around and looking for him, she decided to give up and heaved a sigh. Where has he gone to? She asked herself and thought of many places where he could be. Then she thought of something, it just barged in right inside her mind without warning but it surely did help her, Alexandra walked back to where Carlos is. He was startled to see the young miss come back or return to him early. "What happened? Was he not there?" Carlos asked as he stared at her face. She nodded her head and opened her mouth to speak, "Are there any places here which is not usually visited by people and is quiet?" She figured that maybe he was hiding there since he doesn't like noisy and crowded places.

"There is this place in the courtyard and inside the forest although I don't advise you to go to the forest since it is very dangerous," His tone changed into a serious one at the end and Alexandra had goosebumps because of it, the hair on her arm and the back of her neck stood up. The transition between his cheerful and serious tone of voice was so smooth, even his expression too. She caressed her arm up and down hoping for the chills to go away. Carlos immediately returned to his usual expression with a smile plastered on his face, "Why are you going to look for him, Miss?" He asked and Alexandra nodded as a response.

"Then, let me show you the way," Carlos said and he held out his hand. Alexandra placed her hand on top of his and Carlos held it before he walked. The path to the courtyard was long but Alexandra was able to enjoy her surroundings which were blanketed with white snow, surrounded by a cold and peaceful ambiance. It was cold but thanks to Carlos' heating magic, she was able to keep herself warm and avoid hugging herself or her teeth clashing against each other repeatedly because of the cold. It took them 10 minutes or more to reach their destination. The place which Carlos referred to was a giant tree with a treehouse but she was sure that people rarely come here. It was far and rather too peaceful, it was just near the forest where danger usually lurks around.

"This is the place, Miss Alexandra. Try to climb the treehouse and maybe you will find him there, I would just guard or stand here," Carlos said, encouraging her to climb the stairs to the treehouse and Alexandra gulped. What if he gets angry? She asked herself. A voice suddenly rang inside her head: "Come back to me if you are knowledgeable enough," That was Gilbert's monotonous voice which sounds emotionless and distant every time she heard it. With a heavy heart, she climbed the stairs quite slowly and it took her like minutes to reach the very top and in front of the open door.

She peaked her head inside and roamed her eyes around. The treehouse was actually bigger than what she had thought and it had this vintage aura or ambiance, everything seemed natural and peaceful inside here and she loved it. There were multiple bookshelves and the house was made entirely out of wood and blended with nature. She wished that there was also a treehouse in her palace but that would be like asking too much or showing envy.

Her eyes roamed around once again looking for Gilbert's figure or face and she breathes a sigh of relief when she saw her standing, facing the bookshelf while reading a book on his hands. He had his full attention to the book and didn't notice her presence. He and Christian are alike, it's hard to gain their attention when they are reading a book and their guards were low or they looked vulnerable and weak at that state. What if she was an enemy or a traitor inside the palace who is about to kidnap or kill him like what the enemy country of the Emperor Deva did to his family?

She cleared his throat and there, he caught his attention. He was startled and suddenly she felt the pressure in the air as he turned around, his eyes narrowing down on her like she was an intruder but softened when he realized who it was. "May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, your majesty Prince Gilbert. Pardon me for intruding and disturbing you as you read," Alexandra said in the midst of bowing and he just gawked at her without saying anything. She lifted her head and their gazes met. Alexandra showed a sweet and gentle smile, she was emitting an innocent and lovely aura. Flowers bloomed in her background and her eyes were enchanting.

"Congratulations for finding me here, I thought you would give up," He said almost making it sound like an insult. He sounds disappointed and amazed at the same. Alexandra knitted her eyebrows, was that a test or something? She asked herself and frowned inside her mind since she can't afford to let Gilbert see her frowning at him. Do (my) family loves tests? They kept on testing me at such things and thankfully, she passed without knowing. "I never expected for you to find me here, did somebody told you?" He asked while he returned the book back to its original location or place. Alexandra shook her head as a response, although she asked Carlos about places in the palace that are quiet and peaceful where people rarely visit, that doesn't count.

Gilbert nodded multiple times before he dragged his self to the couch or seat near him. He sat on it and he crossed his legs before he cleared his throat and spoke, "So, why did the Emperor of Deva surrendered to the enemy?" He asked. His monotonous voice rang inside her ears. Alexandra smiled at him before she responded.

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