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45.28% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 45: Again (3)

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Chapter 45: Again (3)

"If someone dared to insult the miss, don't hesitate to threaten or hurt that person. If someone decided to hurt the miss, pay that person back, 5 times the pain that she had felt. If someone tried to kill her, chase that person down and kill that person. Even if that someone is royalty, a noble, or someone with high status, do not hesitate. I gave you the permission to do so as her personal knight," They were confused at what Carlos said, even Alexandra doesn't know what he was saying.

Then his next words shocked them. They fell into silence when they heard it and Philip gulped.

"That is what his highness, the emperor told me," Even Alexandra was shocked at what she heard. Did he really say that? Or is Carlos just lying? She asked herself and looked at Carlos who had a determined and serious expression as if he will not hesitate to hurt his comrade, the grip on the hilt of his sword tightened and Alexandra gulped. "You have hurt Miss Alexandra's feelings by calling her a witch, a curse, and a bad omen. I will not hesitate to hurt you even if his highness didn't tell me that," Carlos threatened and Philip took a step back.

Alexandra knew that if this continues something bad will happen, so she approached Carlos and tugged his arm. He turned his head and his features soften when he saw Alexandra looking up to him with a faint gentle smile plastered on her face, "Carlos, it's okay. Let's just leave," Alexandra said gently and Carlos heaved a sigh before he loosened his grip on the hilt of the sword, he regained his composure and the aura which surrounded him returned to his bubbly and light one. Alexandra turned around and bowed at Gilbert, "I shall be taking my leave then, your majesty. Thank you for the time that we had today, I had fun," Alexandra said in the midst of bowing before she turned around and went down the stairs.

Carlos bowed before he left and followed Alexandra behind. The sound of their footsteps that was muffled by the snow sound loud in Alexandra's ears, it's just like a lion's roar, so deafening. Carlos looked at Alexandra's figure and faintly smiled, "Are you mad about what Sir Philip said earlier?" Carlos suddenly asked out of blue and Alexandra stopped in her tracks which caused him to stop too. "Yes, I am mad," Alexandra said and continued walking. She huffed and she stomped her feet against the snow as she walked. She was mad at what he said but that might be true, what if she really was a curse? She regained her composure and walked normally, her expression softened.

She mentally slapped herself, that's not true because father still didn't push me away or something like that. Nothing bad happened during the time she was with her father, Christian, Carlos, Diana, and the other people that were always around her. She told herself and tried to calm herself down, she shooed away her bad thoughts as she continued walking silently.

"Even I was mad when he said that," Carlos said and Alexandra tilted her head slightly to look at him behind. "You have the right to be mad because of what he said. Anyone would be mad and hurt if someone told them that they are a witch or a curse or some words that are related to that. You're still a person with emotions, he doesn't even know or was sure with his words. You are not a witch like what he said because witches are ugly and evil and you are not," What he said touched Alexandra's heart especially the last sentence, it made her giggle. He lifted her mood and she was back to her usual self.

"Thank you, Carlos," Alexandra said and Carlos smiled even though she can't see him, she felt him smile. "It's a pleasure, Miss Alexandra," Carlos replied back, the atmosphere that surrounded the two became bubbly and it feels light. Alexandra suddenly recalled what he said earlier, about what the emperor told him. She wanted to ask if it was true and she gulped. She cleared her throat first before she spoke and gained his attention, "Carlos, was it true? Father told you those words?" Alexandra said and her pace slowed down.

"Yes, it's true," Lies, she thought to herself. He hates me, Alexandra thought to herself and Carlos noticed the sudden silence which felt awkward and uncomfortable. Carlos opened his mouth to speak, "Miss Alexandra, what I said was true. Unless you still haven't realized it but his highness, the emperor, your father truly loves you not as a replacement but as his daughter. No matter what they say about you, he doesn't give a care about it. You let him feel something which he didn't felt for a long time, just trust me, he might still hate you but he is slowly learning to love you as his daughter," Carlos said and still wanted to add something but he just refused to do so and kept his mouth shut.

Alexandra stopped walking after she heard him say that, she felt a tug in her. She felt joy and happiness when she heard what he said. It slowly engulfed her whole body heart and she felt light as if she was flying. She could jump in joy after hearing him say that, she doesn't know why. She regained her composure and continued walking, "Is that so? I'm glad," She responded, happiness laced her voice as she spoke. They continued to walk back inside her father's palace and go to his office, with a bubbly and light atmosphere, and with a silence which felt comfortable.


Alexandra and Carlos arrived in front of the door of her father's office. Carlos knocked first before he spoke, "Your highness, Alexandra is here to visit you," Said by Carlos. Alexandra looked around and noticed that there aren't that many guards around, only at the entrance of the palace, at the throne room, and some places which needs to be guarded. There wasn't any guard in front of her father's office nor at the library and the courtyard, she wondered why. Carlos held the golden knob of the door and twisted it open as he gently swings it to let Alexandra walk in.

"Papa!" She said and ran towards him. He was standing and fixing his clothes when they entered and Alexandra threw herself towards him, and he easily caught her. "You're loud as always," He said and didn't let go of her as she was hugging him. "You're still pretty as always, papa," They just saw each other earlier yet they are acting like they haven't seen each other for 3 days. Probably the effect of what Carlos told her about what the emperor told him.

"What brings you here? We just saw each other earlier," His voice was cold as always but his gaze wasn't cold nor piercing like before. His gaze had this subtle warmth and Alexandra failed to notice it. Alexandra giggled, "Is it bad to see you?" She said and let go of him to look up and meet his gaze. To Carlos' eyes, they looked rather adorable and they seemed really close. Alexander heaved a sigh and suddenly lifted her up and placed her on the couch, she is now currently sitting but she was facing the direction of her father's desk. He walked towards his desk and sat on the chair behind it, he dragged it near the desk and it emitted a loud screech.

"I will have to cancel our tea party later again, I still haven't finished doing my work," He said and Alexandra just smiled at him. "It's okay! I completely understand, I like watching you work anyway," Alexandra replied, although she felt slightly sad since it's already the 3rd time in a row. Alexander looked at her for a few seconds before he continued doing what he was doing earlier. The silence which surrounded them made her sleepy and the sound of pages being flipped was the only thing heard. Carlos stood still not far away from them and stopped the urge to whistle a tune. The silence was comfortable and he doesn't want to break it.

Alexandra couldn't help but yawn as her eyes slowly closed and her head leaned back her seat. Without knowing, she was pulled into a deep slumber while her father was working. When Carlos noticed that she fell asleep, he cleared his throat to gain Alexander's attention. He lifted his gaze and looked at Carlos who had a serious expression on. "Something occurred earlier, your highness" He started and piqued Alexander's interest.

He stopped what he was doing and leaned back on his chair. He crossed his legs and he stared at Carlos waiting for the next thing that he will say, "Alexandra was involved in it, she was the victim," Alexander furrowed his eyebrows. "What happened?" He asked in a rather cold tone of voice but it sounds deadly and is laced with venom as he spoke.

"Sir Philip called her a witch, a curse, and a bad omen. It happened just earlier when he saw Alexandra and Prince Gilbert together at the treehouse, they were having a conversation and talked about things, maybe about books. Prince Gilbert didn't say anything but he looked annoyed when Sir Philip was speaking," Carlos continued, his voice sounded serious and he was angry as he recalled what happened earlier. Because of what he said, it hurt Alexandra's feelings and it angered Carlos.

Alexander balled his hand into a fist but he heaved a sigh and remained calm but it was clear that he was angry, "What did you do?" Alexander asked as he tried to remain calm. "I threatened him and was about to hurt him when Miss Alexandra stopped me and told me that we will leave. She bid his goodbye first before she left. I asked her if she was angry and she responded with a yes then I somehow told her some encouraging words. Also, I accidentally revealed something. I don't know if you will be angry or not," Carlos answered, his tone of voice still serious as well as his expression. Alexander became curious about what he revealed and asked him what.

"I told them what you told me about if they hurt the miss, I will hurt them too and so on. Miss Alexandra even asked me if it was true and I answered honestly," Carlos scratched his cheek and awkwardly laughed after he spoke. Alexander's expression didn't change, "What was her reaction?" He asked as if he was curious and really want to know. Carlos tried to recall what her reaction was, "She didn't believe me at first but she was happy after I told her some things. I think you always scared her, your highness," Carlos was brave when he said his last sentence. Alexander hummed and fell into silence as he was thinking. He nodded his head repeatedly and he leaned forward, resting his elbows on top of his desk and clasping or interlocking his fingers as he rested his chin on top of it, propping his head up. His eyes darted at Alexandra who was sleeping peacefully and quietly at the couch he placed her on.

"What was Philip's position?" He suddenly asked still looking at Alexandra.

"He's just a royal knight, your highness," Carlos said. He was higher than Philip but they trained together since they were still knights, royal knights to be exact. What he said indicated that Alexander could do whatever he wants to do with him, maybe increasing his training will do, to the point that he feels like he was in hell. He was just Prince Gilbert's personal knight, replacing him is easy but he's really useful. Maybe a punishment like increasing his training will do. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/again-(3)_41676483139262731">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/again-(3)_41676483139262731</a> for visiting.

"His training will be increased and lessen his meals for a week, that's his punishment but don't tell him about it, just pretend that you know nothing about it," Alexander said and his gaze was now back at Carlos. Since Carlos is the vice-captain of the Royal Knights, he can meddle with someone's training as well as his meals. "Will do, your highness," He replied. "You did a good job although you revealed something it's just a small thing," Alexander said and he continued working.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Decided to do some kind of development. Hope you liked this chapter and thank you for reading!

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