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5.66% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter (1)

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Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter (1)

This world is filled with magic and unbelievable things. People can wield magic, chant spells, and have powerful abilities—

Meh. I already know that.

Alexandra closed the book she was holding and returned it to its original place which was the bookshelf. She felt bored and she wants to do something interesting, however, like a five-year-old kid, she has many limitations even if she's 18 years old inside.

She isn't allowed to go down to the kitchen to avoid problems like injuries or accidentally stabbing herself with a knife which will never happen unless if she's an idiot, she isn't allowed to wander outside that much to avoid some things and such. A maid would sometimes go outside with her or guard her. So far, nothing interesting just happened in this life. She just either go to the library, the garden, or her room to sleep, read and stare at the ceiling.

Alexandra heaved a sigh and browsed through the rows of books. Maybe she could go to the garden and breathe in some fresh air while she eats some cake and read a book. She thought that wasn't a bad idea. She took out a book which was, 'The Art of Feelings' by Lorraine Wester. She thought that was an interesting one and she walked towards the door of the library with Grace, the maid, following behind her. Grace was the one who was assigned to guard the young miss today. The maids would take turns guarding Alexandra and each day was a different one.

Grace is just the same age as Diana, they are both 23 years old. Most of the maids are young especially Daisy and Hannah, they are just 16 years old. The oldest was Lilith, she is 25 years old. The maids who took care of Alexandra came from low-class families, meaning they are poor. They worked here as a maid to earn money so that their families will have food to eat especially Lilith.

They both left the library closing the door behind, "Are you going to the garden today, young miss?" Grace asked while they were walking breaking the silence that surrounded both of them. Alexandra nodded and looked back at her with a smile on her face.

"Yes, could you please bring me some cake and a glass of milk?" She asked in a polite and gentle way. Alexandra would always speak politely whenever she's asking a maid to do something, unlike others who would command or treat them as slaves. That's because she became an orphan after her mother died and she always has to do part-time jobs like being a waitress, a janitress, or a babysitter. She knows what it feels like when someone is treated like trash or is being disrespected. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/an-unexpected-encounter-(1)_41067322844171156">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/an-unexpected-encounter-(1)_41067322844171156</a> for visiting.

"Yes, young miss," Grace answered and accompanied her until they reached the garden before she walked away to bring the cake Alexandra asked for. Alexandra was left alone in the picnic table in the middle of the garden and she sat just sat there reading the book she got from the palace's library. The atmosphere was light and the silence wasn't bad, it made her comfortable and calm. A lovely afternoon, isn't it?

Alexandra's hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing a purple dress that has a frilly skirt that reached her knees. She was wearing a purple choker with a crescent moon that suited her well. While she was peacefully reading, Grace arrived with the glass of milk, a slice of cake, and 2 cupcakes.

Grace knew her very well. Alexandra's mouth watered when she saw the delicious-looking chocolate cake and cupcake.

Grace smiled sweetly, "I hope you'll like the food, young miss." She said. Alexandra took the knife and fork and cut a small part of the cake and ate it, it tasted sweet and the cake easily melted inside her mouth.

Never have she ever ate something like this before at her past life, well everything she ate her was delicious but this was on another level, words can't describe how delicious it is. She took another bite and continued to do so until there was nothing left. This is probably how she developed her love for sweets. Grace just stood still and watched her eat. Alexandra took the cupcake and held it out, "Here, I thought you might want some too," Alexandra smiled sweetly and Grace was touched.

"Thank you, but I have to decline, young miss. I already ate earlier and I'm full." She said in a sweet tone and Alexandra just muttered an 'Oh' and took a bite from the cupcake, it was delicious like the cake earlier and she ate it all in just a minute, her heart contended. She continued reading the book earlier.


And the next few weeks came.

Alexandra woke up earlier than she should today. She would normally be woken up at 9 o'clock in the morning—Diana or another maid would go inside her room and wake her up—but this time, she woke up at 7 o'clock, it feels like something will happen this day. And now she is in the garden watching the maids water the flowers and other plants while the some swept. She wondered what time they do—the maids—usually wake up. It's just early in the morning and she isn't in the mood to go read. Maybe she could go and pick flowers.

The palace she currently is living in is called the 'Wistalia Palace', just like its name, the place is surrounded with blue-colored flowers that looked like gems and glow during the night, those flowers are called Wistalia. The flowers will only bloom at night at any weather and season of the year. It blooms at trees that looked like Willow trees. (Note: It's like cherry blossoms.)

The palace is surrounded by flowers and it made it look attractive even though nobody took care of it not until Alexandra and the maids arrived and occupied the palace. A beautiful-looking lake can be found not so far from the garden of the palace.

Its size was twice as big as the garden. A huge Wistalia tree stood in the middle of the lake and it looked beautiful when it glows, fireflies would surround the place and their lights will be reflected by the waters. Alexandra would sometimes sneak out at night just to go to the lake to see the majestic scenery and if she got caught and scolded, she wouldn't mind. At least, she saw the scenery, that is all that matters.

Alexandra stood up her seat and Hannah tilted her head back to look at her. She was the one who was assigned to guard Alexandra today. Alexandra suddenly ran off her seat and started picking flowers, maybe its time to get productive today, she thought. She never tried to pick flowers before, not even in her previous life because there would be a sign that seems like it was shouting at her to don't pick the flowers.

"Young miss..?" Hannah called out to her when she saw her pick flowers while humming a song which she isn't familiar with.

"I'm picking flowers, you can leave me now," Alexandra said sweetly and continued humming while picking flowers. She picked flowers that have different colors and they looked attractive in her small arms.

"But, Miss Diana will get angry at me" Hannah insisted while she watched her bent down. Alexandra picked a red-colored flower and she turned towards her.

"Just tell her that I'll be picking flowers and besides I won't go that far," Alexandra smiled widely, in the maid's eyes, flowers bloomed behind Alexandra and she looked more charming and cute while holding the flowers. Let's just say that Alexandra has a natural charm that would always attract the maids.

"W-Would you like me to bring a basket for you to place those flowers in?" Hannah asked her and Alexandra nodded, "Just put the basket at the picnic table, thank you." Alexandra answered before she turned her heel and continued picking flowers.

She heard footsteps and she assumed that Hannah went back inside the palace to get her a basket. Picking flowers was fun, especially that she loves flowers. The garden is filled with many types of flowers like Roses, Daisies, Tulips, and some other flowers that also existed in Alexandra's previous life. A few minutes passed and her hands were already full, she walked back to the picnic table and saw 2 baskets there, Alexandra placed the flowers that she picked on the other basket and took the empty one. She ran back to her previous location and started picking flowers again.

It's good to do something other than reading and eating, maybe I could ask Diana to put the flowers on a vase and place it inside the room, Alexandra thought. She continued to pick flowers until she grew tired and eventually she lifted her head to see nothing but trees only. Huh? I was just picking flowers, how did I end up in a forest? Alexandra can't go walk straight back to the palace because she went to multiple directions. The place is also not familiar and there is a chance that she might get lost is she continued to walk. What am I going to do? I told Hannah that I will not go that far but I ended up in a forest which I don't know.

What a clown, Alexandra. It seems like I was making a fool out of myself.

Then she heard a voice. An unfamiliar voice.

"Won't father get angry?" The voice sounds like it was near her. Alexandra looked around to see any figures of a person and eventually, 2 persons emerged at the bush behind her. "If we will return early, he will not get angry." Another unfamiliar voice said behind her. Alexandra remained still and thought of what she should do:

a. Run away

b. Pretend that you are a rabbit

c. Turn around and say hello

d. Pretend that you are a statue

This is not the time to fool around! Alexandra mentally scolded herself. She might be inside an enemy's territory and the persons behind her might be murderers or thieves. By the sound of their voice, they are males and since males are physically stronger along with their mana or magic, she stands no chance against them, she only has her charm and a basket of flowers. What's she gonna do? Throw these flowers and petals at them?

[Author: Okay, this reminds me of that SpongeBob and Squidward meme.]

The two persons behind her noticed Alexandra's presence and their guard eventually raised. Alexandra noticed the atmosphere getting thicker and colder as their guard raised. No, don't hurt me, I'm just a harmless 5-year-old girl that was born in a supposedly males only family and they think I'm bad luck, she wished she can say that out loud. Alexandra was always a brave person but this time, she wasn't. It felt like all the strength and confidence she once had was all drained out of her body.

"Who are you?!" The voice was loud and it boomed over the place like a lion's roar. Alexandra remained still like a statue, maybe she can pretend as a statue. No, that sounds stupid and dumb.

"Turn around and show us your face!" Another voice said. Still, no reply from her. "I'll slash your neck if you don't answer us." Alexandra loves the life she is living now and she cherished it, so she immediately turned around just like what he said, her platinum-white hair swaying as well as the skirt of her blue dress.

She saw two pairs of blue eyes, the same as hers.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

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Edit: I changed a part. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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