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94.33% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 97: Before They Go (5)

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Chapter 97: Before They Go (5)

After Gilbert left the two dumbfounded and confused by what he just did, Alexandra and Christian remained silent as they tried to process the information. Did he just ruffle our hair and gave us a pat then told us that he is looking forward to seeing us once again or is it just my imagination? Was it a dream? Alexandra couldn't believe it. It was quite unexpected for him to do that, she thought that they would just bid their goodbyes normally, like waving or bowing at each other and wishing them a good trip or something like that but he just gave us a pat on the head while there was a gentle smile plastered on his face.

Carlos witnessing the scene earlier had his eyes wide due to shock for a moment before he smiled, it was like he became soft seeing the interaction of the three and the unexpected thing Gilbert did to his siblings. That was the first time he acted like that, he would usually just look at that person or just nod at them before he leaves but now he just became… like a real older brother or something. It was cute, very cute. I am very proud and it feels like I'm crying, I'm going to tell his highness about this later, Carlos thought to himself. Trying to wipe the imaginary tear in his eye, he was acting like a father who just witnessed his first-born smiling at him. Miss Alexandra really did a good job. Gabriel was just standing beside him, he was also shocked by what happened, but not that shocked like Carlos.

Alexandra looked at Christian to see what his reaction was and his eyes were wide in wonder and confusion as he blinked multiple times as if he was still thinking and wondering. He was like a webpage that kept on loading as it processed some information to work or open. "Brother Christian? Are you still there?" Alexandra waved her hand in front of her brother hoping to catch or grab his attention and she successfully did. He was pulled back to reality and he looked at Alexandra, meeting her gaze. Alexandra blinked multiple times as she stared back at him. Christian looked happy, like really happy. It was clear on his face, how his expression was brighter than before and the smile on his lips was wider and it looked joyful. He was like a kid whose parents bought him a toy or he was taken to Disneyland. He looked so innocent and warm, Alexandra would like to hug him right now.

"Yes, I was just trying to process what happened. I never thought that Brother Gilbert would do that because usually he would just leave without saying goodbye or would just nod when he does so. It was unexpected and I never expected that he would say that," Christian said, his expression becoming more and brighter as seconds passed by while he spoke. His smile seems like it reached his ears and his eyes were sparkling, and gleaming with joy. Alexandra couldn't help but smile at him, seeing his reaction, "Me too, I was also shocked but I was happy when I heard what he said. I didn't think that he would be looking forward to it," Alexandra said while smiling at him and Christian nodded. Alexandra roamed her eyes inside the house and saw multiple weapons on display, either leaning on the wall or hung on the wall. Alexandra could imagine how heavy the swords and axes were because of their blade or something. They were also daggers, bows, and some other weapons which were the first time she saw in real life. She would always see it on TV and would just stare at it but seeing it in person, it looked rather intimidating and dangerous. If she tried to swing one of those swords, she would just immediately let go of it knowing how heavy swords are especially those huge ones with thick or large blades.

However, with all of these weapons in her sight, she didn't saw a single gun. It was making her wonder why does it not exist or is it just rare?

"The weapons increased, brother Chandler and brother Calixander must have bought another set," Christian said as he roamed his eyes around. Christian was so sharp to notice that small detail, 6 weapons were added and just mixed into the old ones but he was able to notice it. Alexandra just hummed and shrugged since this was her first time entering this house. "Why are there no guns in here, brother?" Alexandra asked.

"Guns?" Christian asked and looked at Alexandra's direction with a confused look. "Yes, guns, You know those ones with triggers," She responded while showing him a finger gun with the use of her fingers as if she was holding one right now. What's with that confused look? Does he not know what guns are? Are there no books about it? Does it have another name here? She asked herself multiple questions which she knows that she can't answer alone. "Guns? What are those? Is it a sort of bow?" Christian asked, his eyebrows creased. Eh? Alexandra blinked multiple times hearing his response. "Gabriel, do you know what guns are?" Christian looked back to his personal knight as he asked them that. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/before-they-go-(5)_42905202969343570">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/before-they-go-(5)_42905202969343570</a> for visiting.

Gabriel, although he looked like he was unfazed by his question, sounded like he was curious about what guns are because of what he asked. That was the first time he heard that word, it sounded like food for him. "Pardon me, your majesty, but that is the first time that I have heard that word? Is that a type of book or a desk?" He asked and Alexandra's eyes widened hearing their response. That's weird, completely weird, she thought to herself.

She thought of what she should say in this situation, "I-I see, I just r-read in a book before and I thought that you will have one here. Sorry for the trouble," She told them as she gave them an awkward and embarrassed smile not knowing what to do. "Then what is a gun?" Christian asked in a curious tone of voice as he slightly cocked his head to the side while looking at Alexandra with curios look plastered on his face. Alexandra just smiled at him before she responded, "I'll tell you that later," Was what she said, hoping that she can escape this situation. Christian just nodded before he spoke once again.

"Are you going back to your palace right now?" Christian asked and Alexandra nodded, a sad expression plastered on her face as she nodded indicating that she doesn't want to leave yet. Christian's bright expression became a gloomy one hearing what Alexandra said. Alexandra sort of panicked as she thought of something that he would cheer him up. When she did, her expression turned into her usual bright and happy one right after.

"But I am going to come back later and have our tea party with father, and I would read tons of books with you before I go back for dinner," Alexandra said as she smiled at him. She doesn't know if Harrison would visit her after dinner to say goodbye before he leaves and go back to the academy, well, there is a high chance that he would pay a visit since that is what he would usually do and he knows that I would get upset is he doesn't do so, she thought to herself as she waited for Christian's response. "I see, then I'll see you later, I'll accompany you until at the stairs," Christian said as he returned her smile. A gentle and joyful expression plastered on his face. Alexandra nodded as she hummed before she turned around and looked at Carlos.

"Let's go?" Carlos asked when he noticed Alexandra looking at him and she nodded as a response before Alexandra started walking with Christian beside her. Carlos and Gabriel walked behind the two. Alexandra and Christian were talking with each other as they walked towards the inside of the palace. Eventually, they have to depart when they were at the stairs.

"I'll see you later," Christian said as he smiled at Alexandra. "Yes," Alexandra responded as she returned his smile while she nodded before she turned around and continued walking. Carlos followed behind her as always as they walked towards the path back to her palace.

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