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Chapter 89: Carnival (3)

Harrison was about to boat at Alexandra the prizes he has won just by playing a single round of this shooting game and with a smug grin plastered on his face, he turned his head around and was expecting to see Alexandra with a dumbfounded look plastered on her face. However,

There was no Alexandra in his sight.

He cursed inside his head and roamed his eyes around the place, looking for the girl's structure. He turned his head and looked at the owner of the stall. "Can I ask you something?" Harrison asked, trying to sound polite as much as possible, although he wasn't used to being polite or formal. "What is it, young boy?" The man responded, looking at Harrison, his eyebrows slightly furrowed. "Have you noticed my companion behind my back earlier while I was playing? A little girl wearing a red apron dress, her hair is black and her eyes are brown," Harrison said.

"I'm really sorry but I didn't notice someone. I didn't even know that you had a companion, she was probably caught up with that sea of people or worse, she might be taken away by someone," The owner responded, a worried expression plastered on his face as he looked at Harrison. Before Harrison was able to speak once again, the man interrupted him. "Many kids even teenagers especially females are being taken away by someone when they are separated by their parents, siblings, friends, companion, or such. So if you can't find her, report it or you can make an announcement at the broadcasting room, just ask a staff," The man explained, the same worried look plastered on his face.

Harrison just nodded before he turned around and started walking. With all of this mana around me, I can't identify which one is hers, he thought to himself and as he looked around. Where in the world have you gone to when you were just right behind him before he played? He groaned in frustration and decided to roam around the place, and asked several people if they have seen you.

"Excuse me," Harrison called out to the couple who was happily walking side-by-side, the lady looked down at him and gave him a smile before she responded in a gentle voice. "What is it?" The lady said, the man beside him peered over her shoulders and looked at Harrison as if he was curious and wondering why he called out to them. "Have you seen a little girl with black hair tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon, her eyes are brown, and she's wearing a red apron dress?" Harrison asked them, detailed as much as possible or else they could misunderstand him and point out to the person he isn't referring to.

"I'm sorry but we just arrived and as far as I can remember, I didn't saw a little girl you were talking about," The lady said with an apologetic look while smiling at Harrison. "Probably some people saw her, with this crowd, how can't they?" The man said as he gave Harrison a smile, they looked kind and friendly, to be honest, but Harrison is not here to make friends. Harrison just nodded his head before he turned around and continued doing what he needs to do. He needs to find Alexandra or else there would some problems, huge and problematic ones to be exact. This was stressing him out.

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A few minutes earlier while Harrison was walking towards the stall.

"Don't cry if you lose!" Was what Alexandra shouted while Harrison was walking towards the stall while she followed behind him, grinning widely. It seems like she provoked him or triggered him causing him to act like that, Harrison probably doesn't like the feeling of losing or something like that, Alexandra thought to herself while grinning widely. She was about to walk towards his side and say something but some people passed by her and she stopped walking as she waited for them to pass but she suddenly felt a hand grab her arm and drag her to somewhere, she was startled as she tried to shake off that person's grasp while she was being dragged away from Harrison.

"W-wait, stop! Harrison! Harrison!" Alexandra tried to call out to him while she was being dragged away, slowly and slowly, she was being taken away further by someone she doesn't know and she tried to pull away. Harrison was too focused on the game he was playing that he didn't hear her shouts and it was noisy, her shouts were like a whisper in the crowd of these people. She bumped into tons of people but she was just ignored by them. She looked at the person who was dragging her and tried to grab his attention in the hope that he would let go of her. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Please let go of me! I have no money and I am still a kid! Please let go!" Alexandra cried out, still trying to pull away and escape his grasp but the man was way too strong no matter how many times she pulled her arm away and slapped his hand.

Is this what Harrison was talking about? That when I let go of him something bad would happen to me? She thought to herself and gulped. She thought about many things about what would happen to her if this person was what she was thinking of if he was a kidnapper he would sell me or make me a slave or something, but what would he gain from it? Money? Ransom? Ahh, I don't want either of that. If I don't fight back or make him let go of me right now, then it would be the end of my life. I don't want that! With all of those thoughts running inside her head, she mentally slapped herself and tried to kick the man. It looked like Alexandra was just a child having her tantrums while she was being dragged away by her sibling or father, so they just ignored it.

"Let—" She was interrupted when the person who was dragging her stopped from his tracks and turned his head around to look at her direction, "Beatrice, could you please shut up?!" The man said as he turned his head, an annoyed look plastered on his face as his eyebrows were furrowed. His voice was rather loud and it boomed, he was intimidating and Alexandra's eyes widened. Beatrice? She asked herself when she heard what the man said. Alexandra's eyebrows creased as he stared at the man, confusion was written all over her face. Did this man just call her with someone else's name?

It seems like the man realized who he shouted at and was dragging since earlier because he immediately let go of Alexandra's hand, his eyes wide in shock. Both of them looked shocked and had the same expression plastered on their faces. The man immediately became flustered as blood crept up his cheeks. "A-Ah, e-eh," The man stuttered as he took a step back, staring at Alexandra's face when he realized he took the wrong person.

"I'm sorry! I mistook you as my little sister because of your hair and your dress! I'm sorry! Please forgive me! I didn't intend to do that! I'm sorry!" The man exclaimed, bowing repeatedly as he spoke, grabbing almost everyone's attention as they passed by. Just recently they saw the man dragging the child and now he's apologizing to her, he probably mistook her as someone, those were the thoughts running inside everyone's head as they passed by them. Alexandra let out a sigh as relief washed over her when she heard that the man just mistook her as someone else and wasn't about to kidnap her or something like that.

"I-It's okay," That was what Alexandra was able to say and as if on cue, after she spoke, a little girl the same height her arrived wearing an almost the same dress as hair. Her hair was black and was tied in a bun with a red ribbon. Her eyes were black just like her hair and she was slightly-tanned. Well, the man is not the one to be blamed for mistaking her as her little sister when they had the same appearance. "Brother!" The little girl called out to the man, grabbing his attention making him look at her direction. "Beatrice! Where have you been?! I was looking for you everywhere and I even mistook someone else like you!" The man said in a worried tone of voice, his eyebrows were creased as he spoke to the girl beside him.

Alexandra just watched them talk with each other. "I just went to that stand! Their cotton candy was so sweet just like what they said!" The girl said, her eyes sparkling as she pointed at the stall with multiple people in line. It must be popular, too bad I don't have money and Harrison is the one who is paying for me, she thought to herself and let out a sigh. "Just tell me where you are going, so that I don't have to look for you everywhere! Look, I even dragged someone I don't know thinking that it was you!" The man was referring to Alexandra who was staring at somewhere and looked at them.

The little girl who was called Beatrice looked at Alexandra, her eyes wide as her eyebrows were slightly raised. Alexandra gave her a smile and Beatrice returned it before she tugged her older brother's arm. "Brother, let's go," Beatrice said as she looked up, meeting her brother's gaze. "I know! I'm sorry for the trouble once again," The man apologized before he walked away with her little sister clinging onto his arm as they walked.

When Alexandra knew that they were already far away from her, she let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, I'm not going to be sold to someone as a slave or something, she thought to herself. That was probably the second time that she was mistaken as someone else. The first one was when Christian thought that she was the daughter of those nobles who visited her father and was just lost in the forest. He tended to her wounds first and asked someone to heal her before he dragged her to the throne room where the nobles are, and that's how Alexandra first met her father. The second time was this and she was separated from Harrison.

Hopefully, something like that wouldn't happen today.

Now she's lost in a crowd of people not knowing what to do, they just passed by her, minding their own businesses while Alexandra was looking around. Hoping that she would see Harrison in this crowd, I guess he couldn't use his magic because he can't pinpoint my location or something, she thought to herself and let out a sigh as she walked around. There were multiple unfamiliar faces of some people who passed by her, some looked like they were a noble or an aristocrat while some looked like they were a commoner judging by their clothes and how they acted. But maybe some were just on a disguise just like her, you will never know. Either way, they all just wanted to have some fun while they are here.

Alexandra aimlessly walked around as she let her eyes wander, looking for Harrison. It was like Finding Nemo or something, she was Nemo and Harrison was her father who was looking for her. Ah, this is stressing, she said inside her mind. She tried her best to not bump into people or be shoved by them as they walked. I don't even know where I am, maybe I should try to ask someone if he or she knows where I can surrender myself to just like a child lost in a mall.

But then as she was walking around, she bumped into someone and she stumbled backward almost falling to the ground but thankfully she was able to balance herself. She heard the other person yelp in surprise and she turned her head to look at that person's direction. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Peach colored hair and sparkling golden orbs. A small face and snow-like skin. A bright and warm aura that surrounded her. She was slightly taller than Alexandra.

Alexandra couldn't help but curse inside her head when she realized who it was. Elise Clarissa Greenwood, the girl who she saw at the café. The one who smiled at her which sent a chill down her spine and the one who Harrison finds annoyingly mysterious. Along with her were two boys, taller than Elise and Alexandra figured out who they were. They were also the ones who Elise was with when they were at the café, they were Harrison's friends at the academy.


What are the odds of bumping into them once again?

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