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88.67% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 91: Carnival (5)

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Chapter 91: Carnival (5)

Holding Alexandra's hand, Harrison walked and passed through the crowd of people while being careful to not bump into someone and cause some trouble. Their surroundings were noisy, the air and atmosphere of the place were lively and loud but it didn't annoy o irritated Alexandra. In fact, she was comfortable with it as it makes the place livelier and bright. Even if it was night and it was cold, somehow Alexandra felt warm.

"Wah, the game was really hard!"

"What did you buy?"

"What? You won that prize, amazing!"

"I heard there's going to be a show later, should we watch it?"

"Nice one! I thought you wouldn't win,"

"I want to go home already,"

"Let's have some fun!"

Those were some of the things that she heard from the people they passed by. Some of them were talking with their friends, lover, or family while others were just alone talking to their selves or just remained quiet. Harrison's grip on Alexandra's hand was tight but not that tight that will hurt her, it's like to let her know that it was there and she can't escape or run away. It was to ensure that she wouldn't run off or accidentally escape his grasp then get lost once again and they would look for each other again, that would be tiring and stressing, so they don't want that to happen once more.

"Harrison, where are we going next?" Alexandra asked with a curious tone of voice while she was walking behind Harrison, not knowing where to go. She just let herself be dragged by Harrison and lead them to somewhere she doesn't know. Alexandra looked at the back of Harrison's head, they were walking at a steady pace but she wants to rest already. Her legs were getting numb as she took another step and walked. She has been walking around since earlier and not even once, she sat and took a break. Harrison didn't respond to her question but instead fastened his pace and made their way towards the bench where there are only a few people around.

Alexandra's eyes sparkled and her expression brightened seeing the bench with no one sitting on it, it was rather far away from the crowd. "Sit there," Harrison said and pointed at the bench, why does it seems like he is ordering me like I'm his dog? Alexandra thought to herself. Well, it's not like I'm not planning to sit on that bench and take a rest, she sat on the bench and it felt cold, it was like nobody sat here for the whole time it was here in the carnival. However, it was comforting and she felt cozy as she let out a sigh of relief. A smile graced upon her lips and she leaned back on her sit, staring at the night sky with bright twinkling stars.

"Harrison, I'm hungry," Was what Alexandra said as she stared at the night sky, not giving Harrison a look as she spoke. Harrison turned his head and looked at Alexandra's direction, boring his stare at her face. "Go buy then," He responded and looked away, staring at the crowd of people who passed by them. They were wide smiles plastered on their faces and it was clear that they were having fun in here. A bright and lively aura surrounded them and the expressions plastered on their faces were bright. Alexandra looked at him and gave him a look which couldn't be explained easily, it was way too expressive. She was giving him a menacing look but at the same, she looked like she was pleading.

"What's with that look?" Harrison said when he saw the look on Alexandra's face, his eyebrows were creased as he spoke. "I don't know where to buy food when there is like a sea of people there and I don't want to get lost," Alexandra said and she gave him a mischievous smile right after she spoke. That means only one thing, Harrison is the one going to buy. Although Alexandra could buy it just by herself, she really doesn't want to. Her legs were tired from walking around and she might be dragged away or pushed by some people.

Harrison let out a sigh in defeat. "Fine, what do you want?" Harrison said as he ruffled his hair, looking at Alexandra at the corner of his eyes. Alexandra's expression brightened when she heard what he said and she couldn't help but smile widely at him before she spoke, "Something good and tasty!" Was what she said and Harrison gave her a confused look. "What do you mean by that? Do you want me to walk around and look for something good and tasty that would suit your tastes or you would like? Do you want me to taste each one of the food here to see if it was good and tasty?" Harrison began to attack her with questions.

He looked confused and annoyed at the same time. Alexandra let out a laugh, "Just buy me something that you think it tastes good, anything would be fun since I'm not allergic to anything," Alexandra explained and showed him a faint smile. Harrison let out a sigh once again, "Honestly, I would always have a hard time when I'm with you," Harrison said after he sighed. Well, that doesn't mean he's annoyed or angry by that, he doesn't find it troubling either. "Said by the one who would suddenly appear during the night and give me a scare," Alexandra replied back.

"It's not like you hate it anyway," Harrison responded, not looking at her. "It's not like you hate being with me anyways," Alexandra replied, mimicking the way he spoke to tease him. Harrison just hummed before he spoke, "Whatever you say," He turned around and faced Alexandra as he walked towards her. Alexandra's eyebrows furrowed as she watched him take a step towards her direction, what is he doing? Is there something behind me or what? She asked herself and watched him stop in front of her. There was a few inches gap between them and Harrison towered over her since he was standing and Alexandra was sitting on the bench. She looked up and met his gaze, "What?" She asked.

His eyes weren't crimson red but it was emerald green. Alexandra already saw some people having green eyes, two of them were Diana and one of Harrison's friends, the dark-haired one. However, Diana's were the most beautiful one of all. It looked gentle and it held warmth, it was attractive and enchanting but at the same time, it was alluring. It also suited Harrison but Alexandra prefers it red, just like his original ones. I will never get used to Harrison having green eyes, she thought to herself and let herself get lost in his eyes.

"Stay still," Harrison said and Alexandra remained still at her seat, waiting for what he will do. It was making her curious. "Just what are you about to do? Is there something behind me? Is my hair messy? Is there something on my face?" Alexandra asked and looked at him, a curious expression plastered on her face. Curiosity lacing her voice as she spoke in a gentle tone. "Just stay still, will you?" Harrison said as he looked down on her and Alexandra zipped her mouth shut.

Then he raised his hand, Alexandra thought he was going to slap her or take something but what he did next was completely unexpected and confusing that it made Alexandra's eyebrows crease as she stared at him. He rested his hand on top of Alexandra's head and let it stay there, "What? What are you—" Then there was a blinding light which lasted for just 2 seconds and interrupted her while she spoke. She closed her eyes and when he withdrew his hand and let it fall on his side, she opened her eyes and looked up to him. "What did you do? Did you try to look at my memories or something? Do you not believe me that I was dragged earlier by someone? Did you try to check what was on my mind or something? Was there a wound on my head?" She began to ask him with questions, confusion was written all over her face as she spoke. Her eyebrows were creased and she spoke in a curious tone earlier.

She narrowed her eyes down at him as she stared at him, doubt written all over her face. Then he flicked her forehead, "Idiot, you're overthinking. If you continue to do that, your head would hurt and you'll lose brain cells. Knowing how few your brain cells are, you shouldn't think about things way too much," He said and Alexandra doesn't know if he was teasing her or just being worried for her but by the way, he spoke, he was teasing her. How irritating.

"I don't want to hear that from you," Alexandra replied back as she averted her gaze and rolled her eyes in annoyance. Harrison let out a short chuckle, "Are you curious about what I did earlier?" He asked. Alexandra's eyes darted at him once again, "Who wouldn't be?" She said.

"I marked you," He said nonchalantly. I see, he marked—

"Eh? What do you mean by that? What do you mean by marked?" Alexandra asked, confused when she realized what he said. What does he mean by marked? Does he own me now or something? She asked herself as she stared at him while waiting for his response. "I marked you. That means I know where you are and I could easily identify your mana or presence even when you're in a crowd or a sea of people. I could tell that you're in danger or could easily tell what you're feeling but that doesn't mean I can read your mind,"

"I don't know if that's a good thing or what," Alexandra stated after hearing what he said. "Because of what happened earlier and such things, I just needed to do that in case if I decided to take you out once again. If you're in pain, I would immediately know that and if possible, I would go to where you are and help you or something. I can easily pinpoint your location and I could easily send you messages, just like telepathy. But if there's something blocking me or you, like a barrier, it would be hard to do such things," Harrison stated and Alexandra's mouth formed into an 'o' as her eyes sparkled when she heard what he said.

"Does that mean I can talk to you with the use of the mind?"

"If I allow you to do so, then yes," Harrison responded to her question. "I see," Was what Alexandra could say before she fell into silence as she thought about some things. Is that permanent or what? Is it just like having a contract with someone?

"Well, there are many benefits and I just can't tell it all to you since I can only remember half of it. The ones that I have mentioned were some of what I remembered. It is also permanent unless I decided to just remove my mark on you, look at your wrist," Alexandra's thoughts were interrupted when Harrison spoke and he grabbed her attention. Alexandra did what she was told to do and checked her wrist to see something tattooed. It was a red flower, as far as she can remember, she never drew that on her wrist nor she tried to draw on her skin. She looked at Harrison, her eyebrows creased and was about to speak when he showed her his wrist which had the same drawing. It was just small and barely noticeable unless if you stared at her wrist for a long time.

"That's the mark, others can't see it unless they use some sort of spell to do so. Only I can see that mark without using a spell and only you can see mine without using a spell, too. It shows that we have a bond or a relationship, but not that kind of love relationship. It's just like friends or partners. If that disappeared, that means I decided to remove the mark or erase our bond or someone decided to do so but I will be alerted if someone tried to," Harrison explained.

Alexandra just nodded repeatedly and Harrison ruffled her hair, "Stay here, I'm going to buy food and after that, there's one last place I am going to take you to," Harrison said as he ruffled Alexandra's hair. Alexandra just hummed as a response and he turned around, walking away from Alexandra and headed towards one of the food stalls. Alexandra just stared at the night sky as she waited for him to return.

Aside from having a bond or relationship that is like being friends or something, being marked also has another definition. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/carnival-(5)_42742953063545252">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/carnival-(5)_42742953063545252</a> for visiting.

Being marked also means that you are owned by that person. It's like: 'I marked this person. She is mine.'

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