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Chapter 92: Carnival (6)

Alexandra was sitting alone on the bench as multiple people passed by her and ignored her since they don't know her, obviously. She also doesn't look like a lost kid and she was waiting for Harrison to return with the food he promised (or not) to buy after he gave her that mark or form a bond with her. She hummed a happy tune as she bobbed her head from side to side as she swung her legs out of boredom. She watched and stared at every person, not in a creepy way but rather with curios gaze that looked innocent, they were huge smiles plastered on their faces and their voice was rather high or loud as they talked with the person with them. Probably if the spoke in a low tone, the person who was with them wouldn't hear her.

Alexandra having a sharp sense of hearing could completely understand what they were saying. They were complimenting the game they played earlier while showing their prize to the person they are with and telling them that the game was too easy yet fun for them or some of them were talking about the food in this place, describing how delicious it was especially the cotton candy. While others were ranting and insulting how awful and expensive the food was and talking about how hard and boring the game is to just look cool or that's probably just their opinion, nevertheless, Alexandra just decided to not listen in to their conversations.

Alexandra hummed and waited for Harrison to come back, the wind felt cold yet warm at the same time as it caressed her cheeks. It was probably the atmosphere of the place or the aura of the place was warm, she was comfortable. It was like being alone in a library or studying in the study room although she never likes to study, or while she was alone in her room and gets to have her alone time without someone bothering her or something. She stared at the night sky and she could only see half of it because something was obstructing her view, but she didn't care. They were multiple thoughts running inside her head as she waited for Harrison.

And not later than 5 minutes, Harrison returned with a small box with 4 cupcakes inside thinking that Alexandra would like it since she likes sweets and she really did. Her eyes sparkled when she saw the contents of the box and within just 20 minutes or less than that, she was able to finish all four of those and Harrison wasn't able to take a bite, not even a small bite but he didn't care since he wasn't hungry nor he likes sweets. "I'm done eating!" Alexandra exclaimed with a wide grin plastered on her face as she glanced up to Harrison who had his back turned away from her not until he turned around and met her gaze. She had a satisfied expression plastered on her face and she looked contented after eating all of those.

"You ate all of those?" Harrison asked, his eyebrow slightly raised as he looked at her, his eyes wide as he blinked multiple times. Alexandra nodded repeatedly, she looked rather excited like a kid who was being asked if she wants a toy or what. "Wow, you're…" Harrison's voice trailed off as he thought of what word he would use to describe Alexandra in an amazed yet insulting way just like what he would usually do. "Don't even try to finish it," Alexandra said as she had her eyes narrowed down at him, giving him a forced smile as she did so.

"You're amazing for a kid like you, girls would usually have a small appetite and eats slowly unlike boys," Harrison sounded amazed and insulting at the same time, well, that was what he wanted to sound like. Alexandra doesn't know if he was praising her or insulting her. "Whatever you say," She said as she rolled her eyes at him. "Where are you taking me after? You told me that you wanted to show me something after I eat," Alexandra said with a calm expression plastered on her face, staring at him with a curious tone of voice as well as a curious expression.

Harrison let out a sigh before he responded, "Stand up, I'm going to take you there. I don't want it to start while we were making our way there," He said and Alexandra stood up even if she was confused and curious about what he was talking about. Harrison grabbed Alexandra's hand before he started walking and dragging Alexandra with him.


Alexandra just remained silent as she walked with Harrison. They were gradually getting away from the crowd and leaving the place, Alexandra looked at the mark on his wrist before she looked at Harrison. Being marked, huh? The red flower looked attractive and it looked darker than usual because of her porcelain skin. It was like a mini tattoo or a doodle drawn by her when she is bored at work. She glanced at Harrison and with a curious tone of voice and a curios expression plastered on her face, she asked him:

"Where are we going? Are we going back already?" Alexandra asked as she looked at him. Harrison hummed as he shook his head as a response still looking ahead of him, "It's much better if we walked, you might enjoy the scenery and there's still time before it starts," Harrison said and he fastened his pace. What's going to start? Where is he taking me anyways? Alexandra asked herself knowing that nobody would answer her nor she can answer her question.

Knowing that Harrison wouldn't answer her questions as well, she just remained silent and let curiosity overwhelm her. Even though she was itching to throw that question at him, she stopped herself from doing so. They were walking for the past few minutes until they completely left the carnival and headed towards a small forest not far away from the carnival. Alexandra's eyes widened as she roamed her eyes around and only saw trees as they climbed up a hill. "Harrison, are you going to kill me here?" Alexandra said as she looked at the back of his head. "If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it before and why would I kill you after I marked you? That's just a waste of mana, don't be stupid. Well, you're already stupid," Harrison simply responded as he continued to hold Alexandra's hand while pulling her up the hill.

"Sometimes, your straightforward attitude was a good thing but mostly, it was annoying especially when you said that in a nonchalant way," Alexandra said and let out a sigh right after. She could imagine the blank and boring look plastered on his face when he says that. They climbed up the hill and thankfully, Alexandra was able to climb up with the help of Harrison and not getting tired. "Are we there yet?" Alexandra asked as she took a step. "Almost there, just be patient," Well, who wouldn't be patient when we have been climbing up for like 5 minutes and I could see is trees, just TREES. Where is the scenery that I would enjoy while— Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/carnival-(6)_42769042020302793">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/carnival-(6)_42769042020302793</a> for visiting.

Alexandra's thoughts were interrupted when they emerged out of the trees and the cold wind greeted her, caressing her bare skin as her hair fluttered with the wind and the scenery made her mind blank and made her gasp in awe. Although they were still walking, she roamed her eyes around, eyes wide in excitement and gleaming with joy. Her expression was bright and there was a sparkle in her eyes. As they got closer to the end, her vision was gradually being conquered by the amazing view. They were on top of the hill and they are looking at the houses below them, some of the houses' lights were turned on while others were completely turned off and far away from them, on top of another hill was a huge palace which was sparkling and looking like it was glowing, that's the Diamond Palace.

There was nothing obstructing her view when she was looking at the sky, it was vast and wide as if she was in between the land and the sky. It was like the view of a city during the night while on the rooftop of a building except that there are no cars, no traffic lights, no highways, no tall buildings but instead a palace surrounded with trees, small houses, carriages, a carnival not far away from them, and such. Everything about here was old but rather relaxing, this was better than the modern world, no phones, no pollution, and such things. People talk here face to face and the environment was clean and relaxing.

The air feels so refreshing yet cold, it comforted her. She inhaled and let out a deep breath as she closed her eyes. It feels so good to be outside once in a while, she thought to herself. Not just outside my room in the palace or outside the palace just to walk around the garden but literally outside. If I was a commoner in here and was born with my memories from my previous life, what will I do? I'll probably do everything that I haven't done before and have fun but it depends if I'm a noble or what. It would be better if I just have money but not rich.

She looked at Harrison who was standing at her right side, he wasn't holding her hand unlike before. His hands were placed inside his pockets as he stood there. "Are you just going to show me this?" Alexandra asked. "Just wait, it's going to start already, I think," Harrison responded as he stared at the sky. What is going to start? He has been mentioning that when I asked him about it, Alexandra thought to herself still staring at him. Her eyebrows were creased and her lips were pursed into a thin line. She was about to speak but then as if on cue, there was this whistling sound in their background as a line of light suddenly flew up to the sky and burst into colorful bits as it emitted a loud sound and grabbed Alexandra's attention. Then low sounds of a crackle continued as the small bits fell like tears escaping someone's eyes.

Then followed 2 as it exploded into colorful bits, each one of it emitted a loud sound. Alexandra's eyes sparkled as her lips turned into a wide smile, her expression was brighter than before when she saw the scenery as they arrived on top of the hill.


Alexandra was amazed even though she already watched multiple fireworks show in her previous life when it's new year while she was walking alone as she went home from work and multiple times in her current life, usually at new year too while she was outside the palace and watching it with the maids. But this was way too beautiful as she can completely see it without anything hindering her sight, not a branch of a tree, a cloud, or anything that would always cover half of the sky.

It was loud, the sharp and screeching sound of a whistle before it bursts into colorful bits emitting a loud sound of an explosion before it falls down while crackling then there would be another one flying to the sky. It was continuous and the sky was soon filled with colorful fireworks, so this was what Harrison wanted to show her since earlier. How thoughtful of him to be honest, she thought to herself as a smile crept up her lips and she glanced at Harrison at the corner of her eyes. He was silent as he stared at the sky filled with fireworks.

Alexandra couldn't see it but Harrison's eyes were sparkling as he stared at the sky, it was attractive. The colorful fireworks looked rather attractive and enchanting, his breath was taken away just by a mere fireworks show and he would always feel that when he stares at the night sky and watches the stars twinkle. He was attracted to bright and colorful things, so that's probably why although he doesn't know how he developed that attraction of his. Probably because of his parents, he can't completely remember why.

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