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Chapter 69: Completely Unexpected

Alexandra opened the door of her room and Carlos' face greeted her sight. He was smiling at her and he was radiating this bright aura that Alexandra couldn't explain. "Are you done resting? Shall we go now?" Carlos asked in a gentle tone of voice, trying to sound polite and calm as much as possible. Alexandra smiled back at him as she nodded and responded: "Yes."

Carlos stepped aside and let Alexandra take a step outside her room. When she was outside completely, Carlos closed the door behind her and when she heard the door closing, she started to walk towards the stairs to head down. The sound of their footsteps resonated and echoed throughout the place. The atmosphere that surrounded them was light and comfortable. There was silence and the only thing that was heard and piercing through the silence was the sound of their footsteps. Alexandra had many thoughts inside her head, she was thinking about the encounter earlier.

She recalled the girl's smile, the one she showed them when she was about to head towards their table along with the two other boys named Jerich and Luke. It sent a chill down her spine, there was really something behind that smile. Alexandra could sense it, she was dangerous, far way more dangerous than she looks. Alexandra couldn't help but click her tongue in annoyance as her expression slowly turned into a dangerous one, along with that her aura also changed into an ominous one. She couldn't help but raise her to guard up when she was around them. Is this what Harrison has been telling me? That Elise was like a puppy with a dragon inside her? Alexandra asked herself as she recalled her and Harrison's past conversations. Carlos noticed the sudden change in the atmosphere as they walked down the stairs, his eyes darted at Alexandra's direction. He noticed the aura she held.

It was dark and dangerous. If you would approach her while she was having that aura, it feels like you are approaching an enemy, a powerful enemy. Carlos gulped and was struck still at his position as he was staring at Alexandra.

Well, it's not like we will meet again, she thought to herself and heaved a sigh. Well, she had fun and she was able to forget the creepy encounter she had with that crazy guy named Mark. Her features gradually soften as she heaved a sigh and the ominous aura she held faded and slowly turned into her light and bubbly one. Carlos who was staring at her blinked multiple times, was earlier just my imagination? He thought to himself. He shook his head before he continued walking quietly, following Alexandra. No, I'm quite certain of it, the miss just had that ominous aura, he thought to himself. What was she thinking?


They arrived in front of the huge door of the library. Carlos opened it for her as always and she stepped inside. As she continued to walk towards the stairs heading to the 2nd floor of the library, she heard the door close and the sound of footsteps following behind her. I wonder if Older Brother Gilbert and Christian are still there, she thought to herself as she thinks of the many possibilities.

Since they were so immersed by the books they were reading, they would probably be there but Older Brother Gilbert might be in the garden or at the treehouse to read since he likes to be alone. But Older Brother Christian might be somewhere around the palace, at the courtyard maybe. Well, both of them might be eating somewhere.

As she was getting near their usual spot, she heard some distant yet low voices although it wasn't that clear. It sounds familiar, she stopped on her tracks and tried to remember where she has heard that voice. Her eyebrows were creased and slowly, she draws near as the voice got louder and clearer.

"She isn't what you think!" That was Christian's voice. It seems like he was arguing with someone because of the tone of his voice and its volume. But who is he arguing? Alexandra asked herself and curiosity overwhelmed her, she immediately rushed to the scene to see what was really happening. It seems like their incoming footsteps weren't heard or noticed as well as their presence because nobody turned their head towards their direction. Alexandra saw the back of a boy's head who was probably taller than her, his hair was silver and he was wearing the same type or kind of clothes Christian and Gilbert were wearing.

Alexandra knows that he was one of his brothers because of the color of his hair and the personal knight with him but who? Prince Gilbert was sitting on the couch staring at the two of his brothers argue. Christian was standing up his seat with an expression Alexandra haven't seen before, this was the first time she saw him have that expression. It was either Prince Chandler or Prince Calixander.

"But if you continue to get closer to her, something bad might happen to you!" The other guy argued, behind him was a knight wearing the same clothes as Carlos and the other personal knights in the room. They were so focused on their argument that they haven't noticed Alexandra and Carlos arrive. "That's Prince Chandler," Carlos suddenly said out of nowhere and Alexandra turned her head around to look at him, her eyes wide in shock. How did he know that? She asked herself, curiosity written all over her face.

It seems like Carlos read what was inside Alexandra's mind because of what he said next, "His voice, clothes, and the structure of his body was completely Prince Chandler's," He said as he smiled at Alexandra although he was panicking inside of his head. He didn't expect that the little prince would be here if he knew, he should have brought Alexandra here later. Out of all possibilities that Alexandra has thought of inside her head, this was not one of those, rather this was unexpected. It was clear that they were talking about her. Their personal knights can't even stop them or rather they don't want to be stopped. Carlos was about to call out to Alexandra to leave this place and return later when Gilbert spoke.

"You still haven't gotten close to her, right? Why are you making such assumptions? Did anything bad happen after she got close with father? It doesn't mean that something completely unexpected happened, doesn't mean that it is a bad thing. You will never know if she was a bad thing or not because you still completely don't know her," Gilbert said in a rather cool yet annoyed tone of voice. It seems like he was defending her, Alexandra was glad or happy.

"But she was born in this supposedly all-male bloodline! It's a curse, she's a curse," Alexandra heard Prince Chandler say. Although she was called by that multiple times, she couldn't help but be hurt by what he said. She wants to butt in, she wants to defend herself. Alexandra clenched her fist and heaved a sigh, loosening her grip at the same time. "Miss Alexandra? Would you like to leave and come back later?" Carlos asked in a worried tone of voice, his expression indicated that he was worried.

"No, let's just stay here first," Alexandra said in a determined voice. "Did the prophecy told us that? Was there a prophecy telling us that a girl with a curse will be born in our family? She might be either a blessing or a curse, we will never know. Although I hate how mysterious she is, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in her," Gilbert said simply, he was trying to be calm as much as possible. Prince Chandler was about to reply back when Gilbert spoke once again, stopping him from what he was about to say.

"Aside from that, her attitude and personality are likable and better than yours," Silence. Silence surrounded the place after Gilbert said that. Even Alexandra was shocked by what he said, Christian blinked multiple times. Carlos gulped and thought how Prince Chandler would react to what he said. What he said wasn't wrong but it was also not right, Gilbert was painfully straightforward to his little brother. Alexandra saw how Prince Chandler clenched his fist in anger, her features softened.

"Ha! Suit yourself!" Was what Prince Chandler said before he turned around and met eyes with Alexandra who was watching the whole time. Alexandra's eyes widened and he glared at her as he walked towards her direction. His personal knight followed behind him and he had an apologetic expression on his face, it seems like he was saying sorry to both Carlos and Alexandra for Prince Chandler's actions. Well, it was said that Prince Chandler was either reckless or calm, he has a confusing attitude but there was this one thing certain, he hates Alexandra for who knows why. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/completely-unexpected_42228208212439938">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/completely-unexpected_42228208212439938</a> for visiting.

Alexandra stared back and followed him with her eyes. "Alexandra," Christian called out to her name and Alexandra turned her head around to look at him. "Yes?" She asked and Christian smiled at her before he spoke, "How long have you been there?" He asked in a gentle tone of voice, his features slowly softened as he spoke. Gilbert stared at them while they were talking.

"Half-way while you were arguing, at the part where you said that I'm not like that or something," Alexandra said in a gentle tone of voice as she faintly smiled. "I see, I'm sorry for his actions. He has always been like that, I think. I don't know why he hates you. Our oldest brother must have told him some things about you since they were quite close, he still doesn't know you yet and probably believes that you are a bad person and have a wicked personality," Christian said, his smile was rather sad and sadness laced his voice but he immediately changed his expression into a bright and cheerful one.

His personality quickly changes. Hey, Christian, are you hiding your emotions or are you afraid to show it? Do you really not hate me? Alexandra asked herself when she noticed how his expression or personality quickly changes. It's not like that she wasn't like that but he was rather more mysterious and secretive. Alexandra shook her thoughts off and recalled what Christian said. He believes that I'm a bad person with a wicked personality? But he still hasn't seen what I'm really like, right? I didn't even speak to him, what if I…

"Just a moment, brother. I'll be back," Alexandra said before she turned around and ran towards the stairs heading down. Carlos was caught off-guarded, so it took him a while to move. She lifted the side of her dress up and thank goodness, she was wearing flat shoes or else she would trip. Her hair swayed from left to right as she ran towards the stairs, she heard Carlos call out to her but she just ignored him.

"M-Miss Alexandra! Where are you going?!" Carlos ran towards her and caught up to her. Alexandra ignored her and she opened the huge wooden door of the library and passed through the rather small gap. Carlos followed behind her and wondered where she was going or heading to.

"Where is Alexandra heading? What is she thinking?" Christian asked as he ran to the railings near them and looked down to see Carlos leaving the library with the door open. "She's probably going to follow Chandler. You know, she might be thinking that if she showed what her personality truly is, he might not hate her or something like that," Gilbert said in a monotonous tone of voice as he continued reading. It's not like things like this would interest him but he was expecting on what will happen next. Alexandra was truly an interesting and reckless sister of theirs but that wasn't a bad thing.

"Eh?! Is it my fault? I shouldn't have said that!" Christian said with a worried expression. "It's a good thing actually but at the same time a bad thing but it depends on what she will do," Gilbert said and heaved a sigh.

(Back to Alexandra)

Alexandra ran towards as she looked around looking for that one person's back and once she caught sight of it while they were heading down the stairs, she stopped on her tracks and Carlos heaved a sigh of relief as he was running towards where she was.

"Miss A—" Carlos was interrupted.

"U-Uhmm, Prince Chandler!" She called out to him and he stopped on his tracks, their personal knight turned his head around and saw Alexandra with Carlos not far away from them. They were actually on top of the stairs, standing while staring down at them. Chandler turned his head around slightly but he was able to see who called out to him and his eyebrows creased in an annoyed manner.

"What?" His voice was cold and it rang inside Alexandra's ears. Sending a chill down her spine.

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I hope you liked this chapter! Thank you for reading!

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