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Chapter 102: Decisions (3)

As her eyelids started to feel heavy, she felt her consciousness slowly drift away. Her eyes gradually closed and she was about to be pulled into a deep slumber when she felt a sudden pain in her head. It was a sharp and sudden aching pain which made her jolt awake, her eyes that were about to close was now open and wide because of it. It was like she was suddenly pulled by something or someone and she stared at the ceiling. As the pain gradually went away, she heard a voice. Somewhat distant at first but it became loud as seconds passed by.

[Don't you dare fall asleep, I still got something to tell you]

That voice sounded familiar as if she already heard it before multiple times. Her eyebrows creased and seconds passed by after she heard that voice, she heard it once again. [Are you there or not? Do you not know how to respond?] That tone and voice, she finally realized the owner of it. A ticked mark appeared on her forehead as she sighed, trying to calm herself down. It was Harrison, trying to communicate with her through the mind. He mentioned it before that the bond they have right now, the mark one, made it easier for them to do most of the things involving each other. She was about to respond when she heard a voice coming from her right, making her sat up her position and whoop her head to the side, meeting his one and only bored gaze which stared at her.

"Honestly, do you not know how to respond through the mind? Just imagine my face or something then say something inside your head," He said, his tone of voice the same as usual as he stared at her. "I was about to fall asleep and go to my dreamland when I suddenly heard a voice speaking inside my head," Alexandra responded, sounding like she was annoyed when she was. He acted like he was hurt, clutching his chest he spoke in a low and pitiful voice, "Do you hate me already? Don't you want to see my face before I go back to the academy? Back then, you never wanted me to leave for the academy but now that I'm in front of you, it seems like you wanted me to leave already," Was what Harrison said and Alexandra became more annoyed as she heard what he said. She was about to speak when he spoke first, interrupting what she was about to say.

"I guess I'll leave then," He said and was about to turn his back around when Alexandra shouted and grabbed the nearest pillow, "Wait! Just a moment!" She said and threw the pillow at him so that it would stop him from leaving. For the first time in her life, she successfully aimed and hit the pillow on his head. Usually, he would easily dodge it or catch it but this time he didn't, he was off-guarded. Headshot! She thought inside her head and grinned while staring at him. "I'm sorry! Did that hurt?" She tried to sound worried, hiding the happiness in her voice when she hit his head with the pillow. He almost lost his balance and stumbled. Although her strength was weak when she threw the pillow, it was big and heavy enough for that to happen to him.

However, Harrison didn't budge. He didn't turn around to face her but instead, he picked the pillow up and Alexandra gulped, guessing what he was about to do. There are only 2 choices: To return it to her properly or to take revenge. Unfortunately, knowing Harrison, he would probably take revenge and throw the pillow at my fa—

And a loud sound of the pillow hitting someone's face resonated inside the room. Alexandra was caught off-guarded and she was still lost in her own thoughts when it happened. Harrison threw the pillow at her face while she was thinking. HARD. It feels like a book was thrown on her face and she hissed in pain, the pillow fell on her lap. She took deep breathes, trying to calm herself down. "It's bad to throw someone older than you a pillow in their head when they are about to leave, young miss. It's disrespect and impolite," He said, grinning. He had a smug look on his face seeing Alexandra's reaction after he threw the pillow at her face, harder than he usually would. She let out a sigh before she spoke, "Forgive me, old man," Alexandra responded grinning mischievously as if to annoy him.

Harrison just responded with a hum and decided to not argue back. Alexandra leaned back and stared at Harrison. "So what is it that you want to tell me?" Alexandra asked staring at him. She didn't feel sleepy anymore unlike before because of the pillow hitting her face which he did. It was like his sleepiness was kicked off or it flew away because of what he did. "Nothing, I'm just here to say goodbye and talk with you. It seems like you were troubled over something since earlier before I arrived, did something happen?" He asked and Alexandra's eyes widened for a moment before she gave him a doubtful look. Her eyes narrowed down at him as her eyebrows creased. Doubt was written all over her face. "How did you know?" She asked.

Harrison showed her the mark on his wrist, the red flower one which she also had on her wrist. Then it took her some time to understand what he was trying to say. Right, she completely forgot that he told her that they can sense what they were feeling only when it's a rather strong one like hate, anger, anxiety, excitement, and such. "Oh, I feel dumb," She said as she nodded multiple times. "Well, you have always been," Harrison responded and Alexandra stopped the urge to throw a pillow on his face once again but she's afraid that he might take revenge once again. "Whatever you say," She said.

Harrison just hummed and stared at her, waiting for her answer on his question and she stared back at him before she let out a sigh. "My father wanted to introduce me to the servants at his palace as his daughter," Alexandra said. She wasn't bothered about it anymore because of what Diana told her earlier which encouraged her and helped her when she was trying to decide. "Oh, that's quite unexpected," He said.

"Yes, I also can't believe it at first," Alexandra said and she looked down at her hands. She was playing with her fingers as she spoke, a habit when she doesn't know what to say or she's anxious about something. Harrison didn't say anything, he was the one who had the least reaction or looked shocked, he maintained his usual expression on his face. Well, it's not like it bothered her or anything. Harrison stared at her before he looked at the clock, checking what time it was already. "It seems like I need to leave already," He said and Alexandra glanced up, meeting his gaze. His red orbs staring down on her. "Already?" Alexandra said. Harrison nodded as a response and he gave her a subtle smile which she failed to notice. "Don't worry, you can still communicate with me if I can't visit you or if you wanted to see me or something. Just imagine this handsome face of mine and say something inside your head, the message will automatically be delivered," Harrison said, sounding like he is proud of himself or something. Alexandra gave him the stink-eye, an annoyed look plastered on her face as she can't believe what he just described his self.

"Handsome? Really?" Alexandra said as she looked at him. "At least agree with me," Harrison said, dejected. It looked like he was pouting or something and Alexandra just lightly giggled seeing the expression plastered on his face, he looked like a kid, to be honest. "Anyways, try it. Imagine my face and say something inside your mind. Anything is fine, I just want you to experience it," Harrison said and Alexandra nodded. Alexandra imagined Harrison's face, his crimson-red eyes, his nose, his small face, his hair, and his lips. Not missing a single detail as she would always see his face almost every day before Harrison decided to go to the academy. Then there were these words who just popped up inside her head and that was what she mentally said.

"I told you anything is fine but this one is rather mean!" Harrison said, it seems like he received Alexandra's message and she just grinned. What she said was, 'You're not handsome' and he received it. That was just to tease him since he would always call her dumb or some other names he would say. Well, Alexandra was lying when she said that to him because why would she not be attracted to his face especially his eyes? She was attracted to beauty and Harrison was one of those especially his crimson eyes which reminds her of a flower she once saw in a book. So deep, enchanting, and alluring yet toxic and poisonous. Harrison just let out a sigh, "Well, whatever. Since you already know how to communicate with the use of the mind, I guess I'm taking my leave now," He said.


"Take care of yourself and I'll see you again," He said and ruffled Alexandra's hair. Alexandra smacked his hand away and she looked up to him. She was about to speak when he suddenly pinched her cheeks and grinned wildly, "Ba-bye," He said and a blinding light conquered Alexandra's vision making her close her eyes. It lit half of her room bright as he glowed and when Alexandra opened her eyes, he was nowhere to be seen. He left her without letting her say goodbye back. Really, that guy, she thought to herself before she laid back down and decided to sleep since Harrison interrupted her from doing so earlier.

Her eyelids gradually became heavy as she slowly started to lose her consciousness as if it was drifting away. Her eyes slowly closed as she felt herself being engulfed with warmth coming from her blanket. It felt comfortable and she can't help herself from falling asleep that fast. Darkness conquered her vision as she was pulled into a deep slumber, taking herself to her dreamland. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/decisions-(3)_42998940613796647">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/decisions-(3)_42998940613796647</a> for visiting.

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