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Chapter 7: Enchanting and Attractive

It was 5 months ago when Alexandra escaped or ran off her room at night to see the Wistalias blooming and glowing as well as the fireflies that surrounded that place. Wistalias bloom and glow every night but it glows the brightest when it was a full moon.

At that time when Alexandra escaped, it was also a full moon and she got to see the most beautiful scenery her eyes ever had laid on. And now, here she is, tiptoeing her way out the palace in order to not be seen nor heard if there was someone awake. I need to return early, Diana would sometimes roam around the palace during the night and opens each one of the rooms to check if there is an intruder or something suspicious and when I say each one of the rooms, that includes mine, she thought to herself.

Carefully and quietly, she reached the large wooden door of the palace and she opened it slowly and closed it behind her when she got out.

When she stepped outside the palace, the cold air of the night gently hit her skin and her hair flew along with the wind. Ah, freedom… She thought to herself. She took a break first and observed her surroundings, she was somehow tired and exhausted, panting, and sweating. The sound of leaves and grass rustling as the wind passed through them and invited them to a dance filled with only sways and small movements.

The night was silent and she was the only one awake. She thought that this was the best feeling and she wasn't wrong. With only the moon and the cold wind accompanying her, she could enjoy this night alone along with a book though that wasn't her intention. She speed-walked towards the lake which can be found be found inside a forest meters away from the garden, if you walked deeper inside the forest, you can see the lake with a huge wistalia tree on the middle.

Alexandra decided to speed-walk which end up to her running and rushing, excited to see the majestic view. Ah, how far is the lake away from the palace? My feet are getting tired and my knees are getting weak, it's annoying having a kid's body, Alexandra thought to herself as sweat started to form on her forehead and neck. She was breathing heavily and her small legs were getting weak every step she took but she continued to run.

All just for that view that she wanted to see.

This only happens every month, she said inside her mind to motivate herself. And after a few minutes of running, she finally reached her destination. She was panting and she was sweating as if she ran a marathon. She coughed multiple times while looking at the ground, her hand leaning at the tree beside her while her other hand supported her upper body by slightly bending and placing her hand on top of her thigh. She hated her weak and fragile body, it was because she was a 5-year-old kid who just either remained inside the palace to read books and sleep or staying at the garden to pluck flowers and do some things. She wasn't fond of exercising. Aside from that, the maids do all the work and Diana would often carry her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/enchanting-and-attractive_41138740885766420">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/enchanting-and-attractive_41138740885766420</a> for visiting.

Lift your head, you came here to see the majestic view!

She told herself and slowly, she lifted her head. The view of the wistalia trees glowing brightly and beautifully took her breath away especially at the one on the middle whose glow was reflected by the calm water.

"Beautiful…" She muttered and slowly walked getting nearer at the lake every time she took a step, she stopped a foot away from the water, her eyes sparkling at the sight and her mouth was opened because of amazement. Now this, this scenery is what you call beautiful. Alexandra couldn't her eyes off the scenery, fireflies also appeared and surrounded the whole place making it look enchanting and attractive. It's like a scene in a movie or anime she watched.

However, she coughed again multiple times and she also sneezed, she was sweating and the air was cold. The nightgown she was wearing this time was thinner than her usual ones, thus making her feel cold more. When the cold breeze gently hit her skin making her shiver, her teeth clashing with each other rapidly. Aside from that, she just ran meters earlier and was sweating hard. Ugh, I want to go back but at the same time, I don't want to, she thought to herself and groaned.

Ah, god, I was just sweating earlier when I came here, it's because I ran. And also, when I was still in my room, it was hot and I was mildly sweating in the process.

As she was about to turn around and make her leave as she was already shivering because of the cold and was very exhausted, not wanting to be found unconscious in this lake, she heard a voice that startled her.

"What's a mere kid doing at this place?" The voice wasn't terrifying but it was calm and gentle. She looked around wondering where the voice came from but she only found nothing but trees and thought she was just hallucinating. I swear to God, if there are any ghosts here or something, I'm gonna lose it, she thought to herself. Maybe it's because I'm in a bad condition or something that my brain is starting to play tricks with me, do I have a fever?

She just shrugged and thought of that possibility since it has a high chance as she was about to continue walking once again when she heard a click of a tongue and a voice after it.

"Up here, idiot."

And she looked up at the tree where the voice came from and saw a boy, who looked like he was a few years older than her, maybe 2 or 3 years, sitting on top of a thick branch of a wistalia tree, his feet dangling off the branch. With all the lights around her, she could clearly see what he looked like. His face was pale and small, his lips were pursed into a thin line and his crimson red eyes glowed while looking down on her, it resembled the flower Abyss, as well as Rose. He was good-looking and attractive as well as his fascinating and alluring unique-colored eyes. That's the first that she saw a person have this kind of eye color. Things such as contact lenses don't exist in this world but you can change your appearance temporarily with magic though it might cost a huge amount of mana, it depends.

However, his eye-color looked real and Alexandra didn't doubt if those are just an illusion with magic or not.

Alexandra opened her mouth several times not knowing what to answer to his question, she was drawn with his eyes that she forgot how to speak properly. Aside from his pretty eyes, he also looked attractive and good-looking, his hair was messy but it suited him. She saw two beautiful views at the same time, the lake and the boy sitting on top of a branch. "Ah… Eh… I…"

"What? I can't understand you." He said, his lips forming a frown. She remembered the encounter with the frightening guy in the forest.

--If you don't answer, I will slash your neck.

The voice of that person that gave her nightmares days after that happened suddenly rang inside her head as if it was reminding her what could happen to her if she doesn't respond. A chill went down her spine and she quivered before responding to him, her voice was calm though there was a hint of fear and nervousness.

"I live in that palace. Please don't kill me," Alexandra answered, her lips quivering and her body shivered, perhaps because of the cold air of the night. Her vision was starting to become blurry and her eyelids were becoming heavy. No, she isn't going to cry.

It feels like the ground was dancing underneath her feet and she was feeling light-headed or dizzy. As the wind blew against her, it made her state worse.

The boy's eyebrows knitted and confusion was visible from his face, he was confused at the white-haired girl's last sentence.

"I never said that I will kill you, what are you saying?"

He stared at the girl and the expression on her face, it was crumpled and her hand reached out to her head. The boy whose feet were dangling down the branch as he was sitting on top of it suddenly jumped down in front of her to which he didn't receive a reaction from the girl who was smaller than him. He spoke in a nonchalant voice yet it was laced with worry and confusion as he tried to guess what the girl was feeling right now to make her have that expression in her face.

"Are you okay?"

With a low voice and her head aching, she opened her mouth to speak.

"H-Huh? Yes, why are you…" Her voice trailed off as if it was fading away and before she finished her sentence, Alexandra suddenly staggered backward, her blurred vision became black and before she knew it, she loses consciousness.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this chapter!

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