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Chapter 15: Finally, You Came (1)

3 days have passed after Alexandra met Alexander, her father. Still no visit from the black rascal, Harrison himself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/finally-you-came-(1)_41255789767218449">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/finally-you-came-(1)_41255789767218449</a> for visiting.

Alexandra remained inside the library indulging herself in a sea of books. The palace, as usual, was peaceful and quiet. When Diana, Claire, Mari, Yulli and the other maids learned that Alexandra got lost while picking flowers and I ended up inside the Emperor's Palace—she only tells Diana about him threatening her though and she somehow got mad and freaked out— they got worried, very, very worried. Alexandra was also worried for herself, she was bothered for Alexander's next move, will he throw a test again and threaten? Will he kill her? Thoughts like those kept her awake at night that's why she would bring books with her when going back to her room. Although there are books inside her room, it's not what she needed.

Right now, she is currently reading a book about health, doesn't know why she did it but she just has to. It all contains diseases in the heart, brain, muscles and such which made her bored that she placed it down and looked for another book. A book caught her attention, 'Psychology' was the title and it screams the topic or what are the contents of the book. She immediately took it and opened it to the first page and read it. It was an introduction about the mind and psychology. She was focused and interested in the book that Diana knocked at the library's door multiple times which Alexandra didn't hear or notice that's why Diana is standing in front of her worried. "I thought you suddenly fainted, young miss," Diana said and heaved a sigh of relief. Alexandra smiled at her.

"Why are you here, Diana?" Alexandra asked in a gentle voice. Diana opened her mouth to speak, her voice was polite and gentle at the same time, "I brought cookies for you, and they are just newly baked." Diana said and placed down a plate of cookies from the black tray she was holding. "Thank you," Alexandra answered and she grabbed a cookie and took a bite from it. The cookie tasted delicious and she made a delightful face, "I love this!" Alexandra said and smiled widely at Diana who smiled back at her also. "I'm glad you like it, young miss," Diana said and looked behind her for a moment. Alexandra who kept munching on the cookie she was holding looked at Diana.

"I still have many things to do. I'll be taking my leave now, young miss. May you receive Queenilia's glory." Diana bid her goodbye as she bowed. When she finished her sentence, she lifted her head and turned around as she did, walking towards the wooden door of the library, swung it open and stepped outside, closing the door behind her. Alexandra went back to reading while eating the cookie Alexandra baked for her being careful to not leave any crumbs on the floor.


By the time evening came, Alexandra was called by Yulli to go downstairs because it's time for dinner. Alexandra went down 2 floors along with Yulli and they walked towards the dining room. The menu for today's dinner is meat. Alexandra took a seat at the chair on the far end of the table. She started to eat with the sound of her fork, spoon, and plate clashing with each other making an annoyingly loud sound was the only thing heard throughout the whole time inside the room.

Alexandra went back to her room with Diana behind her. When she entered inside, Diana immediately went towards the bathroom to ready the bath for her while Alexandra waited at the couch. "The bath is ready. You can enter now, young miss." Diana said when she came out. Alexandra got down from the couch and walked towards the bathroom to take a bath took 15 minutes along with the changing of clothes that took 5 minutes.

Alexandra walked towards her bed and climbed up and laid down, staring at the ceiling with a bored face. Diana tucked her in as always and asked if she should sing her a lullaby or tell her a story but Alexandra declined to say that she's already sleepy and it would be useless if she would tell her a story or sing her a lullaby. "Is that so? Goodnight and sweet dreams, young miss." Diana said while caressing her cheek and patted her head before she walked towards the door and turned off the lights, the moonlight is the only source of her light inside the room now. Diana stepped outside and closed the door gently behind her. Alexandra heaved a sigh and sat up.

Her being sleepy was a lie, she was bothered about something and she wants to think about it. Honestly, it bothered her for 3 days already after the meeting with Alexander. Will Alexander ignore her presence after he let her live? Will he kill her at a certain age? Will he forget that she exists? Will he think of her as her daughter and will not kill her? Will he love her that he will not kill her? The thought of him loving her was something out of this world, maybe. That's because, first of all, she was like the black sheep or the source of all bad luck (that's what they say) and lastly, when he mentioned her full name, he didn't mention her surname which was Everly. He refused to give his surname to a person like her.

However, if there is a method or way to soften his heart and love her so that he will not kill her and just live inside the palace's walls, she will be delightful to know. Aside from that, she also has 4 brothers and she met one only, his name was Christian but he was kind, gentle and sweet, unlike his father who was cold and expressionless. Maybe he got it from their mother but who knows, Alexandra didn't meet her mother because she died as soon as she was born into this world. Alexandra looked at her right side, where a book placed on top of the drawer is located. Since it was dark because the lights were turned off, Alexandra didn't take the book and read it. Diana warned her to not read books in the dark or it will damage your eyes.

Alexandra heaved a sigh of relief and decided to remove the blankets placed on top of her and got down of the bed. She wore her slippers and walked towards the balcony door and slid it open as she stepped outside. The cold air embraced her body making her shiver. Winter is coming, it's normal for the air to become this cold, she thought to herself and walked towards the railings of the balcony. She could see everything here, the wistalia trees glowing and a small glow coming from the fireflies underneath. The cold breeze gently caressed her skin, "It's so cold…" She mumbled to herself. Where is Harrison? He hasn't visited me for a month already. I wonder if he's doing alright, she thought to herself and imagined Harrison just sleeping in class or showing off his 'oh-so-called' majestic and amazing skills.

Alexandra turned around and went back inside unable to endure the cold, she closed the door behind her. She walked towards her bed and was about to lay down when she heard a voice, a voice she wanted to hear for a long time, a voice which she missed.

"Why are you awake?" She was startled because of the sudden voice. She immediately turned around hoping that it wasn't just her mind playing tricks with her. But sadly, it was all a hallucination. Her smile faded and she had a gloomy look on. She turned her head around and her eyes met a pair of attractive crimson red eyes. T-This…

"How are you doing lately, idiot?" This black hair, this crimson red eyes, this bored expression, this pale yet attractive face, it's him, it's no doubt it's him! With a wide smile, Alexandra called out to his name, her name beaming with joy and happiness.

"Harrison!" He was standing in front of her.

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