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8.49% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 6: Flowers, Crowns and Wistalias

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Chapter 6: Flowers, Crowns and Wistalias

And almost two weeks have passed since then.

Alexandra was in the library, as usual, she was reading a children's book which was pretty unusual since she would always read thick books that tell her the history of some continents or countries or books that will give her knowledge.

She wasn't in the mood to read those and she decided to read a book that isn't related to those and are meant for her age, her 5-year-old age. She was bored looking at the garden, she was bored reading books and she wasn't in the mood to pick nor arrange flowers. Diana and the other maids were too busy to play with her, not like she wants to play, she just doesn't know what to do.

Being an 18-year-old inside a 5-year-old body sure is boring. (Just like what she said a few chapters before this) She had many limitations. Even though Diana is sweet and gentle to her, she was very strict and as the head maid, every maid on the palace followed her and is scared that if they don't, she will scold them.

Alexandra heaved a sigh and looked out of the window beside her. It was sunny outdoors but she wasn't in the mood to go outside. She wasn't hungry and she felt more tired as usual even though she just sat and read a book for the whole afternoon.

She closed the book she was holding and placed it aside, I want to see something incredible, something that would motivate me. She thought to herself and stood up, she picked up the book and placed it back to where it belongs to when a certain book caught her eye, it wasn't about flowers, it was about cryptograms and codes. As a person who loves mysteries, seeing the title of the book, 'Codes and Cryptograms I', piqued her interest. It may be or may not be useful to her but learning codes was rather more interesting than reading a history book.

She took out the thick book and walked back towards the table. She placed the book on top of the table as she stepped on the spindle of the chair and she hoisted herself up. She shifted a little bit on her chair to make herself comfortable and at ease.

As she read the book and learned, she realizes that there are also codes that existed in her previous life here like Morse Code, Polybius Square, Bifid Cypher, Hexadecimal Code, and such. She spent so much time reading the book that she didn't realize it was time for her to eat dinner. Daisy accompanied her downstairs to the dining room and as usual, the dishes that were served were her favorite ones.


May 21

Alexandra was walking around the garden while Yulli followed her behind, accompanying and guarding her at the same time. Alexandra carried her usual basket, she decided to pick daisies and carnations only today. Yulli remained silent behind her, she watched the young miss pluck out daisies of different colors while humming a song she doesn't know. The sweet scent of the flowers filled the garden and entered both Alexandra's and Yulli's nose. The atmosphere was calming and bubbly especially that it was cloudy today. Alexandra loves this afternoon's weather.

"What will you do with the flowers, young miss?" Yulli asked, breaking the silence that surrounded both of them. Alexandra plucked out a daisy before she replied in a gentle tone, "Do you know how to make a flower crown, Yulli?" She didn't completely answer her question but what she asked showed what she wanted to do with the flowers she picked.

"Yes. Are you planning to make a flower crown?" Yulli replied and Alexandra answered with just a mere nod before she turned around making Yulli stop in her tracks. She was a foot away from the young miss who was facing her with a smile on her face. Yulli had a faint blush on her cheek because of Alexandra's cuteness.

"Let's go! I want to make many flower crowns!" Alexandra said and ran off to the picnic table. "Young miss, don't run! You might trip!" Yulli warned her and followed her who safely arrived at the table. Thank god…

She doesn't want to get scolded by Diana and she also doesn't want to see Alexandra dirty, her dress that has dirt and grass nor her face stained with dirt. Yulli arrived in front of Alexandra, a foot away from her.

"I'll just get the materials needed, young miss." Yulli bowed before she turned around walked to the palace. And again, Alexandra was left alone. Just like the usual, she waited until Yulli returned holding the materials they needed. Yulli sat down in front of her and she set down the materials. Alexandra just stared at it, well she doesn't know how to make a flower crown and asked Yulli for help.

"To who are you giving it, young miss? Are you making one for yourself? Isn't 4 baskets of flowers too many?" Yulli asked her and she took the wire-like thingy that was near her and made a circle. Alexandra shook her head.

"I'm making one for me, for you, for Diana, for Daisy, for Hannah, for Grace, for Lilith, for Mari, all the maids in this palace!" Alexandra held out her fingers and as she pronounced a name, she counted. Well, she was bored and she wants to do something new. "That's too many, young miss…" Yulli asked while looking at Alexandra with a smile plastered on her face.

Alexandra just chuckled, "That's why you're going to teach me and help me! Besides, it's a way to say thank you!" Alexandra answered cheerfully, she was smiling widely. It was clear that she was excited. Yulli couldn't help but giggle.

"Okay then, young miss." She replied before she started to teach her. They spent the whole afternoon making flower crowns while talking. From the way Alexandra laughed and smiled, it was clear that she had a fun time and enjoyed it.


Alexandra gave the flower crowns to the other maids with the help of Yulli, both of them were wearing the flower crown while they went to look for the maids to give the flower crowns. There were a total of 10 maids in the palace including Yulli. They were happy and Mari who was the most emotional one cried and hugged Alexandra. It was awkward and Alexandra just hugged her back.

And to the last one, she goes. Alexandra told Yulli that she can go to Diana alone and she can go help the other maids or take a break. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/flowers-crowns-and-wistalias_41094890611860652">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/flowers-crowns-and-wistalias_41094890611860652</a> for visiting.

"Diana, Diana! I made you a flower wreath!" Alexandra called out to Diana who was hanging clothes at the side of the palace. This made Diana stop what she was doing and looked at Alexandra who was running towards her carrying a flower crown which was made out of carnation flowers. It looked cute and beautiful. "Really?" Diana said and smiled, what she did pull a tug on her heart.

"Bend down, Diana! I want to do a coronation!" Alexandra innocently said. It feels like she was a 5-year-old kid because she was very excited and cheerful. Diana giggled and bent down just like what Alexandra asked. Alexandra raised the flower crown and held a serious face.

"I, Alexandra Alice Elizabeth Everly, hereby declare you as the most beautiful and kindest lady." She tried her best to make her voice deep and low and she gently placed the flower crown on top of her head which perfectly fitted. Diana lifted her head with a smile on her face.

"I, Diana Marionette Florangel, deeply express my gratitude and thanks to you, Alexandra Alice Elizabeth Everly, our sweet beautiful angel, and the most adorable and cutest girl," Diana replied and pinched Alexandra's cheeks gently.

She spread her arms wide, "Give me a hug, sweet angel." Diana said and Alexandra ran to her arms. They embraced each other tightly like they were mother and daughter.


Diana tucked her in the bed and she sang a lullaby to her to make her sleep which was successful because as soon as she finished, Alexandra was already sleeping. Diana stayed and watched her sleep while she caressed her cheek. Before she left the room, she whispered goodnight.

"Sleep, my love,

The wistalia's will bloom tonight,

bad dreams will go away,

replaced with good ones,

sleep tight, my love,

the wistalia's will glow tonight"

Alexandra fluttered her eyes open, she thought she will hear the birds chirping or the sunlight passing through the window, lighting up her room but it was still dark. It's this day of the week where she will suddenly wake up and can't sleep. She just had a nightmare in which she couldn't recall.

Too bad, she didn't bring a book with her to pass time. The short arrow of the clock pointed at 10 while the long one pointed at 11, 10:55 P.M.

She only slept for like a few hours and it was somehow hot despite the cold night. Somehow, it seems like the energy that was in her body has left her and she was exhausted or something. Probably the effect of only having a few hours of sleep.

Alexandra felt the urge to go down the bed and look at the moon and stars. And she did go down the bed, she wore her slippers and she went to the window and she was shocked and amazed at what she saw. Her eyes sparkled and she gasped.

The wistalia trees glowed brightly and beautifully.

And an idea popped up inside her head like a light bulb going off or a bolt of lightning hitting her. Though it would be risky, I want to do this.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

I hope you liked this chapter! Make sure to vote and leave a comment. Kindly also rate the story. <3

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