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Chapter 65: Horrible and Creepy

"Sir Devan," Carlos in a voice filled with hate and annoyance, he spat out his name. It was filled with hatred and laced with venom. Alexandra remained still on her position and narrowed her eyes at the man not far away from them. He was wearing his usual robe that covered his whole body. From all the people I never wanted to meet again, why him? She thought to herself as a serious expression was plastered on her face. She can still remember the look and expression he gave her when she passed by him on the first time they saw each other, it was creepy and horrifying, he looked like a creepy dude in the streets. His expression was disturbing and it seems like it would haunt her if he showed it once again. A chill went down her spine as she recalled that memory.

"Come on, I told you, right? Mark is fine, we're acquaintances after all," The man said and laughed shortly after, Alexandra's ear twitched as she heard his laugh. It sounded sarcastic and annoying to the ears, it feels like he was a villain in a story. Just like what Carlos told her before, this man is insane and Alexandra could tell that. That ominous grin on his face, Alexandra truly wanted to wipe it off. This man is dangerous, I should really avoid him just like what Carlos said. Alexandra lifted her eyes and looked at Carlos to see what expression he had on.

Carlos had a dark expression on, his eyebrows were creased, his guard was raised, and his eyes were narrowed down at him as if he was glaring just like Alexandra. His hand was resting on top of the hilt of his sword and any moment from now, he might draw it out in case if this Sir Devan did something. Sir Devan's eyes darted at the little girl who was with Carlos and his grin grew wide. Alexandra couldn't help but shiver not because of the cold but because of his grin. "I see you're with her today, what was her name again? When I asked everybody about her, nobody knew who she was. Is he a daughter of a noble you are guarding? Wait, you aren't guarding a noble or serving a family. Is she someone who was able to sneak inside the palace and meet the emperor then gained his interest? But she looked so familiar, where have I seen her? This is bad, this is bad, my curiosity is getting ahead of me. Hey Carlos, tell me what her name is and who she is," Sir Devan started to attack them with questions and as seconds pass by while he was speaking, he was slowly starting to show his creepy nature.

It was just like a snail slowly starting to come out of its shell. It sent a chill down Alexandra's spine hearing him say all that in a creepy tone of voice and a disturbing expression. Carlos gritted his teeth seeing him in that state. The atmosphere which surrounded them became heavy and dark, there was a menacing aura surrounding Sir Devan, it was dark and ominous. It feels like he was the nightmare itself. The atmosphere was just like earlier when Alexandra was having breakfast when her two older brothers entered, however, this was worse. It was choking her and her heart was beating loudly and fast it feels like it would jump out of her chest. She can't breathe and she was trying to calm herself down.

His eyes became buggy and his grin turned into a rather creepy one. Carlos took a step back and held Alexandra's hand rather tightly but not too tight to not hurt her. He gripped the hilt of his sword and his breathing became heavy. Alexandra was afraid of his expression and her palms sweated, it feels like all of her blood was drained out of her body. Carlos tried to calm himself down, he knows that Alexandra badly wants to leave the place because of how cold her palm became. "Sir Devan,"

"Yes?" He spoke in a rather creepy and deep tone of voice. "We need to leave, we are currently rushing and we don't have time to chat," Carlos said and he started to walk, he just ignored the man and didn't listen to what he was saying even Alexandra refused to listen to his voice. Do not meet his gaze, do not meet his gaze, do not meet his gaze, do not meet his gaze, Alexandra repeatedly told herself as they started to walk. Her hand was being held tightly by Carlos, afraid to let go. She successfully passed by him without meeting his gaze and she heaved a sigh of relief when they were far away from him.

However, she could feel his stare at her back and she can tell that it was a creepy one, the same as the first time they met. She couldn't help but shiver as she tried to imagine what face or expression he was making as he stared at her back. She recalled his expression earlier and she was afraid of it, it was completely horrible, disturbing, and unpleasant. She shook her head, trying to forget everything knowing that it will just add to the list of what she would think later at night or while she eats.

Why is that type of person working in this palace? Why did my father still hasn't fired him or something? How did he get in? I'm sure that Carlos is going to tell father about this and I hope he will lock him up or just banish him, Alexandra thought to herself.

They walked down the stairs, calming their selves down as they did. "You have seen how creepy and annoying he was, so please avoid him as much as possible. If ever you saw him when you are alone, just run or shout and I will be there. Even if he was speaking in a polite or kind tone of voice or telling you that he is harmless, do not believe him and just run away or scream," Carlos said in a gentle tone of voice as he looked down on her with a gentle smile plastered on his face, his gaze warm as always. He returned back to his usual personality unlike earlier. After Alexandra heard what he said, she nodded as a response.

"I was planning to do that and I was already crept out by him," Alexandra stated as they stepped on the last step heading towards the front door to exit and leave the palace. "I hope the encounter with him will not traumatize you even though you think like an adult, you are still a child and have the senses of a child," Carlos said in a gentle yet worried tone of voice, Alexandra couldn't help but smile after hearing what he said. "Don't worry, I am completely fine," Alexandra reassured him. Her voice was gentle and soft, a gentle smile was plastered on her face, and she closed her eyes for a moment as she spoke. She has experienced so many different horrible and scary experiences yet she couldn't help but be afraid of the man they just encountered. He was insane, a mad person.

"I'm glad, we should head back and fasten our pace or else Diana would be worried about us being late for like 10 minutes for your lunch," Carlos said and fastened his pace but not that fast to completely drag or exhaust Alexandra. She completely forgot about that, Alexandra nodded as a response.

The walk to the palace was silent and quiet. The silence which surrounded them was comfortable and pleasant, it wasn't awkward or something. Marks of the soles of their shoes were left behind, leaving a trail as they took a step forward and continued to do so. The sound of their footsteps was muffled by the snow and it wasn't cold because of the heating magic or barrier which surrounded them.

They arrived at the palace, 15 minutes late. Diana was waiting by the door with a worried expression plastered on her face. Her arms were crossed and she was tapping her feet against the ground, her eyebrows were creased and she looked at her pocket watch once again. As Alexandra draw near the palace, Diana darted her eyes at her and heaved a sigh of relief seeing them walking towards her direction.

"Finally, you're here. I was worried that something happened! I thought you forgot that it was already time for her lunch and I was about to go to the palace if ever you didn't arrive for a few minutes," Diana said as they arrived in front of her. Alexandra gave him an awkward smile and scratched her cheek as she was thinking of what she should say or answer.

"I'm very sorry, something just occurred and I almost forgot her lunch. It won't happen again, I swear," Carlos was the one who spoke and he had an apologetic expression plastered on his face. Carlos decided not to tell Diana about what happened first. His voice sounded sincere and genuine. Diana hummed first before she responded, "I see, then let's not make this any longer. The young miss must be hungry, let's go to the dining room, shall we?" Diana said as she showed a gentle smile.

Alexandra smiled at her and nodded before they walked off to the dining room where Alexandra's meal is waiting.


Alexandra finished her lunch quietly and she wanted to go back to the palace regardless of what just happened earlier. "Carlos, let's go back, I want to continue reading the book I was reading earlier," Alexandra said as she arrived in front of Carlos who was standing still and staring down at her. Alexandra had a gentle expression and a faint smile plastered on her lips after she spoke and she was waiting for his response.

Carlos smiled back at her and nodded, "Sure, Miss Alexandra but don't you want to rest first? I mean, you just ate and you just came back from the palace. You can rest for an hour or two then go back later," Carlos's voice changed into a worried one at the end and Alexandra fell into silence as she thinks. Well, Carlos has a point, I can probably just go back later and he might be exhausted or wanted to rest because of what happened, she thought to herself and showed Carlos a smile as she nodded.

"Okay, I'll just go up my room and rest," Alexandra said before she turned around and walked towards the stairs leading up to her room. Carlos followed her behind quietly, staring at her back as he did. They climbed up the stairs and head towards the third floor where Alexandra's room is. Their light footsteps resonated inside the place, it was the only thing heard breaking through the silence. It was too quiet that Alexandra thinks that her thoughts can be heard but she paid no mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/horrible-and-creepy_42115093521030129">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/horrible-and-creepy_42115093521030129</a> for visiting.

Upon arriving in front of the door of her room, it was opened by Carlos and she stepped inside. When she completely went inside, she heard the door shut behind her and she looked back for a moment before she heaved a sigh and walked towards her bed. She threw her body and her bed cushioned the fall, she slowly sunk against the mattress and she dragged her body towards the pillows of her bed. She rested the back of her head against the pillow and she stared at the ceiling of her room thinking about many things which she shouldn't think about.

Life is getting more and more stressing and hard these days, she thought to herself and heaved a sigh. "What have I done wrong in my past life?" She asked herself rather loudly as if someone is going to answer. She was just alone, so nobody would just pop out and answer her question. That would be creepy, she thought to herself.

Well, that's what she thought. As she turned her body, facing her bedside table, she heard a voice.

"Everything," It was so sudden that it startled her. She sat up her body, eyes wide in surprise hearing someone answer. Her heart was beating rapidly as she looked around. Her blue eyes met a pair of crimson red eyes and she glared at that person realizing who it was. Alexandra felt the urge to throw her pillow on that person's face, she was annoyed and startled by what he did. She groaned in annoyance and furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at him.

"Harrison! Could you please stop suddenly appearing inside my room then suddenly speaking out of nowhere? I told you many times already," Alexandra said as she grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it at his face but he easily caught it like it was nothing. He placed it down her bed and hummed before he responded, "I'm sorry, I guess," He apologized and dragged a chair beside her bed and sat on it while crossing his legs and boringly looked at her.

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I hope you liked this chapter! Thank you for reading!

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