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Chapter 13: Inside The Dragon's Cave

It was one sunny and peaceful afternoon.

Diana flipped the page of the book, which she borrowed at the library, while Alexandra who was sitting on her lap watched. It was about Alexandra's family, her bloodline. The next page revealed an image of a person, sitting on a throne with an expressionless face and a piercing gaze. Somehow, a chill went down her spine. "Diana, who is this person?" Alexandra who was just 3 years old can speak a whole sentence but had trouble with pronunciation. She asked Diana in a curious tone of voice as she stared at the image. "That…" She paused for a moment, she hesitated if she should tell Alexandra.

"That is… the current emperor of this land. Alexander Claudiel Xavier Everly, he is your father." Alexandra fell into silence, she was dumbfounded. This man is my father? This man with a piercing a scary gaze that sent a chill down my spine? She doubted her first but as she stared at the man and examined his features, his platinum white hair and his gem-like blue eyes were the same with Alexandra's. It was clear that the color of her hair and eyes was from him, she inherited it. His eyes held no emotion nor warmth and he looked young and handsome even with his expressionless face, was her father looked quite this young? How old is he?

"His highness looked young in this picture, he must be in his almost-adult years before he took the throne and became the emperor," Diana said and flipped the book to its next page and revealed another image of another person. However, Alexandra's mind wandered off and she didn't listen to what Diana said. The image of her father was still inside her mind and somehow, she can't erase it or forget it.


She is currently inside the dragon's cave.

Alexander Claudiel Xavier Everly, the current emperor and her father was sitting at the throne in the middle of the room, staring at her coldly, his gaze piercing right through her. Alexandra remained still and she didn't move nor budge. She processed everything inside her mind, then, this unknown boy beside me… He called the man's father, does that mean he is one of my brothers? Alexandra was in a state of confusion and shock.

"The two of you are dismissed." He spoke to the two persons near Alexandra and they bowed, "May the blessings of Queenilia Empire be with you, your highness." They both said in unison and turned around. The female took a short glimpse at Alexandra at the corner of her eye when they passed her but Alexandra met eyes with her. The boy beside her was confused, "But father—"

"Mom! Dad!" They heard a voice outside, a child's voice which caught their attention and that made the boy beside Alexandra turn his head and saw a female with the same height as Alexandra, she looked very much alike to the couple who went out, that was probably their daughter. "You're here, Melissa." The woman said and hugged the little girl. "I was in the garden and it was very beautiful!" The little girl answered and they started to walk, their voices faded until they can't hear anything anymore.

The boy beside her was confused and he looked at Alexandra with the 'Who-is-this-person-then?' face. Alexandra clenched her fist and bit her lip. She was panicking inside her mind and having a mental breakdown, she can't think straight. "Christian, go back to your room or go outside to play." He said at the boy beside Alexandra. "Yes, father." His voice was still polite and gentle but he was nervous. He turned his back against him and walked towards the door and after a minute or less, they heard the door close.

Her father was a cruel and stoic person, he was very terrifying and he had the aura of a dragon. He was very intimidating. The maids' words rang inside her head, she heard it when they were talking while hanging the blankets and curtains outside. Alexandra was wandering around at that time. And now, she can confirm some of the maids' words. He was intimidating and had a very scary aura. It was like when the time she got lost in the forest when she was 5 years old, the kid also had this kind of aura but the man in front of him had a scarier aura. "You… You look familiar." He blurted out, his voice was cold and it made her stiff.

"…" Alexandra remained silent. "Ah, I remember you. What was your name again?" He added, his voice still cold as ever. His eyes glinted and made him look scarier than before, this is a danger sign. Alexandra, you must run away, she told herself but she doesn't know where to go.

And in a cold and low voice, "Alexandra." When he pronounced her name, it sent a chill down her spine. She had goosebumps. He spat her name out like it was poison, slowly killing his insides. The room became silent and the atmosphere became colder than before. She was nailed at that position, she was stiff as a statue and her palms were cold, her face was pale and she was sweating. She was hoping that he would let her live and let her go back to the palace but what came out of his mouth confused her and almost made her faint. "Lysander, tell the maids that I'm having tea with my guest. Tell them to bring deserts kids at her age would like." Will he kill her with the food? Will he poison her? Will she die because of poisoning? Is this her end?

Alexandra didn't notice the man beside the emperor, his uniform was different but she was sure that he was a knight because of the sword on his waist and the crest on his chest which is usually worn by knights. (Note: Alexandra read it from a book at the palace before) Her heart was beating rapidly that it feels like it will burst out of her chest. It feels like she is going to faint anytime soon.


It seems like Alexandra was a prisoner about to be hung in a few hours.

Isn't this what they usually do? They would let that person eat all those delicious things before he or she dies? Why does it feel like it is currently happening to me, she asked herself and stared at the slices of different cakes which looked tasty and delicious, the aroma of the cookies smelled good and there were cupcakes also. Is this it? Is she going to die for coming near them without permission? He must think that he needs to kill me because I might bring bad luck or curse. Please don't, I still want to live, she said inside her mind. She was sweating cold sweat and the palm of her hands were really cold. The man in front of her kept sipping tea from the porcelain cup he was holding.

The knight, who was called Lysander, was 10 steps or more away from them. He stood still, staring at the two who were quiet for the past 10 minutes. He could tell that the little girl—Alexandra, was very nervous and scared but she refused to run away nor cry. She just peacefully followed them earlier until they reached the garden near the courtyard. Beautiful flowers surrounded them and the birds chirped cheerfully but that didn't improve Alexandra's mood nor lessen her nervousness and fear. The way he stared at her was like a lion watching his prey closely. When will he kill me? Later? Alexandra's thoughts were all about him killing her at this moment. She can't think straight.

Be positive! Have positive thoughts! She told herself or screamed inside her mind which didn't help. From all the 7 years she lived, she didn't expect to meet his father or she never knew this day would come, she was enjoying her peaceful life as a kid at the palace with the maids and Harrison. Alexander, her father, placed down the cup of tea and leaned back on his chair. "Are the food not fit for your taste?" He asked coldly and Alexandra shuddered.


"Are you mute? Were you born mute?" He asked and Alexandra opened her mouth and her voice came out as a whisper, "…I can speak…" But he, who had an incredible sense of hearing, was able to hear and understand her words. "Then, speak." He said. She could feel the atmosphere getting tenser and cold, why can't she breathe properly? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/inside-the-dragon&apos;s-cave_41213519219181353">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/inside-the-dragon&apos;s-cave_41213519219181353</a> for visiting.

Crap, crap, crap, crap. She cursed repeatedly inside her mind and a sweat trailed down her chin and dropped on her hand that gripped her skirt tightly. He stared at the food that didn't she didn't eat nor touch. She refused to meet his cold gaze. He was getting bored. "It seems like you don't like the food, I specifically told them to prepare the food kids would like but seeing you not touching nor moving it for even a little bit, then I must fire them." This was blackmail. He was forcing her to eat, maybe there was a poison that's why he wanted her to eat it. It's either those poor people will be fired or she eats the food and die.

But what if there is no poison? She asked herself. She debated whether she should eat it or not but she ended up taking a bite from the slice of cake. Even though she hated to say this but the cake was sweet but not as tasty and delicious from the cake she ate at the palace, made by Diana, Claire, Lilith, and the other maids.

"Alexandra Alice Elizabeth, I will ask you a question. If your answer satisfies me, I would let you go but if not, consider this day your last day and your answer to be your last words." He threatened her and Alexandra's eyes widened, she almost choked at the food she was eating. Her heart was beating fast again and she was mentally screaming inside her mind. Is this a test? A test that if she fails, she will die and if she passes, she will live? It sounds like it. He didn't mention 'Everly', her surname. Maybe he didn't accept her as her daughter and just the thought of it, made her heart shatter into a million pieces.

Alexandra, with slightly shaking hands, placed down the fork she was holding. She clenched her skirt once again, this time her warm gaze met his cold ones. If she was the sun, who shines brightly and warmly, he was the moon, who is cold and far yet attractive. He crossed his legs and it made him look more intimidating than before.

"If your father abandoned you, would you still treat him as your father?" He asked with a serious face and his voice was cold but somehow sadness trailed his voice, was it because of his eyes that looked tired yet sadness can be seen if you stared at it more.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Hope you liked this chapter! Thank you for reading!

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