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Chapter 64: Inside the Library

They were completely immersed in their own worlds now, Christian was reading a book probably downstairs with his personal knight, Gilbert was looking for a book with an interesting content by taking out a random one, then flipping it to a random page to read what was written, and Alexandra was walking around with Carlos looking for a book about flowers. The books about flowers on Alexandra's palace were all old and it wasn't updated unlike the books here in this library. She was glad that she was allowed to borrow in case if she finds something interesting and doesn't finish it within a day.

As they were walking around, Carlos spoke in a gentle yet serious tone of voice but there was a smile plastered on his lips as always. He called out to her name first, "Miss Alexandra," His voice was gentle and smooth. His voice was clear and melodic as it rang inside Alexandra's ears multiple times before she responded. "What is it, Carlos?" She responded in a gentle tone of voice as she aimlessly walked around the second floor. She entered a section of shelves with books and looked for a book while Carlos was behind her. "About earlier while you were eating, were you uncomfortable around your brothers? Were you afraid when they suddenly entered and somehow referred to you as someone disgusting and unworthy?" Alexandra was caught off-guarded with his question.

He would usually ask what would Alexandra feel after some sort of events and Alexandra will just respond simply. She doesn't know what to respond to his question, "What do you mean by that?" She asked and she continued doing what she was doing earlier. Carlos scratched the back of his neck before he spoke, "Pardon me if you think I was rude because of that question but it is okay to not answer that. I just wanted to know or something and tell you about some things," Carlos said and awkwardly laughed after. From his tone of voice, he was worried and curious.

"Maybe. That experience or event was quite unusual and such a rare thing to happen. Seeing us 6 together was a good thing if our relationship was good but it is not, so I can't tell if it's a good event. I wasn't afraid of something, I just don't know what to say or what to do during that situation. I was thankful for Brother Gilbert for breaking the silence and somehow telling Calixander to calm down," Alexandra responded as she walked around, her tone of voice was serious and it sounded sincere or genuine. Carlos didn't heave a sigh and just smiled at her, "Are you angry at him? Do you hate him?" Hearing the word hate, Alexandra stopped or ceased her movement once again.

"Don't worry, our conversation will not reach the emperor," Carlos added. "I'm not worried about that, I just don't what to answer or tell you. I can't tell if what I was feeling was angry or pure hate or it was another emotion. I was probably the reason why mother died, although, I don't know what she was experiencing during that time I was inside her womb. But Diana once told me that my brothers and father loved mother very much and when I was born, she died a moment after she gave me a name. She fought and let me live then, gave me a name. I can feel her love from that," Alexandra responded, sadness trailing her tone of voice and Carlos noticed it. Pitying her would make it look like she was weak.

"Have you seen a portrait of your mother, miss?"

What he asked sent a chill down Alexandra's spine. She fell into silence and she silently shook her head slowly indicating that she still hasn't. Carlos just stared at the back of her head and watched how her hair lightly swayed as she shook her head, "I see…" Carlos simply said and he didn't ask further questions. Alexandra was thankful for that and she quickly changed the aura that was surrounding her and turned her expression into a happy one, temporarily forgetting their conversation from earlier knowing that she will think about it at night before she goes to sleep.

"Do you remember where the books about flowers can be found?" Alexandra asked and she turned her heel around, facing his direction. She changes her attitude and expression that fast, I found it amazing, Carlos thought to himself before he nodded as a response. "I believe it's not far away from this section. Should we head there?" Carlos said in a gentle tone of voice as always, he was smiling at her. Alexandra nodded and smiled at him, her face beaming with joy and they walked towards the section of books about flowers. It was just near the desk or her and Christian's usual spot when she would visit.

There were 2 shelves of books about flowers and her eyes sparkled seeing these. She couldn't hide the enthusiasm and happiness on her face, she was smiling widely and her eyes were gleaming because of happiness. She was being overwhelmed by delight and excitement and she quickly took out 3 books that weren't thin but not also thick and brought it to her desk. Christian and Gilbert were also found at their usual spot, reading a book while their personal knights stood near them.

There were newly added couches and Gilbert was sitting at one of those, there was a table on the middle and placed on top of it were multiple fiction books. It seems like that was Gilbert's spot when reading. Alexandra heads off to her desk and placed down the books she got on top of her desk and she went around to sit at the chair behind it. "Hey, you're here," Christian said noticing her presence when she took a seat at her chair. They were completely absorbed by the book they were reading that they failed to notice Alexandra's presence. "Finding these books was hard, so I just arrived," Alexandra responded and dragged the chair closer to her desk. She took a book from the one she brought and opened it.

It was new, the book was completely new. From how white the pages are, from how it was completely intact and there were no marks seen. She was the first one to open and read the book. Alexandra felt proud at this but she was being careful when reading the book to not damage it since it wasn't hers. Silence completely surrounded as they read the book, the sound of pages being flipped was the only thing heard.


Silence. It was completely silent and Alexandra was quite thankful for that or else he will not be able to focus on the book she was reading. She was completely engrossed by the book she was reading since it was about flowers and she was fascinated by the ones she didn't know especially the Sweet Memories. It was a flower that is sometimes used to make scented Dream Candles. Dream Candles are candles used or lit before sleeping to have good dreams or dream about your favorite and happy memories. It's like the Dream Catcher, to be honest.

The flower has a sweet and powerful scent, it doesn't hurt your nose or your head. It's not poisonous and it's completely harmless, it can be found in tropical countries and only grows or blooms on tropical climates.

"By the way, Alexandra," Christian suddenly spoke out of nowhere. Because Alexandra was so used to the silence and was immersed in her book, she was startled when Christian suddenly called out to her. She can't help it, it was one of her child senses. "W-What is it?" She asked, calming her racing heartbeat. "Why are you startled? Anyways, have you seen the other newly added books? I didn't have the chance to see those since I was so immersed in the history section," Christian asked and Alexandra hummed as she thought for a moment.

As far as she can remember, there are so many newly added shelves filled with books, so there are probably a ton of them. "Well, I have seen them but didn't read them. All of the sections had some newly added shelves and books," Alexandra said and Christian smiled as he nodded.

"If I found a book that is interesting, I will recommend it to you. It feels nice having someone to talk with about your favorite novel, the feeling is like sort of nice and bubbly," Christian said and Alexandra lifted her head and turned it at his direction, turns out he was also staring at her. Their eyes met and Alexandra smiled at him, "I will be glad if you do that, thank you," Alexandra said as she showed him a sweet and gentle smile. Her gaze was warm and her voice was melodic and pleasant to the ears as always, her face was beaming with joy and her eyes were sparkling.

It seems like she was glowing. She was beautiful at this age of hers, what if she grows old? Christian thought to herself. Thanks to their parents' wonderful and beautiful genes, their family was actually filled with handsome and good-looking people. Gilbert was also undeniably handsome, he was like the aloof and good-looking guy from the books Alexandra read although, they are usually the second male-lead or the one having a love triangle and the one not chosen. Christian was also handsome and good-looking but he looks so pure and innocent, girls might want to protect her in the future. Even Alexandra wants to protect him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/inside-the-library_42089347339580658">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/inside-the-library_42089347339580658</a> for visiting.

Chandler, even though she had seen his face 2 times, was also handsome but she still doesn't know what his personality is, so she can't completely describe him at the moment. Calixander was also a good-looking person, although, from his acts earlier, it seems like he acts rashly or was he just like that to her? Anyways, they are all good-looking. Well, Alexandra was attracted to beautiful and attractive things, although, she wasn't attracted to Prince Chandler and Prince Calixander. Alexandra just shrugged her thoughts off and just continued reading the book she was holding.

As Alexandra was reading, Carlos called out to her and gained her attention completely. She turned her head and faced him, "Yes?" She asked. "It's almost time for your lunch, we should head back to the palace," Carlos said and Alexandra was shocked when she heard him say that. She brought out the golden pocket watch inside the pocket of her dress and opened it. She noticed there are only 15 minutes left before her lunch and she got down her seat. "Brother Gilbert and Brother Christian, I'm taking my leave now. It's almost time for my lunch," Alexandra and she bowed.

"Are you not going to borrow?" Christian asked when he noticed that she wasn't bringing any book with her. Alexandra smiled at him before she shook her head and said, "No, I will return later and I will borrow at that time," Alexandra said. "I will see you later, brother Gilbert and brother Christian," Alexandra said once again before she turned around and walked. Christian bowed before he turned around and followed Alexandra.

They went down the stairs of the library and head towards the door to leave the room. Carlos opened it for her and she stepped outside. He closed the door behind him and they continued walking. While they were walking with a peaceful and light aura surrounding them, they had an encounter with the most annoying and mysterious person Alexandra knows.

"Oh, fancy meeting you here, Carlos," His familiar voice rang inside Alexandra's ears and it sent a chill down her spine. That annoying grin plastered on his face. Alexandra always wanted to wipe it off, there was a string of lightning between the two as they stared at each other. Alexandra's eyes were narrowed down at him and it seems like she was glaring.

Carlos's eyebrows were furrowed and he had a serious expression plastered on his face. He held the same aura when Alexandra first saw this person. Carlos opened his mouth to speak and his voice was laced with annoyance and he spit his name out like it was venom, it sounded hateful.

"Sir Devan," It was him. The one who gave Alexandra the bone-chilling expression and disgusting stare when they first saw each other.

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