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41.5% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 41: Market (1)

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Chapter 41: Market (1)

2 days left before the celebration of the winter star.

Alexandra walked around the garden while Carlos followed behind her. Her afternoon tea party with her father was canceled once again because of some matters that are needed to be done by the emperor. It was peaceful and silent, Carlos ran out of stories to tell her that's why he was silent or maybe he was tired of talking, Alexandra doesn't know what to tell him since her only adventure was going to her room, library, to the study room, to her father's palace, and places that are within her reach. Since the flowers in her vases inside her room were already replaced by Diana just earlier morning, she decided to just walk around and admire the flowers which surrounded her. Alexandra wants to spend her afternoon peacefully, she thought that she could have a talk with Gilbert tomorrow.

Alexandra decided to go inside and walk towards the stairs up to her room. Upon arriving in front of the door of her room, Carlos opened the door of her room for her and Alexandra stepped inside as Carlos closed the door and just stood outside to guard. Alexandra walked towards the couch and sat on it lazily and slouched. Since no one is able to see her in this state, she is free to do whatever she wants. She placed her foot on top of the glass table as she leaned her back and stared at the white ceiling, multiple thoughts running inside her head as she stared at the ceiling. How should she ask Carlos to celebrate the winter star together with her? Father might be too busy to come and he isn't that close or something like that yet, she knew that Carlos didn't celebrate even a single celebration of the winter star before nor he had the memories because after their mother died, they stopped.

She wants to let Carlos experience or celebrate the winter star just even once, as a form of apology and gratitude. Maybe she could ask him tomorrow, it's not like she will ask him to bring gifts. Besides, they would somehow celebrate or not really celebrate the day after tomorrow, the last day of the winter star since the palace would be open for everyone and multiple nobles, aristocrats, and royalties will come and celebrate it. Queenilia Empire is composed of 8 kingdoms, each one ruled by kings and queens along with their families and the one who they will follow is the emperor, the ruler of all rulers and the king of all kings. The emperors came from the Everly Bloodline and the empire or country has been ruled with the Everlys, meaning, they are the most powerful family or bloodline of all.

The same goes for other countries. Alexandra heaved a sigh before she placed down her foot and spread her arms at the headrest of the couch. "You don't look like you are a girl in that state or position," A voice was suddenly heard and it rang inside Alexandra's ears startling her and she immediately sat properly and cleared her throat. A blushed crept up her cheeks due to embarrassment. Right, she forgot that Harrison could easily enter her room with ease without passing or entering through the door. "Thank you for startling me. If ever I was holding something, I would throw it right at your face as a form of gratitude," Alexandra said with a deadpan face as she looked at Harrison's face where a faint smirk can be seen. He sat at the couch in front of her and Alexandra paid no mind as she watched him. "What brings you here? Are you bored again?" Alexandra asked, initiating a conversation.

"You guessed it right," Harrison responded while he was deep in thought. Alexandra knitted her eyebrows staring at him, "What are you thinking?" Alexandra asked a hint of curiosity that can be heard from her tone of voice. "Nothing. There was this party that is going to be held in the academy 2 days from now, on the first day of the winter star and all students are required to come. We dance, we talk, we eat, and we give gifts to each other," Harrison simply said, he was showing a frown while talked and Alexandra couldn't help but giggle. But wait, gifts? Giving gifts? Alexandra recalled what happened every celebration of the winter star and she face-palmed herself. For like 6 years, she didn't give the maids nor someone other than them a gift and they are usually the ones who are giving gifts to her.

Even Harrison is giving her gifts yet she didn't give him one. Woah, that's somehow unbelievable, she thought to herself. She suddenly stood up from her seat gaining Harrison's attention but she sat back, "What? Did something bit you that made you jump like that?" Harrison asked, confusion written all over his face as he stared at her. "You mentioned gifts, right?" Alexandra said while looking at him, her eyes sparkling.

"What about it?"

"I want to buy gifts for everyone, the problem is how and what would I say when they asked where or how did I buy?" Alexandra replied, her expression quickly changing into a thinking one. She heaved a sigh and Harrison showed a faint smirk, "I'm not a great wizard for nothing," Harrison said and Alexandra tilted her head in confusion as she stared at him. He suddenly snapped his fingers, it emitted a loud sound and while at it, she suddenly felt being turned upside-down like she is flying in the air while spinning around. It felt like she was riding a roller coaster except that she hasn't ridden one, but she knows what it feels like.

It feels like her insides are turning upside down and her head was spinning. After seconds of what it seems like hell, she opened her eyes and she suddenly stumbled while she heard a laugh coming from Harrison. She wasn't able to glare at him properly because her vision was spinning. Holy maria, the world is crashing, she thought to herself and closed her eyes trying to calm herself down as she leaned on a wall.

Harrison wanted to laugh again but held it back since Alexandra might get angry or throw something at him. After a few minutes of silence, Alexandra opened her eyes and she was able to see normally now, her world isn't spinning anymore and what greeted her was a dark alley and a light on the end. She heard multiple faint voices coming from it and she couldn't help but gasp in awe when she realized where they are. She's outside the palace and Harrison did it with just a snap of his fingers. But what about her appearance?

She looked down and saw that her frilly and extravagant or elegant-looking dress was changed into a plain one, it was a long-sleeved apron dress. It looked like she was a countryside girl or a daughter of a farmer because of it and she looked like a normal citizen. She gasped in awe and she lifted her head up and looked at Harrison whose clothes also changed into a plain one and he looked like a son of a farmer or a merchant. He was wearing a white long-sleeved polo and the last button on top was unbuttoned giving a slight view or glimpse of his collarbone and the skin underneath. He was wearing black pants paired with black shoes, he looked simple but his aura was screaming beauty.

"Harrison, what if the maids see me?" Alexandra asked, worried.

"I altered your appearance and only I could see what you really look like. I even altered my appearance but you only see what I really look like, I might meet some annoying pests," What he said was true. To other people's eyes, Alexandra's hair was black and strands of hair on top of her ears was tied back into a braid and her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown while Harrison's hair just remained as it is but it was combed in a rather neat way, not like his usual messy one where his bangs were somehow parted and his eyes were ash-grey. Although it was just a small change in their appearances, they looked or transformed into another person. Nobody could recognize them.

"What should I tell the maids about where I got the gifts? Diana is like a detective as well as the other maids," Alexandra said, still worried. Harrison just pinched her cheeks, "Enough with the worry, let's just go buy first," He said and his hand traveled down her arm and held her hand before she pulled her. They ran towards the exit of the dark alley and what greeted Alexandra's view was people. They were talking, some were laughing with their friends, some were alone, some were with their family, and some were with their lover. Alexandra gasped in awe, so this is what the people outside looks like.

"Let's go walk around, we might find something that you might like," Harrison said and continued to pull her while his handheld hers yet Alexandra didn't mind. They passed through many stands, stalls or shops and they bought things with Harrison's money which was made out of magic. Throughout their walk or shopping, they held hands and didn't let go of it. Afraid of them losing each other, they held each other hands tightly. It was fun not until they got tired and decided to enter a café or shop to rest. The shop wasn't full nor empty, it just had the right amount of costumers inside and it had a peaceful ambiance. A perfect place to rest.

They spotted a table with two empty chairs and they quickly walked towards it, carrying the bags of what they bought. They placed it down the floor and they sat on the chairs. Alexandra picked up the menu paper or whatever it is called and her eyes scanned the dessert section where multiple names mouth-watering food can be seen or read. She decided to order a fruit parfait and fondant au chocolat along with a glass of juice. Harrison just ordered a glass of juice. He said that he wasn't that hungry.

"To whom are you giving the gifts to?" Harrison asked and looked at the bags on the floor, underneath their table. "Why? Are you curious?" Alexandra asked and Harrison just stared at her with his usual bored expression plastered on his face. "No, you need to pay for the money," Alexandra pouted.

"I'm just a 7-year-old kid, why ask me for money?"

"Are you?" Alexandra gulped at what he responded. What does he mean by that? Does he know that I remembered what my past life is? Did he read through my mind and read my thoughts? She asked herself and decided to sing the alphabet inside her head in case if he can read minds and decided to read hers at this moment. Alexandra cleared her throat before she spoke, "That's a secret and you're an amazing and talented wizard, making money is just a piece of cake for you," Alexandra said hoping that he would just shut up and ask her any more questions.

"Touché," Harrison responded and decided to keep quiet. After waiting for like half an hour which was pretty long considering how few people are here, their food finally arrived and was served on their table by the same waiter who asked for their order. Alexandra started to taste each one of the food as soon as the waiter turned their back against them, it was tasty, delicious, appetizing, delightful, enticing, and so many words to just describe what the food tastes like especially the fruit parfait. The chocolat looked tasty when it was sliced in half, chocolate slowly came out or emerged making it look like mouth-watering. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/market-(1)_41648067652412723">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/market-(1)_41648067652412723</a> for visiting.

Harrison stared at her as she ate, she still looked elegant and beautiful no matter what way she eats, even if she swallowed a big slice of cake in her mouth. A light and bubbly atmosphere surrounded them as they ate.

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