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24.52% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 23: Memories of the Past

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Chapter 23: Memories of the Past

"Your highness!"

"How is my son?!" He asked nervously and scared as he was called by a doctor. The doctor had a grim look on his face, afraid to tell the news to the man who was waiting outside. The man noticed his grim expression and his face darkened in fear, they didn't… survive?

"Your highness, I'm afraid to tell you that…" His next words felt like a sword was pierced into his heart. He fell into silence, the world was silent, and the doctor looked down. It's cold, it feels like someone is choking me.

"Y-Your wife didn't survive but your baby did. It wasn't a boy, your highness."

"It was a girl. She named her Alexandra Alice Elizabeth after she saw the baby and before she closed her eyes."


"Kill her, the Elders say that she might be a curse, kill her. The empire might fall because of her," He stared at the baby coldly who was asleep for five days and didn't wake up or opened her eyes. The knight who was holding the baby flinched, he hesitated. He felt pity for the baby that was peacefully sleeping, he doesn't want to do it but if the emperor tells him to do so, he must do it.

With a heavy heart, he placed down the baby and drew out his sword, the sound of the sword being drawn out resonated inside the room. He raised his sword and was about to strike the baby when the door of the room was slammed open by a female.

A female with emerald-green eyes and hazelnut brown hair emerged out of the door and ran towards the baby. Fear is seen on her face as she witnessed the knight who held his sword up high and about to strike the baby. "P-Please don't hurt her!" She kneeled down and held the baby in her arms, protecting it from all costs. She was a maid of the palace, she was close with the emperor's wife and when she heard about the news of the empress giving birth to a baby and dying in the process shook her especially that the baby was born as a female. She knows what the elders will say and the emperor will do that's why she immediately ran towards the throne room.

"Diana," The emperor said sternly calling out to her name in a cold voice which sent a chill down her spine. "No matter what you say, your highness, I will not let go of her," Diana said with a determined voice, a brave expression plastered on her face. Her usual calm, sweet, and gentle attitude was gone, she looked like a soldier bravely facing death.

"I see…" His eyes glimmered and it looked like it was glowing, he held a cold expression. "I will take care of her! Just don't kill her! P-Please! She's still a baby!" Diana shouted, her brave face slowly crumbling, tears started to well up in her eyes. She was close to the empress, knowing her, she would be sad and probably wouldn't be able to rest in peace if her daughter was killed by her own father.

"Please! Your highness, don't hurt her! The empress will not be able to rest in peace!" Her last sentence made the emperor's heartache, it felt like his heart was stabbed by a sword multiple times. Diana was ready to risk it all just to protect the baby. The emperor features soften but he still held a cold aura. "Please… Just, please… Place her somewhere far from you just like the elders advice, don't kill her, please. I'm begging you, your highness…" She said in a soft tone and clutched the baby in her arms.


4 days have passed. It was one peaceful afternoon and Alexandra excitedly passed through the huge door of the throne room and she spotted Alexander. As days passed and they had tea parties, they became close to each other but not really that close. Alexandra isn't that scared when she's around him anymore although his sudden questions or out of the blue questions will make her nervous. But overall, their relationship is getting great.

"Papa!" Alexandra called out to him and ran towards his direction. He was standing with Lysander behind him while walking but stopped when Alexandra was near him. Diana followed her from behind and again told her to be careful and not run but she didn't listen. He held out his arms and held Alexandra by her waist and lifted her up which shocked her and she yelped.

"Noisy." He said. Alexandra was used to this kind of response from him and Alexandra just replied at him with a smile. He carried her inside his arms which were a pretty unusual thing for him to do. He just decided or volunteered to carry Alexandra when he saw Lysander carrying her while walking when Diana wasn't around at that time because she was busy, it was general cleaning day, the day of the month where they clean all of the rooms. It happened just yesterday and the conversation was somewhat awkward, hilarious and scary at the same time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/memories-of-the-past_41349767929841138">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/memories-of-the-past_41349767929841138</a> for visiting.


Alexandra, Lysander, and Alexander walked towards the courtyard to have their usual tea party. So far, everything that they did was just to have tea parties, maybe the emperor loves to drink teas with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Alexandra was being carried by Lysander while they head towards the courtyard, the knight insisted on doing so. It might be weird but Lysander loves to carry kids especially at Alexandra's age, it reminds him of his younger siblings, Alexandra just let him be because walking a long distance, from the Wistalia Palace to Diamond Palace, to the throne room, and next to the courtyard was very tiring. She would ask Diana sometimes to carry her and sometimes not because Alexandra's dress might be a hindrance and she might be too heavy and would slow down Diana. She doesn't want to bother her that much.

Although when she was 5 years old, she would ask Diana to carry her upstairs to her room. But that's different, that was like 2 years ago, she was sure that she gained weight as she grew and eat.

The emperor stopped at his tracks and turned around, facing them. "Give her to me," He said with a blank expression. "It would just hindrance you, your highness. It's better for me to carry her." Lysander responded in a gentle tone of voice. "Your duty is to protect us, carrying her is not one of those. Give her to me," He still insisted. What's wrong with me being carried? Can't he see that I'm a child?

"But, your highness…" Alexander remained silent, waiting for Lysander to hand Alexandra to him. Lysander sighed in defeat and handed Alexandra to the man's arms in which he carried her in the wrong way. He carried her like a sack of rice ready to be thrown in a cart, he placed her on top of his shoulders. Alexander screamed seeing her lower body hang and swing as well as her upper body too. Put me down, put me down!

"Your highness, you're carrying her in a wrong way," Lysander said as he looked at the girl's condition worriedly. She looked lifeless and pale as she let her arms swing.

"I am still carrying her." Alexander insisted.

"That would make the young miss dizzy," Lysander said with a determined expression. Yes, save me from this man's arms, save me, knight! Alexandra thought to herself, her soul coming back to her body as she heard Lysander spoke. Although she likes to get closed with her father, she doesn't like it when she will be carried by him because, in that way, he could easily kill her or throw her. What thoughts you have for a 7-year-old, well, Alexandra is old inside.

Alexander fell into silence, "Then how do you carry her?"

"Just give her to me, your highness," Lysander spoke in a gentle yet determined tone but the emperor didn't give up. He suddenly changed Alexandra's position, from on top of his shoulders to inside his arms and copied what Lysander did. Alexandra who was scared being carried by him was now calm and happy inside his arms, it was warm. What's this? This feeling is pretty unusual, she asked herself and let herself relax in his arms.


And that's how it ended.

Diana was shocked to see Alexandra being carried by the emperor but remained in silence when the knight just let him be and see Alexandra relax in his arms. Diana's features soften, her face became relaxed and calm, a happy and glad expression seen on her face as she watched the two walked silently. Diana still remembered what happened in the past, how the emperor almost killed Alexandra, seeing them this close make her heart contented and it felt heart-warming. Her efforts weren't wasted. Now, this is a big development, Diana proudly thought to herself and followed behind them. "We'll be taking a walk around the courtyard," Alexander said in a cold tone of voice as usual. Lysander didn't respond and just nodded as an answer.

As they walked around the courtyard, many plants can be seen. Not so far away from the courtyard was a big greenhouse garden, you can't clearly see the inside because of the plants inside placed near the wall blocking the view. Alexandra wants to go there sometime if she has the time to do so because every after the tea party, she would go back to the wistalia palace.

The breeze was cold, 2 days left until winter arrives as well as Harrison. Alexandra looked at the trees that only have a few leaves already, a sign that winter is near or is just around the corner. While walking, a knight suddenly appeared beside them shocking Alexandra when he suddenly spoke, "Blessings for the Queenilia Empire, your highness," Alexander stopped from his tracks and tilted his head, looking at the knight who called out to him, the knight could feel his gaze cold and piercing making him nervous and scared. He must be a common knight, Alexandra thought to herself when she saw the copper crest he wore.

There are many types of knights.

Common Knights are like guards, they are always on stand-by, standing at a door or in the hallway. They wear copper crest. Patrol Knights, are like cops or polices when they are outside the palace, they act as the citizens' protectors. They wear silver crest. Imperial Knights, they are knights who engage in wars, they are good at fighting and have high levels, they all serve the emperor. They wear goldcrests. Royal Knights are knights who served directly under a royalty like Dukes, Duchess, Emperors and such, they are like their personal bodyguards who protect them at all times. Their crests are also gold but small gems are attached to it especially ruby.

Lysander is a royal knight because of his crest. Although Alexandra mistook it as gold only and thought of him as an Imperial Knight as she looked closely at the crest when she was being carried, she saw small gems attached to it.

"What is it?" Alexander asked he sound annoyed. "Someone came for a visit and is looking for you," He said, his head still lowered to show respect. Alexander didn't frown but it felt like he did because his face showed annoyance, "Tell them to wait at the throne room,"

"Yes, your highness," And in a blink of an eye, he disappeared from Alexandra's sight. He said and he gently placed down Alexandra. "Go take a walk around without me," He said and he disappeared from their sight just like what the knight did. He left Lysander behind with Diana and Alexandra. Who came to visit? Is it a duke? A duchess? Probably a citizen who came to complain about some things. Alexandra roamed her eyes around the place, the vast field surrounded with leafless trees, the cold breeze, the orange and bright color of leaves on the ground, and the familiar feeling or ambiance of the place when fall is ending and winter is coming.

"Young miss..?" Diana called out to Alexandra. Alexandra turned her head to look at her, "Yes?" She asked with a faint smile of her face, Diana smiled sweetly at her. "Where do you want to go?" Diana asked and Alexandra thought for a moment of what to respond. Something popped up inside her head, a place which she really wants to visit in this palace.


Alexandra gasped in awe as she roamed her eyes around the room, her eyes sparkling at how big the place is. She was inside the library, there are huge bookshelves with many books and there are ladders found on each shelf in case if you want to climb and see the books on the very top. The place was brightly lit with multiple golden chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, emitting a yellow glow. The place was sparkly clean and not even a speck of single dust can be seen. The atmosphere of the place was warm and peaceful, Alexandra loves this place already.

She asked Diana and the knight Lysander to wait outside or do something while she is in the library to read books. She tried to estimate how many books are in here and she estimated there are thousands of it based on how many bookshelves and how fully-packed it all looks. As she walked around, there were some wooden tables and chairs. The library didn't have windows.

Wistalia Palace's library is nothing compared to the library of the Diamond Palace being huge, containing many books. Alexandra walked around looking for a book that would suit her taste, it's impossible to not find a book of her taste when the library is this huge and there are many huge bookshelves, the library also has a second floor with the stairs found on the middle which was slightly curved. There was also a red carpet. On the 2nd floor, there are desks, chairs, and tables found. Alexandra walked farther while roaming her eyes around, admiring how big and elegant the room looks.

Reaching the end of the path, a huge bookshelf was seen and a desk surrounded with stacks of books and a kid reading a book while sitting on the chair behind the desk. There was also another desk that was neat, clean and empty. Alexandra tucked the loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

Wait, a kid?!

Alexandra who just ignored his presence earlier and was about to turn around when she realized there was a kid and her eyes widened. She turned her head around and looked at the person on the desk, he was too focused on reading his book that he didn't notice Alexandra's presence. He looked really familiar in my eyes.

His silver hair looked silky and neat, even though Alexandra can only see his shoulders, she was sure that he wore casual royal clothes. As Alexandra stared at him and tried to guess who he was, he suddenly placed his book down and he lifted his head. Their eyes met.

His eyes also widened in shock and it took Alexandra seconds to realize who he was. She gasped and her eyes widened.

The one who saved me from that forest and treated my wounded knee. He was the one who brought her here and the reason why she and Alexander met. He was one of her brothers;

Christian Luke Francisco Everly, the youngest son of Alexander and Selena, their 4th prince, and Alexandra's older brother.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

I hope you won't get confused because of the backstory or something, you can ask me to clarify or explain if you are confused. I was just following my plot or something like that. Hope you liked this chapter! Thank you for reading!

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