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Chapter 77: Middle of the Night

"What, it's just you, Harrison. You scared the hell out of me there, please stop appearing without saying anything and just staring at me, I thought you were a bad person or a ghost there for a moment, you gave me a mini heart attack" Alexandra thought to herself as she heaved a sigh of relief, calming her racing heart. She looked at Harrison whose features slowly softened and calmed down. He let out a sigh and bore his gaze at her while she showed him a forced smile.

"I couldn't just interrupt you while you were rolling around your bed like an idiot and screaming at your pillow, not realizing that there was a person beside you the whole time. Are you really that dense or what?" Harrison replied back and Alexandra rolled her eyes hearing his response. Alexandra sat up and leaned her back against the pillows and the headboard as she looked at him at the corner of his eyes. "Why are you still awake anyway?" Harrison asked his eyebrows creased as he was looking at the wall clock inside her room and noticed that it was already past her bedtime and she should be sleeping.

"There are multiple thoughts running inside my head," Alexandra groaned and turned her head in his direction, her eyes boring down at his face. His crimson red eyes looked attractive and enchanting as ever, it was drawing her in. Harrison's eyes somehow resembled a flower, she thought to herself. Well, she also thought that when they first met at the lake. His eyes were somehow like the flower, 'Abyss', enchanting, alluring, attractive, and beautiful but dangerous. It complimented his pale skin and dark hair. He also has long eyelashes, as well as long and thin eyebrows. Aside from that, he also has this intimidating yet playful demeanor. He was completely unknown to me, he was just an 'amazing' wizard who was playful, mischievous, intimidating, and annoying, well, that's what I know from him.

"What? Why are you staring? Am I—" Before he was able to finish what he would say, Alexandra gave him the stink-eye and interrupted him, "Shut up," She already knows what he would say next. "It seems like you are in a bad mood today, what happened?" Harrison asked and yawned. He leaned back on his chair as he stared at her who was also staring at him.

Alexandra heaved a sigh, "Not really, I'm just troubled over something," She said. Harrison hummed and raised an eyebrow, "From one problem to another, why is your life filled with problems? Let me guess, one of your brothers, right? You already got along with the youngest and the second oldest, the one you are trying to deal with, right now is the oldest one and the second youngest," Harrison said and grinned, he always guesses things right and Alexandra wondered how can he do that. He even knew that I'm in a bad mood, was it because of the expression on my face or the aura which surrounded me?

"Yes, you're correct," Alexandra said and let out a sigh which showed that she was really troubled over something and she's confused about what to do. A troubled expression was plastered on her face and there was a scowl placed on her lips. Harrison knew that Alexandra was troubled even before this but that expression of hers, it was the first time he saw that. Even when Alexandra had encountered many problems before, she never made that expression and aura.

There was a dark and ominous aura behind her as she was in a daze, she was thinking. What kind of thoughts is she having to have that kind of expression? Harrison wasn't intimidated but rather, curious. Alexandra was currently thinking about what does Prince Chandler likes? Does he like sweets? But Prince Calixander said that he doesn't like those, Prince Calixander was the one who likes sweets and desserts. She thought to herself, her eyebrows creased as she clenched her fists while thinking. Does he like swords? Carlos didn't tell me what he likes because he rarely ever talk with Prince Chandler since they would just argue if they would. The siblings pretty much have different personalities. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/middle-of-the-night_42388952983849020">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/middle-of-the-night_42388952983849020</a> for visiting.

Prince Gilbert likes books to pass time when he is bored or don't know what to do and wants to be alone, he is straightforward and he doesn't hate my existence or something but rather, how mysterious I am, he was a curious person yet calm and collected, he always has a blank look on his face and I never saw him smile, not even once, not even just a small curve on his lips. Prince Christian was the friendly, gentle, and bright person who is also sweet, caring, kind, innocent, and precious but he was also mysterious for me since he easily and swiftly changes his personality. When there is a hint of sadness on his face, voice, or smile, he would easily hide it. He wants everything to be how it was like before even though he never knew what it was like. He probably didn't have any memories with mother, neither do I but seeing a portrait of her would just do.

Prince Chandler was a confusing person, they say. Sometimes he's quiet and looks innocent then the next, he would be reckless and annoying. He is a hardworking person whose efforts were probably not appreciated or realized by some other people and that must be the cause of his behavior. I don't what he likes and what he hates, I don't even know how to prove to him that I wasn't the person he thought I was. Prince Calixander, because of what happened earlier and what I learned from Christian, dealing with him would probably be easier than before but it's not like I could easily handle him. He is cold, blunt, straightforward, and he likes sweets. Probably because of puberty or by genes, just kidding.

Diana said that our mother was a gentle, warm, kind, and friendly person. Christian was just like a mother as well as me. Then what about the other 3, did they have their personality from father? Then do father likes sweets too like Prince Calixander? Does he like books? Alexandra thought to herself and hummed. Her train of thoughts was cut off when she heard someone speak, interrupting what she was thinking as she was pulled back to reality.

"Have you forgotten that I'm still here? What are you thinking?" It was Harrison who probably grew impatient waiting for her to speak and start a conversation or something with him. Alexandra made an 'Oh-Right-I-Forgot-About-You' expression and that annoyed Harrison as he forced a smile on his face. Alexandra hummed first before she responded to his question. "You know, I was thinking on what does Prince Chandler likes in order for me to get close with him and probably to treat each other as siblings, so that he wouldn't hate or despise me anymore," Alexandra thought to herself and let out a sigh as she turned her head at his direction.

Her intimidating and ominous aura which emitted earlier was slowly fading and changing into her bubbly and cheerful one. Her expression didn't look like she was troubled but it was clear that she was thinking and was being bothered by many things because of her voice and the times that she had sighed. "That's probably the fifth time you sighed for the past hour or probably it was more than that," Alexandra slightly pouted. "I'm currently bothered and troubled over something, so I just can't help it," Alexandra said and regained her composure.

Harrison hummed first before he responded to her question earlier with his usual-bored tone of voice, "Well, I have learned from others that he likes to collect things especially old things like artifacts and such things. He would take care of it and keep it safe. I think he was currently looking for a gold necklace or something, I can't remember it. Does it go by the name Rubinolia? Rubanalia? Rubomolia? Er, I can't remember. You know, I'm bad at those type of things, just give him the old things inside the palace that you don't find interesting," Harrison said while waving his hand around, making multiple hand gestures as he spoke. Ruby what? Alexandra thought to herself as she recalled something. Just like from the characters in a movie when they thought of something wonderful or an amazing plan or when they solved something, a light bulb appeared on top of her head as she realized what he was talking about.

Rubinalia Red, a gold necklace with a ruby pendant that glows during the night. It is said that the memories of those people who wore that necklace are stored inside that necklace, although it was like a copy. Originally, it was from a lady who received it from her lover who died and she decided to place his memories inside the necklace, so she can play or watch it with the use of magic anytime she wants if she missed him. Then it was passed down to the Rubinalia Family when the lady died and passed down to the eldest daughter or son and their memories are stored inside that necklace. When the last member of the Rubinalia Family or Bloodline died, the necklace was given to their closest relative who placed it inside the Wistalia Palace.

Alexandra actually saw it before when she was wandering around the palace and inside the library. There was actually another room inside the library which she just barely noticed since she would just go read books and it was rather far away from her usual spot and from the bookshelves. When she told Diana about it, she said that many people wanted to obtain the necklace but never gave it anyone unless it was needed. Unless if Alexandra needs to do so.

Although it was interesting, it was far way too precious for Alexandra to play or wear. Someone who likes to collect things and take care of them should be the one who will handle or have it like Prince Chandler. Alexandra's eyes sparkled and she smiled widely and brightly at Harrison, "Thank you for telling me that! Now, almost all of my problems are solved! You're a lifesaver, you're the best! You are truly indeed an amazing and wonderful person!" Alexandra started to shower Harrison with compliments as the expression on her face grew brighter as she spoke. It looks like she just earned or obtained the jackpot because of the way she is acting right now, she looks excited and happy obtaining that information from him.

But what if someone asked how did I know that?

"Oh, it seems like you calmed down. Did you realize something or what?" Harrison said when he noticed that Alexandra stopped and the smile on her lips was pursed in a thin line. "What if they asked how I knew about that?"

"Then just tell them that somebody told you about it, probably the maid or that personal knight of yours, or probably one of your brothers. Do they know about my existence or not?" Harrison simply said. Alexandra shook her head in response from what he asked, "No but they know that I have a friend which is you, don't worry I told them that you are a KIND, CARING, and GENTLE person who can be trusted," Alexandra emphasized the words 'Kind, Gentle, and Caring,' as if to tell him that he was opposite from those words she said.

"Well, if you don't trust me then why would you let me inside your room in the middle of the night knowing that I might do something at you, I'm not just a simple boy, you know," He said, a sly and mischievous grin plastered on his face as he stared at Alexandra. Alexandra's face grew red as if all of her blood was transferred on her face, she was flustered from what he said and she grabbed the pillow near her throwing it at him, aiming at his face. "Rascal! Scoundrel! You..!" Alexandra said but he just easily caught it with his hands before he threw it back at her face.

She heard his laugh which rang inside her ears and when she opened her eyes and placed the pillow down which was thrown at her face, he was gone. He vanished. Really, that rascal, Alexandra thought to herself, a tinge of the lightest shade of red plastered on her cheeks as she huffed.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked this chapter!

Hopefully, the slight romance or something between Harrison and Alexandra would make you happy or something.

Since Alexandra was still a kid, a 7-year-old kid to be exact, I'm trying to restrain myself from too much romance and such scenes.

I don't want Harrison to look like a pedophile or something

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