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Chapter 24: Nice To See You Again

His silver hair looked silky and neat, even though Alexandra can only see his shoulders, she was sure that he wore casual royal clothes. As Alexandra stared at him and tried to guess who he was, he suddenly placed his book down and he lifted his head. Their eyes met. His eyes also widened in shock and it took Alexandra seconds to realize who he was. She gasped and her eyes widened.

The one who saved me from that forest and treated my wounded knee. He was the one who brought her here and the reason why she and Alexander met. He was one of her brothers:

Christian Luke Francisco Everly, the youngest son of Alexander and Selena, their 4th prince, and Alexandra's brother.

Alexandra has 4 brothers but she still hasn't seen their faces except for Christian, the one who helped her and was the reason why she and her father met. She only knew the rest of her brothers' names and some little info about them because of Diana. The youngest one among the siblings was Alexandra. Christian was the second youngest, he was born on August 13 and he was a year older than Alexandra.

Chandler Arthur Marcus Everly is the third prince, he was the middle. He was born on June 17 and is 2 years older than Christian and 3 years older than Alexandra. Meaning he was 10 years old or a number near that age. Gilbert Clark Geronimo Everly is the second prince, he was the 2nd oldest among the siblings. He was born on April 14 and he was 5 years older than Alexandra. Gilbert is already 12 years old. And the oldest one of the siblings, Calixander Ruth Ambryle Everly. He was born on January 14 and he is 8 years older than Alexandra. He is the heir, successor or the next one who will succeed the throne as the emperor.

Honestly, each of the siblings' age gap was just like 2 years. It must be hard and tiring to take care of many kids at once. Diana admitted that she was never assigned to take care of her brothers and they rarely met because she was usually in the kitchen, garden or cleaning the rooms while they were busy doing something. Alexandra was able to get a clue on what they look like because of the way Diana described them but she might be confused about who's who. They all have silver hair or platinum hair and gem-like eyes with different shades of blue. Diana said that her oldest brother had the deepest or dark shade of blue among the siblings but it still looked beautiful even though it looked cold and empty especially after their mother died. The middle had the lightest shade of blue and it looked cool, it looked like it glowed in the dark however, his gaze was piercing just like his father's.

Christian's eyes resembled his mother's but at the same time her father's. It was warm and it held joy but the shade was like his father's. Diana and Christian just met each other when Christian was just 3 months old. Gilbert, the second oldest has pretty eyes. The shade of blue is like a sapphire gem. Alexandra's eyes were like her mother's, the shade was the same. Her eye color was aquamarine and it looked very enchanting, it resembled the blue ocean just like her mother's.

"I-It's you…" Alexandra muttered looking at him wide-eyed. He faintly smiled at her, "It's nice to see you again!" He cheerfully said, his face beaming with joy. Alexandra couldn't help but smile at him too and nodded. Does he know? Many days have passed, 10 days or more ever since that happened, Alexandra thought to herself and observed his actions. He stood up and walked towards her, Alexandra stood still at her place wondering what he's going to do. He raised his hand and Alexandra thought that he will slap her that's why she closed her eyes waiting for the pain but there was nothing but a gentle pat on her head.

"I didn't think that you were my sister my brothers were telling me about," He said and Alexandra opened her eyes to look at him. He smiled at her warmly. So, he knows, she thought and continued staring at his topaz blue eyes. His eyes held warmth and happiness, he didn't despise her despite knowing that he might be a curse or bad luck because of what his brothers say or told him. When he first met Alexandra in the forest, he didn't mind what she looked like or what her appearance is, what he noticed was her knee and she slightly resembled the nobles who visited the palace at that time who was with their daughter, he thought that Alexandra was their daughter who got lost. The only people who knew about Alexandra's existence as an Everly were her brothers, her father, Lysander, Diana and the other maids who were asked to not spread it or tell it to others and the doctors who delivered the baby was shut off by the emperor.

Alexandra opened her mouth to speak, "Is that so?" She wasn't scared around him and she felt comfortable that's why she didn't stutter nor get nervous. She must be used to her father's intimidating presence or aura that she ignored other's that are less than that.

"What are you doing here? I thought you and father were having tea at the courtyard," He said and that made Alexandra confused. She realized what he said and arrived at the conclusion that he knows that she went to the palace multiple times yet he didn't appear nor show in front of her.

"How did you know?" Alexandra asked him calmly. "I saw you multiple times with him and you are calling him father or papa. I realized our slight resemblance and connected all the dots. That's where I realized you were my sister," He said and laughed softly at the end while showing an embarrassed smile and he looked cute. Alexandra was weak against beauty, she gets attracted to beautiful or pretty things especially if it's shining, sparkling or glowing. Alexandra's mouth shaped an 'O' and she chuckled.

"I just wanted to look around and read some books because papa has a visitor and he asked me to go walk around or go somewhere. I decided to go here, the library," Alexandra explained while smiling faintly at him and he nodded. "Is that so, then how about we read together? I was in the middle of reading anyway and I don't mind lending you a book," Christian said gently while smiling.

It seems like flowers were blooming in their background because of the two's charm. Alexandra was a cute kid while Christian is attractive. They looked like dolls, the credits belong to their beautiful genes which came from their parents. Alexandra's eyes sparkled and she nodded repeatedly while saying, "Yes, I would be glad to do so!" Alexandra was debating on calling him brother, maybe later, when they get close or something like that.

"Then seat at the chair behind the empty desk. While I look for a book you might like since you're not familiar with this place, what kind of books do you like?"


"Young Miss? Alexandra? Where are you?" Diana started to walk around the library, she can't find Alexandra on the first floor of the library so she must be on the second floor. It has been an hour or two and Alexandra still hasn't left the library based on what Lysander said while standing still at the door of the library. Diana went back to the palace to do some of her duties as the head maid. She started to climb up the stairs that has a red carpet. She started to walk around making sure to look at each corner and bookshelf to see if Alexandra was hiding in there. As she walked straight, she suddenly heard the familiar giggles of Alexandra and it got louder as she took a step closer to the end of the path.

She arrived at the end and turned around to see Alexandra talking happily with a silver-haired kid who looked older than her for a few years and identical eyes. Diana opened her mouth to speak, "Young miss," Alexandra was startled by Diana's sudden call to her. Alexandra turned her head and she met eyes with Diana. Her face was beaming with joy and she was smiling widely, it looked like she was enjoying the time with him. Diana couldn't help but to smile and she looked at the boy she was talking to and after seconds she realized who it was.

She bowed, "May the Queenilia's peace and blessings be with you, Prince Christian," Diana said politely, respect evident from her tone of voice and she lifted her head after a few seconds. Christian showed a gentle smile at Diana. This was the first time Christian saw Diana but for Diana, this was the second time. He sure grew into such a fine kid, Diana thought to herself and smiled back at him.

"Young miss, your father is looking for you," Diana said. "Okay!" She cheerfully said as she climbed down her chair and walked towards Diana. Diana picked her up and carried her in her arms, "Then, it was nice meeting you, Brother Christian!" Alexandra cheerfully said even though calling him brother was new to her. Christian smiled at her, "Christian is okay, I'm just a year older than you." He said and Alexandra nodded.

With that, Diana bowed once again and left the library holding Alexandra in her arms.


"Papa! Papa!" Alexandra repeatedly called out to her father as she entered the throne room where her father was standing up from his throne. He clicked his tongue, "Noisy as usual," He said and stepped down the stairs and at the exact moment, Alexander was on his last step and Alexandra was a foot away from him. Alexander picked her up and carried her walking towards the door of the throne, "Lysander, the usual," He said while walking with Diana and Lysander behind them.

"Understood, your highness," Lysander responded and he disappeared from their sight using teleportation. Alexandra, Diana, Alexander walked quietly towards the courtyard to their usual spot. The cold breeze gently blew and caressed her skin, thankfully she was wearing thick clothes this time so the cold didn't bother her at all. Alexander placed the girl on top of the chair and let her sit and after that, he walked around the table and sat on his seat.

"Papa!" Alexandra called out to him.

"What?" He responded nonchalantly looking at somewhere. "I met one of my brothers today!" He turned his head around and looked at her curiously, "Who?"

"Brother Christian! I met him at the library!" Alexandra cheerfully said while smiling. He just simply nodded while replying: "Is that so?" It seems like he knows that this day would come where she'll meet one of his brothers. The thing is what will their reaction be especially the two. They talked, let me correct that, Alexandra talked with her father and told him about the books she read at the library earlier although she didn't finish it and wasn't able to borrow it. As Alexandra was talking, their awaited food arrived and Alexandra's eyes sparkled in delight seeing the cakes. And as usual, her father only had tea while Alexandra eats the cakes.

"Is the library there small?" He blurted out of nowhere and Alexandra lifted her gaze and stopped what she was doing and gulped. She hummed while thinking of the library back at her palace, "Sort of but most of the rooms have bookshelves with books especially my room and the study room," She answered and ate the small slice from the cake that was on her fork. She stared at her father waiting for his answer but he just hummed and continued sipping tea from his cup. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/nice-to-see-you-again_41375245407419955">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/nice-to-see-you-again_41375245407419955</a> for visiting.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Praying for my exams to go well, hope you liked this chapter! Thanks for reading!

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