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Chapter 9: No, I'm not his Daughter!

Alexandra woke up feeling good. It looks like she wasn't sick anymore, she was even in the mood to go pick flowers or read tons of books of the library which is what she usually does. Her body feels light and the heavyweight on her shoulders was removed, she wasn't feeling crap or sick anymore. She woke up filled with energy.

The door of her room was swung open and it revealed Diana who still had a worried face on. Cheer up! I'm okay now! Alexandra said inside her mind. Diana's gaze went to the bed and she saw Alexandra awake, her upper body leaning against the headboard of her bed. "Young miss!" She walked towards her direction and gently placed the back of her hand against Alexandra's forehead and she sighed in relief when it didn't feel hot.

"Thank god, It seems like you are okay now, I will just ready the bath for you." Diana smiled sweetly at her and immediately went to the bathroom. She remembered Harrison who appeared out of thin air inside her room, must be because of teleportation.

Alexandra stared at the ceiling of her room while she waited for Diana to come out of the bathroom to tell her that the bath is ready. After a few minutes of waiting, Diana emerged out of the bathroom,

"The bath is ready, young miss." She said and Alexandra stepped down her bed and walked towards the bathroom.


Alexandra was in the garden but she didn't pick any flowers this time, she just sat there, admiring the view. It was late afternoon and all she did was either stare at the garden or read a book which she brought. Diana was afraid because she just recovered and moving around might get her sick again. Alexandra heaved a sigh and Therese, who was guarding her, looked at her.

The young miss looked bored, maybe I could entertain her. Therese is an intelligent woman, she was the one who would usually teach Alexandra, she was the smartest of all the maids in the palace. "Young miss, who was the first emperor of Griyela?" She suddenly asked out of nowhere which caught Alexandra off-guarded but she still managed to answer her question.

"Grile, their country's name came from his name. He was an intelligent emperor, however, he had the mana of an ordinary or common female that's why he died in a war against their neighbor country. They were fighting for territory. Even though their emperor died in the middle of the battle, they still won and conquered that country and their territory expanded. His daughter was the one that took the position, she was similar to her father and was a good empress."

Alexandra answered confidently, most of her answer was what she read in the book, and what Therese only taught her was the name of the emperor. Therese smiled, "It seems like you've read so many books that you had the knowledge of a 12-year-old even though you are just 5." She said and that made Alexandra proud of herself.

Alexandra chuckled, "Reading books are fun!" She answered with a smile on her face, her voice was cheerful and sweet. She was lying but at the same time, she was telling the truth. Therese smiled at her, "Then, what was the current emperor of Villiareese's full name?"

"Clarito Aerom y Villia" Alexandra answered, his name along with the pronunciation was correct. Therese asked her another question which she confidently answered and that continued until Alexandra said she was hungry.


After Alexandra ate dinner, Diana and she went up to her bedroom. When they arrived, Diana told Alexandra that she will ready the bath for her. Alexandra sat on the couch while she waited for Diana. A few minutes of waiting, Diana emerged out of the bathroom. "You can get in now, young miss," Diana told Alexandra. Alexandra got down the couch and walked towards the bathroom.

After Alexandra took a bath, she wore the nightgown Diana prepared for her and now she is sitting in front of the mirror with Diana behind her brushing her hair.

"Your hair is really beautiful, young miss. I like its color, it suited your eyes." Diana suddenly said out of nowhere while she brushed the ends of Alexandra's hair.

Alexandra smiled, "Well, yes. I mean you comb, brush, and style it every day that's why it's like that." Alexandra answered her. Aside from all of those Diana can't help but smile and she placed the brush down.

"I'm flattered, young miss. Let's go to your bed, you must be sleepy." Diana said.

Alexandra nodded and got down the chair. She ran towards her bed and climbed in, she laid down and Diana tucked her in. "Do you want me to sing a lullaby for you?" Diana asked her in a gentle tone of voice, her voice was like silk, it was smooth and appealing to her ears. Alexandra shook her head.

"No, thank you." She said in a gentle yet low voice.

"Okay. Blessings for the Queenilia Empire. Good night, young miss." Diana bid her a goodnight before she turned around, walking towards the door and turned off the lights beside the door before leaving the room. Alexandra sighed and stared at the ceiling of her room. The moonlight lit half of her room with a cool greyish blue color.

She actually can't sleep. She wished that she asked Diana to sing her lullaby. She just can't call her back here knowing that she has to get down her bed and go to where she is or something.

Alexandra closed her eyes as she shifted around her bed trying to find the most comfortable position but she failed. She opened her eyes and a person who was sitting at a chair greeted her eyes which startled her. He had his legs crossed as well as his arms while he looked at her with a bored gaze.

"Are you done rolling around like an idiot?" He asked her.

"Oh, it's you, Harrison," Alexandra said and faintly smiled at him. Is it just her but this person looked like a devil? Was it his crimson red eyes, the aura he held, or his face? She asked herself.

Nah, maybe it's just my first impression.

"What are you doing inside my room during the night?" Alexandra asked him and she sat up. She leaned her upper body against the headboard while she stared at him using her beautiful gem-like blue eyes. "I'm bored." He simply said and Alexandra's eye twitched, she wasn't angry nor annoyed nor irritated, she just doesn't know what to answer. Should I entertain him? Nah, I'm just a 5-year-old. "And?" She asked.

"What are the things you do when you are bored?" He asked and that made Alexandra think. What do I do when I'm bored? She asked herself and tried to remember the things she did.

"Read books..?" She answered and that made him smile, but not those happy ones but a mischievous one which seems like a smirk.

"What? That's boring" He said and that made Alexandra roll her eyes.

"I'm just 5 years old, turning 6 in a few months. I'm only limited to do some things in this place." She answered. Harrison just hummed as an answer.

Silence surrounded them once again. This time making them awkward. Harrison stared at her and Alexandra stared outside the balcony while thinking what to say.

"How old are you?" Alexandra asked him and her eyes stared at his.

"Guess." He answered and that made Alexandra frown. She stared at him, examining his features. And after a moment of examining his features and guessing what his height is too, she answered with confidence, "8 or 9 years old."

"Who knows" He shrugged and had a smile on his face, not a sweet smile nor a forced one, it looked like it was teasing her. Alexandra made a discontented and annoyed face, she doesn't know what to reply. He looked like he was 11 years old but since kids here looked older than their age, he must be 8 or 9 years old, just like what she had guessed earlier.

Harrison's gaze bore down on her and she examined her features, not missing out any detail of her face.

"Are you Francis Welschter's daughter?" He suddenly asked out of nowhere, his face wasn't serious nor expressionless, he was actually confused. Alexandra's eyebrows knitted, she knew that her family didn't tell a single citizen that their new sibling and member of the family was a female but this guy…

"No." How could he ask her that his father was a wealthy and powerful duke who died 50 years ago, that's just unbelievable. His face became more confused than before, "What year is it? I'm sure that you are that man's daughter, your eyes are almost the same except that yours shined or twinkled and he is rich enough to let you dye your hair in that color."

Alexandra also became confused. "What are you saying? I'm just 5 years old, Francis died 50 years ago and it's the year 887." Alexandra answered his question. Silence surrounded them once again, Harrison processed everything inside his mind.

He muttered something under his breath and Alexandra didn't hear what he said. "Huh? What did you say? I didn't hear it." She asked him but he just ignored her.

"Then whose daughter are you?" He asked and propped his head up using the palm of his right hand while his elbow rested on top of the arm of the chair. He uncrossed his legs. Alexandra hesitated on answering his question but she still answered it anyway, "I'm an Everly, Alexander Claudiel Xavier Everly's daughter."

He suddenly laughed, "Nice joke." and in a split second, right after he spoke, he made an 'I-do-not-believe-you' face. That's why Alexandra hesitated to answer, he might not believe her. "Did this world gone mad while I was asleep? The Everly only had males, you are a female."

He had a mischievous smile on his face, it looked like a smirk, and it mocked her. Alexandra just stared at him, she didn't budge nor talk. Harrison looked at her, examined her carefully, she wasn't lying.

"Fine, fine, I believe you." He said and crossed his legs once again. "You must be a black sheep, the source of their bad luck that's why they placed you here." He added and Alexandra just nodded, agreeing to what he said. Too straightforward, she thought to herself. She was already getting sleepy. Alexandra looked at the clock while yawning, it was already way past her bedtime.

Harrison noticed that she was getting sleepy, "Go to bed, sleep." He said and Alexandra nodded. She laid down and tucked herself in. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/no-i&apos;m-not-his-daughter!_41145084837686442">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/no-i&apos;m-not-his-daughter!_41145084837686442</a> for visiting.

"Goodnight." She said and closed her eyes and she was immediately pulled into a deep slumber.

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