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72.64% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 74: Of Odds and Favorites (1)

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Chapter 74: Of Odds and Favorites (1)

An hour after Alexandra finished her lunch, it was time for her to have her afternoon tea with her father. Carlos and Alexandra are currently walking along the hallways of the palace, heading towards the courtyard to meet the emperor who was probably waiting for them to arrive. As the two walked together, they talked about many things. One of those was Alexandra's favorite flower since Carlos always noticed that Alexandra loves to read books about flowers and have multiple flower vases inside her room if given the opportunity to walk around the garden, she would happily accept it.

"Miss, can I ask you a question?" Carlos asked in a gentle tone of voice, trying to sound polite as much as possible. Even though Alexandra treated him as her friend, he can't help but be polite towards her although he was happy that the miss treats him like that. Alexandra hummed first before he responded as she slightly turned her head sideways, looking at him in the corner of her eyes for a moment before she looked ahead. "What is it?" Alexandra asked in a bubbly and gentle tone of voice, roaming her eyes around as they walked.

"What is your favorite flower?" Alexandra fell into deep thought as she thought about many flowers that she saw either in real-life or in the books that she read. That's a hard question especially that I'm amazed and loved each type of flower, she thought to herself and hummed, slightly pouting her lips as her eyebrows creased. She heaved a sigh before she spoke, "I love each type of flower but I think Rose is my most favorite one, its appearance is beautiful and attractive. The scent also smells sweet and it stands out especially when it's red. The second one is the Wistalia, its color is beautiful and it looks enchanting when it glows, it also looks beautiful when it doesn't glow, it looked somehow innocent and cute. The scent too is pretty enchanting and sweet," Alexandra explained, excitement and happiness lacing her voice.

Talking about her favorite and the things that she loves is making her excited especially when it's about flowers. Kind of like Christian when he talks about history. Carlos nodded his head repeatedly as he hummed, "I see. Well, most of the girls like Rose and your garden are filled with rose," Carlos muttered and Alexandra was able to hear it clearly. "But if you let me choose between a bouquet of rose and a table of desserts, I would pick the table of desserts," Alexandra suddenly said out of nowhere in a dead-pan voice. Carlos doesn't know if Alexandra was joking or if she was serious, so he just chuckled and said, "You really do like desserts, miss,"

"Nothing beats desserts and sweets especially cakes," Alexandra said as if she was proud or something. The sound of their footsteps resonated and echoed throughout the place as they fell silent, it was the only thing heard as they walked. Then as they walked, Alexandra spotted a boy with silver hair, his back looked really familiar and when she realized who it was, she called out to him.

"Brother Christian!" Alexandra ran towards her brother with a bright and glowing expression while emitting this bright and bubbly aura. The smile that was plastered on her face was a cheerful one. A smile crept up to Christian's lips when he saw Alexandra running towards him as he turned his head around. Carlos followed behind her, smiling at him and bowed when he arrived in front of them. "May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, Prince Christian," Carlos said as he bowed in a gentle and polite voice, trying to sound formal as much as possible.

Christian fully turned around and faced the two with a smile plastered on his face. "Good afternoon, Alexandra and Sir Carlos, are you heading towards the courtyard for the afternoon tea with father?" Christian asked in a gentle voice, his voice was smooth and silky, it sounds pleasing to the ears. Alexandra nodded and said, "Yes, you are also heading there, right?" Alexandra asked although she already knows what the answer is. Christian smiled at her and nodded, "Then let's go together," Christian said and they continued walking while Christian and Alexandra chatted with each other as they walked.

"By the way, brother," Alexandra whispered and went closer to him as they walked as if she wanted to talk about something private or doesn't want to be heard by the personal knights around them. "Yes?" Christian responded in a whisper because that's what Alexandra did. "Do you know where Prince Chandler trains and what time does he train alone, you know when Prince Calixander is not around him or when they are not together?" Alexandra whispered, although it was low and quite inaudible, Christian was able to hear and make out what Alexandra was trying to say to him.

"Brother Calixander would train at night since he goes out of his room during that time and returns sweaty and dirty but he would sometimes train in the morning and in the afternoon. It depends on his mood and schedule. Brother Chandler trains during this time, the whole afternoon and spends his evening studying in his room and not inside the library, probably because I am always there even during the evening but if not, I would be inside my room or in the study room. Brother Chandler would train in the morning either with brother Calixander or alone," Christian explained while thinking. And as if on cue, as soon as Christian finished speaking, they arrived at the courtyard.

The sight of their father sitting on the chair with a table filled with desserts and glasses of juice and a cup of tea along with a teapot and a pitcher greet their eyes. He was reading a book as he waited, that's the first time Alexandra saw him read while he was waiting. What is he reading? He seems so focused that he didn't notice—

"You're finally here," Alexandra's thoughts were interrupted because he suddenly spoke and closed his book. Never mind that, he actually knows that we're here already, Alexandra thought to herself. He placed down the book he was reading and looked at their direction with the same cold and piercing gaze and expressionless face yet Alexandra didn't shiver because of fear nor get afraid of him unlike the first time they met. Alexandra smiled widely and ran towards him, "Papa!"

Alexander didn't say anything and just stared at the girl who clung onto his leg with that same dumb yet friendly expression of hers. That's how Alexander described the expression that is always plastered on her face. Alexander grabbed Alexandra's waist and hoisted her up, making her let go of his leg and making her squeal in surprise. He placed her down on her seat beside him and Alexandra blinked multiple times, processing everything that just happened. Did he just lifted me up and placed me on my seat? Alexandra asked herself. That's new, she couldn't help but smile widely, and she doesn't know the reason why.

Christian walked towards a seat near Alexandra and sat on it looking at the desserts placed on the table. Carlos stood behind Alexandra. Alexandra looked down at the desserts served in front of them, her eyes sparkling and gleaming in happiness. The wonderful aroma it emits wafted to her nose and it made her mouth water. Alexandra started eating along with Christian while their father sips his tea.

The atmosphere surrounding them was bubbly and light, they talked about many things and laughed as they tell each other some funny things.


It took them an hour to finish their afternoon tea and currently, Alexandra and Christian are walking around the outsides of the palace while telling each other some things. "Hey, is the training grounds or something just near here?" Alexandra asked as she nudged his waist with her elbow. "Now that you've mentioned it, it's just a few minutes' walks from here to there," Christian said and roamed his eyes around as if he was looking for something. They left their personal knights telling them that they'll just walk around and not go far away.

But they are adventurous little kids who are reckless, especially Alexandra. "Would you like to go there, brother? It's okay if not, but I will go there alone to do some things," Christian already know what Alexandra wants to do but he doesn't know what she will do. Alexandra has taken account that Christian was a prince and doing such things like lying to their personal knights and making them worry because of their sudden disappearance will cause big trouble, Alexandra would also be scolded. Although Gilbert's personal knight was used to Prince Gilbert suddenly disappearing out of his sight, he knows where to find him. Alexandra is going to take action now since Prince Chandler also goes to the academy, so they will return after 4 days. Alexandra can't see them or meet them again for 2 months until the next vacation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/of-odds-and-favorites-(1)_42302999682410751">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/of-odds-and-favorites-(1)_42302999682410751</a> for visiting.

"Only a few minutes, right? I would like to go," Christian said with a determined tone of voice and Alexandra couldn't help but get worried even if she was the one who invited him. "Wouldn't your personal knight get angry or worried if they would suddenly decide to check or something?" Alexandra asked she would also be in trouble. "Can't I be reckless for a while? And I told you that I will help you when it comes to these things besides, it's not that far away," Christian reasoned and Alexandra heaved a sigh in defeat.

"Fine," Christian's smile grew wide and the expression that was plastered on his face grew brighter and became more cheerful and excited. He was radiating this bright and cheerful aura when he heard Alexandra's response, although Alexandra was younger and Christian was the big brother, it seems like he was the younger one. "Lead the way," Alexandra said as she smiled at him and stepped aside indicating for him to show the way. Christian happily nodded and started walking as Alexandra followed behind him.

The soles of their shoes left a mark on the snow as they walked and took a step, the sound of their footsteps were muffled but Alexandra could hear her feet crushing the pile of snow underneath her. Winter


It took them 10 minutes to arrive at that place and it was a big empty field surrounded with some sort of houses and chairs to rest on. "Is this the place where they train?" Alexandra asked, roaming her eyes around as they walked towards the behind of a house near them. There was Prince Chandler holding a wooden sword slashing it against the wind, imagining that there were enemies while casting some attacks and Alexandra gasped in amazement. Prince Chandler, even at that age, was pretty talented and strong. He was sweating and his clothes were drenched because of it, it showed that he was training for hours and didn't stop to take a rest.

I can't believe that Harrison battled against him and surrendered, was he really that strong? But he said that he knows what will the outcome of the battle? He didn't even tell me who will win if he surrendered. Geez, that guy is really mysterious, confusing, and secretive, she thought to herself, recalling her last conversation with Harrison. Alexandra continued to stare at Prince Chandler, watching his every moment while thinking on how to approach him. Come to think of it, what is his favorite thing? Alexandra asked herself and her eyes darted at Christian who was standing beside her, peeking his head out to check what Prince Chandler was doing.

Do Prince Chandler like sweets? I have macaroons with me and some chocolate since Diana gave me some earlier if I would stay longer in the palace and read some books with Christian and got hungry. Alexandra took out the macaroons and chocolates that were hiding inside the pocket of her dress and stared at it. It looked delicious and tasty. She knows that I easily get hungry even when I just ate and she is worried that I might be too shy to ask for some food. Diana is so thoughtful, Alexandra said to herself and looked at Christian once again.

She was about to ask him a question when she heard someone spoke behind them. That monotonous cold voice that rang inside their ears sounded familiar. "What are you doing here?" That voice was laced with hatred and disgust, she could feel his piercing gaze at her back. Crap, crap, she thought to herself when she realized the owner of the voice. Alexandra, slowly and slowly, turned her head around and met his cold gaze, he was having this expression on his face that seems like he was disgusted seeing Alexandra.

What are the odds of meeting him here?

Alexandra gulped and stared at Prince Calixander who was glaring at her.

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