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Chapter 29: Slowly (2)

Note: By the way, I added something in the last paragraph of the previous chapter.

Alexandra arrived back to her palace with her 'personal knight', her hand was being held by him as they walked towards Diana who was waiting by the door.

"May I know who is he, young miss?" Diana asked as she stared at the man who was with Alexandra when they came back. She was expecting her to return with Lysander but she returned with another knight and that's what making her wonder or confused. He even looks very familiar. The knight smiled at Diana and Alexandra scratched her cheek as she laughed awkwardly. "This is my personal knight, he was appointed by papa," She said and smiled at her.

Diana remained silent and looked at the man, her face says that she doesn't believe what the young miss said. Alexandra gulped and stared at her waiting for her to move or to speak. Carlos bowed, "Greetings, I am Carlos Ivanlyer, Miss Alexandra's personal knight appointed by the emperor starting from now. I will also live in the palace and I will move in at night just like what his highness said." He said politely as he bowed, a gentle smile plastered on his face. It seems like Diana has processed everything already and she spoke, "I-Is that so..?" Diana said.

She bowed in return, "Then let me introduce myself, I am Diana Marionette Florangel, the head maid of this palace. From the moment the young miss woke up, I have always been with her, I hope you treat her with utmost respect no matter what status she has or who she is whether you are her personal knight or not," Diana said while she remained her head low, sincerity and respect clear from her voice. It seems like she was giving a warning to the knight. Alexandra stared at the interaction of the two, it seems like Diana doesn't trust him that much.

Alexandra recalled the conversation earlier.


"It's for safety and at the same time, to observe her," He added. The knight nodded as a response and bowed, his bow directed to her and Alexandra just smiled at him, still processing what happened. This is way too fast than what I have expected, she thought to herself.

"I, Carlos Ivanlyer, swear to carry out my duties as a personal knight that you have given me, your highness," He said while he bowed, his right hand in front of his chest and the other hand behind him. He looked graceful and elegant as he did so. This is what knights usually after they are given a task, a mission, or something by the emperor himself. Alexander looked at the girl beside him waiting for her response.

"Then, I will be in your care, Carlos Ivanlyer," Alexandra replied with a smile on her face. "He will be the one will be with you when you come to this palace instead of Lysander and he will always be with you as a guard, starting from now, he will live at your palace. There are many vacant rooms there as far as I know," The emperor said with a bored look on his face while they attentively listen to him speak. Alexandra thought of how things will be starting from now, maybe there would be no maids that would be the one who will guard her, he will follow her around, and such.

"He will move in at your place during the night," He added. Well, he can teleport so it's just easy. "That is all," He finished.


"Certainly, I heard a few stories about you," The knight happily responded with a gentle smile on his face. He was much more different than Lysander who always have a blank expression on his face, he looked like a talkative and cheerful person but he was giving off an aura of a strong and powerful knight. If the emperor trusts him, he is no ordinary knight.

Alexandra doesn't anything about him, the only thing she knows was his name and that he is a Royal Knight because of the golden crest he wore just like Lysander.

"What stories?" Diana asked gently with a polite smile on her face but it was clear that she was curious. The knight just smiled at her, "It's just small and common ones, nothing big or such," He replied. Diana just remained silent and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear with an expression that says 'Is-That-So?' Alexandra watched the two talk with each other. This is how Diana is to strangers, she looked hostile even though she had a gentle and soft expression on her face. For her, what matters the most is the young miss.

"Oh, by the way, young miss. Your tutor has arrived and is waiting for you at the study room," Diana said and looked at Alexandra while smiling at her sweetly. Alexandra nodded as a response to what she said, "Okay. Then, I'll go meet him," She said and they went inside the palace.

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Alexandra and Carlos arrived infront of the door of the study room. It took them a while to get up here and Alexandra was afraid that her tutor must have been waiting that long and he might get impatient. This happened many times already but he always just smiled at her.

The doors were opened by Carlos and Alexandra went inside with the knight who closed the door behind him. "Good afternoon, Ferdinand. I'm sorry that you waited for me again," She politely said with a gentle smile plastered on her face as usual. Ferdinand turned his head and looked at her direction, the man behind her caught his attention and he was curious to know who he is. "Let me introduce this person behind me, He is Carlos, my personal knight. He will always be by my side but he won't disturb us," Alexandra said once she noticed the expression on his face. Ferdinand nodded and Alexandra walked towards the chair behind the desk and sat on it while Carlos followed her behind and stood still beside the desk.

He roamed his eyes around and noticed the knowledge-related things especially the map on the ceiling. There are bookshelves filled with books and a golden chandelier hanged in the middle of the room. The room gave off a vintage feeling and the ambiance was great for studying.

"Have you started to answer the sheet that I gave you 2 days ago?" Ferdinand asked and Alexandra nodded her head as an answer, "I'm almost done answering it," She added. "That's good, I hope you didn't have a hard time answering it, it's like a summary test from our previous discussions," Ferdinand said with a smile on his face. What he teaches is also what they taught at the academy although he add more details and easier to understand. "I had fun answering it but it was also hard," Alexandra responded.

Ferdinand just nodded and he started to teach her while Carlos listened to them.


After a straight 2 hours of studying, it finally ended.

"Then, we're done for today. I hope you will finish the work that I've given you, young miss," Ferdinand said after he closed the book and Alexandra stretched her arms. Ferdinand started to pack all of his things and placed it back inside the case he always carries. Alexandra tidies up her things and some were placed back inside the drawer. After a few minutes of tidying up, Ferdinand stood up smoothed out the wrinkles on his clothes. "I'll be taking my leave now, young miss. See you tomorrow. May the peace of Queenilia be with you," He said and bowed while Alexandra smiled at him. "Thank you for taking the time to tutor me," She replied back and stood up to bow also to show gratitude and respect. She raised her head and as usual, a smile was plastered on his face and he turned around, his back facing against her as he made his way towards the door. His light footsteps echoed inside the room as he walked towards the door, he swung it open and stepped outside and he closed the door behind him.

Alexandra sighed in relief. She took out the worksheet the tutor gave her and stared at it. "How old are you already, young miss?" Carlos suddenly asked out of nowhere startling her and almost making her jump out of her seat. Her senses as a child was to blame that's why she was easily startled. She had forgotten that Carlos was with her since he was very quiet and didn't speak while she was being tutored. "7, why do you ask?" Alexandra said and placed down the paper on top of the desk. She started to answer it with the use of a pen.

"It has been that long…" The knight muttered and Alexandra heard it yet she just ignored it. Alexandra continued to answer the paper, she needs to finish it now since it's going to be passed or Ferdinand will collect it tomorrow. At that moment, Mari knocked and entered the study room carrying a tray with a plate of cookies and a glass of juice on top. "Pardon me for the intrusion, young miss. I'm here to give you some cookies which I just baked," Mari said and placed the plate of cookies on top of the desks. Alexandra smiled at her, "Thank you, Mari!" She said and grabbed a warm cookie.

"You're welcome, young miss," She said sweetly and bowed before she turned around and left. The aroma of the cookies filled the room as Alexandra answered the paper. Carlos remained silent and decided to walk around the room looking at each one of the books which Alexandra didn't mind.


It was already night and Alexandra was finally alone in her bed. The knight probably went back to his place or something to get his things and move in the room at this palace. It was just near the stairs since the last floor was her whole room. Diana just recently left the room. Silence conquered the whole room and the moon's light lit half of the room.

She sighed and closed her eyes to hear his voice. "Oh, you look like you just went through a lot today," She opened her eyes and she was greeted by a familiar face of a boy, Alexandra looked at him with a deadpan expression. She was already used at him visiting late at night, nothing new. She sat up and sighed once again. "I got a personal knight today,"

"Wow, that's insane," He said with a shocked expression that seems like he was insulting her or trying to annoy her. Alexandra frowned, "Remove that expression from your face," She said. He just giggled and grinned at her, "Just kidding. Your room smells like flowers again," He replied and he somehow sniffed. Alexandra sat up and looked at him, "It always smells like flowers in here," She replied. Silence surrounded them after she spoke, honestly, why is he here? It's not like she hates his presence but she just doesn't know why he would come inside her room late at night.

"Why did you visit me?" She asked gently with a faint smile on her face and she grabbed her attention. "I'm bored," He shrugged as he answered. "Really?" She asked him.

"Yes, maybe," He replied nonchalantly and that made Alexandra furrow her eyebrows. Harrison noticed her expression and he combed his hair back, "I'm not going to do anything bad to you just like what I always say," He said, a solemn expression on his face. Alexandra's features soften, well, he's doing it for like almost 2 years already, why doubt at this time?

Alexandra just giggled and yawned right after. She was starting to get sleepy, "I'm going to sleep," She said and laid back down, pulling the comforter up, covering her body except for her head. Harrison just hummed and watched her close her eyes, "Goodnight, Harrison," She said and Harrison muttered something which was inaudible to her eyes because she was too sleepy. Without her knowledge, she was immediately pulled into a deep slumber.

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Hope you liked this chapter! Thank you for reading!

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