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78.3% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 80: Troubled (3)

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Chapter 80: Troubled (3)

Later that night.

After Alexandra ate her dinner, she did her usual thing. Go up to her room, take a bath, change clothes, comb hair, and lay down the bed as Diana will sing her a lullaby to make her sleep before she leaves the room. Although Diana's lullaby didn't work on her this time, she wasn't sleepy at all. This is bad especially for my health as a kid, she thought to herself and let out a sigh as she stared at the white ceiling of her room. Alexandra sat up her bed and roamed her eyes around, she removed the comforter placed on top of her as she got down her bed and slipped her feet to her slippers, gliding it against the floor as she heads towards her balcony door which was covered by the curtain.

She opened the curtains and pushed the door open, the cold wind immediately greeted her and caressed her bare skin which made her shiver no matter how thick her clothing is. December is about to end and New Year is getting near, only 2 days left before New Year and 3 days left before Harrison goes back to the academy. She thought about her small conversation with Christian about the academy earlier, he said that he might enter the academy next year. If he does so, then that means, she wouldn't have another person or friend to read with because all of her siblings would be at the academy.

Ahh, I feel so lonely even though I'm already used to it, Alexandra thought to herself and let out a sigh as she lifted her gaze, looking at the bright and shining moon which illuminated the place. She could see the Wistalia Trees glowing from here. No matter how badly she wants to leave and go to the lake, she can't because Carlos would probably be outside the door, guarding her room even though it was already night. But there are more dangerous and enemies lurking when it's night. I still haven't told Diana nor father about the unexpected encounter with the prince, not like my father would care but Diana would.

Alexandra can't remember his name, to be honest. She would probably just refer to him as Prince of the Luminaria Kingdom if they would meet once again if ever they would. Hopefully not because that would probably cause a ruckus or problem and Alexandra would tell Diana about how they met then she would probably scold Carlos. Alexandra remembered Carlos telling Diana that he would never remove his gaze away from Alexandra or something like that when they were about to walk outside during the night.

I hope I'm older so that I can go out with my own will, Alexandra thought to herself and let out a sigh once again. She looked at her right and spotted the flower which was the gift from Daisy and Yulli on the Winter Star, it still hasn't bloomed yet. I still haven't finished reading the books that I have borrowed but Christian said that I don't need to rush to return it, she thought to herself. Why are there no chairs in the balcony anyways?

She can't completely reach the railings of the balcony nor lean on top of it because of her height. The maximum height of the railings was just probably above her head or inches more.

Alexandra recalled what happened earlier with her brothers, I already know what to do with Prince Calixander but for Prince Chandler, I already gave him something which he would really like and his reaction was somehow, unexpected. Like he was blushing and averting his gaze, his voice was somehow different too. Rather from the cold and monotonous voice which also sounded annoyed, it became high and there was a hint of happiness in it but he was denying it or something.

"Even if you give this to me, my view and opinion about you still wouldn't change. I would ask someone to examine it if it's the real one and not a fake one which you created," His voice echoed inside her mind and she can still remember the expression he made. I wish he didn't say that with that slightly-flustered and happy look, he was in denial, probably. Alexandra groaned in frustration.

Somehow, Prince Chandler's reaction from earlier reminds me of a… Tsundere. Tsundere is a Japanese term for a character development process that depicts a person who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time. She probably encountered those types of people back when she was at the orphanage although she can't completely remember. Somehow, her memories when she was at the orphanage were somehow limited or she was having a hard time trying to remember those even if she spent like 5 years there. Probably the effects of living in this world for 7 years, she thought to herself.

Then a thought came inside her head, barging in and made her realize something.

Maybe Prince Chandler was actually like that. Based on his usual hostile and annoyed expression, sometimes angry, it would look like that he was naturally like that or something but when he's with Prince Calixander, he was somehow soft, warm, and quiet. That's probably because they were really close and probably allies of some sort but when he's with others like strangers and me, he's like a lion but when I gave him something he liked, he became soft and flustered but he was denying it by his words and his actions like averting his gaze or turning his head away from me, Alexandra thought to herself. There was a serious expression plastered on her face.

So that's why Christian said that his personality is confusing. Alexandra groaned and let out a sigh right after as her expression softened. But still, what should I do next? What should I give him? Should I give the things inside the room in the library to him? Well, Diana said that I could give it to him earlier morning, Alexandra thought to herself. Even with all of these thoughts and thinking, why am I still not sleepy?

"I was wondering where you were because you weren't in your bed," She heard a familiar voice coming from behind her and she yelped in shock. She whipped her head at the direction of where the voice came from, glaring at that person and just rolled her eyes. She didn't scold him for suddenly appearing inside of her room without warning because she knows that he wouldn't listen and follow her even if he apologized. "Good evening, Harrison," Was what Alexandra said before she returned her gaze back to the glowing trees.

"Why are you still awake?" Harrison asked, looking at her direction as he waited for her answer. "Oh, I'm still not sleepy and I don't know what the reason is. So many things happened today and I can't stop thinking about it," Alexandra in her gentle voice and looked up at the sky, watching the stars twinkle and shine brightly. Harrison just hummed as a response and walked towards her direction, standing still beside her. There was a distance of one meter between them.

"By the way, how did it go?" Harrison asked.

"What do you mean?" Alexandra asked and turned her head in his direction, looking at him. Her blue eyes met his red ones, there was a hint of boredom in his gaze and Alexandra's eyes sparkled as she stared at his mesmerizing eyes. "You know, the other princes which were also your brothers. Were you able to give it to Prince Chandler?" Oh, he was referring to the necklace, Alexandra thought to herself and nodded as an answer before she returned her gaze back to the sky.

"It went well, I gained this weird reaction from Prince Chandler though," Alexandra said and couldn't help but recall Prince Chandler's expression plastered on his face. "That guy's either annoying or confusing, he acts cold but he seems warm on the inside. I don't know, it's just my intuition since I never had a proper conversation with him, it would probably end up in an argument or a duel," Harrison simply said, his voice sounded bored yet annoyed at the same time. Alexandra giggled when she heard what he said and the cold breeze blew at their direction, making her shiver from the cold. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/troubled-(3)_42467618799536180">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/troubled-(3)_42467618799536180</a> for visiting.

Harrison stared at her, watching her shiver from the cold. He let out a sigh, "Honestly, my mana would always reduce when I'm with you," He said after he sighed earning a glance from Alexandra as she blinked multiple times, wondering what he meant by that. Slowly and slowly, she felt warm and it wasn't cold anymore and that's where she realized what he meant. He surrounded us with a barrier or something which shields us from the cold, how thoughtful of him, she grinned at him as she thought that to herself. That earned a glare from the boy when he saw the expression on Alexandra's face.

"You only have few days left…" Alexandra muttered and let out a sigh, stealing a glance from him to see his reaction but as usual, there was nothing but just boredom plastered on his face. "Why does it seems like I am going to die because of what you said?" Harrison said, eyebrows creased and that earned a laugh from Alexandra, her laugh was melodic and it rang inside his ears. "N-No, what I mean is that you only have a few days left before you go back to the academy," Alexandra said as her laughter calmed down, a smile was graced upon her lips and it looked sweet and gentle.

Harrison hummed, "Yeah, you're right. I don't want to go back yet, I would probably see those two idiots face," He was referring to his friends, Jerich and Luke. Alexandra recalled their meeting with his friends at the café when they went out of the palace together, she remembered the beautiful girl. She was extremely attractive and beautiful that when she entered the café, it grabbed everyone's attention making them gasp in awe because of the beauty she held even if she was a kid and older than me by 2 years. She remembered the smile she gave Alexandra, there was something behind it as if she knows who we are or something like that, it sent a chill down my spine, Alexandra thought to herself.

"What are you thinking?" Harrison asked when he noticed Alexandra suddenly becoming quiet. Alexandra snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Harrison, giving him a smile. "It's just that… the girl named Elise, the one I saw at the café and your classmate who you find mysterious or so," Alexandra started.

"What about her?" Harrison asked, his eyebrows slightly creased. Alexandra seems like she was bothered by Elise, it feels like she was giving her troubles when they still haven't talked yet. "She smiled at me," Harrison narrowed his eyes at her when he heard what she said. "She smiles at everyone she sees, dumbass," Was what Harrison said but Alexandra shook her head.

"Her smile was different, it feels like there was something in it. It seems like she knows who we are at that time, it sent a chill down my spine," Alexandra was sensitive to emotions and feelings of a person, she could immediately sense if that person is sad and Harrison knows that. For her to feel something like that when Elise smiled at her, was there something behind that smile? He thought to himself. He didn't see Elise smile at him because he was avoiding his gaze and just stared outside when that happened.

Harrison let out a sigh, "That's why I told you that she seems a mysterious person, it feels like she was hiding something," Harrison said and ruffled Alexandra's hair, making it messy in the process. She glared at him and smacked his hand which was placed on top of her head, "Don't," Was what she said but he just grinned mischievously at her. She rolled her eyes.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Sorry, I just updated today.

I was so busy with many things, I hope you all understand.

Thank you for reading this chapter and I hope you liked it!

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