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81.13% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 83: When Boredom Strikes (2)

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Chapter 83: When Boredom Strikes (2)

When boredom strikes like a meteorite.

Alexandra's afternoon was pretty much boring and plain. She was just inside her room, reading the books she borrowed from her father's palace. It was just like the afternoons she had before she met Harrison, her father, and her other brothers. It was silent but the silence which surrounded her wasn't comfortable nor relaxing at all, it was making her uneasy, bored, and annoyed. The maids are too busy preparing for the feast which we will have later and some of them might be outside the palace, roaming around the market and looking for fireworks, Alexandra thought to herself and let out a sigh as she slouched on her seat as if she was slowly melting to the floor.

I bet it would be crowded at the market, Alexandra thought to herself and slid off her couch, slumping down the cold floor and she laid her head down on top of the table, her right cheek was pressed against the glass table as she placed the book down the floor. She was looking at her balcony door and she can completely see what it was outside, I bet it would be cold. Ah, if Harrison could suddenly appear in front of my eyes, I would be happy, she thought to herself and closing her eyes, and hoped that Harrison would appear in front of her when she opened her eyes.

But there was no sight of him. She groaned as her eyebrows furrowed. Why does Harrison doesn't appear when I wanted him to do so? Alexandra thought to herself and just let out a sigh. Speaking of Harrison, where will he take me tomorrow? Alexandra recalled their conversation from yesterday night at the balcony.


[You can skip this part since I just copied it from the previous 2 chapters]

"By the way, at New Year's Eve, will you be busy?" Harrison asked. New Year's Eve would be tomorrow and what they would do is just eat and celebrate, it would be like a feast which would last for like 2-3 hours then the next day, it would be the first day of the year. "Well, it depends. The celebration would last for like 2 hours unlike the Celebration of the Winter Star which lasted for like 3-4 hours. It starts at 10 in the evening until 12, we would be doing some things like lighting fireworks and such just like what we did last year," Alexandra said. Harrison would always not be there during such celebrations because he doesn't want to, it would be such a bother. Well, it's not like he can celebrate with us this year and the next years because I already have a personal knight, Alexandra thought to herself and let out a sigh.

"That won't do, what about the next day in the evening?" Harrison asked and Alexandra's eyebrows creased and wondered why he was asking that, nevertheless, she still answered his question. "I'm free at that time, why are you asking that?" Alexandra asked as she turned her head in his direction to look at him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/when-boredom-strikes-(2)_42535367630449517">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/when-boredom-strikes-(2)_42535367630449517</a> for visiting.

"Make sure, you're free at that time. I'm going to take you somewhere," Harrison simply said. Alexandra's eyes widened for a moment before it sparkled and gleamed, she looks excited when she heard what he said. "Really? Where are you taking me?" She said, her voice filled with excitement as she spoke. Harrison turned his head at her direction and showed a grin before he spoke, "I won't tell you,"

"Ehh," Alexandra said and looked at him with doubtful eyes. "You're not taking me to somewhere dangerous, aren't you?" She said as her eyebrows were creased while looking at him, doubt written all over her face. "You really don't trust me that much, aren't you?" Harrison replied back and acted like he was hurt. Alexandra just gave him the stink-eye before she looked away and stared at the moon up in the night sky, glowing and shining. He let out a sigh before he spoke in his usual tone of voice, "Just somewhere which you would like. You should be back in your room at 7 P.M, tell your maid that you want to eat early and rest," Although Alexandra felt doubtful, she still nodded indicating that she will do what she was asked to do.


It was killing her as she was thinking about where he would take him, probably at the market? But why would he ask me to be back in my room at 7 in the evening which was pretty much an hour early for my usual bedtime? He could just ask me to be back at the afternoon and be free at that period of time if he's just going to take me to the market, Alexandra thought to herself and let out a groan once again. So the chance of him taking me to the market is pretty much low because of those reasons, then where would he take me? She asked herself as her forehead became creased, she was making this unexplainable expression as she was thinking.

"Is he going to abduct me and throw me into somewhere?" She asked herself and recalled that Harrison told her that he will not do that to her, I don't know if he was being a gentleman, a kind person, or what, Alexandra thought to herself and she slowly stood up from her position and walked towards the direction of her bed, she was feeling sleepy and even though it would not be comfortable to sleep with this dress on, nobody can stop her.

She took off her shoes and stretched her arms first before she threw her body towards the bed, bouncing off multiple times for a moment before she settles down and sunk deeper into the bed. The softness and warmth of the mattress slowly engulfed her whole body as her eyelids became heavy, her eyelids slowly and slowly closed as darkness swallowed her whole vision and before she knew it, she fell asleep.


"Nice… meet… name…" There was a slightly blurred face of a boy but Alexandra was able to see that he was smiling at her. There was a hint of familiarity and resemblance from his smile and tone of voice. Alexandra was sure that she had seen it before but she doesn't know where. Aside from that, is she inside a dream? Then she can move around freely, right?


When she tried to move her hands, nothing happened. It was like she was inside a body which was not hers. It seems like she was watching a movie because of it. The boy spoke once again but it was quite inaudible and not clear to Alexandra's ears. Alexandra's furrowed her eyebrows and she closed her eyes, trying to understand what the boy was trying to say but her efforts were wasted and she just let out a sigh before she opened her eyes to see that she was in another place, there was some sort of bonfire near them and she was with the boy. Somehow, she felt uneasy as she stared at the slightly-blurred face of the boy, she can't tell what expression he was making but she felt like crying.

The boy opened his mouth once again to speak and Alexandra couldn't understand anything at all. Her heart was thumping like crazy as if it was on a race, she felt uneasy, afraid, and desperate. The boy turned his back against her and started walking towards the fire and she could hear the body she was in shouting, screaming, and calling out to the boy's name. She, too, can't help it. She was glued on her spot and she doesn't know what to do, she wants to run but she can't, there was something stopping her as if she was being pulled into the ground. She knows that this wasn't her body but why does she want to call out for the boy, wanting to tell him to stop walking.

She blinked and the next time she opened her eyes, the boy already vanished and the flames grew big.


"STOP!" She yelled, her eyes jolted open as she sat up from her position. She blinked multiple times as she looked around the place and realized that she was in her room. She was breathing heavily and she was clutching her fists tightly, the nails that were digging into the skin of her palm felt painful yet she doesn't want to loosen it up, she was sweating, and her heart was beating furiously. It was like she was panting as if she ran a marathon when all she did was sleep and dream about something terrible.

What was that dream? Why does it feel so vivid? Why does it seem like it was familiar to me? She asked herself as she tried to calm herself down. She felt weak and recalled the dream. It was like a memory, it felt familiar as if she already experienced it before. The emotions and the feelings that she felt during that dream tells her that it wasn't just a normal dream. It was more like a memory but whose? She thought to herself and there was a stinging pain in her head which made her winced as she clenched her fists tighter, not afraid that it might bleed or something if she continues to do so.

She shook her head and tried to forget about the dream earlier, she looked at the balcony door and saw that it was already dark, her eyebrows knitted with one another. As if on cue, she heard a knock on the door and a voice coming from the outside. "Miss Alexandra? Are you there?" Carlos' voice sounded worried, it seems like Carlos has been calling out to her since earlier and Alexandra looked at the clock of her room with a confused expression and her eyes widened when she realized what time it was.

It was already 7 in the evening, she has been sleeping that long, no wonder Carlos got worried. Alexandra immediately got up her bed and wore her shoes which were thrown off into somewhere around the room as she ran towards the door of her room, hearing another knock and Carlos' voice once again. "Miss Alexandra?" Alexandra arrived in front of her door and before she held the knob, she fixed her dress, smoothening out the crease on her clothes. It was probably because she moved around a lot when she was sleeping. "Wait, just a moment!" She said as she was still fixing her hair and make herself look presentable.

She held the cold knob of the door and twisted it as she swung the door open. Alexandra emerged out of the door and Carlos greeted her with a smile on his face, "What were you doing inside, miss? Were you sleeping? If you are, I'm sorry for bothering you," Carlos said, his tone of voice changed into an apologetic or pleading one at the end where he was saying sorry to Alexandra. Alexandra just gave him a smile before she shook her head, "No, no, it's okay, really. I woke up a few minutes before you knocked into the door. Don't worry about it," Alexandra said and Carlos let out a sigh of relief.

In fact, she was thankful that Carlos called out to her or else she will not realize that it was already 7 in the evening and there are only a few hours left before their feasts start. Alexandra could imagine the food on the table that will be prepared by the maids.

"I see then, shall we go downstairs now? Diana and the others must have been waiting for you, we are planning to play some games and we don't want you to be left behind," Carlos said as he smiled at Alexandra. His voice sounded gentle and sweet as he spoke to her and Alexandra nodded her head as a response before she started walking, heading towards the stairs to go down to the living room of the palace where Diana and the other maids are.

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