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48.11% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 48: Winter Star (3)

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Chapter 48: Winter Star (3)

After they finished eating, Alexandra and Christian decided to take a stroll around the garden which wasn't blanketed with white snow because of the gardener's magic. They admired the flowers and stated some random facts about it which made them rather lively and energetic. "Don't you know that the story or book Flower Child that was written by Augustria Merrilyn was actually inspired by the flowers in her garden which were all roses?" Christian suddenly said out of the blue when he saw a rose. Alexandra couldn't help but giggle when he said another random fact, "Is the book a good one? I would like to read it if I have time," Alexandra replied and Christian nodded, "It's really good though it's quite deep especially the ending. We have a copy of that book in our library in case you want to read it," Christian responded.

"I see," Alexandra said and she nodded multiple times. These two are inside their own worlds as they walked, Carlos and Gabriel can't even relate to them since they know nothing about it. What should they talk about? How flowers can be made into swords which is an impossible thing to happen but at the same time possible if there's a skilled person who is also skilled in terms of magic. "Daisies are beautiful and attractive even they looked rather simple," Alexandra suddenly said when she saw a daisy which looked very enchanting and attractive. A sweet and gentle smile crept up her face as she stared at the flower, she wants to pluck it out but it's too beautiful, it would be better to just take care of it in the garden. In that way, it wouldn't wither nor die.

Christian stopped in his tracks and looked at the flower Alexandra is staring at, he looked at Alexandra and his eyes widened while he was in daze as he stared at Alexandra, a woman who looked mature and taller than Alexandra was right behind her but she looked so much than her, however, her long hair was a beautiful color of yellow, it looked bright and soft. Her eyes were ash-grey yet it still looked beautiful and her skin was pale. Her posture and expression were the same as Alexandra's as she stared or looked at the same direction as hers and he blinked his eyes, she disappeared without a trace. Was it an illusion? He asked himself and blinked multiple times hoping to see the lady once again.

Alexandra turned her head and looked at him, her head slightly tilted as she stared at him. She was wondering and asking herself why he had that shocked expression on? As if he had seen a ghost but at the same, he saw something unbelievable. He was staring behind her and Alexandra looked behind to see if there was something but she saw nothing. She turned her head around and their eyes met, "What is it, brother? Why do you have that expression on? Did you see something?" Alexandra asked, her eyebrows slightly knitted. Christian snapped out of his thoughts and returned back to reality, "W-What? It's nothing, I just thought I saw something," Christian said and shook his head. His expression back to normal, a gentle smile plastered on his face and his gaze gentle and warm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/winter-star-(3)_41743272565067782">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/winter-star-(3)_41743272565067782</a> for visiting.

"O-Okay…" Alexandra said and they continued walking. Christian decided to forget what he saw earlier and thought that he must be tired from reading or he was lacking from sleep that's why he saw that. However, what he didn't know that, he took a glimpse of what Alexandra looked like in her previous life. A great resemblance of her mother at her past life and at the same time their mother now.


It was already 4 o'clock and it's almost evening. Christian decided to go back to his palace to take a bath and change his clothes because it was dirty since he suddenly tripped while they were running around the garden. "Then, I will see later," Christian said as he waved his hand at her to bid goodbye. Alexandra waved her hand goodbye as she smiled at him, "Goodbye. See you later, brother," Alexandra replied and Christian smiled back before he turned around and started walking. Gabriel bowed at them first before he turned around and followed Christian.

After they completely disappeared from their sight, Alexandra heaved a sigh before he turned around just to be greeted by Carlos who was smiling at her widely. "You had fun today, Miss Alexandra," Carlos suddenly said and Alexandra just smiled at him, "Isn't it obvious?" Alexandra said and giggled shortly after. "That's good, you looked stressed for the past few days. You are still a child but you will get wrinkles if you continue to sigh. You might look like an old woman even if you are just 10 years old," Carlos said and Alexandra felt the urge to hit him. Is that an insult or a piece of advice? Shouldn't he threaten himself or hurt himself? No, just kidding. I know Carlos is just joking, she thought to herself.

"Thank you for worrying," Alexandra said and she continued walking. She wants to take a bath right now, they did so many things like plucking out the flowers in the garden, running around, and such. She made her way towards the courtyard of the palace which she just learned of a month ago while she was wandering around. There she found Diana walking around after she just finished sweeping, "Diana!" She called out to her and grabbed her attention. Diana turned her head around and looked at the female who called out to her. A smile crept up her face and she walked towards Alexandra's direction, "What are you doing here, young miss? Where's Prince Christian? Did he go back to their palace?" Diana started to attack her with questions when she didn't saw Christian around her.

Alexandra laughed awkwardly, "Brother went back to their palace since his clothes got dirty while we were running around," She said and Diana's mouth shaped into an 'O'. "I see, then, what are you doing here, young miss? It's unusual for you to come here," Diana asked in a gentle tone of voice as she bent down to her eye level. "Are you busy?" Alexandra replied with a question.

Diana shook her head, "No, young miss," She said and Alexandra smiled widely at her. "Then, help me take a bath, please," Alexandra asked as she clung her hand unto her arm and asked her with a cute face, she's not that comfortable if the other maids will bathe hear instead of Diana. Diana, upon hearing her, giggled, "Of course, young miss," Diana replied and she ruffled Alexandra's hair after. Alexandra's face beamed with joy and her smile became wider as she heard Diana's reply. "Yay! Thank you, Diana," Alexandra said.

Diana just smiled sweetly at her, "It's a pleasure, young miss," Diana said as she smiled. Diana is already used to it, helping Alexandra bathe for like 2 (or more) times a day, depending on what she did. Whenever Alexandra takes a bath and she is there to help her, they talk about so many things as Alexandra played with the soap bubbles or play with the rubber duck as it floated in the bathtub. No matter how smart or intelligent the young miss is, she is still a child and needs help at some things as she grows.


After taking a bath, Alexandra went out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe as they head towards her walk-in closet. Their sight was greeted by multiple clothes mostly dresses as they entered the walk-in closet, everywhere she laid her eyes on are different types of clothes. Diana took out one of the dresses that was hanged and walked towards Alexandra carrying it.

Diana helped her as she changed her clothes and she also tied her hair but it's not that fancy or elegant, it's just a simple ponytail tied with the use of a ribbon that is the same color of her dress, red. As they head out of the walk-in closet Diana suddenly spoke almost startling Alexandra, "By the way, young miss, when we get down there and Prince Christian already arrived, we will start our celebration of the Winter Star," Diana said and Alexandra stopped in her tracks as her eyes darted at her bed where her gifts are hidden underneath. "You go down first. I will go down with Carlos, I just need to do something," Alexandra said and Diana stopped in her tracks, she looked at Alexandra who was smiling at her. She heaved a sigh, "Okay but please don't take that long, Prince Christian might be there already," Diana said before she continued walking and opened the door as she heads out of the room. She closed the door behind her and Alexandra ran towards her be and looked underneath as she pulled out all of her gifts inside the bags already wrapped.

There are so many and Alexandra might need assistance. She walked towards her door and opened it, her eyes looked for Carlos and she was just beside her door on standby. "Carlos, I need help," Alexandra said with pleading eyes and a gentle tone of voice as she spoke. Carlos nodded and smiled at her, Alexandra stepped aside and waited for Carlos to enter. "You see, I asked someone to buy me gifts for the Winter Star and there are so many of it, it's really heavy. I need help for carrying those," Alexandra said as she pointed at the bags with gifts inside that was placed on top of her bed.

"Who?" Carlos asked he was curious at who bought the gifts since she knows that Alexandra didn't talk to anyone aside from the maids, him, her brothers, her father, and some personal knights for the past few days. "A friend of mine," Alexandra simply said and Carlos knitted his eyebrows, the miss has a friend aside from the people I know? That's new to me, Carlos thought to himself and just stopped the urge to ask any more questions for it may look rude or he may be prying to her private life or something. If the miss didn't mention his or her name then that means she doesn't want to tell him who it is.

"I see. Where should I carry these too, Miss Alexandra?" Carlos asked as he stared at the bags of gifts. "To the living room since that is where the exchanging of gifts happen and we have a feast at the dining room," Alexandra replied and Carlos nodded as a response before he held out his hand, making the gifts float in the air with the use of magic. In that way, they do not need to carry anything. Magic is really useful, Alexandra thought to herself as she watched the gifts float in mid-air and carried with the use of magic as Carlos started to walk. The gifts followed them behind as they went out of the room and down the stairs towards the living room.

Upon arriving, they entered the room and Carlos gently placed down the gifts just beside the tree decorated with many things which were just set up a few days ago and decorated just earlier. Its towering height loomed over her and a star which was placed on the very top shined very brightly. The tree was decorated with many glowing things and it looked very enchanting and attractive. It is like a Christmas tree but more enchanting and beautiful. At the exact moment, Diana suddenly entered the room carrying bags of gifts in her hand and was confused to see Alexandra here along with Carlos placing down gifts either beside the other gifts or underneath the tree.

"From whom are those gifts, young miss?" Diana suddenly asked and Alexandra was startled by the sudden voice. "E-Eh? From me," Alexandra replied and continued placing down the gifts. "But how did you bought those? You aren't even allowed to go outside of the palace. Carlos has always been with you and didn't go out to buy," Diana asked, her eyebrows knitted and confusion written all over her face as she watched her place down the last gift. "I asked a friend of mine and gave him a list of what to buy," Alexandra said. That was half-true and half-not.

"What about the money?"

"Uhh… We shared..? Anyway, is brother already there? I want to see him," Alexandra said quickly changing the topic, so Diana wouldn't ask further. Diana nodded, "Yes, he just arrived and these are his gifts. How thoughtful of him, he even bought us maids gifts even though we really don't know each other that much and he is a person with high status," Diana said and smiled sweetly. Alexandra heaved a sigh of relief and she smiled at Diana.

"Then, I will be going to see him now," Alexandra said in a gentle tone of voice and hurriedly rushed out of the room while Carlos followed her behind as they head towards the dining room. She was thankful that Diana didn't ask further or she might reveal or tell her the truth and she will be scolded because of it. The reason was acceptable or reasonable since Diana knows who is the friend she is talking about and they are really close with one another, Diana also trusts him.

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