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49.05% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 49: Winter Star (4)

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Chapter 49: Winter Star (4)

An hour earlier.

Harrison stared at the towering height that was looming over him that seemed intimidating. The darkness can't fight against the bright lights that were placed on each corner of the place and seemed like it was holding an awesome party and at the same time a ball. It was bright and the atmosphere of the place is rather lively. Multiple people came down from their carriages wearing formal attire, either a dress, a gown, a suit, or something like that. Some of them are with a knight or a guard. Harrison stood still as his gaze bore on the academy which looked like a huge palace. He was wearing a suit, well, he was forced to by his 'friends', Jerich and Luke. He was carrying two paper bags in his one hand, each one are for the two.

If only making a replica of myself doesn't consume that much mana, I have done it earlier, he thought to himself. A sudden voice interrupted his thoughts and gain his attention, he slightly tilted his head and looked at the person at the corner of his eyes. "You're here early, are you excited?" Luke asked with a cheeky grin plastered on his face. He was wearing a suit, almost the same as Harrison but he was wearing a bow tie. Behind him is Jerich, a gentle smile plastered on his face. "No, I just got here," Harrison responded in a bored tone of voice.

"By the way, where are our gifts?" Luke asked still grinning, Harrison wanted to smack down his head but held back. Harrison just ignored him and walked towards the entrance of the academy, he held out the crest placed inside his pocket and let it be scanned by a machine which is called a scanner. The gates immediately opened for him and he was able to enter, Luke and Jerich did the same thing and they entered. They caught up to Harrison who was walking quietly, "Do you hate parties?" Jerich suddenly asked.

"Very much," Harrison answered. Jerich just nodded as he muttered, "I see…" They decided to teleport to the ballroom of the academy since it is rather far and they don't look like they are exhausted or tired from walking when they arrive. Seconds passed and they arrived in front of the door along with some other students who also decided to just teleport, the guards who were on standing beside the door opened it for them. The blinding light greeted their sight and they closed their eyes for a moment and blinked multiple times, adjusting to the light.

"It seems like I'm in paradise because of the lights," Luke suddenly commented as he groaned, he was still adjusting his sight to the blinding lights of the place. The noise, the ambiance, the people, the place looked really lively and people are having fun even though it still hasn't officially started. Unfamiliar faces surrounded him and he wants to immediately leave the place.

As Harrison and his friends entered, multiple pairs of eyes looked at their direction, some were glaring and some had hearts in their eyes. That's because they are one of the good-looking people in their classes.

"Who's that kid with crimson eyes? He looks very beautiful, it's just the first time I see him. What class is he in?" He heard someone murmur. Harrison couldn't help but to feel proud, I will tell the idiot about this, he thought to himself. Even Alexandra admitted that he looked very enchanting and good-looking, she was attracted to his crimson eyes that looked deep and fascinating.

"That's a kid, you stupid! He's just 9 years old and is 3 years younger than you, don't you know him?" If they only know what Harrison's real age is. But honestly, he doesn't look like he was 2 years older than his age (The usual appearance or looks of the people in this world) nor he looked like he was a kid. Was it the aura he held that made it seemed like he is way older than his age?

"Then what about the boys along with him?" Well, Luke and Jerich looked very good-looking and beautiful too.

"They are the same age,"

He heard a groan coming from the girl who talked about them. At the exact moment, the door opened and silence surrounded the room as they looked to see who entered, the glorious aura they held, the clothes they are wearing, and the expressions that are plastered on their faces all screamed royalty. They are also with their knights. As expected from the emperor's sons and the princes of the empire, they looked glorious and fascinating as always. They are like the princes from fairy tales which came out from the book. However, the cold expression they held was the same as their father's, their gaze was piercing except for Gilbert who looked annoyed. Murmurs and whispers filled the room as they stared at the people who just entered, some were about the compliments of their looks, some were about their identity or the rumors which circulated around them, and some were just nothing.

If Alexandra removed the smile on her face and held a serious or blank expression on, she would look like her brothers or her father. Unfortunately, her identity as a member of the Everly Bloodline was still concealed or not revealed, it may cause an uproar and she might receive insults coming from the citizens itself. They need to find the right timing and gain the trust of the priests of the church and other wizards.

Harrison met eyes with Prince Chandler, he was from the other class or section but they were on the same grade. He fought with him once and Harrison decided to admit defeat or surrender, he doesn't like to waste his mana when he knows what the outcome of the battle. However, Prince Chandler misunderstood it and thought Harrison was afraid of him. Harrison was known as one of the skilled students because he was able to do a complicated tier 3 spell which no one was able to do and knowing that he surrendered to the Prince means that he was afraid or he feared his power which also means that the prince is stronger than him but that wasn't the case.

Chandler showed a smirk before he averted his gaze and continued walking. Harrison was ticked off him but he was controlling his self. Moments later, after the princes entered, another one entered. She looked bright and enchanting, a gentle smile was plastered on her face as she walked, her red dress caught everyone's attention. It looked beautiful and it suited her. Some strands of her hair above her ear were tied back into a braid, it slightly swayed or bounced as she walked. Her golden eyes looked fascinating, bright, warm, and attractive, it caught everyone's attention. The gem-like appearance is held attracted everyone. Harrison held a serious expression on as he stared at her, she was the mysterious woman he told Alexandra. She looked simple but her beauty was on par of a goddess along with the aura she held. It was intoxicating, the more you stare, the more you get drawn in. Can't believe that she's still a kid yet she held a powerful aura even with that simple look of hers, what more if she grew up and truly becomes a lady?

She is Elise Clarissa Greenwood, a mysterious person who was born in a low-class noble family yet was able to enter the academy even though she displayed such weak powers or magic. Harrison was curious about her and what made the headmaster accept her in this academy?

And at the exact moment, the lights suddenly turned off, startling everyone making them yelp or shriek in shock. There was a spotlight pointed at a person on the stage, it was the headmaster wearing a suit. He looked old but not that old and he held a powerful aura indicating that he's strong even though he is already old. Everyone's eyes darted at the stage and they stared at the headmaster who held a gentle yet serious expression on her face, he cleared his throat first before he spoke, "A wonderful evening for you all and welcome. I am Dreyfus, the headmaster of this academy. I am happy to see everyone here today. I will not make my speech any longer, let's celebrate the winter star together tonight and I hope you will have fun at our party. Once again, I am Dreyfus, the headmaster of the academy, and I hereby welcome you all!"

Everyone cheered and they could see the relief that is written all over the headmaster's face after he spoke. He hates speeches and he gets straight to the point, no fancy words and such. Everything became bright as the lights were turned on, the headmaster wasn't standing on the stage anymore when Harrison looked. The party officially started, some started eating, some were just chatting with their friends, and some started dancing on the dance floor. "I'm hungry, I'll just get something to eat. The food looks yummy and smells wonderful," Luke said and he turned around, he started walking towards the buffet table with a grin on his face as if he was about to invade a territory and conquer everything. Jerich turned his head and faced him, he was silent as usual and held a calm expression on his face. Unlike Luke who is very loud, lively, and cheerful, Jerich was the calm and gentle one who doesn't like to talk or butt in with conversations. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/winter-star-(4)_41767311245372795">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/winter-star-(4)_41767311245372795</a> for visiting.

They are like polar opposites and Harrison wondered why they get along and why was he with them. He remembered that they were the ones who first approached him, it was the time where he fought Luke and Jerich in a battle for one of their subjects and they were defeated. Jerich was the reckless and powerful one, he would charge-in without any plan while Luke was weak but he was incredibly fast. He would always have a plan inside his mind, that's why Harrison somehow had a hard time fighting him because he was trying to be careful not to unleash that much mana or use that much.

"I'll just go with Luke, I'm also hungry. Can I leave you here?" Jerich asked in a gentle tone of voice. "Yeah, sure," Harrison responded as he nodded. Jerich, after hearing his response, walked towards Luke who was eating near the buffet table with a delighted expression like he was very satisfied with the food.

I'll just give them the gifts later but first, I need to find a way of sneaking out the party, Harrison said and he looked around. As he looked around, two girls approached him carrying a paper bag and they looked like they were arguing. They arrived in front of Harrison still arguing and it gained his attention.

"No, he will accept mine!" The plain-looking girl said, she shouted at the girl beside her.

"We are the same age and in the same class, we are even seatmates once, so he will accept mine! He will fall in love with me because of the gift I bought him rather than yours that looked cheap and plain!" Harrison squinted his eyes as he watched them argue. I don't even know who you are, how will I fall in love with you? He said inside his mind, still watching the girls arguing and was about to leave when they called out to him in unison. Why are kids feisty these days?

Harrison turned his head around slightly and looked at them. They handed out the paper bags they were holding and Harrison stared at it without saying any word, "Please accept this!" They both said once again. Harrison completely turned around and he smiled at them, a smile which showed gratitude as he took the paper bags from their hands. The girls looked very delighted as if they were in heaven, "Thank you, I will cherish this," He said as he smiled before he turned around and started walking. He could hear the squeals they made as he walked but he just ignored it.

When he noticed that no one was looking at him, he set up an illusion barrier, he burned the gifts that were given to him and it immediately disappeared, there were no ashes left behind. I don't need such things, he thought to himself. The smile completely disappeared from his face and he had a dark expression on. When he was near the two, his features made a bored expression. The barrier which surrounded him disappeared.

When he arrived in front of them, he handed out the paper bags with their gifts inside. At first, they were confused and wondered what were those. "Are there bombs inside?" Luke asked and took a peek inside but didn't see anything aside from darkness. Jerich smiled at him, "Thank you for the gift," He said and took the paper bag that was handed to him. Luke realized what it was after he heard what Jerich said and he immediately snatched the paper bag from his hands, he opened it and took a peek inside. When he knew what was inside, he grinned widely at Harrison and punched him in the stomach which made Harrison let out a groan because of the pain. "What a way to say thank you," He said.

"Nice gift and thank you, here's mine!" Luke said and gave Harrison his gift. Jerich gave him his gift too but in a quiet manner, unlike Luke. Harrison accepted it but unlike the gifts that were given to him by the girls earlier, he just held it and didn't burn it. "Are you not hungry?" Jerich asked and Harrison shook his head as a response.

Silence suddenly surrounded them as the two stared behind Harrison. Luke had a cheeky grin on his face and Jerich was smiling, which made Harrison wonder what was behind him and he turned around. His crimson eyes met her bright golden ones, a seraphic smile plastered on her face and Harrison looked at her in a boring way yet he couldn't help but wonder why she was standing in front of him and what does she want. "What is it?" Harrison asked. Elise was standing in front of him.

"Ah… Eh… Umm...." She couldn't find the right words to say as she averted her gaze. She wondered why her feet brought her to him and she gulped, "C-Could you be my d-dance partner tonight? I-I would also l-like to get along w-with you because w-we are seatmates," She stuttered multiple times as she fidgeted with the sides of her dress while she averted her gaze, she looked very shy and pure. Aren't boys should be the one who would first approach? Luke said inside his mind as he watched the scene unfold. The weak yet beautiful girl standing in front of their friend who always looked bored and is the strongest in their class, it was a brave and courageous act knowing what Harrison would answer. However what came out of Harrison's mouth shocked his friends and Elise gasped, her face beaming with joy.


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