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100% Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy / Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Procrastinating time

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Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Procrastinating time

Gu Yan dreamt about the first day when she went to Wen's family. At that time, she was a little scared, but a handsome boy held her hand, which eased her nervousness a little.

"My name is Wen Yunfeng. What's your name?" The little boy asked her kindly and was quite happy to have a partner in the future.

"I am Gu Yan." She was still a little frightened because it was the first time that she came to such an unfamiliar place. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Don't be afraid. I am here and I will protect you." The little boy pledged in all sincerity and seriousness.

"Okay." She was no longer frightened because of his words.

Seeing that Gu Yan muttered something all the time during the fever, Manla sighed with helpless.

During her fever, Gu Yan didn't know why she recalled her childhood.

She recovered after two days.

Gu Yan wanted to set a date with Wen Yunfeng to go to Marriage Registry to divorce. She didn't understand why he always procrastinated time and what he really wanted to do. But what Gu Yan wanted was to get divorced as soon as possible.

Besides, Gu Yan had reached a consensus with Xiao Han in the decoration of Xiao Han's house. Fortunately, Wen Yunfeng had arranged her to work at a relatively large-scale interior design company as an intern, during which time she had the opportunity to know those experienced workers.

With time passing by, Gu Yan couldn't stand Wen Yunfeng's procrastination any more, so she called him again.

"When are we going to Marriage Registry to divorce?" Gu Yan asked bluntly.

"What are you worried about? You, an idle person, have nothing to do now, but I am busy with a company." Wen Yunfeng said sarcastically.

"Who put me out of work? You dare to say this. We go to divorce quickly since I don't want to have any relationship with you." Gu Yan was extremely angry.

"No one knows our relationship. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that Mo Yichen will not marry you? But you can only be a mistress, so it doesn't matter whether you divorce or not. Are you concerned about the bad reputation? But do you have a good reputation?" Wen Yunfeng did procrastinate time because he didn't want Gu Yan to live a happy life.

"You…" Gu Yan didn't want to go on talking with him. She would wait a few days. If he kept procrastinating, she wouldn't mind going to Wen's company to find him. And now she had nothing to fear.

Mo Group

Wu Gang handed a file bag to Mo Yichen, who was sitting in his office and reading documents.

Mo Yichen glimpsed the file bag and took it.

He opened the file bag and was attracted by the words "Divorce Agreement" on the document. He looked through the agreement and then threw it aside. The agreement fell on the ground.

Wu Gang picked it up and also saw the words. Then he understood what it was and looked through the agreement secretly.

"Wen Yunfeng was really heartless. He divorced his wife without giving her anything." Wu Gang was very ashamed of this man.

"She is no longer his wife." Mo Yichen said coldly since he was unhappy for hearing the word "wife".

"Did Mr. Mo know that he was really jealous? Even I thought that he was jealous of Wen Yunfeng." Wu Gang thought.

"I asked you to arrange Gu Yan to work in our company. Have you done it?" Mo Yichen suddenly asked.

"Yes, Human Resources Department is going to call Miss Gu in a few days." Wu Gang replied and thought Mo Yichen really did a good job, who arranged Gu Yan to go into our company as soon as he forced Wen Yunfeng to divorce her.

"In a few days? Why is Human Resources Department so inefficient?" Mo Yichen was a little dissatisfied.

"It's me who asked them to call Miss Gu in a few days, so that it won't arouse her suspicion." Wu Gang wanted to applaud for his own carefulness.

Wu Gang saw that Mo Yichen paid attention to his documents again, and went out.

Wen's family

After receiving the message that urged him to go to Marriage Registry with Gu Yan to divorce as soon as possible, Wen Yunfeng threw the phone on the sofa angrily.

He had a grudge about his divorce. Originally, this was the matter between him and Gu Yan. However, Mo Yichen made use of the cooperation between the two companies to threaten him to divorce, which made him annoyed.

He had signed the divorce agreement with Gu Yan as Mo Yichen required. What else did Mo Yichen want?

Grandma Wen went downstairs and then saw Wen Yunfeng was very angry.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Was there anything wrong with the company again?

"Nothing." Wen Yunfeng didn't want his grandma to know more.

"Did you go to Marriage Registry to divorce that woman?" Grandma Wen suddenly thought of it and asked.

Hearing this, Wen Yunfeng was angrier. Why was everyone urging him?

"Grandma, I have my own plan." Wen Yunfeng still didn't want his grandma to be involved in this matter.

"Haven't you gone yet?" Grandma Wen didn't understand what was he thinking about. Why was it so difficult for him to divorce?

Wen Yunfeng kept silent.

"Divorce her quickly. Do you plan to give up the company? Is it worth to give up the company just for such a woman? Think about it!" Grandma Wen said angrily.

"I know, grandma. I know what to do. Don't worry. I go upstairs." Wen Yunfeng didn't want to stay in the living room to hear such words. He would like to go upstairs and be alone.

"Alas! You are even not obedient to my words. I don't understand what her attraction is. She seduced man outside, but you are still thinking about her." Grandma Wen thought, "Why is Yunfeng attracted by that bitch? There were so many excellent girls. I would introduce the granddaughter of my friend to him another day. Only girls like her was qualified to be the daughter-in-law of Wen's family."

When Wen Yunfeng walked past the room where Gu Yan lived before, he paused a while and then went on to his room.

He sat on his bed, and opened the drawer of the bedside table.

There was the sapphire necklace named Love of Sky & Sea. Wen Yunfeng remembered that when the designer showed him the drawing of this necklace two years ago, Gu Yan's look appeared in his heart. He ordered it when he heard from the designer that the meaning of this necklace was eternal love.

Since the sapphire used to make this necklace was very rare, two years had passed before he received the message that the necklace had been made. However, everything had changed.

"Eternal love?" Wen Yunfeng touched the necklace and muttered.

At that time, he deliberately asked Gu Yan to take the necklace from the jewelry store, and then let her send it to the hotel personally. He just wanted her to know how ironic the necklace was and how ridiculous he was at that time.

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