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Chapter 4: Music Empire

[Don't go my lovely, i still want to look at your adorable face longer. Oh honey, i wish i could tell you how much i adore you. But i can't, i can't OCD to much or else my points will be deducted. I forget, this is not my point . Ha..ha..ha] lia thought as jay left.

"host, you're getting creepy "

"shut up, don't read my mind " lia exclaimed

" host, there is a side mission "

" what side mission ? why do i have to do it ? i have lots of point " Lia grinned

" but.. host... we have to do it... or else your point will be deducted by the end of this world mission" the lovely system stuttered

" alright, i will do it. What is the mission about ? " Lia consoled his adorable system.

" Today side mission is Showing off to the step sister "

" System check the whereabouts of the female protagonist and the male lead " lia smile evily and started to think about how to do the mission.

" okay host, i the amazing system will check it now.. wait for few minutes"

five minutes later

" host, the female lead and male lead are now on the way to The Imperial Mall "

" Imperial Mall ? isn't that my husband mall ?" lia grinned

" it's not host, The one who owned it is John the male lead. But your husband is the investor of the Mall. So, if your husband pull out his investment, the mall probably will lose a lot of money " the system explained

When Lia heard it, she smirked ,[ i got a perfect plan !!!,].


Lia arrived at the Imperial Mall. She walked into a high fashion clothing store and she looked at her Black Unlimited Credit Card and grinned. She was planning to shop first and later will wait until the Female Lead arrived. But, before she was going to have fun shopping. Her cute system interupted her fun time.

" Host ... This is bad... Your step sister is coming toward us ... host... hide " the system is panicking.

" Why should i hide. Why must i be affraid of her.... This is perfect. Lets show off to her and finished the mission."

" But host .... You couldn't OCD to much or else your point will be deducted"

" So What ? i still have lots of point " she tease her lovable system.

" Host... wu... wu... wuu... don't be like that. thats my accumulated point for one billion years. Host is bad." the system felt disappointed at her host.

" Don't be such a cry baby, it will be fine. I won't OCD, cause i have a plan." lia consoled her cute system.

" the Female Lead is coming in 1. 2. 3. 4. 5".

As soon as the female lead, Rose, Lia Step Sister arrived she said " isn't this my failure step sister. why are you here? this clothing shop is for high class and rich people. You aren't fit to be here.

then she pointed at the shop employee and ordered " hey, you come here. Trow this waste step sister of mine out of this mall "

the employe can only nod and do what she told. Cause she know that the woman in front of her is the fiance of the owner of this mall.

" host... Lets get out of here. Away from your mean step sister" the system panicked

[ Why are you affraid of her, just watch i will teach her a lesson. i also need to do the mission.]

" What... are you .... doing ... " lia acted very scared.

[ system, called my husband and let him hear how the shop attendant treat me ]

" Don't trow me out. i have money. really. i'm not lying... " lia beg the shop attended.

" Don't listen to her. Just look at her clothes. she is not wearing any branded clothes. It must be cheap and second hand clothes " Rose said sarcastically.

[ this woman is bad at her head, not every clothes that don't have any brand is cheap. My clothes is a limited edition clothes from Italy that my husband gave me. The designer only made clothes for powerfull peoples.]

" Why are you doing this. i am also your sister. it is not fair. don't do this to me."

Lia fell as if rose is the one that pushed her. The shop attendants feel sorry for her, but nobody will help her out.

Rose got very confused because she did not pushed her step sister to hard. But she shrug it off, the waste deserved it anyway.

" You're not my sister. A waste like you want to became my sister ? Dreams on !" Rose said sarcastically

" My father had already taken you out from our family register. You're not a sonata anymore. You're just a waste who can't even play music and have zero music force".


Meanwhile, at the Jay office, the handsome man is frowning as he heard all of it. He is worried if his angel is alright. Jay then told his secratary to canceled the schedule for today.

" But sir, you have an important meeting 30 minutes later " jay secretary is panicking.

Jay glared at his secretary and said angrly " do you want to be fired!!! "

Jay secretary felt like crying [ why do i have to work for this overbearing CEO ]

" Prepare the car " jay said coldly

[ how dare they bullied my woman !!! i have to go to my darling. Please be fine my angel, wait for me ]

While on the road, jay felt that the car weren't fast enough. " What are you doing !!! Can't you drive faster ! "

Jay secretary stuttered and said " But ... Sir .. It is the maximum speed that is allowed. If ... we... went faster, the police ... will caught us."

Jay glared at his useless secreatary and said coldly " Get out !!!!"

Jay secretary was in disbelieved when his own boss that he painstacaly work for kick him out of the car.

Jay speed up and finally arrived at the mall. He got out of his car and run frantically to the shop his beloved are in.

So, when he finnaly arrived at the shop, he saw the scene where his beloved woman was just about to be slap by some woman. He is furious.


[ host .. your husband arrived. in five . four. three. two... one....]

Lia smirk, while sobbing hard. " dont..... hit me.... "

[ host ... is scary ] the system thought

The Female Lead still hasn't realized that there was a angry man behind her and when rose hand was going to slap Lia. A big hand appeared holding rose hand and stopping it before it reached Lia cheek.

[ what a handsome man, what am i thinking. i already have john. ] Rose thought.

" what are you doing !!! you disgusting woman " jay yelled and slapped rose.

Rose cried while angryly shouting to jay " You dare to slapped me ! i will tell on papa, and my beloved fiance."

From the corner of rose eyes she saw his fiance coming toward her. She started crying and acted pitiful toward john.

" Honey, he slapped me and bullied me" Rose hug and sob to her fiance.

John was angry and shouted " Who was it that dare to harm my woman ??! ".

nobody answered and John souted again " Who was it that dare to harm my fiance ??!!! "

Jay squinted his eyes when looking at the confidence man in front of him. It was his cousin and the crush of his beloved woman.

[Looks like I have to teach him a lesson. ] Jay thought.

Rose pointed at Jay and said" That is him honey !! The guy who has slapped me " Rose said haughtily

And when John turn his head and saw that the one his beloved fiance pointing is his overbearing cousin of his.

He panicking and regretting what he said now. His cousin is so rich and powerful, that he has to beg for investment on this mall and several other project that he has.

" co.. couuuu.... cousin... what are you doing here?" john stuttered.

" What am i doing here ?! " Jay frown in displeasure at his dumb cousin of his. If not because of what i have promised to my father that i would take care of my cousin until he is succesful. I won't even glanced at him.

" I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding , right honey? " john spoke to Rose.

" but, honey . they hurt me " Rose still haven't realized the situation and still tought that his fiance is powerful and don't have anything to be affraid of.

john frown at his stupid fiance of his. "it is a misunderstanding , you should apologize to my cousin honey" john pincted and forced of a smile at his honey.

" But honey,, " rose winched in pained.

" Apologize now, later i will buy you a limited edition bag" John wishpered to his fiance.

Rose was tempted by the limited edition bag and nodded to John.

" Sorry, i apologize " when rose said this she glared at the woman behind the cold handsome man. [ it is all her fault ]

Jay frown and said " it's not me who you should apologize ! "

Rose bit her lips and glanced at his fiance and hope that she wouldn't have to apologize to his waste step sister .

John said to her sofly " Do it. and I'll buy you three limited edition bag "

" Sorry, i apologize " Rose gritted her teeth when she said that.

" Its .. ok... okayy... " Lia stuttered and hid behind jay

" My fiance already apologize and now it's not a misunderstanding anymore. Bye cousin ! " John then hold her fiance and hurriedly leave the store.

" Did i say you could leave ?!! " Jay said coldly.

Two minutes later Jay secretary arrived with a short breath. Running with all his might to catched up to his boss.

Jay said to his secretary in a loud voice so that John will hear it.

" Pull out all of our investment from the Imperial Mall !! " [how dare you bullied my woman. this will teach you a lesson]

[It dawn upon him that his cousin is really angry at him. He lost million of dollars just because of a woman. He bear a grudge but has to bear this down. He swear that he will get revenge ] John thought.


Jay then carried Lia out of the mall and put her to his car. He put a sealtbelt, kiss her hair and said " My love, Just look at your crush. He doesn't care about you. So you should forget about him. And only love me, your husband is more awsome than he is. Don't even dare to love other. you're mine !!! " Jay said possessively.

Jay drove back to their lovely home while a certain secretary is mourning inside. [ sob.. sob... his boss forget about me again ].

Jay and Lia arrived at their home. And Jay said " darling, i have to get back to work, Love you " He kissed her and left.

"host... host... how did you do that" the system asked his awsome host.

" is the side mission completed ?" Lia asked.

" The side mission of Showing off to the step sister is completed, we got 500 point host. " The system is happy.

" he...hee. heee. . I'm sure my sister is regreting now. My husband is more awsome than her. " Lia grinned .

Lia is happy not because of the measly point that she got. But because of how sweet her handsome husband of hers when he was protecting her. She still couldn't get enough of his charming husband. Lia started to dose off dreaming.

[A certain system is angry again because his host keep forgetting him as long as his host started thinking of her husband.]

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