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Chapter 2: Chapter 2:"Intense Showdown"

Byaton stood on the grassy terrains, covered by the tree's shadows of the night hours, behind Kiyamo, as he is puzzled be these unknown individuals of black cloth, who seemed to desire him for a unknown reason. Kiyamo took out his dusk katana, , as he then turns his head slightly to the boy.

"...Get yourself some cover and stay back, i'll deal with them..." 

Byaton looks around to see the available cover."Hmm, by the giant plant, correct?"

(Was it not obvious?) Kiyamo thinks to himself in disbelief. "Yes!!, just take cover, NOW." His tone came abrasive.

Byaton, proceeded to look for a cover to hide, seeing a thick tree from a few meters to his side and rushes to it and hides. Yet he kept questioning on his mind about the circumstance he was on, especially by the individuals. The boy keeps deducting  the lacking assumptions, looking from behind the tree trunk.

The wolf glares in full focused and steady stance towards these four figures, who then took out some weapons of differents sizes and capability, most of them at least. The front tainter did not took out his weapon for the moment. But Kiyamo was sure they weren't going to leave, given of who he was dealing with.

The clothed figure on front shouted with wide smile. "Come my friends deal with him and show what you've got!!~." He points towards the wolf, as the other three clothed figure of different  sizes and weapons proceeded forward to Kiyamo, as combat was about to get started.

The giant figure approached and swung his heavy axe,but  kiyamo does a front flip and evades its blow, as the impact cleave the ground. 

Upon landing, another of them launch themself in rapid silence at him, taking out their wrist blade from their obscure sleeve and proceeded to strike with it. Kiyamo reacts and blocks the dagger pierce,which worked but the figure follows-up with another blow of the other dagger from the other sleeve, a cheap strike. Kiyamo then moves his face from eing cutter, and he then grabs the figure hands, turning to throw the figure away to the air.


In his side of vision, another figure came at him, with long pole. And Kiyamo turns and block the lance strike.But the figure thrusted his lance pointy cylinder triangle  at rapid repetition, each thrust coming close contact of piercing his fur skin, but he deflected each thrust by the clashing its blade by the tip, remaining in unflinched focus, while the figure pushed him back. 

Delfecting of both clashing weapons, Kiyamo deflected one strike that left the figure flinched, it was the now his chance. Kiyamo steps quickly closer to the figure and a knee strike to its abdomne, which stunned the figure. And taking another shot, he thrusted a direct kick at the figure, sending it to the ground.

From behind, the big figure came and swung its heavy axe, but Kiyamo moves away and evades the strike by close meters from the cutting edge. He quickly moves and swing his balde, cutting the iron pole, destroying its handle. And he also kicks the figure's covered knee, leaving the big figure to be stunned in crouched position. And the wolf pulls back with tighten fist and sends a punch towards the figure face, launching it to the ground.

The tainter with wristblade runs at him from behind, however, Kiyamo heard the steps and turn his blade to its other side, turning around and striking a blow by the blade's handle to figure clothed face, flinching her movement and attack. The canine quickly swung a kick and hitted the figure, launchung them to the ground.

Then,another figured approached and thrusted its lance. Kiyamo move away and evade it but also grab and then pull the lance and tainter to him, striking by the knee the lancer's chest with strong force, sending the figure to the ground much like the others, disarming it from the weapon that which Kiyamo threw away

 They weren't not much of being a hassle to him, they were mostly tedious. He was experience in combat fields or scenarios of this alike, so handling himself was something he could do, but this as different, there was another life in danger beside his.

Kiyamo looks around, the clothed members were stunned and defeated to the ground at the moment, but there was one of them misssing, the one with the smile. Suddenly, the sound of a tree falling was heard afar. Gazing the origins of the sound, he saw the missing figure with scythe, who proceed to chased away the young boy, who ran from him, both rushing further the forest.

"I'm gonna have so much FUN!!."The figure shouts while they went away.

Now he needed to act, the boy was really in danger now, all of this because of a somple tactic of distraction, which he damn himself for falling. But he needed to act, and Kiyamo goes to the run and pursuit to save the boy.

But suddenly, he felt the tension of his sense as he ran, incoming dnager of which he leaps back. And the giant figure came crashing down the ground in front of him, striking with its own weight and might. Thanks to the highten senses of his.

But another one came from thin air, A tainter of dagger rushed to him, and Kiyamo proceed to guard. However, it leaps before striking and went above him, slinging daggers covered in fire, which he tried to block as well, but received cuts to his hand while he did, including some pinching burns.

The other tainter of lance runs to him, as he activated the lance's spinning drill-like tip and thrusted its tange to Kiyamo's chest, as the wind formed around it like a wielded tornado. Kiyamo spins away, evading the drilling blow pass by his attire, as the figure keep moving forward by the acceleration and grave mistake. And Kiyamo prepared a swing from his kick, sending it swift blow, hitting the figures back, pushing it further forward, maming it fall in its face.

But in despite the effort, The three members stands up and gathered closer around Kiyamo, cornering him in the center. It just wasn't going to finished them easily, was he?. He glares with intensity of concentration to his thought and surroundings, as he needed to save the boy, but would have to handle the minions of him, as likley the choice of neccesary procedure was the method to complete both of these obstacle...

Meanwhile within the many trees, Byaton was running away from the figure with smile who chased him with its long sharp weapon. Though  his expression remain unchanged, his senses werein tension and pumping adrenaline, something if which seemed bizzare. The boy looks back and sees it getting closer so he tries to increase his velocity, as given the deduction of its action, there was apparent hostility, and agression.

"Come here, come here, you aren't gonna escape ol'd jack within here~" The figure spoke with rhythmic tone.

The clothed person was getting more and more closer, and so did the boy heard it, which he tried to increase his movement but it did not work. The figure was getting closer regardless, it was even was reaching his back,  and then the figure once close lifted his weapon and swung it fro the thrill of exciting terror of the bo

A slash managed to cut  the hoodie that covered byaton's head, exposing his pair of robotic ears and slick falling hair. The figure was caught surprised by this, but it was a god thing for him, sense he did,g have to make a bloody mess from his organs, if he had any. The figure swung their scythe again in direct blow to the boys back, taking the oppurtinut of easy kill.

Suddenly, swungin his slash, byaton white shoes burst out flaring blue combustion, propelling him away from the scythe ranve and its wielder.

The blue flaring combustion from his shoes made him hover on air, providing better movement and acceleration than before. However, he was having little issues of control and balance, as he tried to keep himself from not falling, but managed to do so for a while, at least to get away.Byaton however, was questioned of surprise to discover this, he did not even knew he had just capability, but its seems its convenience became of necessary utility. He looks behind from the figure in distances and hovers away to the woods.

"Oh wow,you want to be that resistance of you capture, well let me one up your game, little bot!!" The clothed guy proceeds forward and further to catch that android of small surprises…

After a while, Byaton continues his hover running through the many trees aimlessly, moving at swift pace while he tries to maintain his balance. He turns his head back and sees the figure was absent, which meant he managed to get away from his view, at least for the present moment. Now he needed to know how to stop the combusted fire coming from his shoes, which made him hover. Byaton tries and steers his feet forward, which worked, slowly decrease his acceleration and velocity, causing the burst of combustion subsiding its size of flare.  Until its subsided completely, which cause him to fall down and lose balance as he step down on the terrains. Fortunately, Byaton managed to regain his balance of standing,

"...", Byaton lookis around, not much was present beside the view of the natural organic life, and the absolute silence.

"What should be next course of action?" asked himself.

Byaton took a moment, calculating the factors of these circumstances and determining the possible solutions of each outcome. 

"I were to return...

1. I could get back with the wolf who already handle the other unknown individuals.=(20%)

2. Get caught by the figure who chase me.=(60%)

3. Intervene in the confrontation of both Kiyamo and the other figures=(20%).Likely to be or not be caught."

"The stronger option would be the second, as the figure could still be roaming to find me." Byaton deduce to certain outcome.

"However, if he were to stay...

1.I would get caught by the figure anyways.=(60%)

2.Kiyamo would have return and dealt with the figures.=(20%)

3.All of the figures would have managed to capture me.=(20%)"

"It seems that the conclusion is to be the same as well" Byaton came to the truth of he would likely be capture regardless if he return or stay, at least unless there is no interference from Kiyamo part, which could not determined at the moment.

However as he analyses the calculation of his deductions, a shout was heard from upwards.

"You won't escape me lil' boy!!"

"...!!"Byaton looks upward.

A radiating crescent beam was sends to his trajectory. Byatons quickly ducks from the radiated beam, and later heards the sound of another tree falling, as he sees the figure when he looks up, holding the sharp,long weapon of radiating colour edge to its shoulder while approaching him.

"Now, little young bot, be nice and come with me so i can take you to a nice place that's our base so you can make my job easier"

Byatons tries to run to his left, however,another beam projectiles was sent directly in front of him, which surprise and got him falling to the ground.

The figure tilts its index finger "Tss, tss tss, can you just come with me and the others?, is not too much to ask you know?." The figure extended its hand.

Byaton stands up."..." His expression remain focused yet stern in denial.

The figure looks down and sigh."Oh well, guess i better make you come with us by force, or by slices~" He holds his scythe in both hands. "Cuz that gonna make it a lot easier!!"

The figure rushes towards the android, as he raises his scyther for strike at Byaton. In the moment however, a shadowy figure dashes from the wood and to in front of the figure, meeting by their clashed of metals, as the impact echoes, both pushing each other away. 

The big silhouette was standing in front of him, it was Kiyamo. He stands on guard with blade in hand, as his breathing was fast and hollow, as he also had these dark pattern of line mark's on his face, below his eyes. Kiyamo gazes towards the figure with intense narrow focus yet silent, while the clothed figure looks to the canine and chuckles with his smile.

"Wow, bravo mutt, you sure are a tough handful despite being overwhelmed, guess that's  explain your rank in the federation."

"But come now, lay down that sharp stick of yours and let me take the android so we can end this in a peaceful manner." He looks at the canine, who's attire was covered in small cuts and dirt, as well as his fur body."Beside you look a little rough there..."

""I WILL NOT handle the boy to you, Jackal, let alone your group, you floosishn scum"He tighten his grip.

"But you do know that the boy is a android, right?"


"Don't tell me you didn't know as well?"


The figure chuckles hysterically."Oh wow, that intuition of yours is pretty bad, but anyways, your not going to cooperate right?"

"As if i'm going to..."

"Of course..." He turns his back to him."Your the type the type that hold your ground despite all, a endurance of soul and mind, you can say, but wonder how you developed such thing of which-" 

As he turns around again, the wolf thrusted a straight kick at him. The figure quickly block it with his pole, as he was sent further away by the push and he tried to regains his balance, which he did, and managed to stand up. He looks at Kiyamo.

"You sure do not hesitation,quite rude of you for not letting finish, But fine, have your way~"

Jackal held its scythe in both hands.

Jackal then runs and swung his scyther at Kiyamo, yet the canine blocks with his blade,  clashing again. But Kiyamo proceeds with a follow-up slash, the figure evades such by leaping back, as he spins rapidly  with his weapon by the air, sending some beam slices to the wolf. Of course, Kiyamo moves away from the projectiles, as he goes towards the figure who landed to the ground. The figure does the same and rushes at him, preparing to swing his scythe as Kiyamo prepared his blade. They continue to clashed their weapons,as the pounding of metal echoes around. However, the figure rotates rapidly to another swung, as he then spun further like a giro seesaw, striking a spinning blow to the wolf's, who holded a guarding stance. And Kiyamo resisted the pressure of the constant radiating rotationso 

he pushes forward from the strike hard enough, launching the figure back in retreat. 

But Jackal continues, rushing at him while lifting his scythe to attack, as Kiyamo prepares for blocking. However in the moment of striking, the figure move his scyther backwards, in vertical rotation, hitting a blow from below by the pole tips.But Kiyamo lifted his face that was almost gonna be struck by that trick strike. From, steadfast blow, he swung another  kick, hitting him to its arm side and launch him to the ground. 

The figure launched away tried and taps his feet and palms to the ground and tried to regain his balance, which he did, sliding the ground in crouching position. However this was  short, as Kiyamo runs at high speed and sends him another direct kick, yet the figure blocks it with his scythe's pole, while he was launched rolling away even more. 

Jackal tried to regain balance, yet as he slides the terrain,  the wolf came and sent a punch at as he rolled, which was to hit its face, quite a blunt precision. The clothed figure pulled his head down,evading the punch ,as he regained and jump upwards on the height. In the air, he then pushed himself by the winds gust and launches himself in rotation towards the canine. Who hop forward from the spinning strike and scythe, of which cleaved the ground upon impact, lifting dirt.

"This is really quite a work out huh?, i'm sweating with sweet adrenaline!!",the figure pulled its weapon out of the ground and turns around. "But this ends now my friend liberator..." 

In the view from behind, byaton's came by and stand to watch in distance, yet close by.

"And i'm gonna make this fairly quick, starting with you!!" The figure spins and directs his swung to behind.Sending a projectile at him.

A beam spinning slash was sent to Byaton, forming itself to a radiating ring. Quickly, Kiyamo rushed to his direction and passed by the tainter, uncaring for the figure. The slash came closer and closer, Byaton had no time to react by the projectile sent his way given the abrupt action, the glow was more and more brighter, the slash got bigger closer to his lenses, it movement not stopping…

And then it struck...

Not at him however, rather, a hologram of a forcefield, of which took the hit and projectile. The force field of circular shaped surrounded him, containing him inside. Byaton looked around it, puzzled as to what was happening. It subsided on its own, as a shine from his chest glimmer, like a spark, of which also disappear. Kiyamo was a few meter in front of him standing with still confusion as to what he just did that save him.

"Are you serious after all i went through to do this shit?!!"Shouting was heard.

The both of them turned and saw the figure bickering to himself, or someone present, but giving the posture, it was likely to be a signal transmission, used by transmitter.

"Sheesh, well thanks but this better be good , and i better get a good payment"He bickers more."Alright, see ya on the base buddy..." the figure stops talking and turns to the two of them, Kiyamo  approaches and Byaton followed.

"It seems that fortune is on your side, because im gonna have leave you here, i gotta handle some inconveniences with my leader..."

The other members, who were beaten by Kiyamo approached Jackal from the shadows.

"Oh, There you all are, you did a terrible job today, but it does not matter, we gotta go to the my partner" The members nodded in silence.

"Guess that i'm only the one that's not mute, but anyways your got lucky tonight mutt, hope we meet again mutt..."

The figure then took out a small sphere device, as well as the other members, and extended their hand and pressed a button on its surface.

"See ya later and have a terrible goodnight~" 

This then activated it and send them in holography light that engulfed their group of tainter, that transported and disappear from the scene. Leaving Kiyamo and Byaton to be the only one's alone.

Kiyamo saves his blade back to its sheath and turns to byaton, who approaches. 

"Are you alright?"Kiyamo asked.

"Affirmative, what about you? You seemed to be rather injured."

He fixes his coat."I'm well, just with scratches."

"I see…"

Suddenly, Kiyamo walks in front of Byaton and took his big paw hands to the boy's cheeks, swiping his finger with claw, later as turning the droid's head from left to right, inspecting both parts machinery and of a humain. Kiyamo move his muzzle around face, hair and neck,smelling a odd scent, a fresh metallic scent combine with another one to be... unreal...so to speak. Byaton however felt such a odd sensorial touch of his nose meating his skin, confused as to why he felt it, but was more confused to the wolf's action. 

"What are you doing" He asked, but Kiyamo seemed to concentrated on the inspection.

After a few short minutes, Kiyamo stops and analyzes what he sense from him.

"...So...you are indeed a android."Kiyamo concludes to himself and  look to him.

"Affirmative...however i did not know that you were not already aware of it."

"Well given that you look mostly like a humain and that cloth covered your "parts", I just assumed you were."

"Oh, then i must apologize for unintended misinformation."

"Don't apologize, it's alright..." But he realizes the details."But i do find it rather concerning..."

"Huh?,What do mean?", byaton asked.

Kiyamo turns away from him."I can't tell if its just me or something else, but even if you are a robotic,your smell seems to be...different..."

"I do not understand what do you mean by the statement, can you explain?"

"Hmm..."Kiyamo tries to think of a metaphor of which to describe, but nothing came in mind, as the scent was bizarre.

"Forget it, it's not important..."He was a little doubtful but gave it the benefit of the doubt.

Kiyamo looks to his wrist and to the device for a short minutes, as he was looking for the location of his base, as he was going to cancel the original task, given the circumstances. And he then took does a call from the small transmitter on his ear. He then turns and goes   to talk with himself or someone, by the usage of the attached transmitter, taking a while in his talking. While Byaton heard closely.

"Alright, i'll be on my way..." Kiyamo deactivate the transmitter, ending the call, as he turns to Byaton.

 "Anyways, we should get going back to look at your case further."

"Go back where?" Byaton asked.

"To my ship, of course."

"What's a "ship" exactly?"

"Well...In this case... it's a big vehicle that specializes on aerobatic travel through sky and mostly space. "

"A machinery that especiales on transportation through sky and mostly space..." Byaton repeated while looking down.


"But what is "spacea"?"

"Look up..." Kiyamo tilts his head upward, signaling to byaton, who followed and look up.

"You see the obscure sky with little white dots?"


"Thats space, is similar to the sky but  ore expanded."

"Hmmm..." Byaton gained a odd knowledge about this "space"

Kiyamo turns around."Anyways let's get going..."

The wolf  kneels down, as his back face the boy. Byaton didn't know what he was doing and standed there motionless.

"What wrong?"Kiyamo turns to him.

"What are you doing?" Byaton asked.

"I'm going to give you ride on my back "

"A Ride?"

"Yes, as in a what you called a "piggyback" ride."

"What's a piggy back ride?"

Kiyamo was getting annoyed by his lack of knowledge, and try to make him understand. "Byaton lay forward on my back."


"Just do it."

Byaton lays his chest and body to Kiyamo wide back, of which could be the same height of Byaton's hole body size.

"Now put your arms around my neck"

Byaton tries to locate his neck, given that his hair was on the way of his view, but he manages to locate it. He then wraps his hand around his neck.

"Like this?"

"Mhhm, now let me just..." The wolf then extends his arm behind him and grips Byaton legs, as he then stands up slowly while holding the boy on his back. He adjusted himself and Byaton, getting a better grip at overall body.

"So is this what you called a piggyback ride?"

"Yes, is gonna be much quicker to take you travel like this, now hold on tight."

The android grips on Kiyamo's neck, far too much in fact, Kiyamo felt like he was being strangled.

"NOT TOO MUCH!!", he shouts.

Byaton loosen his grip by Kiyamo's aggression.

"My apologies."

He tilts his head and  throat ,as he shrug it off to continue. "Let's just get going..."

Kiyamo then leaps upward to the tree branches, landing in one of them. He then proceed forward to another branch by another tree, continuing on leaping, maintaining momentum. Heading back to their destination.

Byaton was rather puzzled about just who was "Kiyamo", especially to his characteristics of fur creature with odd attire. However he was more puzzled about something, the recollection of his whereabouts of which he had awoken, a chamber, within the obscure sturdy surface, within a place in the top of the organic environment....

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