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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: "Simple interaction"

Helding the android on his back, Kiyamo keeps constantly leaping on the tree's branches, going towards their next destination. The gusts of air passed through Byaton's fabric of dark hair, alongside the wolf's mane that was getting slightly on his face. Though it didn't bother him that much, its texture was softly puffed, bringing a warmth to Byston by close presence and touch.

The moment was silent between these two, as the sound of the branches being moved by Kiyamo's paws was ever present by each leap and the scenery was abundant of plant life exposed by the gloom illumination of the night time. No other sound could be heard.

Byaton his head forward to the wolf shoulder. "What is this environment?" and glances at him.

"If you mean by where are we, we are valley of Eporal, the nest of creaturias and where the climates is clear." Kiyamo answers, keeping his gaze forward.

Byaton tilts his head."Nest of creuturias?"

"You...don't know what creaturias?"Kiyamo eyes turns to the android.

Byaton's tilts his head left to right in denial, answering his question.

" I assume so..."Kiyamo thinks of a simple explanation to use. "They are primal beast and creatures around here of which hunt, roam and stay around in nature, just like where we are passing by."

"Is that correct?"The android gathers new data and wants more. "Then how many are they?"

"Hmm, between 50 or 75 from what i can recall, at least."

"That is a large quantity, but you stated that they roam, hunt and stay in many environments, why?"

"To survive." Kiyamp spoke bluntly." They have their natural needs, they are primitive."

"What do you mean by primitive?"

"They act upon their impulsion in order to satisfy the basic needs of water, food, and shelter, much like my kind and humain-kind, yet our needs are far different than theirs.."

"So it is a fundamental component of survival..."Byaton understood a little. "But, what do they do to meet those necessary needs?".

"That's complicated..."Kiyamo was stunned by the broad question, y."But from the most part they have certains similarities." He answers.

"Can you explain further?"

Kiyamo was puzzled by his curiosity."Why do you even want to know more?"

"To gain new data about the whereabouts of which am in,and what things exist here."

Kiyamo was left surprise."That's...a reason.." his direct answer was almost honest.

He then explains in short precise summarize such needs to him. The water is mostly the same for every creaturias, unlike food, which can be either from meat and flesh from others like them, plants and fruits from the natural life or a combination of both, depending on the environment and the specie-types themself. Then it would be the shelter, which was much more simple, given that any place from river, mountains, forest and even caves can be used for their shelter, yet again it depends from the species and its environment, some were capable of handling temperatures, others were able to swim in aquatic surfaces, and so forth.

Kiyamo adds "There is also their biology, but i lack knowledge at such subject, so i'll stop here." he finishes.

Byato gazes down, recollecting the new data about the creaturias species."I never knew such specimen existed."

"Well you seemed to lack overall knowledge in many things…"Kiyamo speaks, yet he rebuttal internally that this android did not know mostly everything.

Byaton recollects his time roaming around, finding a statement hole "But its seems stranges, why did i not encounter on my way them?"

"You are metal and circuits, not meat and flesh."

"Oh, right." Byaton nods.

"However, doesn't stop you from being attacked, creaturias are known to be aggressive at these hours",Kiyamo explains and he continues. "And if you have stayed there for a while longer in such place,you could have suffer a much...worse outcome..."

Kiyamo stays silent, as well as Byaton who was processing the data tolled by him. 

"Yet...it did not happened, surprisingly." Kiyamo's tone was in slight disbelief. "It's a good thing i found you before that happened and I can return you back to your irresponsible owner that left you here." he state with annoyance, sense this wasn't the first time nor the last.

"Owner?"Byaton raised a eyebrow.

"Yes, your owner, the ones that bought you and takes cares of you."

Byaton think in silences"Kiyamo, I do not have a"owner" of which you spoke of."

Kiyamo was a little startle by that fact. Given that his type, the androids were to be own by a individual, who both holds its maintenance and care, which made it much more confusing.

"What do you mean, android?"Kiyamo asked.

"Kiyamo, i wasn't taken "care of" to begin with."

He turns his gaze at him"Your not making any sense."

Byaton gazes down, as he tries to recall, but his memories had a short range. "I do not know much about how i got her, but given the limited recollection of data, I concluded that i "fell" here rather than coming "from" here."

Kiyamo hear his bizarre story yet again."...You...landed here?"

Byaton nodded. "Mhmm..."

He makes his words in mind, analyzing what he just said."Explain yourself..." The layers of confusion was causing Kiyamo to had frustration and migraine.

"I woke up behind a glass, and was locked from behind it, while outside, obscurity was only present, however there was a glow surrounding the area outside of him."

Kiyamo stayed silent and pay close attention."..." he thought of the chamber, and its location which both were puzzling.

"I pushed the hatch and it did not opened on the first effort, but on the second one, i managed to opened it, but later met the sturdy, and dense surface, as further from the chamber glow, all was obscure."

"..."Kiyamo questioned what kind of place did he arrived, as his details were vague.

"I tried to make my way through it, though it took time, given the visual limitation and lack of direction, but i managed to find a hole with light, of which i could see things from beyond." Byaton continues on."And i approached it , getting out of such obscure whereabout, but then once i saw the view outside, i discovered and come with the realization that i was on a unknown location, of which height was quite high and sturdy, with organic environment far below."

"..."Kiyamo comes with the image of a mountains by the details, which would be the case.

"And then i tried to make my way down the whereabout and explored further the below environment, roaming around to find a possible exit from the organic surroundings..."

"And afterwards, I encounter you."Kiyamo respond to his sentences


"So if i got it right, you woke up in a chamber of which was within likely a cave, and afterwards you managed to get out, and managed to find your way out, you encounter the view of a unknown whereabouts you were on, of which was a mountain." 

"If that what the two whereabouts are called, then Yes."

"And then you decided to find your way out until we met?"

"That is correct."

"And the capsule you were one, given your assumptions, had fallen to that cavern by the state and position?"

"Correct as well."

"Yet you still don't know what or why you were in that chamber or how you fallen from the sky?"

Byaton rotate his head side to side. "Unfortunately, i lack the data to recall anything beside my name, I don't even remember any information before I got such place of thing nor my originated whereabouts."

So the android had amnesia?, that's convenient, Kiyamo thinks to himself. Though it could have been likely that his data was reseted or taken away, which would made sense. It could be a technical amnesia, combined with past-grade amnesia. But the question was, who did it to him and where is their location?

Kiyamo gazes towards him."We cannot proof nor confirm that, not until we return to the ship and do some inspection and analysis on you.".

"Oh that could be useful, it could aid on my recollection of lost information."

He was still concerned, How could a android which are created form most of the time by company, business or technical designers, had fallen from the sky and in a capsule?, Kiyamo doubts. Unless i it was from a satellite or space station, which sometimes rare, then his case was bizarre. However, Kiyamo recalled in his mind the mission he denied further investigation, as he realizes something. analysing both cases of the boy and his previous task, brought correlations to each other.

The object was said to have fallen, and sense it had fallen around here, the object could have been the unidentified, which was likely the chamber. Not to mention their locations also are connected, somewhat, as it was not identified where it had landed somewhere around here, the temporal valley. Yet all of this could be pure coincidence of circumstances and he just had fallen before he came here, but he wondered why the federation did not notice him and took him to further investigate?, it was still hazy in his mind. Kiyamo remain steady with doubts and confirmations. 

"Can I ask a question?", Byaton  kept his head forward on Kiyamo's shoulder, who ears turned to listen. "Why were you on this forestal environment?" 

"Because i was doing a tasked mission."

"Task mission, as in commanded objective?"

"Yes, A "retrieval"one, I was trying to locate something in this environment in order retrieve it..."

"And did you manage to retrieve such object?"

"No, it seems that i could not find it around here."

"But what kind of object you were trying to locate?"

This bot seemed really is interested in asking more and more questions, Kiyamo said to himself with irratation.

"An unknown object."

"Unknown object...you mean its properties could not be determined?"

"Mhmm, given that was identified a to late to be determined on its property as it feel to tempabyss."


"The asteroid we are on"

"Oh."Byaton now knew more."But if the properties were not determined, why even do the task?"

"Because...the unidentified object could hold a certain level of threat, however what level of threat it has remains unknown..."

"And what was the purpose of such task? it seems to be unnecessary without proper calculations."

"That's confidential ."


"Because It is, and is not of your concerns." Kiyamo raised his voice along with his frustration.

"..."Byaton stopped, detecting by body and voice levels of rising aggression.

The both of them did not continue talking, staying silent yet again from the duration of their travel.

Kiyamo however had something that bugged him beside the many things about him, and it was the bot capability of creating a force field by self-defense. But the wolf decides to ignore that thought and concentrated to keep himself in balance, in order to just get back to the ship and inspected his case as soon as possible.

"May i asked you something?"Byaton asked again.

Kiyamo sighs and bears with it. "What it is?"

"Do know who were those individuals with cloth?"

"Yes, They were the tainters."


"They are like a group that had causes problem in recent times, by their group members and the organization itself:"Kiyamo details further,"And they are much dangerous than the creaturias just what they can do."

"Well given the previous encounter, they seemed to hold aggression." "But I do found it odd that they have the desire to take me with them, I questioned why."

"They were likely planning nothing good, knowing who they are..."

The both of them ended silent at the end of their conversation, as the continue going on their way. Meanwhile Kiyamo keep his focus forward, Byaton recollect the gained data by the dialogue, gaining new data. As did so, he look upwards, seeing from the pieces of tree leaf covering the view of many dots of sparks visible in the obscure sky.

"What are they?"

"Hmm, what "they" you mean?"

"The small dots up in the sky and space."He points his finger upward.

Kiyamo looks up."Those are stars." and concentrates back to his steps.

"The stars...hmmm, why are they over there?"

"They are from space, Byaton, they.)

"Is that so?", Byaton repeated that thought in his blank mind. "Why do they exist?"

"That's hard to explain, not there is likely no answer for kt."He states with doubt, thinking of a way simple way he could explain it. "They could be possible some factors of matter and physic, but i do not know much further to answer further thant that"

"What other things exist up there?"

"Asteroid, planets, the garlezyl system, black void, and so forth."

"Huh, i do not know what are these things, is quite the oddity..."'

Finally, he stopped speaking at both remained silent in the travel, Kiyamo thanked him for  questioning or interrogation any further, as it was starting to be a irritating mental migraine to handle. It was far enough dealing with the tainters to keep answering his questions about basic things to this world that he seemed to have likely forgotten.

Yet he found it quite strange. This android seemed to not act all robotic beside his expression, his actions and intention express more that of a young one to the point of tediousness. It could be that he was programmed like this, yet it seemed odd that he isn't aware of it, likely by the data reset. It could b or could be not, they were many questions yet few evidence, which could not determined about his original whereabouts, or even his capabilities. Kiyamo just wonders, just who was this android?.

Suddenly, he hears the sound of crawling movement in close distance, approaching to their direction. Turning his head around to his shoulder, he gets a glimpse of the sounds origins by the many red dots that were behind them. He quickly knew the familiar danger.

"...!!", Kiyamo kept his senses alerted.

The group of red dots were moving fast, picking up their pace and velocity by their pointy limbs moving by the trees wood and grass below. Kiyamo tries and accelerate his leaping movement, hopping by branch to branch quicker and farther. The arachnid creaturias were coming from each direction as they continue, forming a wave of horde that were hunting both of them like prey. Kiyamo decided that he wasn't going to dealt with such thing at the moment and, so a method of escapade was to be executed.

Kiyamo then focuses his gazes at front of him to keep his precision to not fall, stayIng in concentration to his senses while he did, in order unleash it. And as he tries to do so, the monsters were rushing closers, the sound of their crawlings steps were becoming louder .To the point they were almost close to Kiyamo's back. Even so that they started jumping few feet away of the branches he leaped by, but he keeped his distance.. 

The creaturias then slinged away a barrage of thin needles from the many of these arachnid wild monsters. Kiyamo senses these incoming, as he pulses from his body pump the blood ,he was struck by sensory shock that does him with adrenaline, as the dark marks reappear on his face.

Kiyamo leaps and falls down to the ground, and landing the grass, he grips in tension his feet's paw and claw to grass. "Hold tight." he mutters to the bot.

He unleashes his strength forward, leaping to the air further and landing to then run at rapid and greater speed, rending through the calm breeze and swirling gust of wind like a dense bullet, of which blow away the leafs and grass, it acceleration causing the image of the tree and its shadows become blurring as he continues onward. He got far away from the creturias, as their movement slowly faded from sight. Though stunned by the pace, Byaton holds on to Kiyamo, who grips him, with the breezing wind blowing both blowing their hair and fur at high intensity by the acceleration, as they went away from the danger to their location...

Kiyamo slowly stops accelerating his pace, as they now reached a opened area that was covered by the forest environment, as the view from above bight kye could be seen. Kiyamo stops here.

"We're here."

Kiyamo crouches and lets go of Byaton, who then lets go as well and stands on his feet, and looking around, he view nothing at sight beside the natural plants, terrain and sky, nor he did not see a ship or any machinery of which Kiyamo mentioned.

"I do not see any "ship" around the parameters"

"It's here..."

Kiyamo takes some steps and Byaton follows in puzzled doubt. Walking a few meters, Kiyamo stops and took out the device on his wrist of which he interacts with a few minutes. 

Suddenly something occurred. A wide hatch opens out of thin air at high altitude, stretching itself downward the terrains and reaching in front of them forming a inclined platform, as its surface was composed inside a denser and slate type of metal. Along with this, he could also see a shaped of a big structure with extended parts by its side hidden in transparency, combined by its surroundings. This caught Byaton by surprise.

Kiyamo moves towards the inclined platform."Follow me."He spoke, proceeding by the  the metallic hatch with boy hand on his pocket. Byaton follows behind.

The both of them proceed by the platform and entered inside the hidden machinery or ship, and its hatch closes behind them, as they were now in a enclosed room that lighten by small spheres of illumination by the side corner of the room.

The wall and ground were of the same metal as the platform but in tainted in a different colour, a obscure water colour to be precise. The sound of both of their steps could be heard, mostly from his part, given by the shoes he wore. The room had many similar objects that took shaped of rectangular shaped container on each side and corner, of which also seemed to be locked. Furthermore, there was circular lens by each side in the corner by the front by the wall on the way. 

Kiyamo walks towards the wall itself, reaching a device of dark glass attached to its surface. He took his paw like hands hand to the device's glass, which activated the device and hologram of two lines that were vertical and horizontal that went upwards and downward his hand by the glass, doing a type of mechanism. Afterwards the device finished, a soft beep was heard, its top sphee illuminated.

"Access granted, welcomed back, passenger Kiyamo." A robotic voice said, as the wall begin to render to the center and separate, opening new entrance, of which another room came by view. 

Kiyamo proceeded to enter and of course, Byaton followed, as it the wall close slowly behind them once inside.The ground and ceiling were much the same, beside the colour of these surfaces being much lighter, as the color palette of blank, water and metal .By the center of the room, there was machinery consisted of circular glass and metal around its surface sustaining it. The both of them walked forward until they heard loud noises.

"YOUR GONNA PAY FOR IT, YOU IMBECILE!!"A voice, likely male, shouts from upward, beside the left walls. Stunning both of them, as Byaton goes behind Kiyamo to take cover.

"Oh come on man, i was just a little prank~" A voice, likely female, respond by the same direction.


"That's depends, cause I'm sure you're a airhead than a metalhead."

Beside upward the wall, the sound of steps were heard by the metal escalation descending down quickly, two of them to be exact. And a figure camed running from the left side of the centered machinery, as well as the another behind it. 

The first was a anthropomorphic hyena-alike of brown fur and slick, spiky hair that reach her rounded nose, with a tighten blue vest suit and jacket combined with her hourglass body, as she also had blue boots attached unto her jointed feets. 

And such hyena came in contact with Kiyamo, stopping on her tracks.

"Hey!! mutt ya bac-?" Somebody smacked her head from behind. "Ya son a bitch!!"She rubs her head.

The other figure from behind camed beside her with his red hair ponytail and scruffy beard, with patches around his nose and cheeks.He also had a dark blue attire as the other two, but his had the combination of a soldier suit uniform with  and armory plates located on his elbows, shoulders, knees and chest. His height was higher than hyena, but not far like the big wolf.

"That what you gets for your foolery!!"He shouts loudly, but he notices the wolf."Oh.."he then salutes with grin."Welcome back captain!!"

 "You seemed to be well better León."Kiyamo states

"Yep, I just needed a quick rest to get back on action, though Asu is still resting and recovering, but she seems to be alright."Leon looks at him."Though, are you doing well captain?, you seemed a little roughed up."

He noticed the cuts and dirt on Kiyamo's attire,."Just came with few inconveniences, nothing much, compare to yourself, at least."he responded.

"Well seems those inconviences fucked ya up my guy"The hyena put her hands behind her head,looking sideways with her droopy eyes.

"Well at least you seemed to be all good and fine!!" León speaks aloud with bright smile.

"Seemed so..."Kiyamo nods."Anywho, Where is Miss Pabany?"

"Right over here commander." A voice came by the right direction of the wall.

Another sound of steps were heard coming down the escalation, reaching the floor. Walking towards beside the machinery and towards them, the figure appeared. 

The female figure was of light skin, dark long straight hair, with amber eyes and with much like the other three, had a blue uniform but one of female, with skirt and white stocks that reached her dark shoes. Not to mention the sailor hat of the similar color.

"Welcomed Commander it's good to see you back", Pabany bowed down while lifting slightly her skirt in front of Kiyamo.

"Both Shyeka and I had handle the smalls issues of the ships status and we completed its restoration."

Shyeka took her opportunity."Well yeah mate, thanks to my pure intellect of tech and tools i got this big boy ready to go~"She groomed her hair while her grin with sharp teeths.

"That's quite a overstatement" Leon looks away argument.

"Said's who?"

"Said yourself, fool!!"

The hyena turns away from him."Oh you're just jealous of my technical skills buddy."

León chuckles loudly,"Hah,i got gut and muscle to replace that."

"Yeah, but it makes you more brainless tho."

"Says you!!"Leon frowns.

The hyena snaps both her fingers and points at him. "Exactly,Dumbfuck."

Crossing his hand, leon grins "Jokes is only on you, idiot hyena!!"

"Looks who talking, hot pot~"The hyena put her hand to her hips and tilts her head.

The both of them continue battling in arguments to each other, leaving the other to watch as expector. Yet the other two proceeded.

"What happened to yourself commander? you seem to be rather scuffed with cuts and dirt, did something happened?"Pabany approached closer while gazing at his clothing.

"Just had to handle some inconveniences on the mission"Kiyamo responds and continues."Far many were unexpected, especially with the case i just stumble upon."

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