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Chapter 4: Chapter 4:"Introduction..."

Kiyamo looks towards behind his back, signaling at something. The members watched and saw a figure reveal itself from its cover, of which was a android with strange attire and youthful appearance.

"I encounter a android."Kiyamo responds, despite confusing the boy from a humain.

"...." Byaton is silent, staring at the other individuals of different physical structures, much like Kiyamo.

"Greetings, my name is Byaton."He speaks with neutral expression and tone.

"Well hello there, young android."Pabany speaks, gazing to him with surprise..

The hyena looks at him and then the Kiyamo. "Let me guess...another bot got abandoned, right?"She sighs. "People these days can't stop leaving their scrap behind, don't they?."

"Is surprising I found him roaming around here and not be ambushed."Kiyamo adds with doubt.

"Wait what?! in this dangerous place,captain?, this place is filled with nests of creuturias!!"Leon speaks, crossing and folding his arms." And i'm very sure if so, nothing like this droid over here couldn't have survived there."

Shyeka raises her finger, but then rubs her long chin while looking upwards,"That's a fair point actually."

"The possibility of such scenario could likely happened,so i agree it's rather unlikely for the most part." Pabany then rubs her chin, puzzled by such thing." Especially in such place of endangering atmosphere at these dark hours, quite strange indeed."

The hyena walked directly to the android, and stops in front of the him, proceeding to then inspect Byaton's body as the same manner as Kiyamo did. She looks at him from every angle and inspect him in thoroughly detail, turning his head, touching his skin, hair and attire.Even smelling his scent of which was a new and fresh smell of iron.

"Hmmm...Has attached advanced robotic parts ears, artificial implemented smooth but stretchy skin, new clothing fabric...",She continues inspecting him, until she finished doing so."Huh, that's strange."The hyena tilts her face.

"What's strange?"León questions.

"This bot ain't got that IDR, wat fuck?!?"

The others members stay silences, gazing at her puzzled, not know what she meant by these words.

Shyeka lat them, raising a eyebrow,"Ya know whats IDR, right?"

"Not much, only heard of it."

"Nope never heard of it." Leon says

"I have heard it a few times as well, but i do not know its meaning."Pabany spoke.

"Well, might as well tell ya scatterbrains.~" Shyeka wink, with both hand in her hips.

"IDC basically stands for "IDentification Code", which is something quite use nowadays, mostly on very expensive and complex machinery, or androids even." Shyeka explains further, "Though it can also be used for smaller pieces techs and gadgets."

"But they have the purpose,but to not get convoluted, they are used to track its source of creation, and its whereabouts, like a gps tracker, a legal one, that is."

"So...what does that mean?" Leon questions, confused.

Pabany looks down and reflect, arising to a answer."Oh, if thats so, its means he does not have a source?."

"Bingo!!"Shyeka snaps her fingers. "And it could only mean two things; he's either a prototype, or a pirated piece of tech, likely coming from those of the VOID market."

This seemed quite useful knowledge, Kiyamo thought. "And suggesting this, he would likely fall to the former."

"Maybe, maybe not, but we could do a inspection and find that out."

"Mhmm, that seems to be the better and only option."Kiyamo was still doubtful. "However, there somethings that is still odd..."

"What do you mean by such thing, commander?,"Pabany kindly asked.

"A group of "tainters" ambushed and attacked us out there, four of them exactly," Kiyamo stated. "And they stated to desire to take the android with them by force,for a unknown reasons, yet fortunately I managed to fend them off before they retreated away whatever place it may be."

The members were caught by surprise, not expecting these group of people to be here.

"Damn those bastard sure do get anywhere at anytime, don't they?!!" Leon shouts while gripping and cracking his knuckles.

Yet he grins. "But thank fortune you're alright chief, next time i'll tag with you just in case, to not get yourself rough up again."."

"Those fucker sure ain't kidding with their slogan eh?". The hyena jokingly remarks,as she fold her hands..

"But what do they desired from this android?"Pabany questioned. "Of course, if he is connected to them then maybe this could explain it, yet why was the android doing here and not to their hidden bases?"

The other members turned at the android, looking intently and silently with doubtful thoughts , as he seemed and deemed a suspect.Why a havocking group of tainters wanted to take this lost unknown android on the wilderness?, it seemed out the blue to even the android himself.

"Because…he's working for them!!"Shyeka points to him and grabs his shoulder, shaking him rapidly"Come one bot boy tell us, tell us!!"

"Stop that, he doesn't work for the tainters you fool!!, didn't you hear that they were trying to take him by force?''Leon's rebuttals.

"True, if this young droid was with them then it would be reasonable that he would be programmed to not only return but also gives us information, instead of remaining quiet."Pabany explains, analysing the details.

"Affirmative" Byaton nodded."I do not worked nor know these "tainters" individuals ".

"Perhaps your owner most likely went of hunting on such place in this time of hour As such he possibly was lost, or has already met a terrible fate …",Pabany deduced by the circumstances."But that would not make sense why he would hunt in such hours and place, but could be by their preferences."

"I was not accompanied by a owner."

The others were surprised yet more puzzled, locking their eyes to him.

"Pardon?"Pabany asked. "Were you not accompanied by anyone in order to get in this valley?"

"No, I was accompanied by anyone before i got to this environment, given that the method of how i got here likely contradicts this, even if i'm not certain of it'

"Hmm, How so, young android?"

"Given to my deductions and originated whereabouts, i likely came from upward the sky and later landed, or crashed down to be more specific."Byaton explains.

The members stayed silent, as they were starting to going through the confusion Kiyamo went by. He himself was still much as confused as them.

Pabany looks with slight disbelief but smiles softly. "Can you give a further explanation, young android?"

"Yes, I was…"

Byatons proceeds to explains the story of his originated whereabouts, of were questionable at best. Especially on the lack of data or memories before he got there. The detail of his story seemed to be even bizarre by both of the mentioned components.

"...And that's why given my deductions but limited evidence, i likely came upward from the sky."Byaton finishes.

"That bot boy," Shyeka points her index finger ",is kinda wild."

Leon was dumbfounded."Yeah, im confused."he raises a eyebrow.

Pabany nods slightly ",Understandable, it's quite a simple yet strange story."

Shyeka shrugged her shoulders."Sucks that he can't remember any shit, so whoever had him either reseted him back to zero, or snatch his gigabytes of data from storage ."

"If that's the case, whoever it is must be remaining in hidden discretion, for whatever purposes." Kiyamo states.

Leon gazes at the android and then Kiyamo, shrouded with doubts."I'm still surprised that he even managed to get through here unscaved, it's a cruel wilderness out there, that's for sure."

The others were felt uncertainty and doubt by the android's case. At least he did again some little information about the IDC , Kiyamo thought to himself but was not much, as it gave more questions than answers, of which were slim. But the answers could be discovered once his inspection was done, which was certain.

Pabany switches the subject ."Anywho, we might have to notify the Sir Marcus about our reports then, as well as the circumstances with unexpected inconveniences, and what can be done next."

Kiyamo nods."That should be the better option for the moment,we can ask him for his assistance about it further-."

Suddenly red lights were shining by the room, as well as the sirens that sounded loudly all over the ship.

"A emergency!?"León speaks aloud.

"Seems that's our call then~"Shyeka remarks joyfully.

Kiyamo headed straight towards a further from the front with the other members following quickly behind,as well as the android. Entering through the wide hatch, there were many thing present at Byaton view.

The room seemed to be somewhat long and wide,its wall being long meters close and had more distance space. Its colour palette was mostly the same. In the further forward direction, there was pieces of wide yet divided glass window, were one could see the outside view. Close and before it, There were connected machineries of monitors and panels of button and switches with seats, five of them to be exact. The first one had the size of both machinery and seat somewhat bigger and located almost a couple of meters before entering, while there were two more extending to each side front corner and two more extending to the front of both of the previous two and one behind the three of these, but in front of the bigger seat, formulating a sort of formation.

Kiyamo sees from the big close panel a glowing red small cylinder, and checks closer and interacts with the machinery, answering the call.The alarm stopped being heard and the room was no more red, however a holographic monitor appeared ans open by air and a view of individual could be seen.

The individual was a man of dark hair and beard with blue coat attire and hat, similar to that of Kiyamo. The man seemed to be however, much older, in between his 40's or so. The man salutes with a grin.

"Greetings,Commander and team alpheran, I hope all of you are doing-"Suddenly another figure intruded in the room, interrupting his introduction.

"What's the emergenc-??!!" A female voice shouted, followed by aloud hit that was heard by the metal floor.

The other members turn and saw a young female member,who was on the floor, with her lenses on the ground. She tried getting up from her fall and get her glasses, as she slowly stands to her feet, and fixes them . It was a young girl of blond hair and emerald eyes, wearing round glasses and the same female uniforms Pabany, beside not wearing gloves. The blond female stands with both arm to her back quickly, standing in firm posture.

"Gooda-i mean good afternoon-, I mean-"Nervously, the girl takes a deep inhale and exhale."Asuwaade Renald, ready to report..S-Sir",She salutes sternly.

"Looks like your doing better now Asuwaade.",The canine address to the blond teen.

"Oh y-yeah s-sir, guess I just needed to little rest after that battle with those corrupters monster, hahah..."

"But do be careful next time, for your sake and others, we cannot risk losing someone by fear."Kiyamo states with concern.

"...My apologies sir…",she fiddles with her fingers, looking down. "I'll try my best next time"

"You do not need to apologize just keep it in mind, beside…" Kiyamo looks back, gazing at the other members, Shyeka and Leon to be precise. "your not the only one."

Shyeka swung her feet in repetition while looking away, whistling to herself.

Leon looked to him confused. "Hey at least we're doing our best, captain!!"

"Trying your best is not good enough to succeed in this duty work, Leon"

"But it's a start, is it not?"Leon smiles.

"..."Kiyamo sighs, knowing there was truth his words, somewhat.

"Ehem..."The man of the monitor cough loudly, grabbing his attention

Kiyamo turns to the guardian."Continue on Sir Marcus."

"As i was saying, Greetings all of you of team alpheran, hope you all doing well" Marcus spoke."There has been some reports of which i need your team to handle pronto, but first, how did it go with the assigned task,Commander?"

"Well..."Kiyamo explains the failure of the task, given the circumstances of its undetermined whereabouts, not to mention that the ship and members had suffered to the previous battle.

"...And so i wanted to asked for you for assistance to dealt with such task, if it's possible."

Marcus Looks up, deciding on his next choice. "I have already take sent a investigation group to handle the task, so do not worry."

Kiyamo nods."Thank you, sense there were some unexpected inconveniences i encounter, beside some other ones..."


"One of them being the encounter a traveler roaming around, which was robotic."

"Pardon?"Marcus raises a eyebrow.

"Young android..."

Byaton hears this approaches toward the commander and stands in front of the monitor. The man look at boy up close, seeing his odd combination of attire and also the robotic parts of which signal his artificial life.

"I found this android wandering around here, out of all places."

His eyes slightly widen."Well that's quite strange, he surely must have survive in the creaturia nests at these hours, which is a impossible task by itself."

"Right?!" Leon speaks aloud and nods. "He should already been stiriped apart to pieces by now!!"

"Hmm, guess fortune give him mercy, i suppose."

"But there is also another part that's questionable." Kiyamo adds with doubt.

Kiyamo then explains further about the encounter with the tainters and their desire of wanting of this android l for whatever reason, and how by both his interference, he was able to fend them off, while a another outside party sent them to retreat. The guardian seemed surprised, yet convinced, knowing who just he was talking.

"Hmm, that's strange indeed, perhaps is he not correlated with the tainters?"Marcus suggested.

Kiyamo looks slightly down."That's rather complicated, given that his whereabouts are undetermined and he cannot recalled any past data,but would be unlikely."

"Hmm, that's not to mention that tainters organization is mostly composed of few androids beside those of assistance, and likely experimentation." Marcus confirms with certainty.

"Mhmm," Kiyamo nods."And for the moment, well have to run thorough inspections to find further information of his origins decide further action"

"Hmm, then wish you luck on his case."Marcus frows,"However, let us discuss with the main issues at hand."

Images of data showed unto the screen to Marcus upper side, which were from the readings of the asteroid, and what the source of energy come from.

"I have received incoming readings signals of a asteroid that falling towards tempabyss atmosphere, directly to the Crater Peaks, within reckynia. It contains high signals levels of astral radiation likely to be both of faller and corrupter."He adds,"'And i want your team to dealt and eradicate it before it's stat spreading, of course, if your team is well for it."

"Don't worry, Man, we are as always."

"What category and its level?"

"Its category shows to be kingus, and its level is between 5-6,a difficult but defeatbale strong threat nevertheless."The two images disappeared from the screen monitor."I have already notify the city minister to activate their defense, however, i also need to to do another yet final task afterwards, if you can, of course."

"what is this task exactly?"

"There have been reports of attacks going around by tempabyss, affecting the kingdoms and its citizens, of which details sorts of unknow groups attacking citizens around the fog."

"And why don't they deal with it themselves, or are they just that lazy?"

"Not exactly, the group posses seems to be possessing confided and unauthorized weapons and machinery, given their capability of leaving the scene without much evidence to follow, not to mentioned the laws around here forbidden usage of tech without authorization."

"Space Pirates, i assume?"Pabany asks.

"Likely, there are however, issues to locate their precise base spot, but given the reports data, it seems they are always within the fog, especially at these hours." Marcus stated further,"So I want you all to investigate on these matter furthers, I suggest you go to reckynia city, while your at it, it will be good for starting point."

"I see…"Kiyamo kept the information in mind,"Well dealt and apprehend these pirates and have them face punishment."

Marcus nods sternly,"Head quickly and eradicate the corrupter to stop the contamination and its spread, and do be careful now."

Kiyamo nods,"We'll do, Sir Marcus."

"Hmph, May you have well travels and succeed in your mission and case liberators, over and out."The monitor screen turns off, while the hologram disappears afterwards.

The liberators turned to each other.

"Start the engine and prepared the ship for flight, get the artillery and defense up as well." "Take the sended coordinates and trajectory to reckynia city." He spoke to every of the members, of who then rushed to the seats.

They took each one of the seats with machinery of combined characteristic of both a terminal and panel, with buttons and control and interacted with it. This activated the machinery's monitor while other hologram screen appeared beside some of them. Which were, as well, a new type of advanced machinery in Byaton's view.

Kiyamo proceeds to takes his big seat and interact with terminal panel as well, as the other members started the preparation. As he was standing, Byaton felt the sudden sensation of afloat movement.He looks towards the view outside, sees that the outside was steadily moving upwards, like it was ascending.

The ships below propellers were blazing, as well as the other propellers, ascending the ship slowly to the air, as its invisibility cloth faded and started turning its direction.And the support handles were withdraw away. The view of the machinery was of a above-average sized spaceship of blue, white and platinum colour palette, the shape was of a long yet condensed parallelogram with ovale front and dense back, with iron long wings to its side.

"Guess we're gonna dealt with space aliens, great" Shyeka complains in sarcasm, while typing the long keyboards and swaying her fingers to some hologram screens.

"Oh come on is not that much we gotta do"Leon presses buttons on the terminal panel with one hand and holds the rectangular handle with the other. "Look at the bright side, it's a last good warm training up for your muscles and releasers for the next beat down."

"That's your shit fucker, i'm more a shot-shot type with my rifle boys and i'm good with it~."Shyeka keeps on typing and sliding the holograms.

Pabany types in the keyboards, interacts with the screen hologram in front of her."Though it's likely to be rather difficult, but nothing we can succeed to erase."She smile softly while keeping her focus," And our fruition would bring both the safety of the city and our time for refreshing relaxation."

"Yeah, but we still gonna have to handle the bot boy over there" Shyeka points her thumb to behind her.

"Yes, but his case has less urgency, so we will take our time and leave it be, as we must dealt with the present urgent threat at hand."

"Right!!"Leon shouts with confidence."Cant let those damn globs create another wasteland!!."

"I suppose so"Shyeka stops and stretches her arms and hand, "But it's still a pain in the ass."She continues doing her task.

"..."Asuwaade kept interacting with the keyboards and hologram screens, but was worry with dread about dealing with this threat again, and awaited her.

Meanwhile, Byaton remained silent thinking to himself about the gathered data about the view and mentioned threat, of which to be at the asteroid. Especially sense it seems they were to dealt with such thing.Questioned by such data, the android questioned to know more about these specimen.

"May i ask you a question, Kiyamo?"Byaton looks towards the commander canine.

Kiyamo left ear moved sideways to Byaton direction."Hmm?" he kept gazing forward and interacting with the machinery panel and monitors..

"What are these "corrupters" sir Marcus had spoken of?"

Kiyamo thinks of a precise respond. "They are like creaturias, but are far hostile if not threatening, but are more deformed in body and instinct."

"They are basically aggressive space excrement."Shyeka Intercepts their conversation.

"Well that's one way to put it" Pabany gives a small chuckles."Nevertheless, they are quite the danger indeed, not to mention what they are capable of."

"Well good thing we have our releaser to get them vaporized, those damn things are pesky bunch!!"Leon speaks aloud.

"T-they...are..quite..scary..."Asuwaade mutters to herself.

"Hmm…"Byaton keeps silence and analyzes their statements, coming to the factors of certain outcomes. "Then why must all of you dealt with such level of danger?"

"Because it's our work to dealt with such type of threat." Kiyamo bluntly states.

"Yeah!"Leon speaks aloud."We're liberators after all, protecting and saving people from threats like this is our priority and duty"

Pabany adds further,"As well as providing assistance to others, depending on the issue of course."

Shyeka rubs two of her fingers, giving a sharp smirk. "And so we can make that good ass moneyyy doing so, hehehe~"

"I cannot understand how the hell you managed to get this job begin with!!"León speaks in frustrated disbelief.

"I got my ways, buddy"

"Likely illegal i assume."

Shyeka clenched both her hand, tilting her head as well."Wow pal, thank ya for having so much faith me~"She forces a wide smile, caring not a single neuron.

"I don't hold much faith in you, but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt," Leon looks sideways, with slight denial,"For now, that is."

Oh,Good luck with that..." Shyeka mutters with indifference.



After some minutes, suddenly, the floor bump upward and halted the ships ascension and movement. The ship was then covered with holographic surface by all angles, as it faded away. The ships was flying in standby to in the sky heights, as the view from the nights sky itself could be at view from the front glass. It waited the next commands.

"Engines and system are ready to go, mutt." Shyeka said,having stabilize the ships engines, propellers and the ship's system.

Pabany finishes the preparations of the artilleries and its control ."Artillery are now prepared."She said.

Asuwaade activated the defenses and the other ."The defense a-and support are ready,S-Sir," She saids abruptly looking at the canine.

"Got the the controls ready to go, chief,"he grips of the pilots handle and switch from his seat and panel.

"Hmph"Kiyamo looks upward but realizes the android standing, and he needed to prepared him for wahs to come."Byaton, sit over there." He points toward the three unused seats attached by the wall.


"Just do so, now."

Byaton nods and follows his words, walking towards a seat attached to the walls surface. He takes the seats and lays on it.The seat then formed holographic rectangular that bended from his waist and shoulders, directly crossing each other, as he felt these locked him to the seat. This was restraining him of movement.

"And stay there."Kiyamo turned to Leon, who waited his command. "Proceed."He orders.

Leon grips tightly the handle."Alright, hold on tight everyone, because to reckynia we go!!,"he pulls down the switch by his side.

The propellers rockets stared blazing with further intensity by the energized mechanism. And the spacecraft propelled itself abruptly, leaving the silent forest in one quick sweep. The abrupt pressure of acceleration was felt by all of them like a quick rocket blast face, including the android, who understood now why Kiyamo put him there.Yet the acceleration was not intense,it slowly started to subside its intensity to a lighter pressure for all of them. The ship flying went of further forward by the forestal environment at swift velocity that sway the breeze, heading to its next destination.

It was strange yet confusing as to what he was getting involved. Yet they mentioned that this type of work, which involves was to be of a "liberators", a word he seemed very unfamiliar of, was of necessary importance by the purpose of eliminate the threat, however how they were going to do so, he questioned. Byaton started to raise even more questions, about the contained corruptor and what kind of specimen, deformed and far threatening, were they.

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