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100% Breaking Bad / Chapter 3: Camila

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Chapter 3: Camila

I was in utter complete shock the next morning I know I shouldn't have but I was. What in hell happened that he thought he had any right over me or what I do? He does realize he hasn't spoken one decent word and he decided to act like a jealous boyfriend.

The vibration of my phone awakens me more and I notice a notification from Eric.


- hey can we talk?


- sure meet me in 30 minutes outside my house.


-for sure. I'm sorry.

I didn't bother replying back instead I notice how dark and grey the sky was and head into the shower. After washing my body and brushed my teeth I manage to head out and find T-shirt that had Fredy Krueger as the imagine and paired it with some soft warm joggers. I brushed through my wet hair and added a burgundy hoodie over it has I noticed Eric would be outside any minute now.


-I'm here.

I head downstairs and see my dad in the living room.

"Hey honey I stopped by your room to see if you wanted breakfast but no reply" he said shyly

"Thanks dad"

"You know I like the Lee family and you know Eric isn't so bad huh?"

I nod my head and continue to head towards the door, as I open the door his white sports Camero came to my view as he leaned on it. He kept his eyes onto the floor until he heard my footsteps getting closer to him it's when he lifted his head only avoiding my eyes.

"Hey, um you want to go inside?" He whispered.

"Sure" I shrugged my shoulders as he opened the car door for me and waiting for me to be seated to close it, as he enter the car I notice the change in the air and suddenly there was tension but none that was awkward.

"So hey" he started

"Listen" I cut in

"I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea I'm sorry" I apologize since I knew I had fucked up.

"But Camila.. what if I wanted that?"

I kept my vision on my black vans

"Give me a chance" he begged but there was silence. I debated everything for a moment from him being my "best" friend to possibly a boyfriend. I knew he wouldn't give me that effect Jean did but what if I was wrong?

"I would never hurt you Camila"

I turned and looked him dead in the eye.

"I saw you screwing a chick last night" I lowered my voice I sincerely wasn't hurt about it but how do you claim you want more when in reality you're a man whore.

"I-I Well.."

"Yeah exactly"

"I want nothing more then your friendship Eric" I finished saying.

He look hurt but something in his eye shifted and he smiled.

"Of course" is all he said before looking down at his phone. It was ringing.


"Oh right now?"

"Yeah I'll be there" he ended the call and looked at me I kept my gaze to him.

"I better go" he said with a sad smile.

I smiled and nodded my head.

"Let's grab dinner later I want a burger from that diner you took me" I smile and open the door.

He nods his head never saying anything as I exit the car I walk towards my front door as I close the door I hear his engine start and the sound of his car disappear.

My dad was in the living room with a pile of newspaper doing those crosswords puzzles that come in the newspaper.

He soon noticed me and smiled while keeping his eyes busy

"Hey Camila?"

"Yeah" I respond

"It be best if you don't get along with Jean" his look was firm which meant he wasn't playing around.

"Yeah of course, can I know why?"

"His dad is rich and dangerous as it can get so I rather have you not get involved emotionally with him" I nod my head once he finished

"I'm just looking over my little girl" he said

I blink back some tears and pull away. My dad stands up putting down his glasses on top of the newspaper.

"I forgot something in my room I'll be right back down" he lied

I knew he was going to the room and probably cry his eyes out wondering what he did wrong for my mom to act the way she did. As I saw him go up the flight of stairs I stayed put on the couch spacing out on every single memory I had of them together of us as a family.

The hard knock on the door woke me up from my day dream and I manage to open the door. I guess Eric didn't take that long I thought to myself.

But to my surprise it was Jean wearing joggers and a black hoodie with the hood on him, he looked defeated as if he didn't sleep all night unlike him I was uneasy but he was just hungover.

"Camila" he whispered

I shook my head a no as soon as I was ready to leave he reached for my arm.

"Hey I just came by to drop off some papers for your father" I grabbed the yellow file folder and the awkward silence in the house was agonizing.

"Pardon for the way I acted I wasn't thinking straight and I thought you were someone else, I wouldn't have gotten involved with you like that if I knew it was you from the start" I knew he wasn't lying the way he kept his eyes on my eyes giving me full knowledge of the misunderstanding.

"You're fine" is all I said as soon as he exit the house I plop the folder on the coffee table and continued my way through my room closing my door I plop myself on my bed and shut my eyes letting the darkness take in and surely enough I was in a deep state of sleep.

The loud ring of my phone awoken me and without hesitation I answered.

"Hello" I said rubbing my eyes

"Hey, I'm outside I mean if you're still down to grab dinner" Eric said.

Shit I forgot.

"Yeah of course be down in 10"

I noticed the time 7:30 and by the looks of it was cold already it was mid September and it's usually a weird weather in Canada some days warmer then others but then the degrees would drop and it be freezing cold.

I throw on a yellow hoodie I found and slipped in my black vans, rinsing out my mouth with some mouth wash I head downstairs and to my view came Mr. Carter and Jean. Both heads turned towards me as they heard my footsteps.

Mr. Carter smirked at me

I started to wonder what business they had with my father as they seem to be here quite a lot now.

I could feel the burn of Jean stare but I didn't give him the pleasure of feeling special in any sense of the way by having my vision focus on him even for a split second.

"Camila don't be late tonight" my father spoke from the kitchen appearing with whisky in his hands.

"Yeah I'm just grabbing dinner with Eric" is all I say I saw jean jaw tense but it was nothing out of this world this man has anger issues.

As I made my way towards Eric his face paled as soon as he read a text on his phone and eyes held frustrations.

"Hey can we rain check?" He said before I was allowed to answer he interrupted

"I'm sorry something came up again"

"Uhh yeah sure no worries" I smiled hiding my disappointment.

"Great, I'll catch you later" as he was walking towards his car I heard my front door open and soon came Jean

"Yo lee! Your brother going?" Jean asked

"Im sure he is" is all Eric said focusing his vision on me.

"I'll call you later" I said to Eric and he smiled once again. Soon enough I felt the presence of Jean behind me as Eric started his car and hesitated to leave but right after he dashed off the street.

I didn't move from my place instead I waited for Jean to hop on his GTR and leave as well.

I wonder where does Eric leave all the time.

I saw Jean past by me and I blurted out

"You know where Eric goes?" He stopped in his track and replied never looking towards me or turning around.

"Where ever I go" he spit back

"You going with him now?" My nerves were raced up by now, I cross my arms and wait.

Instead he nodded a yes and I had the urge to hop in his car and go to wherever Eric was going.

"Can I come?" came out more of a yell then a question. He finally turned around and smirked. I knew a smirk from him was no good to which I regretted my intrusion in asking on going.

"Yeah" I was about to reply when he cut me off

"But..... daddy wouldn't like it" he pout and started laughing.

"Look Camila Id gladly take you but don't expect nothing good out of this" I was shock by the nice soft tone I was used to the stern rough tone from our 4 encounters. Did he bump his head?

"Really?" The excitement in my voice was evident.

"Yeah just don't let your father know and one more thing don't get off the car at all cost stay in the car" with one eyebrow lifted he pleaded and I nodded a yes.

I hopped into his car and the instant smell of expensive cologne filled my smell senses. God does he smell this good?

Now that I think of it last night he had the same exact smell but instead it was mixed with weed and alcohol. The intoxicating smell made it worse for me to concentrate in anything but the urge of dancing on him again.

"Seatbelt" he said and I stayed starring at him until I knew what he meant

"Oh yeah sorry" I buckled myself up and waiting for him but he started the car and put the car on DRIVE.

"Wait what about your seatbelt?"

He smirked and said "death is a date I can't wait to go to" I frowned and sat quietly he was really screwed mentally.

As we leave the neighborhood we join the little highway which just had a nice forest type trees everywhere and nothing more just the road and trees but before we were able to get to the city site he took this detour road on the right which seem he was just cutting through the woods.

"You're not going to kill me right?"

He laughed and nodded his head. I thought for a second I heard wrong but he had actually laughed. And I hid my smile facing the window looking out the dark window. Not more then 5 minutes the loud roar of cars were faint sounds and there was a lot of light that came from car headlight came to my view.

I noticed the long strip road and lots of people standing along the side of the road strip in the middle of the woods. I was confused and looked over to Jean who by now seemed annoyed.

I try and scan everyone out there and their cars well one in specific Eric.

As soon as everyone noticed Jean GTR everyone stopped and moved away for him to find a parking spot.

I instantly knew what this was it wasn't a car meet where all cars gather around and show off their expensive toys instead it was a strip where they race better yet illegal racing.

As he parked 3 guys came to the side of his window and he shook his head I knew they didn't see him but it was just a natural way of him showing he was annoyed already.

"Put your hoodie on and cover your face" he demanded

"What! Why!" I said

"Look Camila your dad is trying to win Mayor elections, if anyone notices you here he'd be kick out cause the daughter knows and most importantly he'd be pissed off at you for knowing and not letting him know. So it's up to you" I leave out a huff and put on the hood of my hoodie. He rolls down his window and I keep my face facing the opposite direction.

"Hey man where you been?" A male voice asked.

"Busy" is all Jean said

"Ahh I see you picked up a bitch" anger flooded my blooded but I kept calm.

"Fuck off" Jean said and all 3 men laughed except Jean.

"Who's next?"

"Ugh Eric vs John from Squad 9"

My breath hitched as soon as I heard Eric name.

"You think he'll win?" The guy outside said

"Eh 50/50 you know how dirty Squad 9 can be, well I'll catch y'all in a bit" Jean said and the male outside said okay. Once I heard the window roll up I turned around to him.

I noticed he was uneasy and kept taping his finger on his steering wheels.

"Fuck fuck fuck" is all he kept saying on the low.

"Look, for your own good don't leave the car I'll be back" he said while pointing a finger towards me.

"Where you going?"

"To find Eric" I knew deep down he cared for Eric maybe not in a friendly way but he knew there was something wrong about this race and didn't like it one bit.

I promised him I'd stay put but I lied as soon as he exit the car I follow right behind him.

I stayed behind with the crowd and saw Jean approach Eric white camero and saw him argue with him for a little before Eric gave in, in whatever idea Jean had. Next to Eric car there was a red Dodge Charger with white rims lined up and both engines were on.

I saw Jean walk over to the guy I suppose was John and he seemed hesitant to what Jean said but suddenly Jean seemed to whisper something and then there it was, fear in Johns eyes. Jean headed over to Eric car and both hopped inside, Eric being the driver.

Both engines revving and the adrenaline in my body was rushing. The screams of the 60 people out here was wild and I couldn't even hear when the girl in a mini skirt said GO once she got in between both cars. I instantly knew there was something wrong about this race and all I could think of was the safety of Eric and his return.

Both car sped away and all that was left were tire marks and smoke. Everyone cheered and continue gathering with each other I over heard many betting on Eric victory which made me believe in him and him being back safe.

The faint sounds of the tires squeaking meant both cars were drifting or taking sharp turns but soon enough any noise of either car had vanished. People quieted down and what seemed as forever took longer then an eternity.

No one said a words, my palms were sweaty and my heart racing I knew in between all this a panic attack was soon to happen. I breathe in and out letting out my anxiety

He'll be back he'll be fine.

I promised to god I'd take Eric on the offer of going out as more then friends if he brought him back to me. I knew deep down I was selfish and cared for him as a friend but this feeling of him being in danger made me think maybe I was wrong and I'd end up in love with him. I knew Jean was just sex and most importantly I was only sexually attracted to him nothing more and nothing less. Biting my fingers I hear a scream from afar

"THEY'RE COMING" I felt relieved and soon enough I heard the tire screeching on the floor and one engine roar and I knew it was Erics Car.

Soon enough he pulled up and people roared in cheers I pushed people to be able to get through the strip and ran off to Eric soon as I saw him exit the car. I knew he was surprised to see me come dashing towards but I jumped on him and hugged him. He lifted me up and and spun me around.

"What are you doing here crazy!" He yelled over the loud cheers

"Jean brought me" as I try getting a view of Jean I noticed he was still looking at me I made eye contact but he never dropped the gaze he seemed annoyed and his jaw had tense up. He dropped my gaze and licked his lips looking the other way scratching the back of his head.

Eric put me down and continued talking but I didn't hear anything that came out of his mouth. Jean gaze gave me chills and a weird sad feeling I couldn't describe.

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I nodded a yes

Jean came back with the group of guys I assume were the ones who had showed up to his window earlier.

"Yo Lee Good run" I noticed it was the buff guy Ben who was offering me jungle juices last night.

The other two said congrats, I kept my head down as I noticed Jean from behind motioning me to look down and I did as I was told.

"Here's 10k" Jean said to Eric

And I almost chocked.

"You coming Camila?" Jean asked

"Oh I'll be taking her home, thanks man" I lifted my eyes and noticed Jean starring at me and nodding his head a yes.

"Alright" was all that was said.

The drive back was a bit uncomfortable I had so many questions but I felt it be best if I asked Jean only because he seemed to know more.

As my house came to my view. I was uneasy after jeans reaction maybe I was imagining it all but deep down I knew I wasn't.

As we came to a stop he killed his engine off and there was silence.

"What you did was pretty stupid"

"Excuse you?"

"I mean reckless" he clarified I knew he meant me showing up with Jean.

"Yeah I know"

I wasn't sure wether I wanted anything more then friendship with Eric but I didn't say a word I knew god would be angry at me for not keeping my promise but I just had to know wether or not Jean was sexual attraction or something more before I took a decision with Eric.

"I'll be heading inside I'll catch you tomorrow at school" I said as I exit his car I push in the key to the house and enter. The house was alone I knew dad was out so I made my way upstairs to my bedroom where I entered the bathroom and bathe for what seemed to be an hour. All that was in my head was Jean face and his reaction towards me and the interaction with Eric. I had one thing in mind and that was to kiss him and see if there was something more then a spark between us.

As I exit the bathroom I head over to my room now fully dressed in my pjs I roam through my bed sheets and clothes pockets trying to find my phone.

Damn I must of forgotten it in Eric car I thought to myself. Then the sudden doorbell scared me but I knew it had to be Eric bringing my phone back so I rushed myself downstairs

"Coming!" I yell as I hit the last stair step

As I swing the door open I speak

"Thanks for..." but as if I had a cold bucket of ice thrown in my face Jean came to my view.

He stood there brooding and narrow eyes i suddenly realized how tiny I am compared to him, it doesn't help much that I'm 5'1 and he's 6'2 or so I believe.

"Is this your phone?" He asked and I left out a little laugh.

He seemed amused asking with his eyes what was so funny.

"Obviously I was in your car earlier" I continued as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah but you weren't with me 10 minutes ago so I wouldn't know, I just came by asking before I asked the other two" he smirked and leaned forward towards me.

My smile was wiped off and I snatch my phone from his hand

"Well yes it's mine, now goodnight" I said as I slammed the door on him, yes I didn't feel bad the jerk came here flaunting his little flings as if I cared, truth be told I do but it isn't worth it he's not even merely interested in me.

Just before drifting to sleep I received a message from unknown.

Unknown Goodnight, Camila

I was sure unknown was Jean......

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