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18.26% Breeding Dragons From Today / Chapter 40: Advancing to Tier 4! Clearing the 30th floor!

Advancing to Tier 4! Clearing the 30th floor! - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 40 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 40: Advancing to Tier 4! Clearing the 30th floor!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Joelson did not disappoint everyone.

The time spent on the 26th and 25th floors were about the same.

"He actually passed?!"

"I really can't believe it!"

"He's really too terrifying!"

All sorts of exclamations were heard, including many from the seniors and even the teachers of the academy, who had a hint of admiration in their eyes.

One had to know that Joelson was only in the second-grade.

Right now, his strength and results were enough to make many fifth-grade students feel embarrassed.

Following that, Joelson Edward's name climbed up step by step at a steady and firm speed.

27th floor.

28th floor.

Soon, they reached the 30th floor.

The exclamations did not stop in the arena.

More and more people gathered.

The magic message spread like a stream of light in the academy.

Many students ran out of the classroom during class and rushed to the mage tower.

They wanted to witness the birth of a miracle, a miracle of their generation.

Francis' expression was already lifeless.

With every level that Joelson went up, his face became paler and paler.

It was a huge blow.

Before today, everyone in the academy was comparing him to Joelson.

Who was the most talented student in this year's Tulip Academy?

Francis was also secretly competing with Joelson.

Since he was a child, he had lived under the dazzling halo of genius, among countless praises.

Among his peers, no one could be stronger than him.

But then, Joelson appeared.

He streaked across the sky of the Tulip Academy like a shooting star.

From the moment Francis first heard his name, to the moment when he began to take it seriously, to the moment when he compared himself to him, to the moment when he could only catch up.

Until now, a deep sense of powerlessness rose in his heart.

Francis knew.

From now on, no one would ever mention his name together with Joelson's.

Because he was no longer qualified.

All the light would gather on Joelson alone.

His talent was so strong that it made people despair!

"The 30th floor!"

Joelson came to a place that made everyone nervous to the point of holding their breath.

"If he can break through the 30th floor, Joelson will set a new record for the Tulip Academy."

"Since the establishment of the Tulip Academy, only one person has been able to break through the 30th floor with the strength of a third-tier mage."

"Ulysses! The proudest disciple of Headmaster Harriet Terrence."

"No, if he can do it, it means that he is stronger than Ulysses. When Ulysses passed through the 30th floor with the strength of a third-tier mage, he tried more than once. He failed eight times on the 29th floor alone."

"It's time for Joelson to come out."

Someone said with regret and certainty, "Even if he has the ability, his magic power and spiritual power should be exhausted from the first floor to the 30th floor. Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Unless he breaks through in the mage tower and becomes a tier-4 mage!"

"! ! !"

Joelson's current situation was not very good.

After tier-3, the power of the magic wolves with different attributes would increase exponentially when they gathered together.

Putting everything else aside, ten magic wolves attacking a single target with a tier-3 elemental ball was enough to easily tear apart any opponent below tier-5.

The only way was to kill as many magic wolves as possible as quickly as possible so that they would not have the chance to attack together.

Joelson did the same.

With the talent of instant magic, it was not difficult for him.

However, his mental strength and magic power were indeed insufficient.

From the 10th floor onwards, he had consciously saved his magic power and seized every opportunity to replenish it.

But even so, when he reached the 29th floor, the magic power in his body was less than half.

This was also the reason why after he shared the talent of Du Lu, both the amount of magic power and the speed of magic power recovery were much faster than ordinary people.

The Level-3 light-attributed magic wolf on the 29th floor was too difficult to deal with.

Joelson used up all his strength to barely kill it.

His magic power had also been used up.

The 30th floor.

Before crossing the light door, he thought of the situation he was about to face.

Joelson made a decision.

It was just as the people outside the mage tower had said.

Unless he could breakthrough immediately and advance to a tier-4 mage, the surge of spiritual power and the instantaneous flow of magic elements brought about by his advancement would be able to make up for his previous consumption.

Even if he could not recover to his peak condition, under normal circumstances, he would still be able to reach 60%.

It was simply impossible for others to break through in the mage tower. Only a very small number of lucky people who were blessed by the God of Magic would be able to do so.

It might not be possible to find such a lucky person among 10,000 people.

But for Joelson.

This was as easy as eating and drinking.

As long as he tapped lightly to level up.

With the 1,000 experience gained from building the Dragon God's Arena and the accumulation of experience, he could already level up to a tier-4 mage.

As his spiritual power skyrocketed, a cool current flowed through his mind, making the exhausted Joelson almost moan in comfort.

The abundant magic elements in the mage tower quickly gathered toward Joelson.

His body seemed to have become a black hole, a whirlpool, greedily devouring the surrounding fire element.

It was better than expected.

Tier-4, 30% of his mental strength, and almost all of his mana was restored.

He was at his peak condition when he was above tier-3.

He had also studied level-4 spells before, and now he could cast them easily.

Flame tornado.

The violent fire element formed a small hurricane that exploded and raged. The magic wolves with normal attributes could not even make a whimper before they were easily killed by the flames.

The ice element, electric element, and Air Element Magic Wolves'bodies were dim under the attack of the flaming cyclone.

A scorching red pillar of flame exploded from Joelson's hands.

He easily destroyed a few magic wolves as if he was holding a holy sword.

It was the same level-4 spell, scorching ray.

As soon as they exchanged blows, the magic wolves on the 13th floor were mostly cleaned up by Joelson.

The air was filled with all kinds of magical elements of various colors, as beautiful as a dream.

The light and dark magic wolves, who had withstood two waves of damage from Joelson, bared their teeth and rushed toward him.

Joelson's expression was calm, and his fair and slender fingers gently tapped on the void.

It displayed the elegance and elegance of a mage perfectly.

The elements quickly gathered into a ball.

Two solid fireballs descended from the sky.

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The light and dark magic wolves did not make a sound. They turned into spots of light and disappeared.

Level-4 spell, Fire Nova.

This was the most powerful single-target level-4 spell.

It advanced to the level-6 "Fire Meteor" and the level-9 large-scale destructive spell "Fire Rain Meteor".

Level-30 passed!

In this battle, Joelson wantonly squandered his magic power.

In addition to the joy after advancing to tier-4, he had been considering.

Should he continue?

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