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Mage Trial Tower - Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 29 by Fish For Every Year full book limited free

Chapter 29: Mage Trial Tower

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Too strong!

There was only one thought left in everyone's mind.

Even teacher Elsa lost to Joelson at the same level of strength.

No one had thought of such a possibility beforehand!

One had to know!

Elsa was a 6th rank high mage!

A high mage's understanding of low-level magic was not something an ordinary person could compare to.

Although Joelson's improvement speed was abnormally fast, he was only at tier 3 after all!

But Joelson still won.

Moreover, he won cleanly! Beautiful!

"Joelson Edward, magic control results, perfect!"

Two perfect evaluation results, a whole four credits!

Elsa looked at Joelson with a complicated expression.

There was joy, surprise, shock, and a faint sense of disappointment.

It was not easy to be a genius teacher, okay?

Especially a genius like Joelson.

It was too frustrating.

Moreover, you did not know when he would surpass you with a whoosh.

The test ended with Joelson's perfect and brilliant performance.

"Your battle awareness is very good."

Elsa's eyes were filled with praise.

Joelson clearly knew that although Teacher Elsa suppressed her strength, his magic power could not be compared to that of a sixth rank magic shooter.

The only way to win was to finish the battle as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if he used up all his magic power, he would be the one to lose.


Elsa said seriously, "The details are still very rough. A lot of magic power is wasted. In a real battle, a little magic power and a trace of spiritual power is enough to decide life and death. Hmm, you will understand this when you participate in the trial."

Joelson nodded.

Indeed, if he could not cast magic instantaneously, he had no chance of winning at all.

Although he won, it was also very difficult to win.

The magic shield was broken, and there was almost no magic power left, and his spiritual power was almost exhausted.

If he was on the battlefield, a single arrow in such a state could easily kill him.

The dragon blood potion had to be made as soon as possible.

That way, even if his magic power was exhausted, he could still rely on the warrior's means to protect himself.

Of course, the combat skills of mages also had to be improved.

"You have a talent that makes people jealous."

Elsa was referring to Joelson's ability to instantly cast spells of the same level.

"Don't waste it. Use it well."


Joelson nodded and said, "Teacher Elsa, can you train me in actual combat every week from now on?"

"Of course."

Elsa readily agreed and smiled. "However, I have a better suggestion."

"What suggestion?"

"The Mage Trial Tower."

Mage Trial Tower?!

Hearing this suggestion, Joelson was stunned. What was that?

"The Mage Trial Tower is located in the center of the inner court. It is the masterpiece of Dean Harriet Terrence."

"Only those who have reached the level of the mage trial tower are qualified to participate in the graduation trial. Otherwise, going to the trial forest is just sending themselves to their deaths!"

Elsa's eyes flashed with a strange light. She stared at Joelson and said, "Joelson, that is the place where you can improve your magic combat ability the fastest."

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"Moreover, you can obtain credits through the trial tower. The Dean also threw a lot of interesting gadgets as rewards to motivate the students. I see that you still lack a handy magic wand. Maybe you can get the Dean to personally make it there."

"If you want to improve your real combat ability as soon as possible, the mage trial tower is the most suitable place for you right now. It is more suitable than me helping you practice."

Hearing this, Joelson's heart pounded.

This was the first time he had heard of the existence of The Mage Trial Tower.


Aisha suddenly said a name.

"When he was at the first level, he participated in the trial tower test and reached the third level on his first try. Last week, he broke through to the third level. It's said that he has passed the trial on the eleventh level. It's really amazing! There aren't many people in the history of Tulip Academy who can achieve such results!"

Elsa's face was filled with surprise.

"He was hailed as the number one genius of Tulip Academy because of this. At the same level, I'm afraid that even three magicians aren't his match."

Joelson's eyes narrowed slightly.

He didn't expect Elsa to have such a high opinion of Francis.


Elsa smiled and said to Joelson, "You can definitely do better than him! Joelson, you're the most outstanding student I've ever seen. You're definitely the best. No one can compare to you. I'm sure!"

"Thank you for your affirmation, Teacher Elsa."

Joelson said goodbye to Teacher Elsa.

The inner courtyard was the activity area for the advanced students of the Tulip Academy of Magic.

From afar, one could see a gray castle-like building standing in the center of the inner courtyard.

One could enter with the student badge.

However, Joelson only took a glance from afar and did not step in.

Joelson believed that it was not the time yet.

After that, he went to the library. Ever since Juliana was absent from the library, Joelson felt that something was missing.

That pair of crystal clear eyes that were like emeralds kept moving in his mind, making him unable to see anything. He simply stopped looking and returned to his residence early.

"The cheese pancakes tonight are very good, the mushroom soup is also very delicious, and the grilled steak is also very tender."

Joelson slowly wiped his lips with a silk scarf and said to Leas with a smile.

"Young Master, really?"

Leas seemed to be very happy to receive Joelson's praise. Her eyes were bright as if they were shining.

Leas had recently become obsessed with cooking.

She taught herself from the cookbooks that Joelson borrowed from the library.

She was quite talented in this area. In just a few days, she had already cooked very well.


Joelson smiled at her and said, "I'm going to get working. Rest early."

"Yes, Young Master!"

Joelson walked into the magic laboratory alone and called out softly, "Return to the ranch!"

The scene in front of him instantly changed from a dark basement to a floating island with blue sky and white clouds filled with the fragrance of green grass and flowers.

A fiery red figure jumped over with the sound of the wind.

The fifth-tier Du Lu was already the size of a truck. It was more than ten meters long and stood like a small hill. Oh no, it was a small volcano that could spew fire.

It began to enter its youth stage.

"Damn it! Are you planning to swallow me?"

Joelson laughed and pushed away Du Lu's head that kept coming closer.

"Du lu du lu!"

Du Lu let out a unique cry, protesting aggrievedly.

Suddenly, it looked at Du Lu and said seriously, "You should learn how to fight as a dragon!"

Du Lu shook his head, not quite understanding what Joelson was saying.

Joelson opened the system panel and found a building that he had been trying to unlock.

"Are you sure you want to unlock the Dragon God Arena?"


"The Dragon God Arena is under construction."

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