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100% Bride For Rent (childish bride) / Chapter 20: Sausage milk

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Chapter 20: Sausage milk

"Mr. Baldwin, we weren't expecting you" Gloria said as she tried to hide her fear.

"Exactly. Which is why you are teaching nonsense to my wife!" While he felt the need to protect her? He had no idea.

"Mr. Baldwin, it is not nonsense. We are only teaching her what she should have known by now so that she will be ready for you" Mercy tried to explain.

"Did I beg you? I expected more from you Mercy. You have been her nanny all her life, how can you be teaching her about sausages and holes?" Even though he was angry, he still blushed when he said those words.

"But it's something she should have known earlier" Gloria and Mercy tried to defend themselves.

"Yes I know but I wouldn't want her thinking about it as sausages. She will know about it when the time comes and I will teach her myself!" He was angry and he know not what why. He knew he should be happy that they were trying to prepare her for him but he just don't like the idea of her thinking of his private part as a sausage and the urge to protect her overwhelmed him "don't let this repeat itself again."

"Yes Mr. Baldwin" the two older women nodded.

Raymond stretched his hand to Felicity and she ran into his arms. He couldn't explain the warmth feeling he felt when she was in his arms or how she has been messing with his mind all through the time in the office. He just wanted to see her, to watch her act like a child in his presence. He couldn't understand his stupid longing but having her in his arms now, he felt at home and does he like this feeling? Hell no. He doesn't like it one bit, he doesn't want to grow accustomed to her, in fact he can't and he is going to get rid of this stupid feelings soon.

"Why are you back?" Felicity asked.

Raymond took her hand and they left the kitchen "grandma called me, she wants to see you" only that he was the one that called his grandma and claimed that Felicity wants to see her while in fact, he was just looking for an excuse to leave his office and come see her.

"Oh my! Grandma! I can't wait to see her and grandpa too" she said excitedly.

Raymond smiled, something about her excitement was what he had wanted to see, "so go dress up and let's go see her."

"Yes!" She ran up the stairs immediately while Raymond stared after her.

The two women who were in the kitchen were still surprised that he came home and only because his grandmother wanted to see his wife. Since when was he so obedient? Gloria thought. She could remember that he hardly visits his grandparents if he is at work and wouldn't answer immediately unless they have something important to tell him.

"Go help her Mercy" Raymond's voice rang and Mercy nodded before cleaning her hands on her apron and taking it off. She left the kitchen and walked up the stairs, to Felicity's room which was the first thing she showed her when she arrived.


When they arrived at his grandparents mansion, Felicity jumped out of the car and ran inside into Hana's awaiting arms while Raymond slowly walked up to them.

"Little Lee" Hana shouted when Felicity ran into her arms, "mm, I have missed you even though I saw you yesterday" she giggled.

"Grandma, I have missed you too" Felicity smiled.

Hana pinched Felicity's nose tenderly, "I know you did. Let's go inside, I had them prepare a cake for you."

"Yes, yes, yes. Grandma knows me the best."

"Of course" Hana said and they both walked inside with Raymond behind them. He was studying Felicity from her back and can't understand how she can win the heart of everybody she meets, all except him of course. She hasn't win his heart, their marriage is still a deal that will expire after one year, that's a certain. He told himself.

"Where is grandpa?" Felicity's voice brought him out of his thinking.

"Oh, he is at the office. When I told him you are coming around, he wanted to leave the office and come see you but unfortunately, a meeting held him back at the last minute" Hana giggled, it was almost as if she was gloating on her husband's misfortune.

"Oh, that's too bad. I can always come and visit him some other time, right little Ray?" She looked at her husband.

"Yes" Raymond nodded.

Hana was surprised, did Raymond just answered her question even though she called him little Ray and he wasn't even angry nor did he try to correct her? Wow, looks like a day of marriage is changing her grandson.

They spent the rest of the day at his grandparents mansion and Raymond didn't return to the office again. Desmond rushed home after his meeting and was happy to still meet them, he really adore his granddaughter in law.

After an endless day of chatting and eating cake with Felicity, they came back home, both too filled to even think about eating again. They both went to their rooms to freshen up and Raymond warned Felicity about the hot tap but she had already learnt her lesson and besides, Gloria taught her the difference between the taps.

She went into Raymond's room after showering, Raymond just finished talking with Morris over the phone in the balcony and walked into his room, he was surprised to see Felicity and he approached, "what is it, why are you here?"

Felicity looked at him with a frown, "it's just, I have been thinking of what Gloria and nanny Mercy said today."

Raymond knew what she was talking about but he still feigned ignorance, "what is it?"

"How does... Em" she doesn't know why she was shy of what she wanted to ask but she still asked it in the end, "how does a man's sausage look like? Gloria said I can't eat it with my mouth but with my body, what does she mean?"

"Of course you can put it in your mouth but you just won't chew, rather you will suck it" he felt his body tightening as he imagined his part in her sweet delicate mouth, it will be a pure ecstasy and he shuddered.

"Really? How does it taste?"

"You will be the one to find out about that but I know how it will make a man feel. It will make him feel like he is in heaven" his finger tips caressed her lips as he filled his mind with imaginations.

Felicity's lips trembled at his caress and once again, the feelings she experienced last night returned to her body and it made her shiver, "really? Does it look like a sausage like Gloria said?" She whispered.

"Do you want me to show you?" Raymond asked in a whisper, his body was already throbbing with desire and the sausage they spoke of was already hard and erected.

"Yes" she muttered and Raymond smiled.

He dipped his hand into his pajamas pant and brought his already erected part, Felicity's eyes widened as she stared at it. She was scared but excited at the same time. It was big, bigger than any sausage she has ever seen but at the same time beautiful, she wanted to touch it but was afraid, "do you want to touch it?"

"Huh?" Raymond's voice called her out of her thoughts. She forced herself to look away from his attractive part to his eyes.

Raymond could see the desire in her eyes and it hurts him that she doesn't even know what she was feeling. He wanted to show her, to give her a practical of what Gloria and Mercy were trying to explain to her this afternoon, "touch it" he ordered.

"Em..." Felicity gulped and her eyes went back to the one thing that was responsible with how she was feeling, her eyes were filled with excitement but she doesn't know what to do.

"Here" Raymond took her hand in his and slowly, he guided her to his part, he placed his hand on top hers and showed her how to touch him. His whole body tightened when he felt her soft palm, he shuddered and his body trembled.

Felicity was amazed at how soft and warm it feels in her hand, even though it appears to be hard. She let Raymond guide her hand and she was surprised at the pleasure she received just by touching him and the way his whole body was shaking, she enjoyed the sight so much.

Raymond closed his eyes and delved into the pleasure she brought him, it was so much better than the one he gave himself last night. He clasped his hand tightly on hers and that made her tightened her hold on him thereby making him moan out of sheer pleasure. Felicity kept repeating the motion he showed her and after a while, her hand started hurting, she wanted to stop but when she looked at him and saw how he tightly shut his eyes and the soft pants that escaped from his lips, she couldn't bring herself to call him out. She decided to hold on a little more, the pain aren't going to kill her but her hand was aching really bad.

After a few more minutes of endurance of the pain, she saw something milk-ish but thick came out from the tip of his part and she was intrigued, what was happening, she looked at Raymond to ask him but his hold on her tightened and a loud moan left his lips, he shuddered then and pulled her into his arms, he Nuzzled his head in between her shoulder and her head, his breath brushing on her neck, bringing out goosebumps on her body.

"Ah Felicity, who would have thought you will bring me such pleasure with your little sweet hand, hmm?" He raised his head and looked at her with a smile.

Felicity robbed her aching hand but said nothing, she didn't understand what he meant by bringing him pleasure. Raymond saw her action and cursed himself, how could he forget that her petite hand will hurt her? He took her hand in his and slowly massaged it, "does it hurt much?" He asked and she shook her head. Raymond smiled, "don't worry, you will be okay by morning.

Felicity nodded before she looked at him, "what is that?"

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She looked down and pointed at the stuff on the floor, "that?"

"Oh, it's milk. My sausage milk."

"Oh, why did it come out?"

"Because you made it."


"Yes, what you did just now made it come out."


Raymond watched her, "Felicity, you do remember our discussion last night right? You can't tell anybody."

"I know" she looked down.

"Did you tell anybody about last night?"

She shook her head "no."

"Good girl" Raymond smiled "now go to your room and sleep so that your aching hand can stop."

"Okay. Goodnight little Ray."

"Goodnight" he replied and watched her leave before walking into his bathroom to get a toilet roll to clean up the mess he did on his bedroom floor.


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