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Bridges of Mortality: The Coselight War Bridges of Mortality: The Coselight War original

Bridges of Mortality: The Coselight War

Author: teddi

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Chapter 1: A Leap of Faith

The year 2023, Outskirts of London.

The relentless drizzle that shrouded the outskirts of London seemed determined to penetrate every layer of Ulah's clothing, as if trying to soak him down to his very soul. Thick clouds hung low in the sky, suffocating the once-blue expanse, creating a foreboding canopy that blocked out the sun's comforting warmth. The approaching storm carried an ominous tune, its thunderous roars akin to war cries. It seemed as though the very heavens were in turmoil, mirroring the tumult within Ulah's restless heart.

On this desolate path that wound through the woods, the purpose remained enigmatic, lost in the folds of uncertainty. The dense, ancient forest stood guard on either side, their towering branches, gnarled and twisted, forming a twisted archway over the pathway. The trees appeared to be in a perpetual state of hibernation, their leaves, once vibrant and life-giving, now withered, clinging on tenaciously to their skeletal branches, resisting the inevitable embrace of gravity. In the shifting breeze, these desiccated leaves moved back and forth in a violent rhythm, like a protest from nature itself, whispering secrets and warnings to those who dared to tread beneath their ancient boughs.

Ulah, a determined boy with an air of uncertainty, marched forward into the unforgiving weather, his figure a stark contrast against the monochromatic landscape. His steps were weighed down by the burden of his own thoughts, as he pondered the mysteries that lay ahead. The hood of his jacket clung tightly to his head, providing scant shelter for his eyes as raindrops blurred his vision.

He reached into his pocket, retrieved his phone, and cursed the fragile signal that connected him to the world. The voice on the other end was distant and crackled, a mere thread of connection to the world he was leaving behind.

"So, Ulah? Why are you out here?" a voice spoke through the device, struggling to pierce the interference.

"I found a promising building," Ulah replied, his voice shaky due to the poor connection. "It's a few kilometers from my location, right now."

"I don't know if I can, man. I'll be moving to Paris in two days." The voice on the other end started breaking up, and Ulah strained to listen.

"Hey? You're cutting up; I can't hear you."

Complete silence followed, and the call abruptly ended with a forlorn beep.

Ulah sighed and muttered a frustrated "Damn." The solitary path ahead seemed to stretch endlessly, and he was left to the company of his own thoughts, each step pulling him further into a world of enigma and isolation.

After navigating a treacherous path, he arrived at his enigmatic destination—an eerie, grotesque structure amidst the wilderness. Death and decay clung to it, like the heavy cloak of a forgotten era. The surrounding trees seemed to stand as silent sentinels, guardians of the forsaken building. Their branches reached out like skeletal fingers, as if attempting to reclaim this place from the grasp of time itself. There was no sign of life, no vegetation to be seen, only the gnarled arms of these ancient sentinels that loomed overhead.

The building bore a heavy, blocky appearance, like a forgotten relic of a bygone era, lost in the annals of time. It stood like an inscrutable monolith amidst the desolation, its very presence a challenge to anyone who dared to approach. It was as if it had been plucked from the pages of a gothic novel and transplanted into this desolate landscape. The weathered stones that formed its foundation bore the weight of countless storms, each one etching its own story into the stone, a history that now lay hidden beneath layers of grime and neglect.

There were no windows to offer a glimpse of the building's interior, only a square door, robust in its simplicity. The door seemed to mirror the visual language of the entire architecture, a stark geometric shape in the midst of the wilderness. It was a gateway into the unknown, a portal to a world that had been long abandoned by the living.

Ulah approached it with unwavering determination, his heart aflutter with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. There was no hesitation inside him, only a relentless curiosity that drove him forward. The door itself, while utilitarian in its design, held a peculiar allure. It was as if it beckoned him to step into the unknown, to embrace the mysteries that lay beyond its threshold.

Yet, despite the promising exterior, the interior revealed a different story, one that spoke of neglect and abandonment. This place had once served as a hospital for the destitute, a refuge for those whose lives had been marked by hardship and suffering. The main room, which Ulah now found himself in, had once been a waiting area and a reception for anyone who sought solace within these walls.

Now, however, it bore the scars of time's relentless passage. Discarded chairs cluttered the room, their metal frames rusted and fragile, as if time had sought to reclaim them for itself. The chairs lay in disarray, like forgotten soldiers on a battlefield long abandoned by their comrades. The metal had started to rust, a slow transformation that made them weak and unusable.

Ulah retrieved his phone and took a few snapshots of the decaying interior, capturing the essence of neglect. Burnt holes pocked the ceiling, like the remnants of ancient battles that had scarred the heavens. The lights above cast a dim illumination, a faint glow that hinted at the room's former vitality. But now, their flickering presence emitted a disconcerting strobe effect, as if the room itself were struggling to retain a connection to the world of the living. The persistent buzzing of the lights, though grating, was something he chose to ignore, a mere detail in the grand tapestry of decay that surrounded him.

The room itself seemed to be a testament to the passage of time, a space that had once held the hopes and fears of countless souls, now reduced to a silent sentinel in the wilderness. As Ulah explored the room, he couldn't help but wonder about the lives that had once intersected within these walls. The echoes of their laughter, their cries, and their whispered secrets seemed to linger in the air, as if the very essence of their presence had seeped into the very fabric of the building.

Undaunted, Ulah ventured further into the building, moving with purpose. He arrived at a dimly lit hallway with two doors, their signage worn and illegible. The enigmatic messages offered no clues as to their purpose, their once-meaningful words now reduced to faded hieroglyphs.

Ignoring their cryptic nature, Ulah pushed the doors aside and ventured into the unknown. The hallway, cloaked in pitch darkness, presented a stark contrast to the main room's dim illumination. It was as if he had crossed a threshold into another realm, one that existed beyond the boundaries of the known world.

The silence in the hallway was profound, a stillness that both comforted and unsettled him. There was an almost reverential quality to the quiet, as if the very walls themselves were paying homage to the memories of those who had once walked these corridors. The

 absence of ambient light created an oppressive darkness, a void that seemed to swallow the very concept of time.

Ulah, undeterred by the eerie silence, activated the flashlight on his phone. Its artificial glow pierced the inky darkness, revealing the details of the empty corridor. The hallway bore no distinguishing features, no unique character. It was a space forgotten by time, a relic of the past that had been relegated to the shadows. He couldn't help but wonder why the electricity still coursed through the main room, decades after the hospital had fallen into disuse.

He continued to explore the desolate building, each step filled with a strange mix of trepidation and fascination. In a world marked by noise and chaos, he couldn't help but find a certain peace in the solitude of this forgotten place. His steps, though deliberate, carried a reverberation that spoke of the building's emptiness, as if it had longed for the sound of life to grace its hallowed halls once more.

As he ventured deeper into the darkness, a strange light caught his attention. It was unlike anything he had encountered before, its dim glow casting eerie shadows on the corridor's decaying walls. The source of the light was a door, its wooden frame bearing strange, indecipherable red lettering. The door was in a state of disrepair, with decaying elements clinging to its surface. Unlike the other doors in the hallway, it lacked a glass window, obscuring any view of the room beyond. The hinges, rusted and frail, seemed to beg for release from their burdens.

Ulah's curiosity got the better of him. He extended his foot, delivering a powerful kick to the decaying door. The impact reverberated through the building, the sound of splintering wood echoing like a defiant cry in the silence. Dust and debris filled the air, each particle a ghostly memory of a past long forgotten. Ulah squinted as he tried to gain clarity in the midst of the swirling chaos.

As the dust began to settle, the room revealed itself to be a typical hospital chamber, albeit one overtaken by time's inexorable march. The remnants of a forgotten era lay scattered about, their purpose now lost to history. Ulah's heart raced as he waved his flashlight, desperately seeking something of interest.

And then he saw it—the object that would change the course of his life. It lay in the corner of the room, nestled in the detritus of time. A staff, magnificent and otherworldly, rested there, its presence commanding attention. The staff's body, resplendent in gold, bore the same mysterious language that adorned the door, its meaning a riddle waiting to be unraveled. But it was the crystal embedded within the staff that truly captivated Ulah.

The crystal, a mesmerizing gradient of red and orange, glistened with an ethereal radiance, its every facet catching the dim light. The staff exuded an aura of otherness, as if it had been plucked from the realms of myth and legend. Its beauty was both enchanting and unsettling, a paradox that held Ulah in its spell.

Ulah retrieved a pair of gray latex gloves from his pocket, carefully donning them. He approached the staff with reverence, his heart pounding in his chest. As he reached out to touch it, the staff trembled, causing him to step back in alarm. The more he withdrew, the more violent the staff's movements became, like an untamed spirit yearning for freedom. 

But then, as abruptly as it had begun, the staff's tumultuous dance ceased, leaving nothing but static in its wake. Ulah squinted, his eyes locked on the enigmatic object before him. With a deep breath, he raised his hands in the air, preparing for any eventuality, his phone's flashlight still casting its weak glow.

After a few tense moments, Ulah cautiously approached the staff, his movements measured and deliberate. Unexpectedly, the staff lunged forward and attached itself to his hand as if drawn by an invisible force. He was overcome by shock, his voice filled with a mixture of confusion and exasperation.

"Get off me! What the hell is happening?" he shouted, struggling in vain to free himself from the staff's unrelenting grasp.

Things took a turn for the bizarre as the crystal shard within the staff transformed from vibrant gradients to an eerie shade of gray. Ulah was left bewildered, unsure of what he had done to trigger this peculiar reaction.

"Okay, some progress, I see!" he muttered, his voice tinged with uncertainty. "Please be a good staff—"

His prayer went unanswered, and Ulah's frustration grew. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, his white t-shirt beneath the red Arcteryx jacket sticking uncomfortably to his skin. 

In an instant, the entire staff burst into a brilliant, fiery red, its glow intensifying until it surpassed the illumination of his phone's flashlight. Ulah's panic escalated, and he tried desperately to release the staff, but it clung to him as if it were a part of his very being. 

Red, vein-like lines snaked from the staff onto Ulah's bare skin, as though the two were becoming one. The staff's grip on him remained unyielding, and he tumbled to the ground, a mixture of fear and frustration coursing through him. His mind raced, contemplating whether this was a prank, the work of someone who had visited this place before him, or something far more inexplicable.

In his frantic struggle, Ulah accidentally dropped his phone onto the broken tiles. The device's impact set off a dazzling display of light, adding to the surreal scene. He felt a sense of powerlessness, unable to comprehend the mysterious force that bound him to the staff. 

With the staff seemingly in control, Ulah began waving it about, creating bizarre patterns of crimson energy that stretched and swirled through the air. His surroundings became a chaotic maelstrom of red, and as he continued to grapple with the staff, he found himself inadvertently shaping these enigmatic strings into intricate forms.

Exhausted and overwhelmed, Ulah paused, attempting to make sense of the inexplicable events that had unfolded. He turned the staff in various directions, experimenting with its capabilities. It was only when he began making circular movements that something truly extraordinary occurred.

As the staff moved in a circular motion, an array of small, ephemeral windows into other dimensions began to manifest. Ulah watched in astonishment as these transient portals appeared and disappeared in quick succession, each revealing glimpses of strange and unfamiliar worlds. 

It was a phenomenon that defied comprehension, and Ulah couldn't help but feel a mixture of fear and fascination. What sort of power did this staff hold, and how had it come to rest in this forgotten place?

Driven by curiosity, Ulah decided to experiment further. He began creating a larger circle that spanned from the ground to the ceiling and from wall to wall. To his astonishment, this portal remained stable, its outline glowing with a vibrant green light that bathed the room in an eerie radiance. The portal emitted a soft hum, as if it were alive with energy, a sentient entity that beckoned him to explore its mysteries.

With a mixture of trepidation and wonder, Ulah gazed into the otherworldly gateway before him. The world that lay beyond was unlike anything he had

 ever imagined. It was a place of vivid landscapes, where vibrant colors painted the skies in hues of pink and blue, creating a dreamlike backdrop. In the midst of it all, a floating citadel, an ethereal marvel suspended in mid-air, caught his eye. 

The new world was strikingly similar to his own, yet marked by subtle differences and inexplicable wonders. He couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and bewilderment as he contemplated the possibilities that lay before him.

His rapture was soon interrupted by the appearance of an unexpected visitor—a bunny rabbit, standing at an astonishing height of four and a half feet. The creature, dressed in a farmer's outfit, ambled about with an air of nonchalance, casting an amused glance in Ulah's direction before disappearing from view.

Ulah was left dumbfounded. His world had been upended, and he was now faced with a reality beyond his wildest dreams. He reached for his phone, determined to capture this surreal moment in a photograph.

"What are you?" he whispered in genuine wonder, his voice filled with curiosity and a tinge of trepidation. 

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Ulah took a cautious step toward the portal. His journey into the unknown had only just begun, and he was acutely aware that a new and uncharted adventure awaited him on the other side.

teddi teddi

And into a new world he goes...

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