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86.66% Brittania in the New World / Chapter 25: Bataille

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Chapter 25: Bataille

'hmm Oil? surely haven't heard of that before. But if it's a black substance then it must be produced by magic perhaps some some alchemist could produce it?' the Duchess thought to herself,

"Oh, i believe that the United Kingdom is fully confident that they could bring the Imperial Army down. Im curious in your military's strength" the President of Italica said,

"Sorry but Mr. President, i can not fully explain the arsenal and the weapons the British Military is using to the leaders right now. As of now, 100 British war planes and less than 5,000 military personnel had stayed in the military base here in Sienna"

"Wow, isn't that too few?" the President replied,

"It may seem few to your understands your excellency, but you will understand" William replied,

"Thank you everyone for attending the first allied meeting here in Sienna, i hope that this conference will lead to more a thriving relationship with everyone in the continent. And may we finally stop the advances of the Empire, until the next conference then." the Prime Minister finally dismissed the conference and everyone proceeded to leave the room minutes later.

As everyone leaves the room, the Prime Minister asked the Queen where would the dignitaries return home to,

"Your Majesty, isn't the Grand Ducal Confederacy under Imperial occupation? and the one who shown up as the ambassador for the Confederacy is the Heir-apparent. I think because his father had voluntarily surrendered to the Empire? but where will he go home though right now?"

"William, the King of Summerwyn was generous enough to temporarily accommodate all head of states and governments here in the spacious Reńe Palace, the Reńe Palace has a lot of apartments and the King generously let them occupy it for now while they are away from their homeland" the Queen replied,

"Oh, lord thank the King for his generosity" William added,

The King and Queen of the United Kingdom gave their goodbye message to the Monarchs of the Kingdom of Summerwyn for now and decided to leave,

"Goodbye for now you're highnesses, please be safe" the Prime Minister said to the king and queen of Summerwyn before leaving,

"Thank you and be careful as well,"

The Prime Minister walked outside the Palace and entered to his car, the car with its speed left the Palace headed for Lincliff.

-- Outskirts of Sienna --

But, men with muskets and bombards are seen from a distance marching towards the direction of Sienna. They are marching gallantly with horns and singing loudly, probably singing their anthem to spread fear and panic to the distance. The driver is a British military soldier who came from Lincliff to deliver the supplies, but as soon as he saw the marching army holding the Imperial banner. He immediately called the British base in Sienna to report what he had saw. He then immediately drive his way to Sienna to regroup with the British Army.

"HQ,HQ REPORT!" the driver hurriedly calls the British Command

As soon as he reaches contact he immediately reports the situation,

"HQ! Officer Cadet Adam here! Thousands of armed men that might be affiliated to the Imperial Army are marching towards the direction of Sienna!" the cadet reported,

The British Military Base in Sienna received the news, upon receiving the news. The Commander sent the report to the King to inform him of the current situation.

The Imperial Army had been marching with twenty five to thirty thousand Imperial Troops, they are currently marching to build a camp not far away from the city.

Meanwhile, the behemoth is also being transported by the ranks of the Imperial Army, covered with wool to prevent the enemy to identify what their transporting. The sight of a huge covered hidden bombard could easily give horror to everyone nearby.

"Commander! should we do as the Royal Army tells us to? the Royal Army is advising us to evacuate the city by the end of the week. It seems like the Siennese Government doesn't have any more hope for the defense of the city!"

"Yes, we will comply with their advice. As soon as the Royal Army leaves, burn the military base into the ground and the Royal Air Force will leave in an instant whim. For now, we are to observe the strength of the Imperial Army and intervene to the Royal Army in any way possible"

"Yes Sir!"

The Royal Army, Kingdom of Summerwyn's army is mostly under equipped and inexperienced young men who was forcibly conscripted by the Royal Government. Their number currently ranges to almost half a million, there are almost three hundred thousand Royal Army soldiers in the Capital.

While the British Army has stationed the Royal Air Force with 100 war planes, the defenses of Sienna is uniquely under-equipped by the monarchs of Summerwyn as they had not expected any invasion from any foreign power.

The ill-equipped and inexperienced but strong in numbers the Royal Army might just be able to fend off the less numbered but experienced Imperial Army with the help of the Royal Air Force.

-- Reńe Palace --

"Sophie, call the other nobles to join us for Lincliff. Tell them to immediately pack all their things and tell the same to the servants this too, tell the servants to the foreign governments that resides here to come with us as well" the King said to the Queen,

"Very well Edward, make sure you take your belongings and don't forget them okay?" the Queen smiled and left the room,

The King ordered his servants to take all of the King's books in his library amounting to thirty to almost a hundred thousand books to be also transferred to Lincliff. His most important jewelries and their crown jewels are also being carefully transferred to Lincliff.

The King, Queen and the Crown Prince. Along with the Dynasty's supporters and Pro-Bretagne faction nobles, with foreign governments like the former-Heir apparent of the Grand Ducal Confederacy and the Holy Council, is to be escorted with the Royal Air Force's military transport aircraft.

The party arrived on the British Military Base a day after the sighting of the Imperial Army, the British Military saluted to the King and Queen. While guiding them to the military transport aircraft that will fly them to Lincliff.

The British Military helped the Royal Government in placing the baggage and properties the passengers brought into the aircraft. Almost three to five military transport aircraft was used to transport the entire inhabitants of the Reńe Palace by noon of mid Autumn of 1454.

The British Commander and several Royal Air Force personnel and aircraft we're left in the base, the Commander eventually gave his orders as they sighted the Imperial Army marched in front of the walls of Sienna.

"Bomb the positions of Imperial Army! Bomb their positions after fifteen minutes" the Commander ordered to the Royal Air Force,

"Yes sir!"

'I am finally going to witness the Imperial Army's tactics for the first time, i hope they don't disappoint me.' the Commander thought to himself,

The Imperial Army arrived with nearly a number of thirty-thousand army in front of the city's gates, the number of the defenders had reduced into a number of twenty thousand. The Royal Army started massive withdrawal from the week before, withdrawing to the city of Lincliff.

"Sir! the Imperial Army is pulling something from their sleeves!" one soldier reported to the Commander,

"What is it?",

The Imperial Army began to reveal one huge object out of nowhere, the British Army was confused on how it appeared on a whim. Apparently the Imperial Army used invisibility magic to hide the object from the sight of the enemies.

The Imperial Army's commander, Clause. Pulled out the cloth from the object, revealing a huge towering siege cannon.

"Holy sh-"

"What the fuck is that are you kidding me? This is ridiculously bigger than the bombards in earth!" the Commander replied,

The behemoth was already placed with ammunition in advance, the Imperial Army began to ignite the behemoth. After several minutes, a huge noise erupted from the behemoth. Releasing a huge ball from its mouth, penetrating the city's walls reaching until the inner districts of the city.

"For the Holy Emperor! For the Empire!" the Imperial Army shouted in valor,

The Commander watched in horror as he saw the massive firepower of the bombard of the Imperial Army. He wanted to capture or at least destroy it to avoid the city of Lincliff avoid the same fate.

"Alright, that bombard's existence enough is dangerous for the existence of this kingdom. I might not be able to capture that thing, if i can't capture it i will destroy it then" the Commander added,

"Everyone!, I'm ordering the Royal Army left in the city to evacuate to the Inner districts of the City! The objective is to eliminate the Imperial Army's Siege weapons to be used against Lincliff!" the Commander ordered,

The Royal Air Force was then seeing it's first operations again since the air raid on Fort Rose. They are to attack the Imperial Army's positions and destroy the huge Imperial bombard.

Meanwhile, a huge number of men on horseback can be seen far away. The horseback came near to the Imperial Army and revealed to be the defected army of the Pro-Imperial nobles.

The Pro-Imperial Army had amassed a total of fifteen thousand troops, in an effort to help the Imperial Army capture the Summerwyn capital.

'Now, the walls are torn apart. The city is now for easy grabbing, After we captured the city the Imperial Army could do whatever it likes to and even plunder and loot the city for ourselves' the Imperial General Clause thought to himself,

The Imperial Cavalry along with the Pro-Imperial Army stormed the outer districts of the city, massacring everyone who defies them. They carried the Imperial Insignia while heading to the more prosperous areas of the inner districts.

They saw the walls of the Inner districts partly damaged by the Bombard too, as they we're about to enter the damaged walls of the Inner district. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A loud noise emerged near the Inner districts, sounds of 'ratatatatat' can be heard.



The Commander, Commander George took his personal favorite. A machine gun, he used his weapon to shoot dozens of his enemies flowing into the Inner District.


The Imperial Cavalry dies one by one, along with the Pro-Imperial Army that attempts to enter the Inner Districts.

The Commander ordered the Royal Air Force through his phone to bomb the Imperial Army's Main Artillery in front of the city's walls.

"Hello?! Royal Air Force Immediately bomb the target, the target which is a huge artillery like machinery in front of the city gates used by the Imperial Army. Immediately annihilate that thing before it disappears just like what happened earlier!" the Commander ordered,

"Yes Sir!"

Numerous bombers from the Military Air Base began to depart, immediately heading to the southern gates of the city.

Several minutes had passed, and the bombers reached the destination.

"Identified the target!"

The British Bombers from the above began to flies in the skies, however as they pass through the souther gates of the city. They rained death and misfortune to the Imperial Army, the dropped bombs to the so-called 'behemoth' of the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Army outside the southern gates began to dessert one by one, a huge smoke covered the place for a while.

"What is this unbelievable power?"

"This is the same thing that wreaked havoc on the fort!"

'I never thought we will also encounter this, i hope the Imperial bombard is safe!"

General Clause turned and saw the aftermath of the smokes in front of him,

"Object successfully eliminated. The Artillery was bombed and destroyed by the Royal Air Force. God Save the Queen"

The Royal Air Force returned to the military base with their successful news,

"Request more reinforcements from the Empire! call the Holy Emperor through the magic telegram and ask more reinforcements! We need reinforcements to secure Sienna!" Clause ordered while looking in horror to the destroyed Imperial Behemoth.

The Behemoth, a successful product of the Imperial Army's Magic Weaponry Department. With years of careful research and heavy funding from the Imperial Treasury. Had managed to make this powerful weapon.

'To think that the Empire's main bombard would be destroyed in a whim, i afraid that the Emperor is after my head if i ever return to the Capital.

There, in front of the southern gates. Are ruins of the once-former monster, the behemoth has been bombed to bits by the Royal Air Force and is no longer functioning.

And after a short while, an helicopter could be seen flying in the inner districts of the city. Carrying a man with some strange objects with him,

"What is that?"

The Imperial Army wondered on the unexplained occurrences they have been experiencing since the beginning of the battle.

The Commander, then used a loudspeaker to announce to the Imperial Army the retreat of the British Army,

"Invaders! the Imperial Army! you have fought the wrong enemy! we are now leaving this city and we wish you at least respect and spare the inhabitants of the city. WE are declaring the city of Sienna an OPEN CITY. We are voluntarily leaving the city and flee somewhere else, remember if you mistreat the inhabitants of the city. This will be seen as a war crime by the United Continental Alliance! and from now on, The United Continental Alliance fights against the Holy Estermage Empire!"

The British Army along with the last remnants of the Royal Army evacuated the Summerwyn Capital in an orderly manner, the Palace of Reńe was completely uninhabited after the evacuation of the Summerwyn government.

"Let it loose"

The British Military Base was burned to the ground, all of its important technological assets immediately removed and taken away by the British Army.

By the time the sun was setting, the Imperial Insignia was raised from the corners of Sienna. All important offices is now replaced by the Imperial Insignia,

The Imperial Army then made the Reńe Palace their main headquarters in Inner Summerwyn. The officers of the Imperial Army gloriously made their entry onto the ornate facade of the Palace.

"Immediately report to the Holy Emperor the astounding news today! Tell him that he can be crowned as the most supreme Holy Emperor of Roseby! immediately relay the news to the magic telegram!"

-- Imperial Palace --

"You Highness, report from the Imperial Army from Sienna"

"Hmmm? from Sienna you mean?"

The Emperor immediately turned on the magic telegram message,

General Clause appeared in the background, exchanging formalities until reporting the latter's mission,

"Your Highness, the Holy Emperor Dudendorf of the most Serene and Powerful Holy Estermage Empire. Your Highness can now proudly call himself Emperor of the Continent. If it hadn't for the Italican Navy we would had undoubtedly subjugated Italica. But we could conquer Italica for a later time, but for now. The most Serene city of Sienna had fallen to the Imperial Army, the most ornate facades and mirrors of the salons of the extravagant Reńe Palace can now host His Highness' coronation as the Holy Emperor of the Continent! we would expect more orders here for now we would standby. We hoped to defeat the final rebellious armies of Summerwyn in Lincliff. That is all, thank you"

The magic telegram messaged ended,

The Holy Emperor smirked and his dreams are slowly being realized.

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