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Chapter 22: Battle of Sommen Pass Part 2

-- Early Autumn of 1544 --

The Armies of the Empire and the Kingdom of Summerwyn clashed in the Sommen Pass south of the mountain ranges of Gardenia.

The Imperial Army had swiftly captured the region which is known as the Grand Duchy of Gardenia in the Summer until early Autumn seasons of the year of 1544

At the moment, the only British expeditionary forces at this time we're in Sienna, Lincliff and Italica. The Empire did not bombed Italica again after their wyvern force we're exhausted and Italica and was instead use for tactical operations in battles.

Upon learning the fall of fortress Reńaiss, the British sent more expeditionary forces in the continent. The British we're limited in oil but not ammunition.

-- British Military Base, Lincliff --

"Sir, the Royal Air Force will be sending more squadrons to base here to support the British' Army's reach in the continent" a soldier reporting to the Commander of British Army Summerwyn

Commander George, Commander of the newly-established British Army Summerwyn. Leads the British Army's operations in the Kingdom of Summerwyn. Ever since the invasion of the Empire and the subsequent fall of the Grand Duchy of Gardenia. Commander George had then requested more reinforcements from the British mainland.

"Send a thank you message to the upper-ranking officials in the deployment, I'm glad we got reinforcements as soon as possible"

an emergency Strategic Defense and Security Review 2019 was immediately held a year ago. One of the terms of the Strategic Defense and Security Review 2019 was, immediate solution to find a new source of oil. As oil is the lifeblood of the United Kingdom, massive increase to the defense budget. Nearly doubling, mostly expanding the arms industry and oil excavations.

As explained earlier, the Republic of Ireland was mysteriously not transferred despite Northern Ireland got transferred alongside with the United Kingdom.

a British corps landed in the British Military Base in Lincliff, and two air squadron arrived in the Military Base in Sienna.

All the while, the Royal Army is engaging the Imperial Army in the Sommen Pass using early-modern warfare with magic.

The Imperial Army made the first move by sending 10,000 cavalry charging to the Royal Army's ranks, The Royal Army was filled with Infantry in the front, as the Imperial Cavalry was to charged through them, spikes from the ground had appeared and struck the horses. This caused the cavalry to panic and the Royal Army's infantry began to mass-attack in numbers.

A total of 20,000 infantry began attacking the Imperial Army's 10,000 Cavalry, the Royal Army made hidden trenches in the ground and used spears when the Imperial Cavalry came close.

Upon realizing the Royal Army's cunning tricks, the Imperial General Clause ordered the Imperial Cavalry to draw back.

While the Imperial Cavalry was retreating back, the fire mages of the Royal Army attacked them with fireballs, causing a lot of casualties among the retreating cavalry.

The initial losses we're 6,860. Almost 3,000 managed to ran and retreat to the Imperial Army. Clause immediately ordered the Imperial mages to erect a short-term protective magic barrier to prepare for an retaliatory attack against the Royal Army.

500 mages moved forward along with 2 900-caliber bombards. This towed-bombards we're state of the art of the Imperial Military Development and can fire for far as two kilometers.

The mages erected short-term powerful protective barrier to the towed-bombards, while the artillery men began to fill in the bombards.

When the preparation was complete, the bombard simultaneously launched hundreds of grapeshot against the enemy, when the frontline of the Royal Army realized the power of the Imperial Army's artillery, the frontline slowly become deadly as the grapeshot kills every soldier it could in the distance.

The Royal Army's formation began to fall apart, as such the Royal Army lost a significant number of their infantry, losing about a staggering 18-20 thousand in the initial losses.

"Everyone! we must not be encouraged by the wrath of the Imperial Army! they are foolish to dare to invade our precious motherland! Charge valiantly for the motherland!" Sir Fondee honorably raised the morale of his troops whilst leading them into battle,

While riding his gallant horse, he and the Royal Cavalry numbering about 15,000 ran towards the Imperial Army to charge through the Imperial bombards while the fire mages and archery in the back supported them by firing through the Imperial Infantry.

But, the Imperial Infantry raised their shields and many managed to survive the arrows fired by the Royal Army, but there we're also those less fortunate who we're shot by fireballs.

The Imperial Infantry's number didn't reduced significantly, but the Imperial mages and archers shot at the oncoming Royal Cavalry, many perished but they still charged valiantly.

The Cavalry was near and at a distance they shot many infantry by using their muskets, while the others charged through them using lancers.

The infantry responded by shooting in retaliation and resulted into many deaths, the Royal Cavalry was reduced to a number of 9,182.

But finally, twenty thousand infantry from the Royal Army ran and march towards the Imperial Army. They shot the Imperial infantry and proceeded to march towards the Imperial Army.

And the numbers of the Imperial Army's infantry began to drop. The Royal Army's cavalry headed by Sir Fondee lead the charge and immediately headed to the Imperial Bombards.

Sir Fondee along with the cavalry charged towards the Imperial Bombards, they almost captured the entire bombards. But the other bombard was towed with a horse and ran away just in time, leaving the other one to be captured by Sir Fondee.

But, Sir Fondee was driven by his excitement. After capturing the other Imperial Bombard. He was immediately cornered by the Imperial Army, the Imperial Cavalry outnumbered his 60 men who had made it with him in the rear. The Imperial Cavalry aimed their muskets at them and demanded for their surrender.

Sir Fondee honorably surrendered under the hands of General Clause, the surrender of Sir Fondee led to a total collapse to the Royal Army in the Sommen Pass.

The Empire allowed the Royal Army to leave the battlefield in panic, while he took as many as war prisoners as possible. A total of 49,482 soldiers from the Royal Army was taken as war prisoners by the Imperial Army including Sir Fondee as well.

Meanwhile, a total of almost 55-60,000 troops arrived in Fort Rose. This was the Royal Army who managed to fled the disastrous Battle of Sommen Pass.

The local commander in Fort Rose then send the magic telegram message to Sienna and the Siennese military was shocked by the result.

-- Reńe Palace, Sienna --

His Highness, King Edward is relaxing while drinking his English tea in his library. Suddenly, one of the Palace Guards knocked on the door and sent a message to him.

"Your Highness, Sir Fondee was captured" the guard reported to the King.

"Wait what? what happened to the Royal Army then?"

"Many soldier's we're captured. While a number of almost sixty-thousand troops had fled into safety in Fort Rose." the Palace Guard said to the king,

"Call General Charles here in Sienna and the British Commander in Lincliff" he asked,

"Oh sir, about the British Commander. He's just outside waiting for you" the palace guard replied,

"Immediately call him and lead him to the living room where we will talk, also call Charles and let him come over today" the king ordered to the palace guard,

"Yes Sir!" the palace guard bowed and left the room,

The King immediately went to the living room while he asked the maids to made him and his guests some British pastries.

The maids served macarons and the king's favorite which is cheesecake. This are all not originally British pastries but since they only came in the United Kingdom in this world they might as well call it from Britain.

The United Kingdom, for the first time since the second world war. Had begun to re-industrialize in order to answer the demands of the Kingdom of Summerwyn. The arms production of the United Kingdom will begin to increase after numerous heavy industries we're funded by the government.

The government began to do Mixed economic policies in order to accelerate the production efficiency of the country whilst also improving the social welfare of its citizens.

As such, the United Kingdom is hoping to export manufactured products from the United Kingdom into the continent. In the meantime, the United Kingdom can't export many civilian products towards the continent due to the ongoing war with the Empire.

The British Commander in British Army Summerwyn, Commander George arrived in Sienna a day earlier to relocate his main working office in British Base Sienna.

He was just welcomed by the local Royal Air Force in the base, the British airbase was slowly being expanded into a full-working army base soon.

He finally entered his office, and placed all his baggages in the couch. He lie down in the couch and took a nap, after just taking his nap. Someone rang the office's doorbell. He was woken up by the doorbell and stood up and walked through the door.

He took a peek in his peephole and revealed to a soldier in the Royal Air Force, he opened the door and welcomed him to his office.

He sat behind his desk and introduced himself and the two exchanged greeting, then the commander asked the soldier's purpose of visit to his office,

"So why's the sudden visit?" the commander asked,

"Commander, the King want's to see you personally in his elaborate palace" the soldier replied,

"Right now?!" the Commander asked,

"Yes sir, a coach is already waiting for you outside"

The soldier left the room, and the Commander hurriedly packed his bag and immediately went outside the base to ride the coach waiting outside.

He saw the coach outside and immediately was welcomed by the palace's servants. He entered and exchanged greetings with the servant. He gazed at the windows of the coach as they drive through the streets of Sienna until finally arriving to the Palace.

They finally arrived in front of the Palace's gates. The coach stopped in front of the Palace, the Commander along with the servant stepped his foot in the grounds of the Palace for the first time.

The servant then lead him to his way to the Living room as they walk through the fanciful halls of the Reńe Palace.

He was impressed by the nearly-Versailles vibe the palace gives to him. Since he was fond of French architecture and went to Paris countless times before.

The two finally reached the doors of the living room where the king is, the servant opened the door and the Commander entered the room.

The Commander bowed to the King and exchanged greetings with him, he sat in front of the King and he was given a treat by the King.

The two enjoyed modern pastries and English tea from the United Kingdom. The King in particular enjoyed macarons and cakes. He loved British tea parties that was influenced to him by Queen Anne as the two would often do tea parties way back in Lincliff.

The Queen and the King developed a close relationship after their first meeting in Lincliff, the two would often host tea parties in Lincliff before the war.

Queen-Consort Sophie, the Queen-Consort of the Kingdom of Summerwyn. Also developed a closed friendly relationship with the Queen. The Queen-Consort was the first monarchs in the new world to visit the United Kingdom. The Queen-Consort went to London 4 times already this year. Currently, the Queen-Consort is in the palace taking care of the King. But the Queen-Consort had promised to Queen Anne that someday he will bring King Edward with him in visiting the United Kingdom.

The king began to talked to the Commander and said,

"Withdraw all your forces from here, withdraw them to Lincliff"

Hwarangskz Hwarangskz

the bombard used by the Imperial Army earlier was inspired by a Russian cannon called "Tsar Cannon"

Hope you enjoyed thank you :)

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