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Chapter 3: Dawn of the Great War

-- in the outskirts of Republic of Italica --

it was just in the middle of the day, when a group of merchants arrived from the east

10 trade vessels which is escorted by 7 warships from the Italican navy, arrived in the main harbor in Italica.

one of the merchants aboard the trade vessels was Antonio, who was a young man that is seeking fortune to the far east. He just had his first experience in trade. He had encountered all sorts of trouble and experiences in His first journey.

He even tasted food from faraway places. He came from the east with his vessel whom he shared with another 2 merchants, had filled it with boxes that was full of commodities from the east that is only considered a luxury in the continent. -

when Antonio was taking all of his goods from the vessel, he placed it all in a temporary stand near the dock so he can gain additional income before returning home to his family. Suddenly, a carriage that was adorned with expensive metals stopped by near his store-

a young man with a calm demanour came out of the carriage, he was certainly a nobleman. But his not from Italica. But, from the empire. Antonio can immediately tell it was from the empire because the carriage was bearing the Imperial Insignia of one of the Noble houses of the empire. The House of Ostburger

"uhm, Excuse me?"

"Yes, what is it sir?" Antonio replied.

the nobleman took one of the most beautiful silk carpet in his store, purple in color; it was certainly a very rare and expensive item. The nobleman didn't seemed to care about the price. And as such, the silk grabbed his attention.

"Where did you get this?" The nobleman asked.

"Oh, that carpet sir? I bought that on way to home from our travels in the east"

"This is really beautiful, i would like to buy this one, young man. here, take this"

the nobleman gave him a small bag full of coins, he took a look inside and knew that the amount is too much. But he didn't wanted returning some, so he just ignored it and prepared to close his store and move all his goods to house; while the noble entered his carriage and left.

the nobleman's name was Zachary, he's from one of the top 3 noble families in the Empire. As such, he was sent to a diplomatic mission in the Republic of Italica. His job was to ensure the submission of the republic into imperial rule.

"this silk is so beautiful, i would make sure the republic will be subjugated to the empire. So that, i can finally rule this place."

the emperor promised the noble family of Ostburger, Zachary's noble family to rule the Republic of Italica, if Italica falls into imperial submission.

Then, the Ostburger Family will be allowed to rule the island as it's regional vassalage, Finally making the Ostburger Family huge power and influence from the island, eclipsing all the 3 great noble families in the empire.

the carriage finally stopped in the front of the White Palace. Which is the residence of the President and his top officials of the republic. And also where public meetings and audiences occur with the government in the republic.

As the carriage stops, the carriage door opens and he is welcomed by the servants of the Palace.

The servants then guided him to his room, which is located in the 2nd floor of the Palace. He was to wait there until further instructions. As the President is busy with work.

While he's busy, he took a nap into his room while waiting for his scheduled meeting with the President.

-- Kingdom of Summerwyn, Lincliff --

A British carrier can be seen from the shores of the city, all inhabitants are puzzled and terrified from the sight of the warship they are seeing.

While at it, a small helicopter landed in the beach. Saying that they wont harm everybody and came in peace. While at it, one woman who was strikingly different from the others came from the helicopter, and after making a few steps in the beach, a few people came over and asked "Who are you miss?",

The Queen was shocked that they speak the same language despite being from the other world, but she decided to hide her reaction befitting of a royal and while wearing her crown and scepter she declared; "I am the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Anne." As everyone was standing before her, everyone realized they we're rude since they treated her informally. So all the people who was in front of her bowed and asked for an apology for their rudeness.

but the soldiers that was tasked with escorting the queen was not amused with the behavior of the locals, so they armed themselves and blocked the people from the queen. "Get off the Queen!"

The soldiers demanded while getting all the people away from the Queen. The Queen accepted the local's apology humbly. The Queen, along with her bodyguards went to the Mayor's Palace to inform the mayor and the king of their sudden diplomatic visit.

and after arriving in the palace, the Queen apologized in behalf of her kingdom to the mayor for their supposed trespassing earlier by their aircraft caused panic; the mayor had accepted the Queen's humble apology and he then proceeded to call the king to come to Lincliff. And the King would arrive in Lincliff just days later.

the Queen was talking with the mayor in the dining room, gathering information in this new world. The mayor talked about the uneasy peace with the empire; concerning his fear both for his people and his family. The Queen was subtly reminded of Germany. The Queen then rest assured to the mayor that everything will be ok. And then suddenly.

"The King is here!" One of the servants informed them.

Queen Anne then prepared herself for the very first diplomatic meeting with the King.

- Republic of Italica, The White Palace -

"Meeting concerning the Continent's Future" written in a manual that was written by Zachary and it was being read by all officials with great doubt and distrust in the meeting hall in the palace.

"What is the meaning of this Zachary?" The president asked

"We just want eternal peace and prosperity to come to the continent. If everyone cooperates, we will no doubt achieve eternal peace." Zachary said.

"This is just absurd"


"We will just surrender our country without a fight?! Are you kidding me?!"

"You are picking the wrong country to pick on"

murmurs can be heard all the hall. Everyone was furious and angry to the imperial demands.

The demands will be then known as one of the starting point to the war that will wreak havoc on the continent.

"Our navy is certainly one of the best in the world, why would we surrender on such a country?!"

"They dont even have a huge navy, let alone experienced sailors; how can they invade us?"

however, no one knows that their downfall won't be from the outside. But from within.

-- Mayor's Palace, Lincliff --

as the two royalty exchanged their greetings, they then proceeded to talk.

"May i know the situation in your kingdom?" The king asked the queen politely.

"We are located northwest off the mainland, unfortunately we we're suddenly transported into this world with our country. We don't know how exactly it happened but it really happened." The Queen replied.

"i heard that you're country was the one who owned that flying object?"

"Yes and im really sorry for the trouble it caused, we just want to establish relations in this world peacefully, i know it did not ended peacefully: we would like to pay reparations for the panic we caused."

the King wanted to refused her generosity, but knowing the situation his country is facing he accepted it with a smile.

"I humbly thank you for this generosity"

"This is not that much, it is sometimes better to give to those who are in need and hardship" the Queen replied,

"I also wanted to establish relations with your country by sending diplomatic missions to both our capital cities so you can finally confirm my country's existence" the Queen added.

"Very well, we will prepare all the preparations as soon as possible."

this marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Roseby, the continent might soon face a huge devastating war. But, prosperity is soon promised and long-lasting peace might be soon established.

-- Imperial Capital, Ostshore --

- Imperial Palace -

the Imperial Palace is one of the biggest in the continent. The palace is located in the center of the city and is immensely huge and is the power base of the empire. Everything that happens in the empire is decided in the Imperial Court.

Which houses the audience of the Imperial Family and his advisors. The Palace has tall walls surrounding it and has two defensive walls before you can enter the palace.

The palace is so big you can mistook it as a city if it hadn't for the huge number of soldiers in the walls guarding it, as such; the imperial court is adorned with huge expensive marble pillars with the imperial insignia flying all over the place.

"The Holy Estermage Emperor is undoubtedly going to be the emperor of the Roseby continent"

" We will surely subjugate everyone in the continent"

" why won't we just invade everyone already?"

The conversations all can be heard in the court, while the door was then opened to one important man. It was Zachary, he then procedded to exchange formalities with the emperor and then reported the results of his mission.

"Your Highness!, as you expected the the Republic of Italica refused our demands!"

"Very well, Everyone! We will now proceed everything to the plan. Hurry up and make sure the Empire owns the Continent!"

"Long live the Emperor!"

"May the Empire last for a thousand years!"

cheers can be heard all throughout Ostshore, and this only means nothing. War is about to be sent to the Republic of Italica. Italica will taste the cold steel from the empire.

Hwarangskz Hwarangskz

hi i know this is pretty long, but i decided to focus on writing this now. Actually it’s only my first time writing and i had trouble in thinking how the story should go but i finally had the idea to do it now. I hope you enjoy the story.

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