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96.66% Brittania in the New World / Chapter 28: Emperor of the Continent

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Chapter 28: Emperor of the Continent

-- Imperial Palace --

It is early winter, snow had finally began falling from the skies above. The snow that eventually came from the above piled up in the surroundings and the climate gradually become cooler.

While in the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Family is rejoicing at the news of the surrender of the Republic of Italica. The sudden Treaty of Italica was seen as a victory to the Empire and a humilitiating defeat to the Republic and the Allies.

"A job well done, i was indeed not wrong at having my highest expectations on you. The Imperial General Staff is indeed one of the greatest assets the Empire has!"

"It is our pleasure to serve you our Holy Emperor, it is nothing but luck and our great intellect that we managed to let the petty state of Italica to bow to you Your Highness"

"Very well, i would award the Imperial General Staff one of the highest orders! as part of your humble request, you could oversee the final battle against the city of Lincliff and you could come with me to my coronation next month"

"Thank you very much Your Highness, you kindness indeed knows no bounds"

The Five Great Generals representing the Imperial General Staff then left the room,

'Hmmm, now i could finally be crown in Sienna. I could finally become the Holy Emperor of the continent!'

"How's the work in my new crown jewel?"

"Your Highness? oh the new crown jewels for the coronation?! I heard the Imperial Ministry of Culture and the Imperial Household has been taking care of it now Your Highness,"

"Oh that's good to hear, we're there any news about the Crown Jewels though?"

"About it Your Highness, all i heard was it would be certainly prepared before your coronation next month."

"Very well, have you sent the invitation for those who are attending though?"

"Yes Your Highness, i already sent invitation letters to the most important people in the Holy Empire"

"Very Well"

The Emperor suddenly became quiet and thought about the alarming situation in the stability of the Empire.

'Hmmm, the great revolt of the duchies is still not yet suppressed... the revolt of the Duchess of Leońe had been problematic as they we're harassing the Imperial logistic lines earlier until recently i sent the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy to blockade the coast. Though, undoubtedly the most problematic would be the Empress. I should had moved earlier than that slut so i could had a leverage but i underestimated her so i did not realized that she already moved against me. For now, the Imperial Army led by Zachary still did not produce any results of the Duchy falling to the Imperial Army it seems like it's going to take a while before i could re-take my son... i do not know what should i do with the Empress though.. I think i should just execute her like i did to her father? hehehe execution through beheading by the guillotine in front of the public seems nice...'

-- streets of the Imperial Capital, Ostshore --

The streets of the Imperial Capital is filled with middle classes and aristocratic families from all over the Empire, the Imperial Capital is also home to a lot of commodities from all over the Empire, in which they all end up to the Imperial Capital.

The Imperial Capital houses the lower classes and the laborers alike just outside the rich and prosperous premises of the capital, the inhabitants of the poor suburbs much outnumbers the rich and therefore could revolt en masse if they want to.

However, the Imperial Capital also houses the Imperial Palace. Which is the power base of the Empire, in which a lot of powerful government institutions resides, the Imperial Secret Police is also located in the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Secret Police does a lot of shady things in order to preserve the Holy Emperor's power and influence towards rebellious and dissenting voices. The Imperial Secret Police will decide to invade your privacy because it's "in the name of the Emperor" and will not hesitate to destroy everything that is considered unsafe and "treasonous against the Emperor".

Two women then talked about the sudden fall of prices of basic commodities in a coffee house in the streets of the Imperial capital,

"Hey, have you heard that? the prices of bread might finally fall since the beginning of the war."

"What, really? why the sudden change though?!"

"Oh i heard because a lot of stock of wheat should come from Summerwyn"

"Wouldn't that be good news though?!"

"Yes. Though I'm not really into that much in politics. I could say the Emperor and his officials is doing good though?"

"Yeah i pretty much agree too"

The woman sips into her newly-brewed coffee,

"Yuckk! The coffee is so bitter!"

"What? really?"


"But mine doesn't!"

"Lucky you..."

Meanwhile in the Imperial Palace,

"Your Highness!" one servant called the Holy Emperor whilst entering the Holy Emperor's Throne Room,

"What is it?"

"Your Highness! your coach is ready!"

"Very well, pack all my belongings and make sure the escort is there already"

"Yes sir!"

'I'm planning to stay in the magnificent Reńe Palace by winter, i would like to see the splendor of that Palace. Im also going to oversee the venue where I'm going to be crowned the Emperor of the continent. Hahaha, i can't wait to laugh on the petty King of Summerwyn, i had waited for years to see the fruit of my handwork happen and here we are. Soon, the Holy Empire will be known to history as the greatest country to ever exist on earth and we will undoubtedly last for a thousand years.'

The Emperor stood up and his elite body guards then escorted him whilst walking through the hallways of the Palace,

"Where is the Holy Emperor going to?" one Palace guard asked to another while on a guard duty in one of the hallways,

"Shh! the Emperor might hear you!"

"What I'm just asking..."

"Haven't you heard it? Like we we're just talking about it earlier during lunch. You should avoid sleeping a lot, you see the Emperor is going to crown himself soon as the Emperor of the continent. Got it?"

"Woah that's cool"

"Yeah i know right"

-- City of Lincliff, Kingdom of Summerwyn --

The Queen of the United Kingdom went on to attend a grand-opening ceremony of a British Hotel in the city. The new hotel was called "Queen Anne Hotel" in namesake for the current queen,

The Queen went upstage to thank the crowd and the company who built the hotel in the ceremony,

"I am thanking everyone especially to the company who built this Hotel, it is my honor to have this hotel to be named in honor of me. It is indeed such an honor, i hope that this 32-story 5-star hotel will be a step towards the extension of the friendly relations with the British and Summerwyn government. Long live the British-Summerwyn Alliance!"

"Long Live the Alliance!"

"Thank you very much.:

The Queen then went downstairs to sit near the Summerwyn Royal Family,

The Queen and King of the United Kingdom then would spend the night eating dinner with the Royal Family of Summerwyn,

"Wow, we rarely had chances like this you know" Queen Sophie said,

"Yes you are exactly right!" Queen Anne replied,

"Don't you have any child though?" the curious Crown-Prince of Summerwyn replied,

"Of course we have!" King Winston replied,

"Hahaha, don't worry my son. Im sure you will meet the heir of the crown of the United Kingdom soon"


"Im really sorry i can't bring my son today" the Queen replied,

"Oh, no it's fine!" Queen Sophie replied,

"You know what, i really liked those tea culture you brought to the Palace! the Nobles and the like liked it! They used to be on nuts on tea and afternoon tea habit when we were still on the Reńe Palace!"

"Oh you really liked it that much?"

"Yes we did not even expect it!"

"Oh and by the way.."

"Hmm yes?"

"Shouldn't you like evacuate much further than here? Than in Lincliff?"

"Why's that?"

"Well, Queen Sophie it's possible that the Imperial Army would do something against your family behind the shadows. Since the city of Lincliff is now slowly getting closer to the Imperial Army right?"

"Yes... but we won't have any place than Lincliff to evacuate to.. the other choice is Italica. But travel to Italica will take days even by the Royal Navy right?"

"And we are also not fully certain if the Republic of Italica is that safe, but the Royal Navy has a flotilla docked there right?"

"Yes, we have one flotilla indeed docked there"

"But, Queen Sophie the United Kingdom would gladly let all of you in including all governments that we're wrongfully expelled and mistreated by the Empire. All of you could make governments in exile in London and we will assure your safety. We would also give all of you free accommodation and the basic needs of your family and the governments will be answered by the British government for free"

"We will think about it.."

"Ok, its fine to think about it for now. We will wait for until tomorrow in the British Embassy here in the city. The British people will welcome you with open arms do not worry"

"Thank you Queen Anne" Queen Sophie thanked the Queen of the United Kingdom,

"No, don't thank me. Im just doing what is right in this moment" while the two smiled to each other,

The two then proceeded to eat and finish their meal, whilst continuing to talk with the two families for a long while before the party finally ended by mid night.


The Queen of the United Kingdom cheered with the Queen of the Kingdom of Summerwyn.

While fireworks began to illuminate the sky, the crowds we're fascinated by the sight of fireworks in the skies. It is the first time that the populace of Lincliff saw the spectacular lights produced by fireworks.

"Wow, this is such a great work of art" Queen Sophie commented on the fireworks,

"Yes... I think I'm slowly seeing the good future that is waiting for the continent my dear" King Edward replied to Queen Sophie,

"Yes. For now we must strive for positivity, let's be positive and that the whole Kingdom will be free from the suffering of the Empire. Im sure we would be able to liberate our subjects from the Emperor.."

"Yes indeed, let's just be positive"

The two smiled and hugged to each other,

The King and Queen of the United Kingdom happily looked to the expressions of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Summerwyn.

'Such a happy couple' the Queen thought to herself,

"Hey.. Winston."

"Yes, Anne?"

"Can.. you hug me too? you haven't hug me for a while.."

"That's because your too strict as a Queen that sometimes I'm scared"

"Hahaha that's me when I'm doing my responsibilities, but for now hug me. Hug me tightly"

The King then hugged the Queen tightly, Winston hugged the Queen tightly.

"Ouch too tight!"

"Oh, sorry"

"Oh, it's fine don't worry"

"Oh my, i did not know the two of you are also so sweet!" the Queen Sophie joked in a distance,

"What?! Oh my Sophie you saw that?"

"Wow, of course we would! we are in a public place of course!"

The Queen was then suddenly embarrassed,

"Never mind"

"Never mind, we'll go sleep now. See you tomorrow then!" Queen Sophie said to Queen Anne,

"Goodnight, sweet dreams Queen Sophie"

"Sweet dreams too Queen Anne!"

The Royal Family of Summerwyn left on a royal coach of the Royal Family of Summerwyn and returned home to their personal estate in the city.

"Im tired now too Winston, should we sleep now too? I will have to do a lot of things tomorrow too"

"Oh, wait what here in the hotel?"

"What? yes of course. There is no other place we could sleep on other than the Hotel, are you out of your mind?"

"Oh sorry, I'm just feeling way too sleepy"

"Okay, call the bodyguards and we'll go sleep now"

The Queen and King of the United Kingdom would then rest on the newly-built Hotel on that night. The Grand Opening of the Queen Anne Hotel was a huge success and it marked that the financial investments of the United Kingdom in the Kingdom of Summerwyn had been successful so far.

--Sienna, Imperial Military Government of Sienna--

-- Reńe Palace --

The Reńe Palace, which was occupied alongside the capital city of Sienna is now occupied by the military officials and bureaucrats of the Imperial Army.

"Hey! immediately prepare the Palace! the Holy Emperor is arriving sooner!"

"Yes sir!"

"General Clause!" one soldier arrived in the General's office in one of the Palace's Salons,

"What is it?"

"His Highness, the Emperor is arriving today"

"Very well, heightened the alertness of the Imperial Army today and make sure that the masses of Sienna are controlled. Don't hesitate to use force as necessary"

"Yes sir"

It is the day that the Holy Emperor is arriving, the Emperor is set to be crowned as the Holy Emperor of the continent in the balcony of the Reńe Palace this week.

"How's the crown?"

"Yes sir, the new Imperial Crown is adorned with jewels salvaged from the Republic of Italica which originated from the east. The Imperial Crown and scepter is also made of gold, we could be fully certain that the Crown Jewels the Holy Emperor is going to wear is extremely wonderful"

"Very well, make sure the preparations are as smooth until the Emperor wears it! Makes sure that the Emperor is also in great comfort wearing it!"

"Yes sir!"

The Chief of the Imperial Ministry of Culture is overseeing the preparations in the Reńe Palace.

"The Emperor is here!"

Everyone was then suddenly alarmed and immediately went to their posts,

"Everyone please calm down and calmly work in your designated posts! The Holy Emperor along with the Five Great Generals would want to rest from the long exhausting journey so please relax!"

A white coach adorned with gold and other expensive jewels with its fantastic wheels touching the ground enters the Palace Gates of the renown Reńe Palace. The coach then arrives in front of the entrance of the Reńe Palace. The coachman opened the door and a huge figure came from the inside, revealing the Holy Emperor. The Holy Emperor stepped his feet outside the coach and was immediately escorted by his bodyguards. He was then accompanied by the chief of the Imperial Ministry of Culture in the entrance of the Palace.

"That was indeed a tiring journey Your Highness, come and i will show you the magnificent place for you to rest Your Highness"

The Emperor followed the chief's guidance along with his bodyguards as they traverse through the lovely hallways of the Reńe Palace,

'Wow this is so extravagant, this is my first time visiting here. I did not know that there is something that rivals my Imperial Palace, to think my far away relatives had made such a Palace filled with beauty..' The Emperor thought to himself,

"Here, this is your room for now Your Highness, Please relax and enjoy"

The chief then guided him to a door of a salon, he then went inside and there was a huge master bed and the bodyguards guarded the entrance outside.

'I can finally sleep for now...'

The Emperor then went ahead to sleep in the middle of the afternoon in his bed,

-- City of Lincliff --

Meanwhile in the city of Lincliff,

The Queen and King of the United Kingdom was drinking an afternoon tea in the Hotel's cafe,

"Wow this cake tastes good"


When suddenly they we're interrupted by the Queen Sophie and Kind Edward of Summerwyn,

"Hey would the two of you mind us joining?"

"Oh, that would be great!"

The two joined in the afternoon tea by the two,

"Wow the two of you are really enjoying this tea parties" the Queen of the United Kingdom said to the two,

"Yeah exactly! i found this culture really fascinating!" Queen Sophie replied,

"Yeah that's nice of you to appreciate our culture Queen Sophie,"

"It's nothing i just really enjoy it" Queen Sophie replied,

The monarchs would continue talking for hours having fun until ordering more tea and snacks from the counter,

"Wow this Cheesecake really tastes so good!" Queen Sophie commented on the Cafe's cheesecake,

"You like cheesecake too?!" Queen Anne asked,

"Yes Queen Anne it just tastes so good!"

"I know right!"

While the two we're complimenting the cheesecake, one of the Queen's bodyguard gave a sudden news to the Queen,


"Uhm, Queen Anne what's supposed to be the problem?

"Oh no this is bad, the Republic of Italica has fallen and the Imperial Army has been seen on Italican soil!"


"And that, the Emperor is also being crowned in the Reńe Palace in Sienna today as 'The Emperor of Roseby' currently!"

"Just what is happening... scary" Queen Sophie replied,

"Do not worry, be positive Queen Sophie. All of this will end one day" Queen Anne replied,

"Thank you very much" Queen Sophie replied with a smile,

-- Sienna, Imperial Military Government of Sienna --

-- Reńe Palace --

--- Coronation Day ---

It has been a week now since the Holy Emperor of the Holy Estermage Empire had arrived on the soil of the Reńe Palace, and now the day of his coronation is now set for today.

A grand white coach used earlier adorned with jewels from the east and gold from all over the continent, with its grand wheels touching the ground stopped in front of the Palace's entrance.

The Holy Emperor then set his foot from the coach and entered the Palace, upon entering the Palace he wore his new garments and the new Imperial Crown Jewels. He then went upstairs to the balcony and oversaw the local inhabitants of Sienna for the first time set their foot in front of the grounds of Reńe Palace and the Pro-Imperial Nobles alongside with the Nobles of the Empire.

The Holy Emperor, wearing his new Imperial Crown Jewels adorned with the most expensive stones step out into the balcony whilst holding his new Imperial Scepter.

"Long live the Holy Emperor of the Roseby Continent! Long Live the Empire!"

"Long Live the Empire!" could be heard from the masses outside,

For the first time ever, the Emperor is garnering support from the masses of Sienna. The Holy Emperor is amused by the current turn of events in favor of him, he would then shout and announce the following,

"I, the New Holy Emperor of the Roseby Continent! Promises Prosperity and Peace in the Continent! I assure all of you that Prosperity will finally arrive in the continent after we defeat the Rebellious armies of the King of Summerwyn in Lincliff! Long Live the Empire!"

"Long Live the Holy Emperor!"

The Emperor smirked and left the balcony,

The Coronation of the Emperor roused the morale of the Imperial Army, Winter will soon end and the beginning of Spring would mark the last Imperial offensive campaign against the Kingdom of Summerwyn. Will the Imperial Army prevail again?

Hwarangskz Hwarangskz

Gonna take a rest and ill release the next chapter by February 1st, Thank you so much for reading and have a good day!

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