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Chapter 20: Grand Duchy of Gardenia

-- Late Summer of 1454 --

The fort of Reńaiss in the southern marches of Summerwyn just fell to the Imperial Army under the leadership of General Clause.

Along with the defection of Pro-Imperial Nobles in the Kingdom, the fall of fortress of Reńaiss clearly made the fall of Summerwyn power in the region of Gardenia.

-- Grand Duchy of Gardenia, Vyonne --

The Grand Duke of Gardenia, which is a vassal of the King of Summerwyn. Is one of the King's loyal allies and is part of the Bretagne Faction.

The Grand Duke is also one of the oldest houses in the continent, responsible for the creation of the House of Bretagne and other major Dynastic Houses as well.

Vyonne, which is located 30 kilometers away from the fort of Reńaiss. Is the Capital of the Grand Duchy. It is located several miles south from the mountain ranges of Gardenia and is surrounded by vast plains.

Vyonne has a population of 189,000 people, being the third largest city in the Kingdom. Vyonne is famous for it's innovative agricultural methods and is known as the Kingdom's breadbasket.

The Grand Duchy of Gardenia has been traditionally agricultural throughout it's history, and it's vast farmlands that was blessed by fertility by the river Reońe which flows from the mountain ranges of Gardenia until the vast Prospera Plains in the Empire.

After the fall of Fort Reńaiss, the military office in Vyonne received the news of the fall several minutes after the Imperial Army infiltrated the fort.

-- Military Office, Vyonne --

The local generals stationed in Vyonne are alarmed at the sudden fall of the fort. As such, they all gathered in the Military Office situated in the city in the early morning.

It was midnight when the Imperial Army surprisingly besieged and infiltrated the fort. The fort swiftly fell to unknown circumstances and the officers in Vyonne we're suddenly woke up.

The loyal general of the Grand Duke, Charles walked inside the strategy room and grabbed the attention of the military officers.

"Everyone Listen!" Charles shouted in the room,

Charles grabbed everyone's attention in the room, he took his map with him and began to use wooden pieces to explain the military situation.

"It is currently summer, a perfect time for military campaigns" he added,

he placed the star-shaped wooden piece as the Royal Army in the city of Vyonne. And a square-shaped wooden piece located in the fort of Reńaiss for the Imperial Army.

"The fort of Reńaiss had fallen to the Imperial Army, i hypothesize that the Imperial Army will march as early as today." he said,

his' subordinates we're shocked by his calculations. But if he is indeed correct, the Imperial Army could immediately sweep in the Gardenia region.

"Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for military plans right now? if not, have any questions?" Charles added,

a young man, wearing his lightly-decorated uniform stood and said "Yes sir, i suggest we do a retreat to Sienna"

the officer's we're shocked by the young man's suggestions and thought it was absurd to sacrifice the Grand Duke's domain.

"But, if we want to save not just Gardenia, but the Kingdom as well. We must retreat behind the great mountain ranges or lost more men and resources here in the uneasy plains" he added,

the men can't deny the point the young man added, but everyone's opinion on the matter still remained divided nonetheless.

Charles began to think in deep thought, he is the most superior military officer in the Gran Duchy lower than the Grand Duke. He must choose his decisions wisely as it will decide the lives of thousands.

He thought the young man's strategy's positive and negative effects on the entirety of the Kingdom.

He thinks that, it is not honorable for the Royal Army to just leave the city as they are leaving their responsibilities in protecting the king's subjects against the onslaught of the Imperial Army.

"But, it is our responsibility to protect the subjects of the king and the grand duke" Charles added,

"However sir, far more of the king's subjects are going to be affected if we continue to be irrational" the young man replied,

other than leaving the region to Imperial control, the Kingdom's food supplies will also fall and another food crisis might ensued again in the Kingdom.

The room was left in silence, even though there are a lot of people in the room. The strategy was mainly discussed by the two people.

Then suddenly, a huge knock on the door had grabbed everyone's attention. 'Come in', Charles said and the doors opened to a Palace guard.

"Yes Sir!, a movement of a supposedly huge army guided by torches can be seen several kilometers away from the wall. Estimates vary it from a hundred into two hundred thousand. We identify the army probably as the Imperial Army" the Palace guard said,

The officers we're shocked not just Charles' prediction became earlier as thought, the Imperial Army is now marching in front of themselves waiting for their deaths without any concrete military plan.

"Everyone listen to me immediately, i got a plan" one officer stated in the room,

"We shall defend the city of Vyonne until to the last man!, but we shall not just defend the city. We must inflict much casualties against the Imperial Army while sustaining fewer casualties in the Royal Army"

"Thus, i propose the Vyon plan" the officer added,

the room was filled with mixed reactions towards the officer's proposal, the Vyon plan named after the founder and the first grand duke of Gardenia, Vyon. Was a military strategy concerning a huge strategic retreat to the mountain ranges of Gardenia.

The first part of the strategy comes with an anticipated invasion from the east into the plains of Gardenia, if the fort of Reńaiss where to fall. And a huge military force is invading and is capable of destroying the Kingdom. If the Vyon plan is adopted, the Royal Army located in the capital city of the duchy, Vyonne. Will leave the city bringing with them all of the city's ammunition and military supplies, after leaving the city while the city surrendered to the invading force.

The Royal Army will relay the message to Sienna to deliver magic telegram message all over the Grand Duchy of Gardenia to burn the crops and flee behind the mountain ranges of Gardenia. Minor cities and towns behind the mountain ranges will be responsible for the refugees needs. The refugees will bring with them all the crops and livestocks salvaged with them, while the Royal Army is on the retreat behind the mountain ranges. They will burn the crops and escort rural inhabitants to seek refugee in the north.

Thus, within a month or two. All of Gardenia's food production will significantly decrease and this will only leave the Empire more mouths to feed.

"I believe it is a necessity to do it now" Charles said in the room,

everyone had no choice but to agree on Charles' decision. It is really a tough decision for everyone but it is the best bet they can do right now.

"Very well, Vyon Plan will be commenced now!"

"Yes sir!" everyone saluted to their superior,

The strategy meeting was dismissed and everyone returned to their posts to commence the Vyon Plan

-- Outside the Walls --

Imperial soldiers march one by one in an orderly manner, they wore black uniforms with an early crest on their arms. The Imperial Insignia is being raised while the others hold gallant fire torches.

As they marched throughout the vast plains of Prospera, they could finally see the walls of Vyonne.

"Everyone Halt!" Great Commander Clause ordered,

"That! the city where the Grand Duke is residing! the Grand Duke and his Dynasty is the ancestor of all Royal and Noble Dynasties in the continent. If we we're to capture the Grand Duke alive and this city, we would no doubt be rewarded handsomely by the Holy Emperor and achieve great honor for the name of the Holy Empire!" Clause cheered to his men,

his men cheered and the morale of the Imperial Army rose up, numbering about 200,000 this time. The Imperial Army's advance is now being unstoppable.

"For the Emperor! for the Empress! for the Holy Empire!" Clause shouted, signalling the Imperial attack on the city.

mages from the back fired small fireballs towards the city, numbering about 700 small fireballs. Summoning a fireball is difficult and is relatively weaker than a bombard in siege warfare. But it is deadly against defenders when fired on a human.

The guards atop the wall we're slowly being reduced to numbers by the attack of the mages, the Imperial Army rained hundreds of fire arrows and began to release the Imperial Bombards.

"Release the behemoth of the Imperial Army!"

a huge bombard carried by 50 horses which is nearly half the size of a British Ship-of-the-line, had appeared in the left flank of the Imperial Army.

70 soldiers began to operate the "Behemoth" and pointed it's large mouth towards the city's walls.

The soldiers atop the wall began to ran for their lives and leave the walls undefended.

30 mages supported the behemoth by using additional support magic to enhance it effect, and after several minutes of preparing. A hundred men with the support of several mages carried the bombard's ammunition and placed it in the mouth.

after several minutes of waiting, the bombard began to move and eventually fired. Causing a lot of noise near the Imperial Army and in the vicinity of the city.

a huge noise was generated by the behemoth, and huge parts of the outer walls we're torn down in an instant.

The defensive walls in the south immediately collapsed and the cavalry of the Imperial Army began the assault on the city.

Meanwhile, in the Military Office. Charles had informed the military in Sienna to commence the Vyon Plan and relay the scorch order all throughout the Grand Duchy.

Charles had advised the Grand Duke to leave the city after the strategy meeting, while the son and heir apparent of the Grand Duke had left the city earlier upon the orders of the Grand Duke.

Charles and his subordinates are about to leave, then suddenly. People are all running around panicking in the streets of the city. After a few moments, a loud noise was generated in the walls and the ground started to shake, thinking that an earthquake had struck the city.

The shaking immediately gone in a few seconds, and structures near the walls can be seen falling apart.

"Oh no, has the wall fallen already?" Charles said,

"Everyone! immediately go rescue the Grand Duke and gather all you men and father outside the northern gates!" Charles ordered,

Hundreds of people began to ran all over the place, fires started to began in the streets of the city. The panic was able to disrupt the command in the city.

the Imperial Cavalry began to enter the gap the walls created, they gallantly ran their way to the city, killing civilians along the way with their pointy-lances.

Imperial soldiers began to inflitrate the gap and opened the Gates in the south, the main army of the Imperial Army marched from the gates heading their way to the Palace.

the officers gathered all their men in the barracks and immediately ran and bring only what they could. The soldiers began to ran their way all over the Northern gates.

The gates in the north we're opened and thousands of soldiers and civilians flee,

-- Vyon Palace --

Charles and his men entered the Palace gates and went on their way to rescue the Grand Duke, they immediately ran and went over in front of the Grand Duke's living room, knocking heavily and immediately opened the door with the Grand Duke's permission,

Charles saluted and immediately informed the Grand Duke,

"Your Highness, we must flee Vyonne already. Before the Imperial Army can catch us"

suddenly, a loud noise from the Palace gates can be heard. Charles take a peek in the window and the main army of the Imperial Army was already here and torn the gates down.

"Your Highness! we must flee this place immediately! we will stop their advance and you go flee now! the Royal Army is waiting in the Northern gates. They will leave before my orders or when the Imperial Army is nearby"

The Grand Duke immediately hold his arm and said,

"Son, please come with me. I also don't treat you as my General but as a son too. Come and escape with me and bring your men as well."

Charles wanted to refuse, but the Grand Duke's insistence made him agreed to come with him. Along with his men, Charles began to follow the Grand Duke's instructions to a secret tunnel in the Palace to escape.

Suddenly, a huge knock on the door can be heard. And the door knob was being forcibly open, insisting this is the Imperial Army. The Grand Duke immediately ran and pushed a marble statue in the room to reveal a secret tunnel.

"Here, immediately follow me and make sure close the door" the Grand Duke replied,

After closing the door, the Grand Duke and his followers immediately escaped using the tunnel in the dark tunnel of the Palace using only a torch to escape the onslaught of the Imperial Army.

They managed to leave the room just before the Imperial Army had destroyed the room's doors and entered the room.

and finally, just before the sun had risen in the morning. The Imperial Insignia was raised on the Palace for the inhabitants of the city to be seen.

The city was devastated by the attack and thousands died in the initial assault of the Imperial Army.

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